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When the time limit on a payoff to a bet has been missed what hsppens to thee vegas 20 sky betting

When the time limit on a payoff to a bet has been missed what hsppens to thee

The reply was that it was not just what he needed, Christ was all he had. There is no other hope. May God bless you. Hi, I know that we are supposed to trust God. The silence is a bigger problem. As for timing; I have asked God for advice on what I should do. The clock runs out for what is asked and still no response from God. No direction from God. You make the best quess you can and try to move forward only to have the entire situation crumble. Since you are supposed to ask and wait, you do.

God then punishes seems that way you for not waiting enough, even though time ran out for that decision to be made. The Bible says that we are to bring all to God, for Him to direct your life. What use is that when God never responds. Not saying He has to, His will and all. By not responding silence God has planted the seed of doubt. Not Satan, but God. For me it has been over 4 decades of silence. How long do we have to wait for God to answer? This lack of involvement by God is what causes me to feel actual pain in my heart and soul.

I have prayed and asked God to please remedy this situation, for wisdom, for understanding, for knowledge, for hope in this life. Still nothing from God but silence. I read about people who claim that God always answers them or actually tells them something. An actual answer would go a long way to keep faith alive. An actual response would restore hope and give us something to hold onto while we wait. I have never found that being ignored seems that way turns out to be good.

Have I been foolish to wait so long? Has my trust been in vain? I do know that I am beyond tired of all this. I believe that I still have a little faith left as I keep praying and talking at God. I keep trying, regardless of the disappointment I feel.

But the father does give his child some of what was asked for. God sure has taken from me though, as He has taken my family, friends, hope, and the ability to glorify Him, the ability to help the poor and needy. God has ever denied me access to church. To poor to pay tithes, make offerings, not even the means to get to church.

I have been stuck in poverty my whole life without a way out. Everything is a big question without an answer. Where have I gone wrong? What terrible thing have I done to be treated like this? The waiting, the silence, the punishment and the constant problems that have plagued my life for the past 11 years has made me feel foolish for believing that God has a good plan for my life. Michelle, I just responded to Kenneth about this and believe the same is true for you.

It is for you to know Him, to know how He loves you, to believe in his work on the cross and to simply live that out by loving others. He has already given us many directions in His word. Follow them, and you will see and feel His presence in your life.

I truly believe that. When we care to seek what God has instructed us to do,by reading his word and inviting him into our everyday lives. I have faith albeit it minuscule at times , but it can make you crazy trying to weed out will. God did not promise a good life, these preachers are lying, He did not promise wealth and health, why did the disciples go through what they did , why were they not rich and healthy, read the bible and see , riches and health is not a promise in this life, but in the next, new heaven and earth.

That is a long time my friend to hold your breath hoping for answers. Look at the sky and see how wonderful it is. Enjoy the taste of a juicy apple? Marvel at his provision. I gained nothing in my real time life but I experienced a peace that I was thankful for. Oh, Kenneth. I read this and my heart just hurt for you. I can tell you feel deeply hurt by God too. I wish I had easy answers for you, but the reality is that there are no easy answers to some of our questions.

And well you should. He does love you. And he knows your life circumstances. I have two thoughts that I hope encourage you. He does not reside in churches and although, we are meant to be in community, some of His most faithful and powerful followers had much time alone. I think of Joseph in a prison year after year due to no fault of his own. When we read stories in the Bible we get the impression that time passed quickly, but it was actually years. Daniel served in Babylon for years.

Moses tended sheep on the backside of the desert for many years. John, who wrote Revelation, was on the island of Patmos all alone, exiled because all of the attempts to kill him had failed. All of that to say that God has not abandoned you. He is there, but he may not look or act like what you are wanting or expecting. His relationship with you will be unlike any other, and frankly, it could be much deeper and real, because you are not in a place to get all caught up in the trappings of traditional church.

Sometimes, when we have so many opportunities for programs and learning: Bible studies, and Sunday school and church events, we get fooled into thinking that those things make us spiritual and draw us closer to God when in reality that is not necessarily true. If you have truly given your life to God, believed in the name of Jesus for salvation and forgiveness of sins, then the Holy Spirit is in you, and it is his role to teach you.

