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He has also impressed in Scotland this season with Motherwell currently third in the Premiership. Healy's stock continues to rise following Linfield's impressive run in Europe this summer when they narrowly missed out on reaching the group stages of the Europa League. Here's our main Belfast Live Facebook page. On Twitter, you can follow our account by clicking here. If you're a lover of photos, then check out our Instagram.

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Thomas bettinger landstuhl regional medical center

January 7 p. January 8 p. Perspectives on Shareholder and Stakeholder Primacy". Dean Craig M. The Hon. James E. January 9 11 a. Spectrum Capital Tonight Dec. It was the latest in a string of moments that unfolded around the election which some in the media have said borders on sedition. But according to Jennifer Stepp Breen, an associate professor at the Syracuse University School of Law, simply calling for a revolution is not against the law.

There must be something in addition to that," Breen said Watch the interview. Federal and state officials are attempting to undo years-old deals that they claim violated antitrust laws even though the FTC investigated and approved them, a process that presages a very long legal fight.

The unique competition will feature an even number of American and European law schools competing against each other in a contest that simulates legal negotiations. Applications are now open for interested law schools. Competitors will be notified by Jan. Each simulation consists of a common set of facts known by all participants as well as confidential information known only to the participants representing a particular side.

Teams may consist of four persons, but only two persons from each team are eligible to compete in each round. Each panel of evaluators will consist of three judges, with at least one judge from either Europe or the United States. To apply, please complete the application by Jan.

Teams selected for the competition will be notified by Jan. Ghosh's lecture—"Antitrust in the Hipster Economy"— discusses the role of competition law in the high tech economy. Watch the keynote address. Online education increases access for students who are mobile, employed, or caregivers.

It allows us to train would-be lawyers who live in under-served areas—areas that need lawyers—without uprooting them from those communities. The Denver Post Dec. Nina Kohn, a professor specializing in elder law at Syracuse University, said some outbreaks could be avoided if nursing homes had consistent, full-time staff who work with only a few residents.

The current set-up in most nursing homes has left residents isolated from those they need most — their families — but still vulnerable to catching the virus from rotating staff, Kohn said. Of all the areas that may benefit from artificial intelligence or be damaged by it, national security might be the most important. They may not rely on it enough or they may rely on it too much. Adopting a realistic approach in assessing how the law can be used, or even misused, to regulate this new technology, Baker covers—among other topics—national security process, constitutional law, the law of armed conflict, arms control, and academic and corporate ethics.

Using his own background as Chief Judge of the US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, Baker examines potential points of contention and litigation in an area where the law is still evolving and might not yet provide clear and certain answers. Biden Jr. James Baker provides an extraordinary and timely roadmap for how to think about the intersection of the law and artificial intelligence. What is exceptional about this work is his focus on how to use the law as a tool for making wiser and more strategic decisions regarding the use of AI in national security.

The decision comes 30 years after the U. Continuing disputes over who deserves to be protected by the ADA and what it requires have resulted in a host of U. Professor Shubha Ghosh recently addressed the 4th International Conference on New Frontiers of Sanskrit and Indic Knowledge, a production of the Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth, dedicated to "the preservation of Indian cultural heritage and its knowledge traditions through higher education.

Ghosh was joined in the Working Group by Dr. Badri Narayanan of University of Washington. Watch the lecture. These claims are disputed and numerous legal challenges put forward by US President Donald Trump have failed Speaking to Express. For the second year—in his capacity as an affiliated researcher at aChord-Social Psychology for Social Change—Professor Doron Dorfman has led a study on attitudes toward disability in Israel and the state of disabled Israelis.

Co-authored by Dorfman, Malkito Azene, and Dr. Among their findings, the authors report that the research results continue a four-year trend of steady improvement in perceptions, emotions, and behavior toward people with disabilities. That positivity continued into the COVID pandemic: "The analysis of the perceptions and experiences of people with disabilities with regard to the COVID pandemic demonstrate that during the first lockdown, there was a rise in the sense of community among both disabled and non-disabled Israelis.

However, the report also highlights continuing underemployment of people with disabilities, a situation exacerbated by the pandemic. Their findings, they hope, will provide an empirical basis to develop laws and policies designed to promote the rights and well-being of Israelis with disabilities. On Dec. Syracuse University and the College of Law have signed a memorandum of understanding MOU with three institutions from the Republic of Uzbekistan to strengthen academic ties with the republic, share expertise on disability rights, and collaborate to create a disability law clinic at Tashkent State University of Law.

Representing Syracuse University at the Dec. Working together, we will provide new opportunities for learning and exchange for faculty, students and legal scholars and practitioners. It will be one of our most robust partnerships, bringing together parties and interests across various strata of civil society, including academia, governmental and nonprofit organization partners. Judge Thompson brings years of experience in the Family Division and municipal court to his new assignment. But within this divided nation are over 60 million people who are demanding the same thing — the right to live among us.

They are children and adults with disabilities. The United Nations designated today, Dec. It is a day for all of us to think about how we as a country, as local communities, and as individuals, support the rights of people with disabilities. This year also marks the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which seeks to extend the promise of the American dream to people with disabilities.

The DeWitt Town Board recently approved the opening of small four-person home for adults with developmental disabilities. They did the right thing. But it was not easy. Some neighbors of the proposed home appeared before the board to oppose it — not because they had anything against people with disabilities, they claimed.

They are worried about property values, increased traffic and safety. People with disabilities and their families have heard this all before. The difference between then and now is that we have laws that ban such practices.

Today, it is illegal to treat someone differently because of their disability — whether it is when they apply for a job, seek to enroll in college or try to move into your neighborhood But one elder care expert says more needs to be done. As of Wednesday, there were active outbreaks and 2, positive residents and 3, positive staff members.

Kohn is a faculty affiliate with the Syracuse University Aging Studies Institute whose research focuses on elder law and the civil rights of older adults and persons with diminished cognitive ability. Military Times Dec. Yet retired Army Lt.

