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Pirates of the caribbean 3 soundtrack parlay betting free betting picks

Pirates of the caribbean 3 soundtrack parlay betting

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Why, you got beef with him? Nah, I'm just lookin to parlay. A wager and its winnings from a previously successful bet used for additional betting. A type of bet, usually wagered on pro team sports, where all teams picked must all win in order to collect a fixed wager. We're going to parlay at the crib latah. Eee-o eleven UrbDic Rush B Cyka Blyat Pimp Nails Backpedaling Anol Wetter than an otter's pocket TSIF She'll be fine. We need to find Mistress Ching.

Collect the gold coin right in front of you and a window will pop up, saying that gold coins are worth 5 silver, bags of gold are worth 25, and gems are worth !! We'll be sure to keep our eyes out for that wallop of a big prize.

Collect enough a find a reward back on your ship. You start out on a dock. You see the platforms to the left? And the slots in them? The distance is too far to jump, which sucks because there's a map piece right there. You'll have to find the bamboo pole and then double back for it. As you go up the pier, a cut scene plays. One spots you and points to you. Break the crate and grab the coins.

Then go up the platform. Up the wooden peir, and you can sneak up on both of those bastards. Grab the coins, break the barrel and crate, and then climb another slightly-graded wooden structure. Open it for another tear. Go up the stairs and you see two swordsmen. They carry really big double-swords!

These are a lot tougher then the pirates you fought in the tuturial levels. Their attack is very strong and long-range, but slow to get out of the gate. Beat them and collect the coins at the two areas. You come out in an open, un-urbanized area. Kill the two crates for coins and take the other one right there in the open. Open the chest in the corner, or rather try to, because another enemy comes-the tar Bomb dude.

They run around and toss Tar Bombs at you, and are the reason you should shorten your engagments. Kill him and go take the chest. You have to beat a suprise enemy to get it. The tumbler game here is a lot harder then it was before, isn't it? Get the coin and break the two barrels for more coins.

Jump to another platforms, with two coins and shiny metal plate. Get onto the planks and jump the 3 platforms to land on the other side of the river. Grab the pirate flag checkpoint here, destroy the two Tar Bomb guys and then break the crate for more stuff. Get down the stairs and then destroy the swordsman, and two barrels.

Grab the open coin and activate another metal plate to open the door. But before you go Don't rush for the door or you'll miss the little nook in the wall to the lower right, where you can find this chest and a tar dude guarding it. Jump a set of platforms and then break the crate and barrel, go through the door for a new area.

Grab the coin and kill the crate, then kill the sword and tar dudes. Moving on, destroy the crate for another coin. Jump the river onto a wooden plank with a bamboo slot and two crates on it. Paifully, there are not one, but TWO chests in the background, across the jump, along with two barrels and a crate. Ignoring it, grab the crate in the corner and then kill the two swords.

Ascend the stairs and jump. Here the path splits in two. Follow the ladder down to another chest, along with some goodies and coins Destroy the crate and barrel in the corner, grab the chest for. We got a really big pole! Elizabeth examines it closely and puts it away he he.

You can go onwards, but I reccomend doubling back to where you saw the two chests. Equip the pole and use it with A to get to the goodies on the other side! This is in the chest to the left. Congrats on finding the first of the rare gems! This VERY valuable item is to the right of the set. Collect the goodies and it's time to head back. Go down and use the pole on the shiny plate to vault all the way to the other side, landing right at a flagpole.

Grab the goodies and have at your first Misstress Swordswomen. She carries a long-range, razor sharp bamboo pole. Head down the plank stairs and you can walk on the swamp water. You encouter another Misstress Swordswomen and a Swordsman. Try to sneak up on them, given the wide space it's plety possible, otherwise just kill them. You see 3 plates in the ground; this is a bit of a puzzle. You have to align the blocks in the back so that they lead to the exit area. Each one controls a block.