You can read scriptures and ask Him to reveal things to you. You can pray, oh my goodness, we need people who will pray their hearts out right now! Your are more powerful on your knees than anywhere else. And you can worship.

Instead of asking God to fit into some prefab expectation that someone else has given you, ask him to surprise you. Second, your words about waiting and silence sounded just like King David when he was running for his life. Saul was trying to kill him because David had been anointed to be the next king. There is David, the next king, hiding out in caves, starving, dirty and afraid, and tired. But God can grow us in those dark times just like He grew David.

This is your wilderness. Perhaps, this is your preparation time for what is next, but if that is the case then you need to get prepared but getting to know God. Again, get to the Bible. And if you can get to this site online then you also have access to the web which has so many teaching opportunities for you. God is not done with you, but He may be waiting for you to stop looking at your circumstances and start looking at Him.

I will be praying for you Kenneth. Kenneth, I empathize with you. I have found myself in that very situation by more than one occasion. What has worked for me has been to be sure that I am praying according to his well and not my want. I ask myself am I asking the right question of him. Very importantly, I examined the other areas of my life to ensure I am living in obedience overall.

I have wondered in the past if my answer would have come through the person that God prompted me to Witness to but I failed to witness to that person. My answer could have come through that interaction. Another resource is consulting with other mature Christians. Trusting in God means Casting off all your confidence in all form of fleshly or mundane Providence but entirely on God. Before the time of your asking you must have learnt the unique communication mode in which God conveys and seals his instructions in your spirit to guide you, That is you must have a track record of practicing the voice of God before the time when a great decision of your life depends on you apprehending the voice of GOD.

A gift of the spirit is long suffering, so i ask you, are you giving God the chance to help produce this gift in you. God loves you with everything, God said in his word that faith pleases him. How dare you say a God that loves faith and is so pleased by it will then go ahead an sow a seed of doubt. Are you with God only for the good days? What about the bad days? Abram left everything to go to a land a voice told him to go to… While he was there in the land he went through so much.

Did he question God? Did he allow the seed of doubt grow? If you were Job, would you have already cursed God or not? You have food for the night. You want God to answer your prayers but what is your attitude in this time of waiting, Job inhis time of waiting still praised and worshipped God….

Is that the same thing you are doing. Sarah was barren, if it were you would you have believed or also laughed… Will you read this message and pick your faith up or laugh and ignore… Romans says all things work together for good to those who love God… So why do you doubt?

He said keep asking, is that what you are doing. Are you truly trusting God? Are you going to lose faith because of this… Will you beat your chest and say with all confidence that God has done nothing for you? Christains are being persecuted on China but you can still praise God in the comfort of your home and you still complain…. When last did you say thank you to God? God loves you, Jesus loves you so so much.

The Holy Spirit wants to help, let them. Are you really intentional about this blessing you ask for? How determined to get it are you? Not just read through, but really studied.. How many times a day? How intentional are you to let God draw closer to you?

I am thinking of times where we have, through a series of compromises, gotten ourselves into situations and relationships and ways of relating that from a worldly standpoint are just fine. We have a good job, we are getting along okay, we know various people by name and have familiar contacts and places in our lives.

But inwardly we know we are trucking down the broad road, or we sense strongly that somehow we are moving away from God and not towards Him by the way we are living. We may be fitting in, pleasing everyone, etc but we know somehow we are living a totally dishonest, selfish and inauthentic life where we are not at all being true to God, our own values and beliefs, and we are in fact being shaped by those around us, and even by christian culture, which today is quite compromised.

I was in such a position in my life. I realized that a radical about face was required and this was going to hurt It hurt me. It hurt the man I was in a wrong relationship with, though I loved him and he loved me. Being human with a fleshly nature, had I waited for absolutely pure motives, and percent died in the wool certainty that this was indeed the will of God, I likely would have not made a decision and had one forced on me instead.

I began feeling in bondage to it and that made me miserable. I realized I had an idolatrous dependency going on that had been a longstanding problem , and this was causing me yet again for the umpteenth time to think in my head and heart about how i wanted to be a truly godly woman and live for God and have true intimacy with Him but in my actual life I was living with a man who was at the very least, extremely carnal and immature in his faith if not someone who had not experience regeneration at all so that meant as a believer I was modeling hypocrisy for him and sinning against him as well as myself and God and others who my sinful choices had hurt.