Michael Flynn promoted that exact idea Tuesday evening when he tweeted a press release from an Ohio-based conservative political organization It has not been invoked in the U. Just Security Dec. He has also pledged to integrate climate change into national security decision-making. At the same time, Biden may ultimately face a GOP Senate, depending on the outcome of the runoff elections in Georgia.

This would strike a blow to his boldest climate ambitions—and may undermine the passage of comprehensive climate legislation. If this comes to pass, executive branch action will take on heightened importance. I highlight four below, to include:. Kerry has unique climate experience. As secretary of state, he played a leadership role in the successful Paris Climate negotiations.

Spears has some star-spangled support in either the bid for her freedom or even mere transparency about the conditions of her ongoing legal status and how she might emerge from it. The Washington Post Nov. It was an eyebrow-raising modern twist on journalism from the former Washington Post reporter who, with partner Bob Woodward in the s, penned scoops that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon The transition of presidential power is the process during which the president-elect of the United States prepares to take over the administration of the federal government of the United States from the incumbent president.

The peaceful transition of government has long been a hallmark of American democracy. In what has become an unfortunately common refrain, has proven different. For weeks following the election being called for Joe Biden, the Trump administration refused to begin the transition process. It was in these circumstances that this episode was recorded.

WAER Nov. ILC not only gives Goldsmith hands-on legal training, but also enables him to help innovators, entrepreneurs and companies bring their ideas to life. For more than 30 years, ILC has been a pioneer in technology commercialization law, which encompasses the legal, business and technical aspects of product development. Students like Goldsmith work with faculty experts at ILC, which advises more than 60 clients a year, ranging from startups and established companies to federal laboratories and other research institutions.

Most clients, he says, seek out ILC for actionable research analysis about early-stage technologies. Recent projects include an amphibious, all-terrain vehicle; a wind tunnel simulation-testing tool; a gas turbine for an unmanned aerial system; and an at-home catheterization and sterilization system.

Either way, ILC provides something of value at little or no cost. He recently proved his interdisciplinary mettle by conducting marketing research for several ILC clients, including a major cybersecurity firm. I like to put myself in their shoes and wonder how their invention might look to an angel investor or a venture capitalist.

The first in the nation to apply scholarly legal analysis and experiential education to product commercialization, ILC has enjoyed a strong upward trajectory. We went from six to 60 clients almost overnight. Ergo his emphasis on effective client management—asking the right questions at the right time to achieve clarity and understanding.

Viviana Bro, a third-year law student, discovered this during her first day on campus, when she met Rudnick at a student-faculty luncheon. The Chilean-born scholar recalls working with three entrepreneurs on an app that connects people who are deaf and hard of hearing to American Sign Language interpreter services. An adjunct professor in management and law, Eilers credits ILC for staying nimble amid an uncertain global economy.

Eilers is struck by the similarity between scientific and legal literacy. Good data is key. The Grunin Prize recognizes lawyers for their role in developing innovative solutions to advance the fields of social entrepreneurship and impact investing, and David was part of the winning team at the law firm Goldstein Hall.

He is Managing Partner of the firm. The results highlight the need to consider intersectional identities in the accommodation process. Workplace accommodations, vital for employees with disabilities, promote diversity and inclusion efforts in organizations. This article examines who requests accommodations and who is more likely to have requests granted. Using data from a national survey of U. We also estimate differences in odds according to individual characteristics, adjusting for control variables.

Personal identity factors, such as disability status, gender, and age, predict requests for accommodations. Odds of requesting accommodations were higher for women and people with disabilities as compared to men and those without disabilities, but lower for older individuals. Odds of requesting accommodations were higher for an older population segment—older lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer LGBQ lawyers—than for younger lawyers.

Accommodations were granted differentially to individuals with multiple marginalized identities. Counter to predictions, being a person with a disability is negatively associated with having an accommodation granted. Longer tenure increases the odds of requesting accommodations. Working for a private organization decreases the odds; working for a large organization generally increases the odds.

Those most needing accommodations, such as lawyers with disabilities and women, are more likely to request accommodations. View the CNY Central story here. November is Global Entrepreneurship Week — a week-long festival that celebrates and cultivates national and global entrepreneurship ecosystems. To mark Global Entrepreneurship Week and to connect, inspire, and help Russian students, start-ups and entrepreneurs, the American Center in Moscow invited Dr. At the same time, we need recognize the cooperative necessities in competitive markets.

The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated this constructive push both in the search for a vaccine and therapies and in confronting the lockdown. Human ingenuity thrives even as new technologies allow for the trans-human through biotechnology and artificial intelligence. WSYR Nov. Scott always wanted to go to law school, but after years in the military, his dream faded. Watch the segment. Politico Nov. Allergan and its Korean partner Medytox have asked the U.

According to their complaint, Daewoong obtained the bacteria Medytox uses to develop Botox from a former Medytox employee, a claim both Daewoong and the former employee deny. Since , the president has delegated authority for ITC decisions to the U. Trade Representative Kronisch as a Distinguished Fellow-in-Residence. The IPA provides a mechanism through which the government and academic institutions can benefit from the mutual exchange of the expertise and experience of their employees.

As a Distinguished Fellow in Residence, Kronisch will conduct research and teach a seminar focused on the policy and law of homeland intelligence, as well as serving as an intelligence community career advisor for the Syracuse University Intelligence Community Center of Academic Excellence. His scholarship will address lessons learned during the first 20 years after the Sept. This is a remarkable run by a remarkable public servant—no wonder President Barack Obama awarded Matt a Presidential Rank Award in for his work applying law and democratic values to the function of domestic security and intelligence.

Syracuse Common Council appoints its part-time lawyer, Ronnie White, as new councilor. He has a law degree from Syracuse University. The Americans With Disabilities Act ADA of was ambitious federal legislation designed to promote employment inclusion, along with increased civic and social opportunity in other areas of daily life, by reducing attitudinal and structural barriers for people with disabilities. Today, the accommodation principle means using remote work options, as well as flexible hours and individualized reasonable adjustments to tasks and technologies, to enable full and equal economic participation across the spectrum of disabilities.

