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Gold backed crypto currency second macedonian football league betting

Gold backed crypto currency

Feel free to email me at editorial. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. You must be logged in to post a comment. A Guide to Cryptocurrency Backed by Precious Metals One of the biggest concerns prospective investors have with the cryptocurrency world is volatility. Big price swings with virtual currencies mean great profits and massive losses can be reaped in minutes.

Understanding Crypto Backed by Precious Metals The idea of virtual currency backed by bullion like gold and silver has been tried numerous times. You May also be Interested In: Gold vs. Bitcoin: Which is Better to Protect Investors? By Finance Monthly On Oct 27, 0. Oliver Sullivan. You might also like More from author. Finance News. Prev Next. Leave A Reply. Follow Us financemonthly. Subscribe to Finance Monthly Magazine Today to receive all of the latest news from the world of Finance.

Subscribe Now. Welcome, Login to your account. Forget password? Remember me. No account? Sign Up. Sign in Recover your password. Check for updates at bitcointalk. Website: londoncoin. LondonCoin provides a crypto ecosystem consisting of a core cryptocurrency, a decentralized exchange, and a wallet. Website: magmacoin. Website: midasrezerv. One of the earliest attempts at a gold-backed crypto was by Midas Rezerv.

Website: mybigcoin. My Big Coin was a virtual currency that claimed was backed by gold. In February the founder was arrested on federal charges for participating in a scheme to defraud people. The coin is still being tracked and you can read updates here.

Website: ongold. A gold-dollar equivalent stable-value cryptocurrency payment instrument. Website: orocrypt. Orocrypt is a company that digitises assets. You can see the vaulted gold Stock Report in the News section of the website. A Tweet in January mentions reorganising their corporate structure. The website is now offline and the Twitter account deleted.

Website: ozgld. Website: realescoin. Reales coin was a token that combines a basket of precious metals and cryptocurrencies. Website: royalmint. It would have been available through third-party investment intermediaries such as banks and brokers. The project was abandoned in October Website: securedgoldcoin. The website is now offline. Website: tethergold. There was a South African contact number. The website looked hastily thrown together and soon disappeared. Name: The Mining Co. Website: theminingcompany.

The Mining Co. TMC tokens are backed by the gold mine, so there is no set value for the token until gold is mined. The value of the token will increase according to mined gold. Website: tiberiuscoin. Tiberius Coin is an asset-backed token made up of an alloy of metals, including gold.

The metal is held and audited by independent warehouses, and available for delivery upon request. Every token includes:. Technology metals: 25g copper, 5g tin Electric Vehicle metals: 25g aluminium, 6g nickel, 1g cobalt Stability metals: 3mg gold, 1. The site has since gone offline with no updates.

Website: tokenoro. Website: vault. USDV was planned to be fully backed by, and redeemable for, gold held in Swiss vaults directly via 3rd party fiduciaries. The USDVault token was expected to launch in late The project has since closed down. Website: v-units. Value Units is a decentralized blockchain covered with physical gold that is stored in various Swiss army bunkers.

If you are ready to buy a gold-backed cryptocurrency, you will most likely need to buy it with Bitcoin or Ethereum. For more information, read the guide on how to buy gold-backed cryptocurrency. While researching and updating this list I kept finding Cryptocurrencies that sound like they are gold related. The biggest naming misnomer is Bitcoin Gold BTG , which is a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain and has no gold attached to it.

What a wasted opportunity to not have an actual gold-bitcoin. The name has really messed up my gold news alerts as well. Ethereum Gold is built on the Ethereum blockchain and was launched in October as an airdrop to crypto forum readers. It was launched to function as a store of wealth and emulate the properties and supply of gold. It was founded in and is a decentralised open-source cryptocurrency forked from Litecoin.

CryptoGold is a crypto mining platform. There are more gold-backed cryptocurrencies being developed, so they will be added here as they become known. If you know of any others or are developing one, please contact us. This list is being updated regularly, and any changes are posted in the weekly gold newsletter.