Do it in this order: first, last, first, last. Battle time! You've entered a bit of a fishing area. Kill the tar man and then two Swordswomen. Remember, her attacks are long distance but very narrow. After that go to the chest in the bottom-right corner.

Head down the platform to see another jumping platform. Head up the platform the bottom part has nothing and climb the stairs. The top of the little covered hut has a tar man and a metal plate. Activate it to see platforms rise where there was nothing before.

A tar man suddenly apears, jump across and kill him. Jump the platforms to another dock plank. Grab the flagpole. Cross the platform and go up the small bridge. It has a silver and gold coin, and is guarded by a swordswomen. Destroy her. Kill the barrel and head downstairs it splits into two. Grab the barrel-bourne goodies. In the corner there are two chests!

This is one of four highly rare map fragments that, if collected, unlocks a secret special area You drop onto a straw-tatched roof. Drop over and activate the plate to open a door below. Drop down and go through. Immediatly you encouter a tar and a swordsman. Kill them and use the jump pad to jump to more planks and a pirate flag.

A swordsman and a swordswoman come next. Jump over the platforms. On the other side is a tar man and a swordswoman. On the plank in the back is a chest. Quite enticing as you can see it from quite some compass range. Blast through him. Go through the door. There's a sword and a tar here. The problem is that the tar keeps throwing from out of your sight range.

Anyway kill them and go for the chest in the middle of the room. The level flows seemlessly into the next level, which is the boss battle, Mistress Ching. Barbossa: Misstress Ching, queen of the eastern pirates! Why would you trouble simple travellers such as us? Misstress Ching: You are no simple traveller Barbossa. You are a pirate.

These others I do not know. Will: We don't intent to intrude on your domain. We're merly after certain Mistress Ching: I know well what you are after. You come where you are not welcome. You seek what is not yours. Elizabeth: We're after no more than we need, and we'll go as you please. Mistress Ching: I think not. You will do great harm with the map fragments you seek.

It is forbidden. Now go. Elizabeth: And if we refuse? Mistress Ching: You will still travel to the Locker, just not in the way of your choosing. Your best bet is just to attacking and conter, she's really bad at defending. After 7 hits you get a chace to disarm her, but she's down, not out. She orders her guards to take you out. Elizabeth takes them out and runs up to confront the mistress again. She needs just 4 more hits and the duel is finished.

You are but one against many. Two against many! You will still fail. It would take an army I will show you where the map peices are hidden, but the last must be torn fron from the grip of that coward, Sao Feng, in his bathouse sanctuary. NOt very inviting, to say the least, but neccesary to get to Sao Feng. But before you do so, backtrack to the Sewer Docks level.

Remember the "inaccessible" map fragment there? You now have the means Bamboo pole to get it. Another ultra-rare map fragment! This one isn't even accesible the first time you played the level. Told you they're well-hidden. You start out in a waterside curb. Come around and guess who? A tar and a swordsman. Climb the stairs to see another tar guy, and a gold coin. Jump across to a flag point. Kill another tar guy, progress a bit, and then kill another one. Anyway the second one drops a gold coin, and is guarding a chest.

Grab the rope hangging and climb it it doesn't swing. Cimb down and slide along the rooftop. Drop down onto a bamboo platform and then swing across with the rope hanging there. There's a save point here. There's a really long rope down to the ground, and in close succession there is a tar,s word, and then another tar here. Try to avoid having to fight them all at once. The tar guy can hit you while you're on the rope so be warned. Four silver coins ring a central plate.

Activate it to open the door. You enter a marketplace-like area. Save, the map splits in two here. Go up the bridge and kill the two swordsmen on it. One of them drops a posion dagger if you need it. Go down the bridge to see a gold coin, and a chest.

Across the bridge. Grab the ladder and climb up onto a raised stone platform; you can probably ambush one of the enemies here, sword or tar. Climb down and then kill the two guards, sword and tar, again, of the exit door. Kill the crates and barrels; treat the sword and tar combo the same. Ignore the ladder for now, instead head to the right and drop down. You should be able to ambush either of the swords and kill the other one standardly.