Sometimes when we have set our roots down in wrong soil the only way to fix the problem is radical dislocation and it makes a mess and it hurts. All one can do is to pray and explain to a few the underpinnings of the decision and then obey. Sometimes the decisions we need to make are THAT dire and that costly and a bit like what Abraham must have gone through to lay Isaac upon the altar. I am leaving the life I wanted behind and I am about to head down a path I have no clue where I am going..

If God had a plan then I mest but if god had the wright person to show up I would trust it and walk the walk with them… Today is my day in this walk I with the the help of prayers makes a move trust, hope, odey, honor, this is going to be the first day of the rest of my life… Amen. Now i really know why i hate the holidays when they come around. No, God made satan His bitch when Christ died and rose again. Why is God so very horrible and evil altogether when he punishes many of us good people for no reason at all?

I wanted a wife and family that he never gave me which is very unfair when he gave it to so many other men. God you really suck. God is not mean. It is written satan comes to kill, steal and destroy. Go listen to Charles Cspps and get your mind right. God is not a man that He should lie. The Bible says ask and you shall be given…….. In Mark it says if though would have faith as small as a mustard seed you can say to this mountain be though remove and cast into the sea and it shall be so.

You can get a better definition of faith in Hebrew I got crapped on again. Hey there! I pray these words will touch you as God intends. The love He has for you and us all is deep. He shows that when He gave His Son to die for us. That shows that He has no intention of burning people He made every attempt to save. Unfortunately, we as a human body are not very perfect at all and I Know this is sensitive to you, but our pain right now came from disobedience to God the original sin We went out and still search for our standard of happiness and pleasure and good life in general from the world, but all that is broken.

The world is corrupted and so are we unless we come to Jesus. Neither we or anything in this world is normal… He is our standard of normal. God is not horribly evil. Your own thoughts about God are. Could you make a commitment to your wife and kids and center your focus on Christ in the relationship? James, I had to walk with Christ for a solid year as a changed man, and new spirit before God delivered a girlfriend to me, and you know what James.

You still have to focus on Christ no matter what. Our lives are dependent on him first above everything. I pray blessings to you James, in hopes that the spirit may work through you with much discipline, so that you may either get married to the church, or a helper that God places into your life.

God bless. He gave up his life for her. When things do go the way WE think they should does not mean that our idea way the best for us. God has a much broader vision then we do. Have you tried praying? God hears our prayers. God promised Abraham and Sarah who barren but God promises them a child. They were old when Sarah finally got pregnant but there was purpose behind the waiting.

God can see the big picture…we just demand we we believe is best for us rather than considering there may be a greater plan for our lives. To whose definition are you basing good and evil? The Bible plainly says there is none good save one and that is God.

We are so broken and lost in our sin that we convince ourselves that because we are better than some people that we are good. Let me break this down, lets say a terrorist went out on his mission and killed people, men, women and children. Then the next day he sees a hungry person and shares his lunch with him.

Does that kind action wipe away his evil action? When we call ourselves good based on our works we think God owes us something because we are partly good. When in fact he owes us nothing, it was all paid for on the cross. God does not owe you a wife, you should have sought one and did the things people do to find a wife, perhaps he tried to send you one over and over and you did not like the options he laid out for you and because you kept rejecting he stopped sending.

Unfair is having to leave the beauty of heaven to come and die on a cross for people who would not appreciate the sacrifice you made and think they owe you more. Set your affections on things above and not on things of this world. We did a lot wrong and we do wrong every day we are alive.

Gods laws and thinking are not the same as ours and when we get human logic in the way we truly complicate the relationship. God is not mean or nasty, he told us clearly what is expected of us and outside of that we are mean and nasty. I suggest you ask him to change your heart, renew your relationship with him and bask in his goodness.

Praying for you. Well i feel as bad just like the other guy that wanted a wife and family too, and i really hate being single and alone as well. I really believe so. So with all their very high unrealistic expectations and standards that they have now these days, well that certainly does make it very difficult for many of us good single men to be accepted by most of these women that are everywhere now unfortunately.

