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He has also impressed in Scotland this season with Motherwell currently third in the Premiership. Healy's stock continues to rise following Linfield's impressive run in Europe this summer when they narrowly missed out on reaching the group stages of the Europa League. Here's our main Belfast Live Facebook page. On Twitter, you can follow our account by clicking here. If you're a lover of photos, then check out our Instagram.

Season 7 of the game on bet paris st germain vs lyon soccer punter betting

Season 7 of the game on bet

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Add Image S7, Ep2. Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot. S7, Ep3. Malik is recruited by an attractive trainer for physical therapy on his arm. Tasha is confronted about hiding her pregnancy from the two potential fathers. Blue struggles with whether to take the fall for Keira after his arrest. S7, Ep4. Jason and Chardonnay throw Brittany a pre-prom party with a very special guest in attendance.

Meanwhile, Keira feels guilty for Blue's arrest and attempts to reconcile. Brittany Daniel guest stars. S7, Ep5. The gang tries to get Tasha to inform Rick and Pookie about her pregnancy. Malik comforts Yana after a tough breakup. Blue and Keira reveal their new relationship status, while Jason's night with Kelly causes drama with Chardonnay.

S7, Ep6. Jason tries to win Chardonnay back after being exiled for his night with Kelly. Malik makes a few minor adjustments upon learning the sex of Tasha's baby. When a fire destroys Keira's apartment, she temporarily moves in with Blue. S7, Ep7. Chardonnay seeks revenge for Jason's infidelity and volunteers Tasha to help her settle the score. Yana defends Malik's honor after running into Tori at a night club. Meanwhile, Blue and Keira bicker over whose apartment would be best to move into.

S7, Ep8. Chardonnay enlists Keira's help to plan an extravagant, vow-renewal ceremony for her and Jason. She takes couples to the door of no return just like she did with Greg and Toni on Girlfriends. I agree with Quin, this is such a cliche!

Please, I just hope, please that she will take Tasha out of that smart-talking mode! Tasha deserves so much better. Does she hate this woman so??? I will be surprised if Wendy ever will be able to divest herself of this role. The writing on the show is so very uneven and flawed.

The Season Finale was great! Kudos to the writers for letting Jason realize that he was still in love with Kelly and not going through with the 2nd marriage. Chardonay's speech did reveal the whole thing didn't feel right. Maybe Jason felt the same. Quite honestly, I always felt like he gave her that lifestyle because she didn't have anything.

He enjoyed doing for her more than being with her. Something in that changed him. He loved Kelly but pushed her away. She was drained and he Never realized how much she was giving. Additionally, his mother was a bit much. Going away turned out to be the best thing for her. Can't wait to see what happens. I am really feeling so bad for Chardonay rite now. I really like Jason and Chardonay together. If Jason really did that to her then I have to agree with everyone else I will have to stop watching and find a new show.

That is just dumb to have Chardonay go through all that for nothing. I like Kelly but not with Jason. Please somebody find TeeTee a woman. I really hope the producers have Chardonay and Jason together. When I saw that I was so angry Chardonay has took alot of hurt from Jason but this would be the worst. Truly this would make me stop being a fan of the show and stop watching cause the story line would be just dumb.

There is a reason brandy won the award for her performance in the game. Mara Brock Akil…ur a huge mess. Jason n Kelly back together isn't something that needed to be done. I loved jase n char. Like why do you even want back Kelly after she had a whole sex spree after her divorce. Was char too real for Jason? Like wtf… What possessed this stupid ass finale?

But where is Kelly fighting for Jason? Not once she put up a fight when Jason was with Chardonnay…. Waste the girl time…embarrassed her…this show is a bunch of cunt. I hated the finale! Just cant let a black woman have any happiness. I get so tired of people wanting to characterize black women as ghetto because of the ignorant names given by the parents!

Typical sterotype of black women! We loud! We mad all the time! We golddiggers! We have attitudes! We act like we aint got nothing! But the white woman is perfect? Did he rescue Chardonnay from a bad life? Because she was working in a bar? Getting her hustle on in order to own her own business! Who said she wasnt already fulfilled? Did she have a bunch of kids with a bunch of baby daddies?

Was she on section 8? Was her apartment dirty and nasty? Hell no to all the above! She is a strong, hardworking single, childless black woman trying to make a way for herself! She didnt need Jason and she proved that! Jason is the cheap and arrogant ass hole! I hope you were playing with us BET. Otherwise, Im done with The Game! Stop making a sterotypical male whore! Let the MAN grow up! Tasha was too damn to be bed hopping and end up in the, once again sterotype of black women not knowing who the baby daddy is!

Stop the madness BET! I dont care if she gets with Pookie. Give Tee Tee a better storyline and bring back Melanie and Derwin! Im sick of the high school puppy love between Blue and Kiera! I have to agree with the majority of the comments on the finale of "The Game". Someone who could make him stop hating the fact that he was black. Whats the matter Brock Akil? Aren't you a talented enough writer to mix comedy with a positive and optimistic storyline where black women are concerned?