There's a couple of barrels here, and another chest This comes with its own little extra section and two swordsman guards. Easily missable. Climb the other ladder and move across the raised platform. Put your pole into the jump slot and spring across the chasm. Go down the ladder. You should easily be ticked off by the empty space near the ladder up. Obviously there's something more to the right.

Go down the right and counter another tar-sword to get to a chest. There are two tars this time. One of them drops a gold coin. In the central corner of this extra area, which is guarded by a sword and two tars. Climb the ladder and use the pole to vault to a far-away raised platform.

Drop down the ladder and head to the right to see another chest, easily seen. Not the best hidden secret fragment. Or the best-hidden chest, period. But still, you can almost feel the enticing pull of whatever this unlocks-just one more piece Kill the two sword guards and collect the treasures, then activate the plate outa here.

Get through the door and save. Two more swords. Sneak-by them as they are unimportant. Climb the ladder and head across planks, ropes, and jumps to a new gate. Kill them and then break the two barrels for goodies. Ascend the bridge up the stairs and kill the two guards, along with collecting the goodies. Head down to a save point. Ignore the ladder for now and head west. Kill the swords, guards of a rather more barren chest- courtyard, and then get to the chest. Soon after entering the new area.

Kill the guards to get it. The crate is uninteresting, but the barrel contains a whip, if you need it. Vault across and now jump between a bunch of platforms ringing the courtyard. You arrive at a really large bamboo-plank platform. Kill the sword and tar; the tar has a gold coin in his drop. Climb down to arrive at another save point.

Cross the moving platforms across the water. Ascned he long stairs, collecting all of the goodies on the way. You come to a courtyard with two tars and two swords. Biggest fight yet! Your reward? One of the tars drops a gold coin, and there's a chest in the middle of the court.

Two tars and two swords mean you'll have to fight for it. Not well hidden though. Oh come on, give me a break. You come in and are immediatly ambushed by two swords and a tar. Kill them and then climb up onto the platform by the side. Drop down and kill the sword mistress. Who, she's back! In the corner But here's something worth knowing. You see that net up there? And the platform up above with a bamboo slot on it? You can't get this, anythime soon, as the gap is unjumpable and you need to final special item in the game, hooks to cross.

We will return for it later Anyway, gear the door and advance. Climb the short stairs and kill the sword and tar. One drops a gear, use it on the door to open it. There's a save point here, and a large water-filled chasm and some barrels. Kick them open and they will act as a platform for you to cross. Instead wait for a moving platform to appear to the right. Take it to a chest in the water that you poled over.

Worth every second. Open it to advance to a new area. Here lies one of the best-hidden chests in the game. You see those bedsheets in the back? Scale them. Drop behind them to find It's behind some laundery that looks like part of the scenery! Very tricky, but that's why you came here isn't it-to get all of them!

Jump across the platform onto another one with, what else, another chest. We're rich again. Found on a platform used for locamotion, this bugger pretty mcuh doubles your wealth single-handidly. No wonder they're so rare. Jump back on and go down to the platform at the lower side now. Wait for the slow-moving platform to come and jump on. Then onto another one, and another one, which takes you over a pole you have to jump.

Two more such pole confugations and you get on solid-ish ground again. Climb the ladder to exit. Before you go, look to the right. See that lousy pole? You can use a hook on it to get whatever goodies are on the other side. You arrive at another "station" with a door.

Sneak the swordwoman guad and grab her gear. Both of the crates have gold coins, so break them. Open it; use the two crates at the top to heal, they contain an apple and an apple kebob. Climb down the stairs and you come to another water area. From the platform, jump to the back and hinge onto the long pole. Avoid the steam and drop down onto the bamboo platform.