It has become very dangerous now for many of us men just to say good morning or hello to a woman that we think would be really nice too meet. Quite a change in the women today compared to the old days, that is for sure. Expectations and life, in general are different for women now too. I think some men misinterpret women. What seems glossy and good is a lie. I suggest not assuming… you may be preventing a true connection.

Does He have to do things your way and in your timetable for you to believe in Him? Is God your personal vending machine? He gave His Son up for you so you could love Him and know true happiness and have a full life, real life eternally. Trust Him and be faithful and obedient. I pray you will put Christ first in your life and know true joy. There are so many other men out there just like me that wanted a wife and family as well, since i do know quite a few of them today myself.

Why should we be single and alone when life really sucks as it is, and to be all alone as well really sucks on top of it all? It is like a double whammy for us altogether, and it is very easy for us to really hate the holidays when they come around. And it is very obvious why married men live much longer too. Sometimes we focus on the wrong stuff. We either trust him or not.

He gave me free will and choices were made—-sometimes unwise. But when I pray for things like wisdom, clarity, forgiveness and strength rather than outcomes I can maneuver through life. I pray the same for you James. Your sister in Christ. In essence you were dead. Hello, My name is Marcedes and I read your article or piece lol.

I recently got saved in I made mistakes since then due to the fact I am still young in Christ. But I really try my best. Even when I am feeling down and out. Right now I am battling and praying against fear. My mind wonders on how I should spread Gods gospel. Should I just walk around the streets and ask tell people about God. Or should I do it the way I know. Post scriptures on my social page and talk about God on there where about almost people can see.

Either way can get a message out to God. I am not a shame in God or believing in him. When people and even friends being up God I start to talk about him with no issues. Sometimes it even turns into an argument. But I want to be peaceful. But to just go up and ask someone out of the blue do they know God seems weird.

And I am only being honest because God loves when where honest and true even though he already knows. And also in Matthew Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age. When Jesus was ascending to heaven, He promised to give us a comforter, which is in the person of the Holy Spirit. Before you embark on it, ask the Holy Spirit to help you on what to say and He will.

The Holy Spirit leaves inside of us, so He hears us when we seek His help. From there conversation has started already……. In summary, we need the help of the Holy Spirit in all we do. Thank you for your comments. I, too, am in a time of waiting and decision making. God has been working in my life in very specific ways over the past few years and now is no different.

I moved with my family from NY to Cincinnati in to start a church. Little did I know I would move at the height of the Great Recession. It was within days of moving that all four pastors called and withdrew the money and the people. I was unemployed with 4 children and a wife. But God provided. I still attempted to get a church started but with working 2 and sometimes 3 jobs while doing so almost put me in the hospital.

Fast forward to It was in January that I first had the thought that I should quit my pizza delivery job and rely solely upon the school bus job I also had. The difficulty was that I really needed the pizza job since it was my income while the school provided great benefits. And losing the pizza job would drop me below what I needed to survive.

My wife also worked as an in-home babysitter at the time. But then it happened. God spoke again. Are you kidding me?! But I knew it was God. So, I submitted my resignation on October 31, and was unemployed January 1, I had no idea what God was doing. Over the next several months God would work in me like never before.

He dug around and prodded and poked and revealed things I never thought were there. He was cleaning house and I was the house. God had proven himself in every way. And the next time would be longer and more intense. God provided a new job on July 5, It was a great job and God truly blessed. And then he did it again. It was in late April, early May of that I had a double whammy. God filled me with two different thoughts and emotions.

One was that I was to quit this job and trust him. The other was this overwhelming feeling, like Christmas mornings wrapped up in one, this thought of being the senior pastor at the church where our family attended. So, I put my note in to quit my job a second time on August 31, Oh, and what I forgot to mention is that my wife also quit her job of babysitting for 30 years because she said she very strongly felt the same thing I was feeling. And to add to the story, both my wife and I and the daughter who still lives at home felt extremely led to pack up our house as if we were moving.

I do, however, continue to serve God in the church in various ways. We have no income and no savings. And yet, every time a job comes open we get a feeling of resistance toward it. So we wait. I spend a great deal of time pursuing God, not just for a job, but for the purpose of knowing him. We live surrendered lives in every way we know. Thanks for listening and believe it or not, there are A LOT of details missing here but you get the gist.