On Sept. The special JOOR series provides historical and contemporary perspectives on emergent issues involving people with disabilities who have the capacity and interest to work. Unfortunately, many are still unable to participate in the economic mainstream even with the availability of workplace accommodations such as remote work and individualized adjustments.

The articles highlight emerging research, policy and law on the future of employment and the accommodation principle for people with disabilities, envisioning a potential future of full disability-inclusive employment. Marketwatch Nov. Law Nov. The specific allegations against Amazon are in some ways unique to that company because of its access to the business information of potential rivals, according to Shubha Ghosh, head of the Syracuse Intellectual Property Law Institute at Syracuse University College of Law.

While antitrust professionals have spent years discussing the prospects for accusing companies of violating antitrust laws through algorithms that automatically adjust pricing based on public information about competitors, the allegations against Amazon are based on its access to nonpublic data. This is an opportunity to start making the first active steps towards career goals no matter your preferred practice.

The Diversity Student Mentor Program matches attorneys to students for a full semester Spring semester. Again, this program will take place during the Spring semester. The deadline to submit mentor applications is Nov. They can be returned to Kelly Brandt at ktbrant law. Brian T. He handles an array of matters including land use and zoning and contracts and lease agreements.

Henson Efron is pleased to announce attorney, Christopher Burns, has been honored by the Minnesota State Bar Association for his consistent commitment to pro bono service. In , the MSBA created the North Star Lawyer Program as a way to recognize members who provided 50 or more hours of pro bono service in a given calendar year.

Baker joined the U. Marine Corps at the age of 18 after spotting several recruitment brochures on the floor of the college post office. He started his military career as an infantry officer in the Marine Corps and subsequently joined the staff of Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan. He was a judge on the U. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, a federal civilian court that hears military justice appeals, for 15 years before retiring in It was Sen. I want to live in a democracy and in a country that's governed by law.

He says he encountered only a single veteran on the faculty of the other law schools where he taught. The military is the most diverse institution I have ever been associated with, which is likely one reason it puts so much emphasis on character, commitment and competence as virtues—not where you are from, your school or who your parents are. As the Orange community celebrates Veterans Day, Baker reflects on those who have served a greater good.

They hold a special place for all of us on Veterans Day. But attending the same law school at the same time is much more unique. Scott is a veteran of the U. Army, retiring as a captain after serving both as enlisted and an officer. Still, attending law school was always at the back of his mind. When he learned about the flexibility offered through the JDi program, and with his two daughters in high school and college, he decided it was time to go for it.

For Lauren, the path to law school was more direct. She entered her undergraduate studies at University of Florida knowing that she wanted to pursue law and came to the College of Law this fall, just a few months after graduating. And when the time came for Lauren to apply for law schools, Scott was already in the middle of his first year at the College of Law. As a student, how can you walk by the building without an incredible sense of pride that this university supports and embraces veterans?

Joseph R. Biden, who received a juris doctor from the College of Law in , is the first Syracuse University alumnus to hold the highest office in the country. President-elect Biden has returned to the University on many occasions, including to speak at the College of Law Commencement in , , and Biden has frequently spoken about his fondness for the University and the College of Law and their loyalty to him. We need you.

Go Orange! The award is conferred on alumni and friends of the college for extraordinary career accomplishments and service to the college, Syracuse University, the legal profession and society as a whole. Newsweek Nov. This will be the first step for Biden in his undertaking of the mammoth task of undoing four years worth of environmental deregulation Mark P. Nevitt, associate professor of law at Syracuse University who specializes in climate change law and policy, previously told Newsweek that a Biden win would represent the "first real chance" of climate change legislation for many years.

Climate legislation would be viewed as a legacy item—not unlike Obama's Affordable Care Act. The U. The world needs U. But for those times it does come up with friends or family, what do you do? Keith Bybee, a political professor and the Vice Dean of the University College of Law, has researched this topic extensively. When it comes to politics, Bybee said it comes down to one thing, civility. The problem with that is many people have different ideas of what respectable behavior should look like.

It all comes back to how you were raised, Bybee said The tighter outcome almost guarantees litigation from either side, which is distressing to associate professor Jenny Breen. It always makes me kind of depressed when there's a lot of litigation.

Breen says there are other important roles for lawyers to play, such as volunteering to be a poll watcher, poll worker, or to advocate for voter access Listen to the segment. San Francisco Chronicle Nov. She said she expects the campaign to ask state courts, and ultimately the Supreme Court, to disqualify some ballots that have already been counted.

Jackson Walker is pleased to announce that Emilio B. Nicolas has been selected for inclusion in the The Best Lawyers in America. Just Security Nov. So help me God. Schlesinger was particularly concerned about orders pertaining to nuclear command and The Trump Administration, which is to say President Trump, has renewed interest in the subject of nuclear command and control and more generally the question of lawful orders.

In , the then Commander of U. Strategic Command was asked about the scenarios in which he might advise, or even push back against, the President in a discussion on nuclear matters. General John E. We think about these things a lot. When you have this responsibility how do you not think about it? And so — but what people forget is this is a military mission and a military function. And since the day I joined the service, 36 years ago, every year I get trained in a law of armed conflict. And the law of armed conflict has certain principles and necessities, distinction, proportionality, unnecessary suffering.

All those things are defined. And we get, you know, for 20 years it was the William Calley thing that we were trained on because if you execute an unlawful order you will go to jail. You could go to jail for the rest of your life.

It applies to nuclear weapons. It applies to small arms. It applies to small unit tactic. It applies to everything and we apply it as we go through it. The way the process works is this simple: I provide advice to the President. More recently, the clearing of protesters in Lafayette Square, the advent of protest movements across the country following the death of George Floyd, and statements by President Trump about the electoral process have prompted questions about when and in what contexts the President may lawfully order U.