Subscribe to the newsletter for gold and gold-backed cryptocurrency news. This is intended as a directory and is not an editorial endorsement. Do your own research before buying. Details of the tokens may have changed since being listed.

This is a free listing so any gold-backed cryptocurrency can be listed. If there are any missing or need updating, contact here. Some of the coins and exchanges include referral links which may earn Goldscape. I will make a note of any tokens that I have bought.

James Clark is the founding editor of Goldscape. Sign up for the weekly newsletter to get a summary of the most important gold and gold-backed cryptocurrency news. Subscribe for gold news. Also, add my email and update me when this list updates. Which Lionsgold will invest I have never believe I can become a millionaire so soon I have try all my best to make money online but it very hard well I found my help, who help me with the help of Bitcoin when I get in contact with him I was instructed how it work and he get me connected to his mining stream which was able to get me 0.

Great article! We are a mining company and we have just started our pre-launch of our gold-affixed hybrid cryptocurrency named YGB. Upon liquidation of an e-wallet, the user will be shipped 24k dorie gold to their home. There is no digital asset that is not attached to a physical asset.

Our pre-launch is from April July 17 Please add me to your distribution. Many thanks for your efforts. Thanks to Mr Joseph who help me become a millionaire by connecting my wallet to his mining stream i am so happy today i can get what i want i just got a new house,He make me earn 0. You will need to confirm with the gold supplier regarding your country address.

Any idea how Kinesis cayman is doing? Nice blog and I would like to appreciate your hard work. I think among all goldbitscoin is the best one. Ready to but it. Great article thank you for sharing. It would appear a new era of hard backed assets is upon us. For Dignity DIG you can also add blockchainbullion. Have s good day. Blanchard and his mother Cynthia Blanchard! French Blanchard. I was lost 1. Surely the Scammer was Anthem Hayek Blanchard! This guy is a fraud. Gold should not stick to fridge magnets!

Anthem H. I was scammed by a mining Co that I bought mining contracts. I buy then reinvest then buy then reinvest over and over then buy and boom they are gone. This world has become a bad place to live as of late. My sympathy for your loss and thank you for the warning , I was going to buy. All of them are scam coins except karat coin KBC.. The IC3 Token represents a fraction of a gram of gold, price at market settlement-day of purchase. All asset certificates and tokens are issued off of verified gold within the vault.

Currently in our Exclusive Presale — Lot 1 of 10, consisting of the equivalent to 10 tons of Gold. As the industry matures, a truly authentic gold based token has significant applications and appeal. Hi GoldScape, We would like to update our content. Would you kindly send me an email — email ic3cubes. Hi there! When will the this list be updated? I know some projects for gold-backed cryptocoins more. Will prepare my complete list and send it to you.

Please give me your email. Thanks and best regards, Armin Germer. Look no further! Kinesis is a much improved Bullioncoin with way more big investors and a better management team. You get paid yield for using gold as money! Good man James. What happened to the Kinesis launch in jakarta? It was due Q1 this year. I know investors.

Should they be worried?? Hi James — it will be interesting to see how blockchain performs long-term in conjunction with crypto gold. I agree that there could be risks around storage and future financialisation, plus it could remove a lot of the secrecy around gold ownership. November 24, Panama, Panama City, Panama. Our global partners are looking forward to being part of our advance to reshape the way the Gold business works.

Lower costs, higher profits, greater security. To date, pre-sale interest has been sophisticated and culturally diverse: including experienced crypto investors and early investor groups. Details are provided in the XGold Whitepaper. The introduction of XGC will synthesise years of relationships and experience in the Gold market to bring fresh prospective: Solving the long debated issue of how to buy Real Physical Gold in safe, private and secure ways whilst removing intermediary threats, and middleman costs.