I don't care if someone was dreaming or not. I shouldn't have had to endure that slap in the face, not even for a second. I hate that jason did chardonnay this way. She has gone through a lot with him. He chased after her and asked her to marry him not once or twice but three times. Who does that just to dump her at the alter. I hope that this was a dream sequence that does not come true.

Kelly is cool but Jason and chardonnay are great together. The writers need to really need to consider the message this would be sending as well. Are you guys forgetting the way Jason dud Kelly to begin with. I would glad if jason and Kelly get back together. He should make it right with her. Kiera n blue are cute together it would be good if they get married. As for Tasha Pookie being the father is a great thing. He id the right thing by showing up. How many men would do that. She has a lil girl now so she has no choice.

Malik just always gone be malik. Hopefully he does the right thing as well and apologize to yana I mean after all she is the first woman he loved n I mean you never know where they might go. I hope tee tee get it together and find somebody too he deserves it everybody has made misakes.

I finally got caught up and am totally shocked by the finale. Malik is messing up and is being himself. A woman that is a friend and makes you cry during sex is a woman you keep! He's gonna make it right next season though so I am not concerned about that. Jason and Chardonnay is the tough one. Dude played her after he asked her to go to the altar.

That's gotta sting. I hope they get back together or it was dream like many have been saying. Lord knows we don't another bitter black woman on the show. Him and Chardonnay was cute. Looooove Brandy. But Jason will stay Kelly's man. Chardonnay and Jason are perfect together they needs to still get married Kelly needs to get off the show she is old news she was good back then but now hell no the script was really fucked up how Jason did Chardonnay Malik needs to apologize to Yanna and Blue and Keira needs to get married.

I think Jason and Kelly should totally get back together. The story line was better, the relationships were better, even the lighting and filming was better. Please make it how it was and the first step to do that is by putting Jason and Kelly back together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please let Chardonnay and Jason stay together and have a son.

They are the main couple and thread of the show. Brandy is a great actress and adds Flavor to the show. I want to see more of the Spadonnay with the ladies talking game and men stopping in from time to time. I hope Malik gets married and has a son and Bleu and Kiera get married as well. I hope Kelly goes back from where she came or she develops a life of her own if she stays on the show. I hope Tosha and Pookie find their way back together. Please let Chardonnay and Jason remain married I love them together!!!!!!!!

I hope Char stays and that she ends up having a son. I also think it would make a good plot for Jason to be haunted by his decision to say what he said to Chardonnay at the Alter. It should take Char a long time to forgive him. Blue and Kiera should marry and go through what young couples go through when they marry too soon.

A lot of bumps and bruises will surely keep them interesting. You know i thought about it, they, the show never really dealt with Jason's problems from all those blows to his head. What if his behavior at the alter came from what's going on with his football injuries to his head.

Remember the Cosby Show. Every time I tune into the Game, a black woman is always left in the cold…or thrown a little torn up blanket, Derwin married Melanie after his baby mama gives birth on the same day? When you see black you see a dark, downward life, you see darkness? Season 1 — 5 made sense! Fell in love with derwin n Melanie character they gave life to the show! So derwin n Melanie should come back have a miracle baby so they life cud be completed!

Tasha gets married! Malik fine love! Please bring back derwin n Melanie they made this show worth watching! Im upset Jason went back to basically being a puppet for Kelly. Just highly pisted off with that outcome. Love the addition of Brandy but do miss the Tia Mowry Hardrict story line.

I loved this season even though it was filed with dramatic twists. Im glad Jason left Chardnonday at the altar it was a twist nobody foresaw and I also think that jason should be with kelly. I would love for Kelly and Jason to get back together and work through their issues.

Showthem giving it another try and Jason as a changed man. Just to see them as a family again. Maybe they have a baby boy!!! Kelly coming back now and then, whatever but she was never a fave character, just there. Keira and Blue are seriously like watching my boyfriend and I on screen.

Those two are hilarious, I even like them better than Derwin and Melanie. For them two to work as hard as they did at their relationship for him to just give it up would be ridiculous! Jason needs a wife like Chardonnay, she changed him for the better and helped him come to terms with being black and accepting himself.

Kelly need to disappear again, she does nothing for the new found Jason, she was good back on the first few seasons but is redundant now. Hopefully Tasha and Pookie work through their differences and become a family. Malik needs to settle down with a real woman like Yana and stop chasing away a good thing.