Armed Forces, regular, reserve, or National Guard, into domestic and civil contexts. These are urgent questions the answers to which ought to be known not only to the Commander in Chief, but also to the military commanders and units under his ultimate constitutional command. However, although the question of lawful orders may be cast and debated with a particular president in mind, or through a partisan lens, questions about lawful orders are recurring and arise in daily national security contexts across administrations as well as everyday military life High North News Oct.

The stakes have never been higher for the Arctic, say environmental scholars and regional experts Mark Nevitt, an associate professor at the Syracuse University College of Law, agrees that a Biden administration would handle the issue of climate change more effectively. Much like Obama. Medium Oct. So it was that Trump set the stage for what a lot of people thought was him governing, but in effect has been the most foreboding, nerve-frazzling — and by far the longest — re-election campaign in modern U.

There is always the chance that fraught tempers will dissipate, either by luck or a landslide one way or the other that imposes a forceful quiet on the contest. But, with an animated Trump issuing daily allegations of a sinister plot to unseat him, and supporters of both sides apprehensive of how far the other is prepared to go to win, the fear is that Americans will erupt in the worst political violence since Jim Crow AP Oct.

If any element of the military were to get involved, it would likely be the National Guard under state control. These citizen soldiers could help state or local law enforcement with any major election-related violence. William Banks, professor at Syracuse University College of Law, said that sending uniformed troops to the polls, including the Guard, would be unwise.

It just cuts against the grain of our history, our conditions, our values, our laws," he said And despite being isolated in a nursing home, she wasn't about to let that stop her this year. Your vote counts.

Even though it's one, it counts. They add up," Insalaco said. Mary is used to voting in person. So her daughter, Carol Britt, came here with Mary's mail-in ballot. They talked through the glass during a window visit and discussed how Mary wanted to vote.

Mary's fortunate to have family nearby to assist her. But for many nursing home residents, that's not the case. And that has some advocates worried about the roadblocks facing seniors as we approach Election Day. Kohn: "In many cases, yes.

A resident of a nursing home needs substantial assistance typically to be able to vote and when that assistance isn't forthcoming, as a practical matter, they won't be able to vote" Ames Tribune Oct. At 70 years old, he's at higher risk for COVID, so instead of going to the polls and using an accessible voting machine, he voted absentee during the primaries. His wife filled out the paper ballot for him. But Wirth knows not all blind or otherwise disabled people have a loved one they can trust to help cast their vote.

And, he believes, no Iowan should be forced to surrender their privacy to exercise their constitutional right. Peter Blanck, a law professor at Syracuse University, disagrees. Blanck has written multiple books on the ADA, served on various federal disability commissions and edits the Cambridge Disability Law and Policy Series. If you have already participated, thank you for taking the time to share your concerns and recommendations about how this university is doing in terms of equity, diversity, accessibility and inclusion.

If you have not yet completed the survey, please take time to answer the questions. The survey will be live through tomorrow, Friday, Oct. Your responses are critical to helping the University understand the diverse experiences of students, faculty and staff and how to foster an environment that is welcoming for all. We continue to progress on our commitments to our NotAgainSU students, international students, Jewish students and Indigenous students.

Here are updates to the Campus Commitments through Sept. Both of these funds are directed at first-generation students. Other notable events and progress toward our goals over the past month have included the following. We are making strides; we are making a positive difference. Again, please take the Campus Climate Pulse Survey , which will help in efforts to elevate our shared work toward ensuring an equitable campus experience for all. Toggle navigation Information for you: Skip to main content.

Toggle navigation Main Menu. Academics Academics J. Degree JDinteractive: Online J. Admissions JDinteractive: Online J. Program Online J. Program LL. Naomi Ortiz —a writer, poet, facilitator and visual artist whose work focuses on self-care for activists, disability justice, intersectional organizing and relationship with place.

Pratik Patel —the director of information technology access for the City University of New York and owner of EZFire Enterprises LLC, which consults on a variety of technology projects on accessibility for people with disabilities. Implications of Van Buren v. Examples of potential areas of prosecution include: Using a database of customer information to provide customer information to someone outside the company. Accessing a licensed database and using the information for other unauthorized purposes.

Using a work computer to download personal programs. An employee modifying system files that are not in the scope of their job. Making files public that are supposed to be private. An employee utilizing a password that does not belong to them. An employee utilizing their own password to access information that is prohibited by computer use policies, confidentiality agreements, and employment contracts.

An employee using a work computer to download trade secrets in order to compete against their employer. Watch the clip. Then, he engaged the Alliance Defending Freedom and went to court Why does this brush of the penstroke matter? Criminalizing Speech? Domestic terrorism prosecutions reach all-time high The Legal Examiner Jan.

College of Law Adds Vincent H. Returning LL. Spring Visiting Researchers Dr. No Conviction? Professor William C. House impeaches Trump once more China Daily Jan. Scenario: You are banned from a social media platform. This is not a First Amendment issue, though plenty of people think it is.

Scenario: You are fired from you job for something you say in public or online. If you work for a private company, it's probably not a First Amendment issue. Scenario: You are arrested for saying something critical of the government. Scenario: Your comment or post is deleted on an online forum. It's a private company, so it's not a First Amendment issue. Scenario: You are arrested for recording police activities in public.

A First Amendment issue -- usually. What speech isn't covered under the First Amendment? Obscenity Fighting words Defamation Child pornography Perjury Blackmail Incitement to imminent lawless action True threats Solicitations to commit crimes Plagiarism of copyrighted material. What is the Insurrection Act and how could Trump use it? Who decides when there are helicopters? I highlight four initial questions to focus on: Was the District of Columbia National Guard properly deployed and resourced?

What prevented other state National Guards from being expeditiously deployed? What other assets may have assisted? But where does free speech begin and end when it comes to a situation like this? Syracuse University Launches Joint J. Sawyer: … [W]ith all its defects, delays and inconveniences, men have discovered no technique for long preserving free government except that the Executive be under the law, and that the law be made by parliamentary deliberations.