You're coming close to comepleting your third set Once you cross it climb up and you get to save. Two swords here. Kill them, BUT don't break the crates! They both contain an Apple Kebob, becauce you have to square off with two swords, two tars, and two mistresses to pass through.

Once you are done the door opens and you can leave. Finally, Sao Feng! Will: You know, they say too much heat is bad for your health. Will: Who we are is of little concern to you. Elizabeth: We have come for the mystical chart, of which you have to find piece. Sao Feng: you'd only want the chart to find Davy Jones' Locker.

What could you want there? Elizabeth: Captian Jack Sparrow. We mean to bring him back. Sao Feng: if he returned from the dead, I'd only send him back. I'll save myself the trouble and keep the fragment. Elizabeth: Then we'll have to take it from you! Sao Feng: I honor your nerve. I will give you the fragment But the effect is ruined by his predictable attack pattern and insistent over-taunting. I am a man of my words The map fragment is yours, although I can't promise you'll make it back from that terrible place There are soldiers approaching.

You must have been followed. Leave quickly before you are captured. I'll show those foosls what happens when you invade my house. It's time to assembe your map pieces and chart for the next area-Davy Jone's Locker. Step up to the desk and press A to begin. Put the four pieces togethor. Take the helm and go to Jone's Locker if ye dare. Be warned though, these are the last friendly words ye be hearing. He will teach you a new duel move, the strong undercut! At this point I also changed Elizabeth's costume from the slightly creepy Singapore fisherman one.

Go helm your ship and steer it for the Locker! Watch as your ship falls off a massive waterfall and into the Locker! First stop-the hilly Desert Hills. Barbossa: We be in Jack's personal square of eternity. Elizabeth: Why would Jack's eternity be a waterless desert wasteland? Barbossa: I did not say it was heaven, lass. Will: well, heaven or not, we need to get jack and find a way home.

Barbossa: There be tell of a riddle that can guide travellers out of places such as these. We should look for it as well as Jack. Will: Nothing to do but get started. I see some cliffs in the distance. Let's start there.

Kill him too and it will show a treasure chest at the top of a bunch of cliffs. Climb onto one and pole to the next, and then again, to get to it. There's a trick to the ghouls; after you kill one, another one spawns, so circle around while the first dies so you can sneak-attack the second. Use it with a lighted brazier to light stuff and to light braziers. Jump past and grab the gold coin. Light another brazier at the end of the platforms.

Jump down to conserve time and run and light another brazier. Now kill the ghoul. Climb down the tusk-ladder and defeat the ghoul there. Light the brazier and a chest appears. Congrats on comepleting your third set! Generally, as you advance down the level, keep a lit torch.

Break both; both of them has a bag of gold, worth coins! Light the vegitation and pass through. Maybe I've missed the other ones so far or something That's a whopping coins. First of a new set. I mean, 3 bags of gold and a rare gem in one tiny room? That's 5, coins!

You'll see a dead end and, gasp, another grapling pole. Yet another impossible-to-get-in-the-first-run item. Anyway, remember this and go foward. Climb the ladder. Bamboo across the chasm and you get to a metal plate and a save point. Jump betweeen the set of platforms two of them have gold coins to get to the brazier.

Light your torch on it and then quickly jump back and light the one near the door. It will open, revealing a new area. Immediatly sneak attack the ghoul whle he's not looking. Light your torch and then light the other three braziers in the room. The door opens and admits you onto a frightning-looking bridge with spikes on it.

Pass while they're retracted and quickly light the vegitation blocking your way off. Kill the ghoul. Before you climb the ladder, bamboo across the chasm. You will fly right over a set of treasures. There is a braizier here; use it to burn down all of the barricades.

These things were so rare back in the day. Now they appear in sets of 3 all over the place! Located in the three crates up the first ladder, or from your position all the way to the left. You say. There's another one! To get this go back to the first room and over to the bamboo slot. Instead,jump from here into the gold-coined platform in front of you. Another secret map? We didn't fish the first one yet unfortunatly This one is bigger, with 6 fragments over 4. When you enter, cross and beat the two ghouls, but they spawn two more, and these teleport!