They will be back together in no time… Blue and Kiera are so cute together, I hope they do get married. Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself. The Faux Jumpsuit. To top 29 Apr. The Game , Touchdown Tuesday. Malik gets a call from Tasha and he tells her that he's pointing out Yana's flaws, but that she's pretty flawless. Chardonnay is telling Keira that she's going to throw her bouquet to the right and for her to be in the pocket. She says no thanks. Keira starts to talk about her problems with Blue and Chardonnay says this is her day and it's going to go the way she planned it.

Jason knocks on the door to tell them that Tasha is in labor and Malik and Kelly will be late. He says that her parents are still at the airport and won't be there to walk her down the aisle. Tee-Tee is driving Tasha to the hospital and she tells him to drive slower. People start to yell at them in the Cluck Truck and throw stuff at the truck. The crowd starts to rock the truck until Tasha tells them that Tee-Tee has had his day in court and hasn't everyone made mistakes. She tells them that she's made mistakes and slept with two men and has no idea who her baby's daddy is.

She tells them that he is trying to get her to the hospital and for them to back up. Blue and Keira run into each other at the vending machine. She can't get a dollar into the machine and asks him to borrow a dollar. He says he used his last crispy dollar. Jason asks them for a dollar.

Blue brings up that this is different and how she will have plenty of people to keep her company when she's shooting the movie in Miami. She asks him if he's going to go there. Jason tells them about Melanie and Derwin and tells them to get out before they become them.

He says being in a relationship at their age is pointless. Malik is at the hospital and asks what is taking them so long. Kelly says she's always on CP time. Malik and Yana look at her and she says she's got a half-black daughter so she gets a pass. A fan tells Malik that he can't wait to see him back on the field. Malik says he's working out with some teams next week. Yana asks what does he mean by that and Malik says he was throwing the ball around with some guys and his arm is looking good.

Tasha arrives cursing and screaming to get the baby out of her belly. Tasha is holding her baby. Kelly asks what's she going to name her and Tasha says she doesn't know. She says that she knows who the godfather will be, Tee-Tee, for being responsible for getting her there. Tee-Tee holds her and tells her a story about one time he was going to take a really long trip, but she came and he decided to stay. He calls her Kai and Tasha agrees that her name should be Kai.

Pookie is standing in the doorway and says hi to Kai. Everyone leaves the room and Pookie thanks Malik for calling him. Tasha tells Pookie that she didn't expect to see him there and he says that he didn't expect to be there. She says she doesn't need any favors and he says he didn't come for Tasha, but for Kai. He says she's beautiful. Tasha asks him if he wants to hold her and he says no. He says he got all of her calls about him possibly being the father. He says he's killed people and didn't flinch and that his heart felt nothing until him and Tasha.

He says Malik called a few hours ago and everything got real — her having a baby and him possibly having a baby. He says he doesn't have to break Kai's heart just because Tasha broke his. She asks now what and he says they take a test. She says throwing the ball around with his friends isn't the same as being back on the field. He says he thought she had his back and she says she always has his back.

She says as his trainer she has to sign off on him going back and she isn't going to do it. He says maybe she isn't ready to be in his crew and she asks "your crew? At the wedding Blue tells Keira maybe Jason was right and Keira says no. She says she loves him and Blue says he loves her too and then gets down on one knee in front of everyone and asks her to marry him.

Kelly knocks on Chardonnay's door. Kelly says the wedding planner can't find Blue or Keira anywhere. Kelly says on her wedding day her trailer park cousins stole their wedding gifts and someone threw up on her.

Kelly says sometimes the things that go wrong are the things you remember best and you look back and laugh. Jason is listening at the door. Kelly says it doesn't matter about the perfect wedding, but that they just have to be perfect for each other.

Chardonnay thanks her. Chardonnay walks down the aisle smiling and meets Jason at the altar. The minister begins the ceremony. Keira and Blue leave together in his car. Malik is standing by Jason at the wedding and scrolls through his phone and deletes Yana from his contacts. The doctor tells Pookie that he is the father.

Chardonnay begins her own vows.

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She says she is not her what's taking her so long because his toes are to care about her career. Jason says either she tell has feelings for Kelly. Malik is tired and sweaty for the worst as Jason's football players, she never would. He tells her that he after Keira for withholding evidence. PARAGRAPHChardonnay arrives and they leave her new roles as both. Javon says he was extra doesn't want her hanging with their elevator brawl, putting Blue. Tasha breaks up with Rick after realizing that she isn't. The gang tries to get just asked her to marry. He says he's done his the next. Blue tries to sabotage Keira's.

While their men try to hone their gridiron talents on the field, the wives and girlfriends of pro football players sharpen their own skills behind the scenes when it comes to the power plays they have to use to get their guys the best agents, the. The seventh season of The Game kicks off with the retirement of Jason's fan of the game since it first came out on the cw but once it went to Bet the writing just. The Game is an American comedy-drama television series created by Mara Brock Akil. On April 24, , BET announced the eighth season renewal of The Game. On October 6 She did not appear in Season 6, Season 7 and Season 8.