My dear please read the whole book of Genesis and you will thank me later. God is good. He is in recovery 13 years from addiction. He and I have a wonderful relationship,however, he recently revealed a life of sexual trauma. Since this revelation things are distant, friendly but no future discussed or commitment mentioned. I love him and we get along great. I do not want just friendship. But he is firm in standing in this place. He is in therapy but the therapy has shifted this relationship. What do I do?

Im not needing a definitive answer this second but am I do want to know what I should be doing. I want more but do I just wait or let go or stand still and simple be his friend for now to help him through the therapeutic process. Also when it comes to this next point DO Not be accusatory but this is extremely important. My advice is not to be immediately obvious about it but bring up some conversation about it to see how he reacts but make sure not to jump to conclusions. Third, could be his personality type.

I caught you!!! Does he pray? That verse means God comes first in terms of trust. Ill take your advice and move cautiously and again thank u and God bless!!! My life is unusual, and I want to offer people hope and encouragement like Christ has me. I went for it a week ago, but no sales. I pray that God would increase my ability to know whether an investment is of him or not. It makes me sad when all you want to do is please God, but nothing lines up.

So many times I want to quit. Yet, here I am. God gave us autonomy and free will to live and do, and trust him of course in times of need, but also to do things using our brains and wisdom he gave us and we learn. Please Lord. But just cry out to Jesus, and, like your mom, wait for answers in the quiet of your heart. Maybe you can prayerfully consider talking with your mom about selecting an assisted-living home. Lutheran Services is among many Christian groups that seem to have a strong, faithful nurse-home system in Texas.

Talk with your mom. And talk with Heaven. Just pray, do your research, and talk as needed. We co-pastored a church for 12 years. The last thing I want to do is infect her. I am probably going to curtail my ministry situations until after the virus peaks and dissipates. I appreciate any comments. Praying for wisdom. My own two cents is to continue in the ministry that you already have, not adding anything, and to do it with care as if you were a doctor treating his patients, who has the same situation with his wife.

The souls of people are at stake, not just their physical bodies. Find someone who can take over for you or you can train to do so. Do this quickly, but not rushed. Then go home and take care of your wife for the rest of your days. Do not worry about provision because God takes care of his own.

God be with you. He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. He shall cover you with His feathers, And under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler. You shall not be afraid of the terror by night, Nor of the arrow that flies by day, Nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness, Nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday. A thousand may fall at your side, And ten thousand at your right hand; But it shall not come near you.

Only with your eyes shall you look, And see the reward of the wicked. Because you have made the Lord , who is my refuge, Even the Most High, your dwelling place, No evil shall befall you, Nor shall any plague come near your dwelling; For He shall give His angels charge over you, To keep you in all your ways.

In their hands they shall bear you up, Lest you dash your foot against a stone. You shall tread upon the lion and the cobra, The young lion and the serpent you shall trample underfoot. He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him.

With long life I will satisfy him, And show him My salvation. Truly, it is season like this we know who has faith in God and trust Him. It in season like this, you know a mere church goer and a faith believing Child of God. Enjoyed reading through that. Yes, make the decision which you entrusted to God before making and will entrust Him with your tomorrows and the outcome of your decision.

The Fathers blessing on all of you. I am a divorced Christian man, whose marriage was ended by an unfaithful wife after 9 years. I have healed and have gotten back out into the dating world. I have connected with someone that is a very special woman, and someone that has shown me what it truly means to be a partner in a relationship.

We both love the Lord and have made that a priority in our day to day. Through our discussions I believe we are very aligned on things like salvation and developing a direct relationship with God. She has made it clear that if we were to progress into marriage and children, she would want to raise them in the Catholic church while also attending church services within my home church.

This makes me uncomfortable some, but I struggle to understand if it is something that would be compromising to my own faith. My prayers have always left me feeling calm, and encourage to move forward with the relationship, so when I read this message and some of the comments I feel peace that God is telling it is worth the risk at this time.

Catholics pray to the Virgin Mary which is not supported by the bible. The have Saints they revere and pray to also not supported by the bible. The Rosary is not in the bible. In Fact, God says not to pray by rote Matt Catholics do not base their beliefs on the bible alone but also give equal importance to church tradition. The dogma of the Pope contradicts the bible. The continuous chain of apostolic succession from the Apostle Peter to give authority over the lay people also contradicts the bible.