This will provide security, flexibility and contractual anonymity whilst being recorded chronologically and publicly on the Ethereum digital ledger. Media Contact Contact Email: communications xgold. The smart contract is already created and product currently sold OTC with plans to sell through a user interface in the coming months. Some of those listed here do not have a working product yet. As you pointed out, accounting for the physical gold is equally as important as the blockchain.

It is well advanced as a precious metal backed cryptocurrency. Yes Goldmoney is an established Gold trading and storage site, but it is not on a public blockchain. I think GoldMoney were allowing purchases with cryptos, but they are a hard asset storage entity, just like the banks used to be.

The great innovation there is that one can buy and sell by the gram to anyone in any currency pretty much , electronically, or else sell some and have the proceeds put onto a pre-paid card and spend it. So fairly easy to replace your savings account with gold, silver, platinum. Laws regarding possession via storgage facilities are much less politically motivated, and very settled and accepted and uniform everywhere. Not like the banking laws.

Do you have any social media presence or ways that people can contact you? They have found a way to merge all precious metals under one cryptocurrency. I hope you get a reply. With so many it seems kind of scammy. But more substance needed so we can make better informed decisions. Due diligence is key to ICO investing. Good luck. So far Xaurum XAUR is the only one listed on exchanges, and in I will buy some of the newly listed coins and make a more detailed comparison of each one. Disclosure I am the developer of XGold above.

Need to differentiate between getting hundreds of billions of dollars of digital paper wealth sloshing around and actually achieving something meaningful for society. In reality most dont understand that the big movers are nothing more than Blockchain transaction companies that most will never go away as the altcoins are built in these chains. Never will happen.

Read our blog about Utility and Volatility. XGold will never be volatile and will always have an out. We will never move to a exchange because they are the ones creating volatile crypto currencies. We will start our own app and xchange to give our token a usable utility. Stay posted and know the only way you make big profits with our token is to buy them at the discount, after that they will stay the same and will not fluctuate much, but will have the option of redemption.

There is one primary concern. How easy in practice is any crypto-currency redeemable for physical precious metal? That is how easily can a holder swap crypto for physical gold, silver, platinum or palladium metal in the hand? Any uncertainty about this and confidence in the crypto being a store of value is destroyed. I even have a wallet with a nice amount of coins.. The site is filled with broken links, it shows magazine covers as if to say they are featured in them, and the address appears to be a suburban house in Brisbane.

There is no information on the founders, and the way they describe taking payments is not a blockchain system. BCR is clearly tethered to the gold price, not backed by the metal. Its granted patents give it value to a specialised market as opposed to common traders. Hi James,, Thank you for that info. However, I am sure Garry has the patent on the Blockchain as per this link. BCR is also in business with BankcoinGlobal who have already started on their business.

And I was under the impression BCR has loaned them the Blockchain rights in which the link I providedshould show all that. I look forward to your response please.. Do you have anything to do with it? Like you said, the processes on the block chain and in this particular example, the Financial Sector.

Gold cryptocurrency is more stable than any other cryptocurrency because of the gold backing. Gold has been used as currency from past times. As far as development, Assetbase is ahead of the others, although they really need more marketing. Assetbase is coming out with their precious metal backed crypto coin online marketplace next week, you will be able to buy and pre-order 5 different precious metals.

For one, they have silver crypto and I believe silver is much more underpriced than gold at this point. The upside will be greater. Their closest competition would be Aurus and DigixDAO, since they all do similar things: tokenizing physical stuff. DigixDAO charges 0. Assetbase charges 0. That sounds way better. Now to my concerns about Assetbase.

Which John Rubino says makes the silver their liability counterparty risk. This is especially worrisome when the foundation is investing in other types of business like real estate or projects. If in the worst case scenario the project becomes bankrupt and owes more than it has in assets, will a court order the foundation to hand over their gold and silver to meet liabilities?

Still, I would be more comfortable if they do what all the big corporations do: make subsidiaries. Like Dunkin Donuts is actually a bunch of corporations, not just one. One for their intellectual property, one for their buildings, one for the actual donut store. Assetbase can do the same thing with each investment. And also it would add quite a bit more work and legal fees.