Best regards, Craig M. Boise Dean and Professor of Law. The logistics are still unknown. Professor Nina Kohn's comments are also included in a Jan. Advancing Accessible Communities. Virginia Journal of Social Policy and the Law , But the pandemic wasn't the only event that shaped the year.

Connor Craven: Our listeners might be wondering, how does that then lead into election security and where your expertise lies in that more specific aspect? Zoli: Yeah, I will definitely answer your question. Section on National Security Law.

Free Speech or Sedition? Professor Nina Kohn Joins Law. Read the full article Follow the Twitter. What took so long? By Professor Arlene Kanter Syracuse. We still have a way to go. Calls for martial law and US military oversight of new presidential election draws criticism Military Times Dec.

I highlight four below, to include: appointing key personnel that prioritize climate change as a security issue; reducing our carbon emissions across the federal government; safeguarding critical national security infrastructure; and responding to climate-exacerbated conflicts and natural disasters at home and abroad. Britney Spears' conservatorship can be both totally legal and quite bad for her. Many are. Watch the video here.

Frau Vodde began operating the Einsiedlerhof Kantine almost 40 years ago in In , she moved to Ramstein and operated the Kantine here for the last 22 years until her recent retirement. Courtesy photo. Richard Toney, 86th MSG deputy director. The peak of business success occurred when Rhein. In cooperation with the German Works Council, authentic German, wholesome, and valuepriced meals were offered to the base populace for the last 22 years here. Main, Germany, closed in , and much of the airlift mission moved to Ramstein.

Construction on the runway and other places on Ramstein resulted in a significant increase in construction workers, and a corresponding increase in Kantine business. Ramstein recognizes the iconic contributions Frau Vodde made to the base for. Frau Vodde will miss the Kantine life, but is looking forward to retirement. But for now, I plan on enjoying life. The information contained in the blotter is not indicative of crime trends or the.

The location and nature of the entries is dependent upon where the crime was reported and not necessarily where the crime took place. Ramstein Northside Post Office changes hours by 86th Communications Squadron Effective next week, the Ramstein Northside Post Office will implement changes to its opening hours to better serve their customers in the Kaiserslautern Military Community.

These adjustments are an effort to improve customer service based on analysis of days of customer throughput data. Monday to Thursday hours remain 9 a. Finance and Customer Service. First, on Fridays, all postal functions will open at 10 a. Prior to 10 a. Lastly, current Saturday hours are 9 a.

These hours will shift by one hour to 10 a. New process, new hours The Ramstein Visitor Control Center recently changed processes on issuing passes. The VCC now issues passes with a scannable barcode. Any request longer than three days will require customers to receive a long-term pass. Customers should understand with the new process, waiting times may be longer than usual.

The VCC changed its operating hours. It opens at 6 a. After hours, customers may still sign in guests at the west gate. The sponsor must be registered in IACS to sign in visitors. For more information, visit ramsteinvisitorcenter. Every guest is encouraged to bring a friend. Club members love to share information about upcoming ROSC socials and activities as well as fun travel tips. Customer service hours will resume Feb. The club will accept donations such as clean clothes for men, women and children, household goods, books, toys, small electrical appliances, collectibles, bed linens and music media.

Bulky items such as furniture, mattresses, skis and suitcases will not get accepted. Donations can be dropped off 9 a. Collecting of goods in the Gartenschau event hall will begin Feb. For more information, call Gisela Kau at New office hours Customer hours of the Furnishings Management Section changed as follows: a. Mondays through Thursdays, and a. Tuesday at the Paradox restaurant in Ramstein-Miesenbach.

The Stammtisch aims at facilitating the local GermanAmerican exchange and provides an opportunity for Americans and locals to meet and get to know each other. The meeting is family friendly. For details, email constance atlantische-akademie. Landstuhl offers guided tours The tourist information office in Landstuhl is offering guided tours in English.

Tour guides will be available to offer tours of the castle, the city and the Sickingen Museum. Flyers of guided tours are available at the tourist information office, Haupstrasse 3a. For more information, call the tourist office at or email tourismus vglandstuhl. Fasching parade The Ramstein-Miesenbach Carnival Association Bruchkatze is looking for American bands, dancers, cheerleaders, school classes, scouts and individuals in unique costumes who would like to participate in the Fasching parade Feb.

The parade will begin at 2 p. For more information and to register, call the 86th Airlift Wing Host Nation Office at or , or email at host. Army Corps of Engineers Public Affairs Office The L traffic circle, the main feature of the ongoing phased L roadwork project, will open three months ahead of schedule on Feb. Although the traffic circle will be open in February, construction will continue along L and the Ramstein Air Base approach to the circle through Nov.

Reduced speeds and temporary lane shifts will be in effect through the end of At least one lane of traffic in each direction will remain open and the East Gate will be accessible at all times. When all phases of construction are complete, the traffic circle will provide rapid access to and from Ramstein, as well as the medical center being con-. Richard G. Moore Jr. Increased signage will direct drivers; however, as the traffic circle is elaborate, we urge drivers to continue to exercise caution as they become familiar with the traffic circle layout and construction continues in the area.

L serves as the main connection road between local communities, Ramstein AB and the future medical center and the A6 junction at Einsiedlerhof. The German government, with oversight by the U. Army Corps of Engineers, began constructing the traffic circle project in November L traffic will be further improved by the ongoing construction of the new seven lane Access Control Point to ROB and Ramstein as well as a bridge over L that will connect Kisling Memorial Drive at Ramstein to the medical center.

The ACP includes meter stacking lanes that will prevent traffic from backing up onto L The new bridge, scheduled to begin late , will connect the ACP with Ramstein provid-. It will also reduce traffic on L as U. The completion of the entire traffic circle project including the approach lanes in will mitigate the impact of the medical center construction traffic.

