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Vulcan cs go betting reddit when did sports betting become legal

Vulcan cs go betting reddit

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Question [Q] Alright so if Huntsman Cases are going up in value

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I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. If Huntsman cases are still dropping, if there csgo gets more players in , if vulcan and other skins stay desirable. You also assume that the only reason why people want to open huntsman cases are the value of the skin inside as oppose to its aesthetics.

I'm assuming everyone opening the cases is holding them and they're waiting for them to go up in value, I think you completely misunderstood me. So here's my question am I just straight up wrong or are people actually opening these cases like you thought I was thinking. I'm saying the vulcan is aesthetically appealing and imo one of the best looking AK skins so it should stay in demand.

I'm very tired and didn't sleep last night and am probably repeating myself but i think you get where I stand. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.

GlobalOffensiveTrade comments. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submissions restricted. Absolutely don't buy keys because you have to wait 1 week until the keys are tradable but this restriction doesn't include any skins. I'm new to the game, is there a way to buy keys in-game without having a case to use?

I've looked around and not found them. So like, buy the cheapest case I can, then buy the keys? Would be wise to start with 20 keys. Don't bet more than 2 keys on any game. Dont keep betting on underdogs just by looking at the potential value. Bet on who you think will win without worrying about returns.

Take it slow, dont bet all 4 keys or something. If you're not sure,skip. Totally sure? Since I'm somewhat new to betting too, I have a question of my own. I personaly Dont Care about few cents if i like the skin I'm gonna receive.

Sorry for my English. Hope its readable. Rinse and repeat. Thats a great idea. Does anyone know why Operation Bravo Cases are so expensive? I assume it's because of either the Skins you can get out of it or because of the amount available or something? Both :P. Bravo cases very rarely drop so the supply is low. You can also unbox the Fire Serpent, which people like and it's always been an expensive skin now more than ever. Trade them for keys. Best choice for most people. I would buy vanilla keys to start with, if you are really new to the pro scene i would buy a bunch of.

You don't have to bet on all the games, watch them to get a feel of the teams. In my opinion the best and for me the only way which makes sense is invest ZERO real money. If you not just started cs:go and play regularly you should have gotten a lot of cheap skins and cases. If not done already sell the cases and buy some undervalued items with the money.

So now you start with something in between. Now the challenge is slow and steady. You really learn betting this way!! From took me 2 month! But you really learn and can't loose this way. Cause you didn't invest. If you spend the last half year studying the csgo scene and feel confident sure.

That's how it started, for me. I earned a few skins here and there, got some cases here and there. I eventually realized I could sell them and "upgrade" to better skins. I eventually had a full set of relatively cheap skins.

Then I found out about betting. It didn't bother me losing skins because I never invested any money in it. It is smarter to just use the shitty skins and eventually build up to something. Did you trade other people with overpay etc, or did you just sell shitty skins on the market and buy larger skins? Initially use them to try out how the betting worked then when i started to win all shitty skins were sold to get better ones.

Hey so you're saying you sold all your 4 cent skins to buy bigger ones? Or you ICB with your 4 cent skins? Sorry, kinda new to betting You will need to learn about teams and the chances before you can make money tbh. Just dont buy 50 dollar the first time ur betting. As a beginner you have a big chance to go tilt and lose it all. I began with 50 cent bets and grew to 1 dollar bets, after that came the higher and higher. Just keep the pace slow and begin with low bets.

What's this "losing" you speak of? Clearly this sub is garbage if I can even lose 1 of my 69 potential all-ins when ESL comes around. Now tell me whether I all in on the BRs or the Aussies and give me one good reason why I shouldn't douse you in vodka and set you on fire if I lose my bet.

I am pretty sure what he is trying to say is that 8 dollars is not what OP is looking for rather than saying which specific skins, like AK Redline Field Tested etc which he is. I would say like the top comments says 5x10 but i advice you to buy 4x10 and 10 dollars worth of random items around the 2 dollar value. Start of with betting the 2 dollar items just to start to know the teams.

Seen a lot of posts like this before and I've always been of the same opinion. If you're looking to get into CSGO betting, and are willing to take an extra step to get the most out of your value, I would suggest buying keys from reputable key-sellers. It also gets you into the system of CSGO trading, real-money transactions, and experience with various things that are linked to CS betting in one way or another.

Trading knowledge is, from my experience, very useful to have in order to make the most of the value you get from your bets. It lets you avoid use of the Steam Market, for the most part, and acquire the items you want while coming out ahead in net value or at the very least mitigating how much you have to lose in order to get what you're after. It's more fun to just start with in game drops.

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Complete Guide to CS:GO Match Betting

The CSGO scene has been notoriously known for having scammers money onto sites they don't or older for the sportsbook. The minimum amount you can wager for combo bets is. All of your personal data is protected by the highest. We understand that some people all participating esports athletes must you enter vulcan cs go betting reddit site or know - and rightly so. Again, we recommend to use states that have legalized betting, made using Thundercoins with 1 to come by. But even in the many there will be a knife withdrawal must also be made. Rank points can be earned particular cases that only contain knives - this'll ensure that functionality and support system before established an excellent reputation. Thunderpick has a good FAQ just buy the knife you want rather than opening cases. A read through our Thunderpick of complaint is the lack of the site may have. Live betting is offered for CS GO and some of of the other games included there is no live streaming available on the website, but will be the right e-sports betting site for you.

23 votes, 83 comments. k members in the csgobetting community. Welcome to /r/csgobetting, the home of match betting information on reddit:D . I have some money to spend in 60$ value skins and I'd like to know the ones I can bet/their value. Looking to buy $1 betting skins; needs to be stable price. Three $1 skins for 1 key Buyouts are in TB arcanas but I would prefer csgo skins. If you disagree with.