By the way, cryptos are crashing, why does DigixDAO looks so good? HAha suckers. Full disclosure: josh, programmer and smart contract developer for xGold. You want to learn more about coin classifications go to the xGold Blog. Just ask Mr. James how many gold cryptos have bit the gold dust since hes been posting this thread. XGold require this info because we are transitioning towards accepting fiat currency. You will notice the info we ask for is far less invasive than Coinbase or credit card companies.

They want passports and proof of address etc. You understand the info we require limits fraud, money laundering, and other associated activities. If you are not comfortable with giving this limited information you may find more freedom with alternative crypto-currencies: of course you risk losing your funds, or worse, being linked to money laundering.

Can you also list Canamex Resources which is offering a gold backed royalty token on its Bruner Gold Project. Karatbars International deals with physical currency grade The gold is heat-sealed in credit card sized cards and delivered via FedEx or can also be stored for free by the company. They have a KB Universe that will run on its own block chain technology. You are correct that it is currently KCB — 1 gram of Cashgold. Which is physical gold heat sealed into credit card sized cards. Karatbars International has achieved the worlds first fully licensed crypto-currency bank.

In Miami, Singapore and New Guinea. The coin is backed by tonnes of physical gold in new guinea. They are also launching their own crypto encrypted smart phone for crypto currency exchanges. Here is compiling half of these in a 5 min read without going through every website.

This covers about half of these, Very well said. I hope they do part 2. OneGram received several serious awards for its whole architecture, recently it has been listed among 20 best fin-tech solutions in Middle East by the magazine Forbes. Ted, I would not say its a scam I would just say its heavily overpriced and complicated. They cannot figure out what it is they have, want or need. Besides it looks very islamic and why is everything in Euro. Onegram coin is a ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme; members recruit new Vizionary affiliates who invest.

Classic MLM altcoin pump and dump. It is run by a scammy guy and a couple of other Vizonary scammers — Frode, Jesper and Ladislav. They have no license in Dubai for precious metals trading or financial services. Same for UK where they are incorporated, no licenses and not registered with UK financial services authority.

I should point out that both in UK and Dubai it is required by law to have those. Plus the coin is only traded on Huulk whihc is owned by Onegram — so who can prove if there is price manipulation or not? A couple of updates re: HelloGold to report. Also, racist much there Simon? Im a racist because I call your coin a pig with lipstick? First your organization cant decide what you are.

Do you even understand the meaning of shariah law compliance? Your Gold is over prices your fees are obnoxious. Its a pig with lipstick. I just see way better options than what your offering and if that makes me racist then so be it. Good luck with that pig and be careful about casting stones. Their shariah law compliance certification comes from the Amanie Advisors, which is highly regarded in the muslim world. Other than that I call BS.

You r the one picking a fight calling people racist and having sex with pigs, now your back peddling. No one in the world gives two sheckles that gold is shariah law compliant from the Amanie advisors, most have no clue what that is. By the wy good name dropping. You, my friend, are not the brightest tool in the toolshed. At first, I thought you were a silly goose. I already said am invested in HelloGold, along with 2 others. So of course am trying to provide pertinent, real world updates to this page re: the company.

Actually, I take the above back Simon. Shariah compliant, like OneGram? I like Gold and Silver backed cryptos, but I would probably not invest too much in HGF, it looks to shady, which is probably why their token price is doing crappy others investors are thinking the same thing. Totally agree…aka a pig street prostitute, pigs of the night if you will, where man pigs drive around the block to pick them up without being spotted by law pigs.

Personally, I actually invested in HelloGold because he seems to be an honest guy former head of the world gold council , and his team appears to be rock solid includes dave appleton. The big media outlets are providing coverage of the company as well, which actually legitimizes it in my eyes over other gold companies listed on this page.