FIRE, from Page 1 actions. He was also selected to be the first trained on new firefighting apparatus. With his newly-acquired knowledge, he trained 30 fellow firefighters and maintained a percent training rate. Your technical skills should be constantly trained and brought up to date. His training resource-. Photo by Bernd Mai. Chief Fiedler commended Veeck for his commitment as a firefighter and leader.

His leadership is reflected throughout the station, which contributes to Baumholder providing top-notch customer service to our Soldiers, civilians and Army families. The team provided public education classes on extinguishers, fire warden and general workplace safety, resulting in new fire wardens trained and 2, trained personnel.

Additionally, the team exceeded stringent Department of Defense standards, by conducting inspections and fire drills in child development centers, child youth services and schools resulting in zero deficiencies during the accreditation assessment. February 2, own recurring training requirements — they stay hopping every day.

Additionally, garrison firefighters participated in host nation fire department events and volunteered more than 1, hours of off-duty time in local youth firefighter programs to fortify its solid relationships with host nation departments. Although we could only nominate one person for each category, the selection for one is a win for the team.

Congratulations to U. The Airman practiced securing a pallet on a cargo plane. Airmen assigned to the 86th Logistics Readiness Group check duffel bags to ensure all of their individual protection equipment is accounted for Jan. The 86th LRG began their mobility exercise in the early morning at 5 a.

Staff Sgt. Hammeed Seifuddin 86th Munitions Squadron, stockpile management crew chief, follows an escort out of the building after receiving his mobility equipment Jan. The 86th LRG conducted a mobility exercise in their building. An Airman assigned to the 86th Logistics Readiness Group secures a chain to lock a pallet in place as part of a mobility exercise Jan. Exercises like this are scheduled to be performed twice a year with eventual inclusion of other units besides the 86th Airlift Wing.

The 86th Force Support Squadron Outdoor Recreation took a group of participants on a snowshoe hike through the Black Forest, which is one of the many adventure trips they offer. The 86th FSS ODR offers a variety of adventure trips across Europe, as well as classes that instruct participants on how to develop skills like rock climbing, belaying, and kayaking.

Use a large pot to hold all ingredients. Heat the lard. Add the bacon and onions. After two minutes add the potatoes. Cook for two more minutes and then add the carrots. After two more minutes, add the celery. After minutes add the leek. Let all slightly simmer and then add the broth to the mixture. Add the bacon rind now for flavoring. Cut the Vienna sausages in 1 inch pieces. Add spices. Let all simmer for 1 to 1. When all potatoes and vegetables are soft, remove the rind and stir the soup with a whisk.

This will make it a nice creamy soup. Add the liquid cream and Vienna sausages. Let the sausages warm to heat of soup. You have a nice winter Christmas delight for your enjoyment at home! Serve with a nice fresh dark bread. Love our recipes? Let us hear about it! Contact us at ads KaiserslauternAmerican. We would love to hear from you! He enjoyed the environment so much, that he started an apprenticeship at the Augsburger Hotel Riegele at the age of Klaus has been working in hotels and restaurants ever since, including the famous Ecke Stuben in Augsburg and the Post Hotel in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Throughout his career he has been cooking Gage Holdbrook, 86th Force Support Squadron Outdoor Recreation assistant director of outdoor adventure program, guides trip participants through the Black Forest, Sasbachwalden, Germany, Jan. The 86th ODR offers guided trips throughout Europe, and at their facility on Ramstein Air Base they have rock climbing and various outdoor equipment.

For more information on available events and resources, visit the 86th FSS website. Many of the recipes Klaus presents are his own crossover creations, which he is happy to share with you. Reserve units came together to train on Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear hazards and maybe share some tears. CBRN training is important for the transportation Soldiers, to make sure they are ready to go forward do their jobs in any environment, he said. At the end of the training, the two units used the nearby gas chamber to test the equipment in a chemical environment with CS tear gas.

Before entering the chamber, the rd CST Soldiers made sure all the masks fit properly. When they were ready, the Soldiers went into the chamber, walked around and did some jumping jacks and pushups with the masks on to demonstrate their effectiveness. Then, while still inside, the Soldiers took off their masks to feel the effect of the gas.

Tear gas irritates mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, mouth and lungs, causing tearing, sneezing and coughing. They were allowed to exit the chamber, most of them showing all three symptoms as they ran out. Andrew A. Bonilla, of the 39th Transportation Battalion, make sure his protective mask is sealed Jan. Patrick McNeely, center, looks on. Airrell Casey, left, helps Spc. Makerita Luani, right, remove her chemical protective suit during training Jan.

Retirees were Sgt. Valdez was previously a member of the United States Marine Corps. Gerardo Cordero, 51st Composite Transportation Company, served 21 years. Overseas Service Ribbon. Wilbur Turgeon, mortuary affairs non-commissioned officer for HHC 16th Special Troops Battalion, ended his military career with a certification in autobody repair. Defarreo Poole, 21st Special Troops Battalion senior enlisted advisor. Steven A. Alberto Delgado, 21st TSC senior enlisted advisor.

The multinational exercise was conducted July on installations in Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. Club E at Ramstein Enlisted Club when? Altweiberfasching is always celebrated the Thursday before Rose Monday. Traditionally, females dress as old women or witches. They meet in the morning, walk down the streets, sing songs and in some towns they storm the town halls. They constantly look for victims — men wearing ties.

Spectators watch females dressed as witches and old women run to the town hall in Ramstein-Miesenbach to get out males working there on Altweiberfasching. Photo by Stefan Layes. Depending on the area in which the tie cutting is performed, the woman might ask the man to either buy her a drink or lose the tie, or she cuts the tie and kisses the man.

Women are allowed. Confession: a. Sunday: a. Monday-Friday Sunday Mass: a. Confession: p. Sundays First Friday Adoration: p. Vogelweh Chapel Bldg Confession: p. Fridays Daily Prayers: p. Sundays Confessions by appointment. During sermons, priests were complaining about the exchange of clothes between women and men. But the women referred to their female rights such as drinking and dancing during specific Fasching days.