Beat them too and the brazier will light. Torch the vegitation to reveal a jump pad. On the other side is a platform with a flag on it-save point. Jump over from one platform to the next gold coin. Bamboo across, but before you finish Start from the nearby platform and jump. If you do it right you will catch the edge and can climb aboard.

Go back to the platform before and light a torch to burn down the vegitationblocking your way. Bungie across. You see Sparrow, but he runs away and leaves a map piece behind This is the first piece. Dropped by Sparrow. This is more like what I was thinking as Jack's resting place. Go down and you will see a new enemy-a Ghoul Captian. They have less hp, but when they die they blow up and poision them.

Kill them and then kick the barrel to the wall. Light it and it blows up. Slide down the shipwreck and then drop down onto a platform with a chest on it. Light the torch and blow the barrel. Move onto the platform, there's an enemy and a couple of gold coins here. Swing across to the mast platform, then jump over and climb down for a save point. Good thing too, the next few jumps are brutal. Light a torch and jump the three platforms.

They're really far away from one another, you'll just catch the edge or even worse miss. Get onto another platform and kick the barrel to the bridge and then blow it up. There are two ghoul captains here. Kill them. Before you climb the netting up, you might notice that there is a chest across the wall. Climb the net and scale to the left.

There is a chest another one here. Don't swing just yet though, we still want something-the chest, remember? You see the broken plank? Drop down from it and you will land on a plank. Drop down from here and claim the chest. You have to drop down from above to get it. Beat the captain and then the ghoul.

Bamboo across to a save point. Bamboo across again and you land in another wreck. Defeat the ghoul and captian there. Bungie across another gap and you land at what appears to be a dead end. Rope across onto a mast-piece and then again. Ignoring the bridge for now, go downstairs. Kill the ghoul and captian. Light a torch and now, RUN for the bridge. Get across and blow up the barrel. You starting to hear monkey noises? Anyway ignore the rope and drop down for Congats on advancing to level 4!

You have to drop down from the main level to get this one. Align yourself with the rope and use it to swing across the gap. Grab the gold coin and swing down, then slide along the wrecked part of the ship. Drop down, and kick the box to the right and then foward so you can use it to jump onto the next slide.

You land on a small rock outcrop with a chest Collect the gold and silver coin and keep doing. Go down the rock bridge and grab the gold coin there. Wait for the platform to come and jump on. Jump across the set of three, carefully as there is a lot of distance to cover, and clear to the other side for a save flag. Light a torch and climb up. Quickly climb up the neetting and then jump between the three masts.

Jump down and kick the barrel into position then light it to blow the bridge down. Collect the gold coin and proceed. Out in the open in the corner of the podium. Get back up and save at the flag. Take out bamboo and spring across the gap. You land on a small ship section. Align yourself down the middle and jump to catch the next rope. Tarzan across the two ropes.

Climb up the netting and across another rope to get to the next signifigant peice of solid ground. Kill the captain and his mate. Climb down the rope into the ship's bowels. On the raised platform grab the gold coin, and then drop down. Another brazier, dawm. Light your torch and proceed. Jump across the moving platforms quickly, kinda hard but wait for them to align at the end, then get clear, grab the gold coin, and burn down the vegitation blocking you from another chest.

Now kill the captain and claim your prize. He drops a gold coin by the way. Ignore the brazier, it doesn't trigger anything. As you get it, the door opens, a ghoul spawns, and Jack runs through the door, which is the exit outa here. The next stage, lost soul, is a boss battle.

Lost Soul: If you be here, no help can I be. Will: I'm looking for Captain Jack Sparrow. Have you seen him? Lost Soul: No captains or sparrows round here, only the lost. Will: Well, you're of no help. It seems we are both lost. Lost Soul: it doesn't look like your soul is lost yet.