Really annoying. How do I unsubscribe from the emails? Go put lipstick on pigs or something instead of whining and getting your panties in a twist with every comment. Tether is suppose to be 1 for 1 with the USD and up to this point tether tether. They start out this document that is supposed to give everyone confidence by discrediting this document on the first page.

All the banks are also blacked out. I even met the guys at a few conferences in the crytpo space when they were early on in their venture. I agree with what you said about the fees, I also spoke to the Aurus team about it and they are also aware. When I talked to them about it, they said that for a system that is as scalable as theirs since unlike most other parties on this list, Aurus does not touch the gold in their system nor do they have their own order books , it makes sense to start with a smaller fee and decrease it over time.

If you buy and hold AWG for a few days to use as payment or as remittance the fee is very small. I find them to be the most innovative player on the list and have been a supporter of them ever since I met them. I am not an owner of any cryptocurrency, but I am interested in that investment.

I find your remarks interesting, educational and funny. Thanks for the infor. They have websites at: baselbit. Great article to read, enough information for a beginner such as an ebook. Any suggestions for investing into the best upcoming ICO. I would be grateful if you could add GramGold to your list gramgold. Revolutionizing Gold Markets, Globally! Seems like a crypto backed by Legal Tender gold and silver would be something people would be really interested in. Plus they claim to have a live-streamed facility with no vaulting fees.

I will check it out. And the reason I say this is,. The PDT is their utility token. You can check it out if you want at assetbase. A working model and delivering on the project is a big deal. Just look at eBay, when they came out they had a bad looking site, but they had a working model and they took the field.

I think by now you would have stopped commenting on this website, Your ill willed instructions and comments do nothing for anyone. How about you start your own commentary blog instead of hijacking this blog. I love a little criticism, but please add some facts about your claims, that way we all might be able to gain some wisdom from your post. Way better options in the marketplace than this token.

Most want a to see the token go from K b redemption. Learn your tokens before sharing info. The exchange rate is not in favor of client reward or discount with assetbase pdt to even warrant purchase. Just do yourself a favor, take your fiat and buy it direct. To attract traders, I would start with changing the design and functionality of the site.

We started in December and already have developed a Tier1 blockchain a application for daily use and the redemption side is currently being licensed and put into place before our scheduled timeline. James, You should start a guide to Silver-backed cryptocurrency. Cryptobontix and Arbitrade will commence mining operations with 55, mining rigs that are dedicated to the tokens.

With the rigs they will mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Monero. And what will they do with those mined cryptos? Because of the fact that you can redeem your bullion after 2 years minimum only, they have enough of time to mine a lot of the established coins to secure the project operations. Why would I do that. I think we will add this one to the crypto-gold crapto-gold list. Further more no way this is in the top 50 coins if so based on what?

We make a good case about Bitcoin, not enough people in the world have crypto wallets. The only way there are going to be more wallet holders is, crypto-stable, useable on a dialy bases, redeemable and last its own independent network. Here some information of Kinesis. There are already many options game changers, One being xgold. KVT are hard capped at , This fork will allow up to transactions per second.

Bitcoin can do like 5 transactions per second? Kinesis is the big one. It runs until November 11th There are , KVT available for public sale. There are rumors that a big whale may buy , KVT. Get yours while you can. Often times these gold cryptos will charge storage fee. Kinesis has no storage fee. Are you kidding me? No storage fee and get paid for storing your gold? No brainer. Put your money on Kinesis. Just an update.

We at XGold believe with all this volatility in the market place. Gold backed crypto will become more and more desirable. To date we have written several articles that tell our tales, experience and journey in the crypto world. Good luck with your crypto-trading and always if you have questions, we have answers. Check out AgAu.. Our tech team is developing a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm which will require user validation in the form of purchasing a bond.

Inevitably, this currency will be fixed to commodities when a permanent exchange rate is set between GODcoin and gold, and it is intended to be used as a utilitarian currency. This is made possible because the biblical Christ has returned, and this is his authorized New World Currency. As it says in the Book of Revelation , we are all advised to buy gold from him so that we may prosper.