Christianity is not about consecrating specific people but rather the belief that anyone may be called of God, man or woman. I feel you two are much further apart in your beliefs than you realize. You asked if God is the center of your relationship why would He end it? Because you 2 really are not on the same page about Him. Lastly, you quote saint Augustine……that quote goes against the bible. Yet the Catholic Church canonized him and made him a saint……. I have recently began talking to someone online who I have never met.

He is long distance and I am a natural skeptic. When I turn to my friends I am filled with lots of fear and doubt about being deceived but when I pray about it, I feel a lot of Gods peace and feel like God is telling me to just trust. I am choosing to trust that God will reveal all things I the end as I continue on to grow this relationship that I feel has been unlike any others, in how we communicate and share and encourage one another in our faith.

I continue to pray and put it in Gods hands and continue to receive peace and encouragement. This is hard for me but I am choosing to believe that whatever happens, whether success or failure I will be ok because in the end I am choosing to trust God and his hand in all things.

Catholics believe that saints are our friends in Heaven. Just as we ask our friends on earth to pray for us, we ask our friends in Heaven to pray for us. In the Hail Mary, Catholics ask for Mary to pray for us. Catholics believe that the Eucharist is the actual body and blood of Jesus Christ. John We are not supposed to be praying to anyone but God.

The bible says that Jesus is our intercessor… Not Mary or anyone else. So our prayers are heard by people in heaven?? Please provide supporting scripture on that?? We pray to God only. The one who hears our prayers… And knows what we are going to ask before we even ask it. Great response. These were my thoughts as well. I believe a child of God stands still until God directs.

We should never just make a decision. Great article but the writer lost me at that quote. Catholicism and Christianity are nothing alike. How can two walk together unless they agree?? In order to hear only from Him. But in this case I will say the bible answers your dilemma specifically. You may agree on some spiritual things, but what do you disagree on? Those are the areas that will cause problems later on. Did Mary remain a virgin? The Bible says No; Catholicism says Yes.

Who is the Head of the Church: Jesus or the Pope? The list goes on. Here is a question for you: Are you willing to give her up and wait to see if God brings her back to you? If you are, then you should probably do that and let God reign in your life. If your family is emotionally healthy, I would consider strongly what they are saying.

Sometimes we get blinded by love. One last point. She had that in her before you were married. In a way, you allowed it and supposedly unaware, but I believe it takes 2 to Tango. What things looking back did you overlook? Were you in any way enabling her to be unfaithful without recognizing it? I think a time out for prayer and fasting would be appropriate. May God open your heart and mind to see clearly.

Hold on. When it comes to one spouse cheating on the other, the cheater is solely responsible. Even the bible lays this responsibility solely on the cheater. Math It is an extraordinarily difficult and complex situation to repair and most cannot.

So lets not blame the victim. As far as the rest of you advice, it is good advice. A woman needs to keep her man interested in her. A man needs to make sure his wife knows she loves him, daily. A relationship involving two people requires the work of both people to keep the relationship going. I know someone who blames her husband for the divorce, but I see where she pushed him away, ignoring him, bossing him, and so on. Her eyes are blind to her own faults and the role that she played in it.

If you have children you understand what God means by being our Father. In raising my children I learned that they did not all get my lessons in the same way — I had to reach them differently. You are praying to the same God — She may need to hear the message differently — and your children may need different guidence altogether.

I had a dream at the beginning of this pregnancy that I had a baby girl named Sophia. The beginning of a pregnancy, especially after a loss, is very scary and the dream was very comforting. Do you have a pastor that you can trust that you could talk about this with? I can see the argument either way, someone who knows you better might be able to give better counsel than I. I honor you. This message speaks about fear masked as wisdom.

Do not be afraid to make a decision. Sophia, Eliana, both are beautiful names for a beautiful daughter that you cherish. Let me share a bit of my story to edify you. Me and my wife came up with many names before we lost our two pregnancies. I was too worried to make the right choice. Turns out any name would be a blessing if the little ones came to be. She can be Sophia Eliana if you want. Or either one. God wants no malice on your soul.