Let me help you with that. He just keeps attacking you and doesn't stop doing so. Your best bet is to defend and stun him, then counter. Keep doing this to wear him out quick. After seven hits comes the first disable, but he escapes and runs a little before restarting the fight. The Lost Soul mostly does the up-attack, very predictable, but occasionally mixes things up a bit.

Six more and he's down for the count. Where am I? I feel as if I've been dreaming. Elizabeth: You were a lost soul, sunk into madness. Will: defeating him must have cleared his mind. That could work with Jack too! Lost Soul: Thank you for setting me free!

Elizabeth: You're welcome. So very sorry you're still dead. Lost Soul: Huh, yeah. Ain't that a barnacle in the britches. Well, what can you do? Kill him and another one, and a ghoul, spawns. Uh oh I think I know where this is going At the end of this chain the brazier in the center of the room lights and you can torch the vigation blocking your way.

Destroy the lone crate in the corner for an apple kebob to heal your damage. Across the door is a lava field. The crate has another apple kebob so you should be full-health now. Jump across, grab the gold coin, and then jump two more. The crate in the final corner contains a gold coin btw. Torch the vegitation and pass through. Kill the ghoul that comes out of the door, and then the next five. I highly reccomend standing inside the door and then sneak attacking them when they come out.

Now go to the other arch and defeat an equally anoyying wave of captains. There are size of them. Ambush them as before, but after you do run. Once they blow up return and repeat to avoid getting poisioned miltiple times. There are two chests in the corner of the room to reward your efforts. In the chest to the west.

In the northern chest. Grab the gold coin there. Go to the left and you will see yet another ungettable treasure. Light the torch and proceed out of there. The brazier isn't let until all of the enemies fall, if you're wondering. In the new area, jump between the well-stocked gold and silver coin platforms and get to the save flag. Get on the ropes and Tarzan across. Claim the stuff there and then kill the Captain and Ghoul. There's lots of gold coins in the next room, a metal plate, and a chest Be warned; they make for a VERY difficult jump.

Once at the top, head all the way to right for a chest. You're coming close to comepleting your 5th set You can engage the two captains and ghoul there, but there's really no point as the exit gate is at the end of the hall. Here we enter a sort of maze. First, go left and collect the goodies there. Go right and activate the plate.

Go downstairs, and right to get some more goodies. Go left, defeat the ghoul and captain there, and activate the second switch. Go down. The left end is right there, grab goodies and then head right. Defeat another captain-ghoul combo and activate another plate there. Light your torch on the brazier and quickly jump down.

Run left here and then light the vegitation there to reveal a chest. Use it to catapult to the other side. Activate yet another plate at the end. Now, jump down to the ground floor. Kill the ghoul and pirate captian here. Congrats on comepleting your sixth set! Enjoy the upgrade. This is the level with the broken ground. Activate the last plate there to open the door on the ground floor-or rather, unlock a chest.

Collect it to open the door. Cut scene time! Is that you? Jack: Will, how are you? I'm balmy as a bilge rat myself. Have you met my hallucination? Jack's Mirage: Captain, he's even more pathetic then you described. Elizabeth: What are you talking about? Jack: Elizabeth!

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Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End Script taken from a transcript of the screenplay and/or the Johnny Depp A dangerous song to be singing for any who are ignorant of its meaning. It's the sunrise. Parley? We need our pistols! Get untied, hurry! All right, then! Pin, I bet people would pay a shilling to see this. It seemed like an odd bet at the time, but it's sure paid off. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (), Walt Disney Pictures When Johnny Depp spoke his line about how the French invented the term “parlay,” he improvised The soundtrack for this scene features an electric guitar, played by none other than the. Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky, Ramin Djawadi; Swords Crossed () So, after POTC 1 hans zimmer and klaus badelt break up because of the Maybe after the trailer they realized that Zimmer's music is more suitable for the Pirates' universe. Blake Neely wrote the theme in the "Liz on the Pearl / Parlay" sequence.