Altweiberfasching also marks the status of women in the 15th and 16th century. Wives had well-defined. Later, in several towns in Southern Germany, it became customary to sit in judgment of men. Women usually met in the conference rooms of town halls.

In Cologne, which is one of the main locations to celebrate Altweiberfasching and street carnival, women started protesting against the male government in the s. The three most important persons. Landstuhl Community Chapel Bldg Worship: a. Saturdays Worship: a. Saturdays Small Group: p. For more info: facebook. Air Force photo. In Ramstein-Miesenbach, at a. Thursday, women in disguise will storm the Rathaus town hall and capture men.

Traditionally women who cut ties that day hang them up as trophies. The band Magic will perform. Doors will open at 7 p. Another Altweiberfasching dance party will start at 8 p. The party band XXL Steirer will perform. Of course, patients are also welcome to call the Appointment Line Monday through Friday from a. This helpful website also lets patients set up text and email notifications for appointments and medication refills. Finally, any patient who has registered for Relay Health can also use the.

People are always rotating in and out of the Kaiserslautern Military Community and the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center team wants to be sure newcomers get important information about their healthcare. Patients can sign up for Relay Health Secure Messaging online through the Patient Portal or by talking to their care team. Nurse Advice Line can help you make decisions about surgery, tests, medical treatments or managing a chronic illness.

You can also talk with a nurse about preventing illnesses and improving your family health. In addition, patients with less urgent concerns may be asked to call the next business day to schedule an appointment with their primary care team. Open on Training Holidays Military service members are often very busy during the duty day and it can be difficult to carve out time away from work, even for important medical needs.

The LRMC team wants to help ensure local units are meeting their dental and medical readiness. Everyone wants to enjoy their time off, but that free time can also be used to take care of. Meeting in Ev. Michaelis Church, Karpfenstr. Scott Morrison, Pastor www. We meet Sundays at 11 a. For more info call or visit our website www. This is not only a great convenience for our active duty patients, but it is also better for their health to have their primary care team manage nonlife threatening medical issues.

Patient comments and satisfaction scores help us make changes to improve healthcare and the patient experience. LRMC used that funding to provide free Wi-Fi in patient waiting areas, install a breastfeeding privacy pod above the 4 Corners Info Desk and even purchase new medical equipment. If every patient had returned their surveys, they could have seen it could.

Please complete your satisfaction surveys to help us continue improving your care. Dates are subject to change. Saturday and Feb. Sunday, 2 and 4 p. Tuesday, Feb. Wednesday, Feb. ConCerts Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern For details, call or visit www. Kammgarn Kaiserslautern For details, visit www. Fruchthalle, Kaiserslautern For tickets, call the tourist information office at Lunch will be served at noon. Haus des Buergers Ramstein-Miesenbach. For tickets and details, visit www.

Admission is free; donations are welcome. Disc jockeys present the biggest beats. For more information, visit www. Forty-thousand ice skaters enjoyed the ice skating fun to date during this winter season. The ice skating rink stays open through Feb. English theatre Frankfurt, Gallusanlage 7 For more information, visit www. Performances are p. Tuesdays to Saturdays, and 6 p. Nationaltheater Mannheim Am Goetheplatz For more information, visit www.

Saturday, Feb. Saturday and 8 a. Daily skating hours are from 9 a. On Friday and Saturday nights, skating hours are extended until 10 p. Rules to live by in German neighborhoods by www. Many of the rules Germany. We have outlined a few rules and tips you should follow to be a good neighbor in your neighborhoods. A little quiet snoring is allowed, but house and garden appliances and machinery are off limits during these times.

No midnight clothes washing or Sunday afternoon lawn mowing. Real Estate Services are offered by registered businesses as well as private people. To ensure a satisfactory service experience, please always ask for credentials and deny payments up front! Big nice apt in Landstuhl, sqm, 1st floor, 2 balconies, 4 rooms, lrg bath with bath and shower, BIK, , paul.

Masters gmx. Stuttgart City - full furnished 2room Apartment, 1 bd, 1. Stuttgart-City - furnished Apartment, 1 bd, 1. Apartment, 2 bd, 1 bth, 90 sq meter, langaeckerst 10 Bann Germany, ,00, effat. Kottweiler: very large 2 bedr, apptm. Nice Apt. Now available. Light-flooded penthouse with Rhine-view in Eltville, 4 bd, 1.

For Sale! Two-family house in Ramstein-Miesenbach, 5 bd, 2 bth, sq meters, Kottweiler Str. Great, convenient location just two miles to Ramstein Air Base. Large inner courtyard, built-on vaulted cellar. House needs to be refurbished. Email: haus-kirchenarn bach hotmail. Phones: German , English. Mackenbach, nice apartment for sale in a 4-Family-house in the attic.

EC preparation. Avail direct. Call or text Ado on or email: rmimmobilien t-onli ne. SALE: 3 bd, 2. House in Olsbruecken, near Kaiserslautern and Ramstein, quiet location, 6 bedrooms, 2 living-and diningrooms, 3 baths, double-garage, built in , high standard, Property Search, House Building, we speak English! Finances, Notary Service, No Equity needed!!! Exclusive Living in Top Location, 10 bd, 2.

Large and versatile property available in Rammelsbach! Historic castle complex in Wetzlar! Live in a German Castle technically it is a Fortress! Yes you can live in it. Close to large forest and shopping. Sale by owner. Freestanding house in Oberstaufenbach, 5 bd, 2. Beautiful two-story house available from now , sq meters, 6 bd, 2 bth, inside fireplace, large yard, 10 min. Call Ado on or email: rmimmobilien t-online. Available 1 Sept Ramstein, nice big townhouse, close to Airbase, 5 bed, 3 bath, built-in-kitchen, laundry, living-diningroom, patio, fenced yard, garage with remote and direct entry in house, mtl.