It is the devil that likes to see you worried. The truth is YOU are fully qualified as the mother and God gave you full authority to name her. And God has used me as someone who is gaining resistance to worrying today to deliver this message to you. Do not be worried, and please do not worry about having to obey by picking a name. Jesus gave his life for you in an act of genuine love. His name was Yeshua, people know him as many names, e. There might be a time in life when your daughter becomes Sophia for a specific reason and I pray you will witness that and that it will be glorious.

The important thing is for you to focus on growing that precious life instead of worrying. Life is not about you or me as selfish individuals with burdens, it is about us as people together overcoming those burdens. May you and your family stay blessed in Christ Christina. Thank you so much for your response and insight.

I really do appreciate you taking the time to provide me with such a thoughtful answer. We will continue to pray for her and her name with a lighter heart and mind and thank you again. I should mention that we have decided on a name, Eliana Sophia, since my original post. When we first found out it was a girl his first reaction was that we should name her Sophia. However, he has been very clear.

Dream aside he prefers Eliana but we are both happy knowing that Sophia will be included in her name. I recently started a new job, and have gone through 2 weeks of training. Should i take a risk and apply for whAt i truly want? Thank you for this post! Apply for job you want. Follow God only. I have made many huge mistakes in my life listening and worrying about what other people think and say.

Get a vision and wisdom from God and go for it. Ignore everything else. I appreciate your response! Thank you! I ended up speaking with my supervisor about the position and found out i needed a few months in my current position before i could apply and transfer into the new role. It felt good to go for it and now i have a new goal to work towards! Great advice, Carey. I ended up speaking with my supervisor about the position and found out i would need to be in my current position for a few months before i can apply and transfer into the new role.

I really appreciate your insight with this. Doing this allowed me to put myself out there for once, and also build better rapport with my supervisor. So glad to hear that you had that conversation. I hope that you get that position in a few months. We were supposed to go on a short-term mission to the Philippines when the news of a sudden volcanic eruption put a hold on the plans. It could have been easier if it happened long before the mission. However, we got the news of the safety concern while at the airport waiting for our flight.

Naturally, the question of whether to push through or cancel came up. And as we prepared to wait for the flight to resume the Philippine airport had already cancelled all operations by then , we had the whole night to make a decision. Our mission team is comprised actually of 2 churches working together.

The bigger group is a seasoned missional church who regularly goes to the Philippines twice a year since or Our church is quite new in missions, this being our second one. We, on the other hand, had to sadly back out. Days after, here I am still bothered by our decision. Did we make the right choice? Should we have just gone and by faith in Him who will not allow danger to fall on us, missionaries and gospe-sharers, do the task we had been preparing all year long for?

Now, after reading your article, it became clearer to me that the choice we made is actually a choice of faith as well. But i justs couldnt help but be worried that we may be wrong. Many people and counselors are just so ready for me to divorce him.

How can I pray for healing for him and to ask God for those things and then divorce him right when he begins to turn the corner? They want me to be happy and free of this behavior. Any suggestions? I would recommend surrounding yourself with pastors and counselors who will give you sound advice and listen to them. If many wise friends are saying the same thing and praying about it, you might want to listen to them.

I enjoyed reading this post, thank you Carey. I had twins and I had a choice in giving them up because adoption agencies were just waiting for me. I could never do it, I decided I will have a way to get through. Then I met this mature person, so I thought, according to him, he was divorced and had two children. Anyway two years down the road we moved in together and then his ex calls and says they are not divorced, then I found out he had 4 children, that should of been, GET OUT NOW moment, but no I decided I am holy spirit junior and I am going to show him Jesus and I will get through it.

I hurt God. Now I am in a financial rut and I am not working, my twins just finished matric, I am in South Africa and my twins were born in America. I did tell him, my husband now that we need to find a way to get out of this financial mess, he says sell the house, I go my way and he goes another way. I want to get out of this mess and I need to get work but its like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I have Christian group but they say trust God He will make a way and yes He will but He is looking past me. Thank you. Both Winfrey and Smith's contributions toward making these students' dreams a reality should not be compared, but celebrated.

Kudos to them both for changing these young men's lives, forever. Users can unsubscribe at anytime. Published May 20, Written by Moriba Cummings. View this post on Instagram. Get the latest from BET in your inbox! Sign up now for the latest in celebrity, sports, news and style from BET.


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