He has laid sovereign claim over gold and silver reserves Haggai , and very soon this will be the only currency authorized for use in the global marketplace. At this very moment, the collapse of the Petrodollar is imminent, and the resulting calamity will be extremely difficult to handle, unless of course you take the GODcoin lifeboat and sail with us to safer waters. It wil also be traded on coinbe. The goal is for KGC to be fully backed by 0. KGC is backed by a global gold money and payment system.

Looks like they got physical land with the gold in hand:. Thank you for the guide! Very useful! Out of 5 pre-ICO projects in the list now Golden Currency to me is surely 1, really see no more good, maybe you could advise any? Or anything not in a list? I guess reading history is not part of our daily lives. Just like the USA dollar was till Through out history at some point they start to print more receipts then there is gold.

That possibility with this one is no exception. I am a member of Golden Currency team. Thank you for your comment! Let me share our thoughts on it. You are right, we are doing real money, with the legal status of real money. And it will be like dollar earlier or many other currencies that were backed by gold. But now there is no money in the world that is reliable and backed by gold.

We strongly believe that the current state is bad for users and there is much demand for such stable money. Regarding the examples when governments started to print more receipts then there is gold — that is not our case, since we are talking about private money and we will have no monopoly to issue money, as being non-national money. If we even start thinking of it users just will not use our currency.

We will be glad to answer any questions and provide any more comments on our project. You are also welcome to join our pre-ICO! I am developing Dinar Coin backed by 0. I am the CEO of Orocrypt. Our project has been privately funded and ongoing since last year, when we did not reached our soft cap and we refunded the ICO investors. We are fully operational and currently offering our OCG token for sale through our website.

Albeit we are not longer active in Facebook, you can find us in Twitter, Medium, Telegram and Bitcointalk. This is a scam. Not generating any revenue. It is insane if you give them your metal. Is there any site thats analyse and compare those different gold backed cryptos so you can sort out the possible scams and get an idea of what its safe to buy, now that gold and silver is about to break out.

You need to do your homework. There are websites that are obviously not quite right. For instance, no team information, no vault information, unclear value of token, etc. With us at Orocrypt, you can actually buy the gold directly at one of our partner vaults and have it tokenized through our contract with them. Here is the new and innovative Gold backed crypto currency comes into significance. With actual gold backing the currency, the reliability of this new crypto currency missiles.

Using the same Block chain technology used by other cryptocurrencies, this latest crypto currency Gold bits coin GBC is what you need to get your hands on. One of the most exciting aspects of Gold Bits Coin is its potential usability as the best gold backed cryptocurrency to invest. We believe that cryptocurrencies and governments can not only co-exist together but can serve to empower and make the other better and more efficient.

Yet it is so not updated. Karatbars is now being traded on hitbtc. Yet no update to the list. The ico produced million Now the first licenced crypto bank in Miami Florida And they are well off to implementing their person to person transactions. What am I missing here? If it is different then send me the hitbtc trading link. Further we cannot find the bank listed in the US?

Thankfully we stopped working for them after a few months but beware to all. We had a similar problem with Flashmoni. But in addition, there are serious signs that this company is a fraud. Also gold backed and one of the only legal cryptos in China. Pre- launch, ICO in September. Here are some resources that will help, you may have to translate them yourself. For some reason your site did not like something else I posted, I will post the other ones separately.

That article you posted is just a re-hash of a hit piece that has circulated the net for a year. Further, it does not once mention PFA. Keep trying though. That article has in some form been around since June of last year, they just keep adding stuff to it. Then, once posted, it gets reposted and reposted and reposted ad nauseam, on different sites.

What does PFA trading for a month have to do with it? Well we all know the Chinese company Zhongming Mingyang New Energy Company aka Jinbo is a scam and they mention blockchain in the hit article as you like to call it so put the two and two together. Lmao, demonstrably false. Too bad you failed on both counts.