All what you want: Very nice freest. Available now! American land-lord. It has sqm which is about squarefeet. It is ready to move in. If you are interested in viewing the house, feel free to contact us at: or or visit our Website at www. If you are interested and would like to visit the house, please contact me via email: r. Very nice freest. If someone slips and breaks their leg in front of your house during this time, you will be liable. Note: if you have an.

Townhouse in the center of Landtuhl, 3 bd, 2. Large duplex for rent, 4 br, 2. Pets welcome. Off street secured parking. Call Jennie OR luxuryapts09 yahoo. You also need to pull out the weeds in the sidewalk. Failing to do so can result in fines. Whether you own a home or live in a rental, it is your responsibility to sweep the sidewalk and street in front of. Whether the event is social or business, punctuality in Germany is important. An invitation for dinner at. Brand new supermarket across the street.

The best thing to do is just to be on time. If you have a meeting or are invited to a social function, and you find yourself running late, call to announce your late arrival preferably before the time you were expected. Remember that in Germany, time is usually on the twenty-four hour scale, like in the military, not the twelve-hour one. Sometimes when speaking, Germans will use the 12 hour clock.

Usually, this does not cause confusion. Very few people in Germany eat dinner at 8 in the morning. Vendors from all over Europe will showcase jewelry, furniture, home decor items, oriental rugs, cuckoo clocks, wine, cheese, Belgian chocolate, Polish pottery and more! Stroller-friendly and great for the entire family. Open Friday 9 a. Open to all U. ID cardholders.

Dollars, Euros, credit cards and debit cards accepted. All sales are final. Interested participants will meet at p. Admission is free. Mondays to Fridays, and 3 to 5 p. Using her unique disco moves and singing talent to inspire the choir, Deloris breathes new life into both the church and the community, but manages to blow her cover in the process.

Filled with powerful gospel music, outrageous dancing and a truly moving story, Sister Act will leave you breathless. Evening performance dates: Feb. Sunday matinees offered Feb. The accused was a slight, frightened man who had deliberately broken the law.

His trial was a Roman circus. The chief gladiators were two great legal giants of the century. Like two bull elephants locked in mortal combat, they bellowed and roared imprecations and abuse. The spectators sat uneasily in the sweltering heat with murder in their hearts, barely able to restrain themselves. At stake was the freedom of every American. This play is based on the evolution trials of the s, but its central theme — the pursuit of intellectual. Evening performance dates: 7 p.

March 23 to 24, and April 13, 14, 20 and 21; and 3 p. Sunday matinees March 25, and April 15 and Call for details. Unless otherwise stated, events have no cover charge and are open to all ID cardholders and their guests, 18 and over. Starts at 9 p. No cover charge. Food and beverages available for purchase. The meals vary each week; menus are available at www.

This get-together allows women to make friends and form a social network in a fun environment. Show off your singing skills and socialize in a fun environment. Call or for details. Try your luck in this special Texas Hold-em event. Buy in once and play until you bust!

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These centers offer Master Training courses to create a national network of Master Trainers, who will in turn offer TeamSTEPPS training to frontline providers in hospitals and other health care settings throughout the country. Key Faculty Fran Babiss, Ph. Kevin R. Bock, M. Madeline M. Fricke, M. Catherine Galla, M. Michael B. Grosso, M. Tochi Iroku-Malize, M. Amy E. Loeb, Ed. Thomas P. Luzzi, M. Denise Mazzapicca, M. Jayne O'Leary, M.

Thomas Philip, D. Myrta Rabinowitz, Ph. Lily Thomas, Ph. Key Faculty Jonathan Bae, M. Anne Aulisio, M. Marcie Beckers, M. Nancy Cichra, M. Gary Clark, M. Jackelyn Csank, B. Gaby El-Khoury, M. Sheryl Feeney, B. Wayne Forde, M. Joseph Golob, M. Julia Gorecki, B. David Jones, M. Jay Koren, B. Cheryl Malleo, B. Jillian Malleo, B. Henry Ng, M. Noeller, M. Geoff Petranek, B. E trained, Nurse Manager, Pediatrics Pediatrics. Maria Podmore, B. Robert L. Smith, Ph. Sarah Spengler, M. Key Faculty Beth Babin, M.

Jennifer Calzada, M. Chayan Chakraborti, M. John R. Cook, Esq. James R. Korndorffer, Jr. Kevin Krane, M. Cathy Lazarus, M. John T. Paige, M. Rita Preiksaitis, B. Douglas P. Slakey, M. Mary Trosclair, M. Amy Cook Waldrup, M. Key Faculty Ken Joslyn, M. Teddie Potter, Ph. This exemption means Features A memory lives on, brings peace to families May 22, Photo by Phil A.

Jones Col. Share Tweet. What people are reading this week: Contact the editor Sidewalks must be kept free of snow, ice Thinking of buying a home in Germany? Buyers beware! Gas prices. Exchange Rates. Like us on Facebook. Follow MILinGermany. All Rights Reserved.

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Sanchez 26, of Staten Island. Please help improve this article. Fox-Meehan said this is an hospice suite will have an due to the emotional and physical drain patients and their. Army hospital, [3] consequently there are many Americans living in. The hospice suite enhances the feeling of being home in. Geary Died March 20, Daniel. Fox-Meehan said she believes the important factor at the end to families May 22, Photo patients and their families. Landstuhl is also known for. Sanchez Died June 16, Ian. Meza Died October 6, Cpl.

Thomas Bettinger in Wallerfangen, reviews by real people. Yelp is a fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about what's great and not so great in. Jeffrey Clark Bettinger, 49, chief human resources officer, Nu Skin; wife, 45, chief administrative officer, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center; wife, 46, engineering manager, Reynolds Systems, Inc.; succeeding Thomas W. Thus, the objective of this prospective, multi-center, post-market, 2Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Department of Biostatistics, Jeffrey Gudin1, Jennifer Gilbert2, Thomas Goss2, Kalpana Patel3 With these gaps in knowledge, a keen understanding of drug use patterns within a region is critical to.