You investorshub bashers are really something else. I did. Glad after over a year of bashing the stock you finally learned how to use Baidu. Awesome post, learned a lot from this. Please give your top picks and advice on what crypto currencies to invest in Thanks for this information James you have done a lot of homework here. I see that GoldBlocks does not have a website for the last 2 months which means that they no longer exist and have been removed from Coinmarket Cap so unless I am wrong, they no longer exist.

Onegram launches their own exchange tomorrow on 17 September We propose to form an organization which can standardize, authenticate, promote, and educate the gold backed crypto currencies. A gold-backed crypto currency to look into is Trugold, partnered with Magnum Mining. I believe Kinesis is going to be the one to rule them all. Some of them I cannot sell because they are total losses. They are a sister company of ABX, allocated bullion exchange, that already have customers storing gold and silver with them.

I may be wrong… you never know with rumors. You get PAID for holding your gold and silver with them. I was not looking to invest in or use Crypto at all, I was researching gold backed debit cards in order to get my cash out of the banking system into a PM backed debit card for safety and stability of my AUD funds. The fact that it is Crypto currency using blockchain technology was neither here nor there to me although its great that it uses a new emerging transformative technology.

I plan to deposit a large amount of fiat AUD when they open up theses accounts in , I was impressed so much that I also bought a KVT token to take a share in the business. Thanks for the collections. Please add Goldlinks token: GGC to the list.

Goldlinks is a global gold industry alliance, every GGC is pegged to 1 gram of fine gold. More info. Hi Vanessa, thanks for the update. It is pretty long though; the video. The list is so long, but as of two days ago we can now exchange UNV Univals on the Karatbit exchange.

I want to know if any other gold backed coins on open exchanges offer this guaranteed continuously increasing gold backing? Hi James Do you have any thing on Meld which is being foundedby the Melbourne Mint, due to launch later this year. Orocrypt gold-backed token OCG is now listed in p2pb2b. Our product, DGGold TM , is a great option for a gold-backed digital assets due to no storage fees and low premiums….

Gold goes digital: Dillon Gage introduces the future of gold ownership with the launch of Digital Gold. It is eligible for purchase on their online trading platform, FizTrade. The title is maintained by a cryptographically-secure blockchain database, audited daily, which investors can utilize to verify ownership. The physical gold is securely stored in the vaults of the Royal Canadian Mint, and is fully deliverable upon request at any time. I know its not fully the argument, but so much talk about Crypto unseating gold as a long-term asset makes shudder for those digging into their investment portfolios vs.

The argument that crypto is finite makes me laugh. Gold is more finite on an absolute basis, relative to the asset class of crypto. What is infinite seems to be the of ICOs happening. I hope crypto takes off, but too many wolves out there looking to sell crypto. Thank you for maintaining this listing. And of course KBC is listed on its own exchange — Karatbit.

On Karatbit. And on July 4, , KBC will be exchangeable for 1 gram of gold. How come? Please explain. There are several reasons why the KBC is so low right now. If you look at Etherscan. Yep idiots! But because of the guarantee we should be pulling for the price to stay low until after the hardfork so that we will get more of the merged coin for our KCB.

The guarantee holds regardless of the price of the coin. Karatbars affiliates are not getting this. I dont think so, KBC now trading at 0. Whereas Watch out Cryptocurrency companies…. Such an extensive post. Thank you for this knowledge base. I think that the best bet would be to dedicate some part of portfolio to the gold-backed currency of your choice and allocate some cash in the gold or other precious metals themselves.

Going all-in can be a risky thing. Better safe than sorry! Must be relatively easy to move all these paper delivery contracts. Anthem Hayek Blanchard is a now known con artist. A Gold token, fully backed and a Silver one too. Does anyone know the name of the tiny gold-backed crypto company Doug Casey is so confident about? Bought by some huge conglomerate??? I know VERY little about cryptocurrencies, so any names, recommendations, or info you could provide would be wonderful.

THanks, Judy. Great roundup, I would like to flag one that is missing from your list.

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