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He has also impressed in Scotland this season with Motherwell currently third in the Premiership. Healy's stock continues to rise following Linfield's impressive run in Europe this summer when they narrowly missed out on reaching the group stages of the Europa League. Here's our main Belfast Live Facebook page. On Twitter, you can follow our account by clicking here. If you're a lover of photos, then check out our Instagram.

You can bet on it meaning in shipping binary options pro signals results www

You can bet on it meaning in shipping

Ask any carrier today what they think of an FAK and we will almost guarantee that their response will be very negative. Used correctly and for the intended purpose, FAKs are a great tool for shippers and can help you reduce your hard costs as well as soft such as the time it takes to sort through billing errors. Since carriers are also very aware of FAK abuse, you can bet on the fact that if you have an FAK, your discount has been adjusted to account for the unpredictability.

So here is a checklist to see if you would qualify as a good customer for an FAK:. This is the reason they were created. For example, you ship 2 different products on the same pallet to your customers. The product mix is equally class 50 and class Negotiating an FAK 60 for everything would be acceptable in this situation.

This would be a fair tradeoff and welcomed by most carriers. This is a simplified example, but imagine if you are shipping thousands of different items. Looking up freight class each time and praying that you get it right gets increasingly difficult. Remembering 2 classes, perhaps one for the heavier items and one for the lighter, presents an enormous time savings as well as reduction in billing errors.

Most people would agree that the NMFTA class system is far from perfect and requires a knowledge of dark arts to interpret. It is a guideline that requires interpretation, and for that alone you may have had to partner with a third party just to help you classify your freight.

Did you know that you can ethically justify and be rewarded for pushing the limits of the NMFTA guidelines? For example, if you ship an item that is classified as a class 70, but you manage to package it extremely well and fit multiple items on a pallet to improve the density, a carrier will consider an FAK to the new density class to be acceptable. If the new pallet looks and feels like a lower class product, it will operate better for a carrier and your pricing will reflect that very favorably.

As a caution, you can go the other way as well. If you throw a used transmission on a broken pallet, be ready to accept your fate as you take multiple increases. Just like with the density example, if you notice that your freight is classed high, do a little research to find out why. Is it hard or awkward to handle? Is it susceptible to theft or damage? Is it making a carriers job to move other freight more difficult? If you feel the answer is no, then an FAK may be warranted in these circumstances.

To reiterate, the FAK can be a means to move your freight at a lower class if it operates like a lower class. If you answered yes to the above questions, try to fix the problems. Can you nest items or go get 3rd party insurance? Can you shrink wrap pallets in black so that susceptibility to theft decreases. If you have done all that you can and still have high classed freight, your best option is to stay with actual class.

Get narrower spreads and bet against other spread bet tors. Our long shot bias is more controlled because we have bookies dictating prices that we can have rather than a free flowing pool bet. Bet Fred are the world's biggest independent bookmakers, with upwards of bet ting shops in the UK.. Brandon bet of your camp session a test and throughout their homes. In another quick breakaway, Varney fed the overlapping Wilson, whose momentum made him a good bet to get past Ben Moore.

If ever that time happens, I'll bet my bottom centavo that our country will be bet ter off without them. The any craps bet is placed in the " Any craps bet is placed in the " Any Craps " box. Calling a bet the cards they then units then daydreaming anything that.

The first woman cackled " OOh, I bet you're a master bridge player dearie - you're not? In bonds, they bet that interest rates will remain low, inflation benign and borrower default levels at unusually low rates. I bet someone who has suffered severe depression can tell you The thing is, you have to work it out for yourself.

Look at the most experienced divers in your club, I bet most of them have shot belts! Football outside of the top echelons always seemed an unlikely business bet , with a history of clubs living hand to mouth. Every bet , every financial transaction contains an element of risk.

Can we block new users around times of big matches ESP red matches - I bet you have already thought of this. I bet you've never even seen a hippopotamus, much less heard one fart under water. If neither of those work, then its a fare bet the drive is probably faulty. If we won we might be tempted to place another bet , especially if the odds looked favorable.

In the opening hand Nick attempted to pick up the blinds with a 40p bet pre flop. To assume this regime's good faith is to bet the lives of millions and the peace of the world in a reckless gamble. I wouldn't bet you a single groat that you can survive five minutes here without me.

Weed growth, mainly herbaceous or annual, will be your best bet , but bet ter still forget the concrete! You bet , but never to the point where I would hesitate to inform on them for the slightest infraction. Bet you didn't know about the bloody insurgency that bought terror to germany after the war.

The option to bet on a team losing is another major feature of bet ting exchanges. Damn, I bottled on the bet with Si that Sweep would be the opener, mystic meg eat your crystal ball. You can bet that these were the first two aircraft to be seen that day carrying live ordnance. The best bet seems to be an effective land tax, which has a very respectable pedigree. But the decision in to peg the peso to the US dollar boosted confidence - investors deemed dealing in greenbacks a safer bet.

Of course, the elder looked over and he said, 'I bet you ate a plum. She never attracted much attention until the most popular guy at school bet his buddies he could transform her into the prom queen. I would bet the fifty quid I'd get for this gig that the cloak would be green. On the day of the wedding you can bet guests can easily retrieve all the required details for the day's events!

You bet , says Deborah Ross, who was immediately seduced by the charms of Sydney. Bet they have spent too long sniffing the ink on their rubber stamps to notice. I bet J. Pepper was probably a loyal supporter of George Wallace. Open a window slightly and then try closing the tailgate, bet it closes just fine. During doubling the Bet meter displays the amount wagered for doubling: the full or half of the previous round's win amount. The expected winnings for the bet with your friend are easy to calculate.

I bet you'd all like to know why his old wrestling partner back in high school got the nickname woody. I would bet the fifty quid I 'd get for this gig that the cloak would be green. On the day of the wedding you can bet guests can easily retrieve all the required details for the day 's events! A daily bet can also be rolled over into the following day 's daily bet with ease.

In fact, you should bet more aggressively in a short-handed game than in a full game. I feel sorry for the traders in Derby, I bet loads more will shut due to lost trade. Doing nothing more than enjoy a pint sniff around the girls put a bet on at the bookies.

You can bet if you camped on someone elses land you 'd soon be moved on. Talking about bookies is something I cannot add to as I have never placed a bet. Memo to self: Trust Mrs Parrot more and be sure to place at least a tenner bet on her intuition. Vanished civilization where large bet on to shorten the least in part. During doubling the Bet meter displays the amount wagered for doubling: the full or half of the previous round 's win amount. One wily way is to devalue your money by having you bet chips instead of legal tender.

I bet you 'd all like to know why his old wrestling partner back in high school got the nickname woody. Your best bet is to purchase gowns and sleepers to keep your baby warm and to allow plenty of room for any wires or tubes.

Sometimes, your best bet is to choose a travel system, which combines your infant's car seat with a stroller as well. Your best bet when looking to purchase a round crib is to search for a local baby boutique or small specialty store; larger chain stores may be less likely to have a good selection of round style cribs. In essence, your best bet is to forget what other parents are telling you and embrace the fact that your child just might not be ready.

Using a mild moisturizing soap to clean his diaper area is your best bet in removing any residual stool. This cleansing process may seem arduous, but it is your best bet in mitigating current diaper rashes while fighting future episodes. A onesie or two is also always a safe bet ; these too can never be too abundant, as many babies go through two to five onesies a day, depending on how much they spit up while drinking. Secondhand items, as long as they are in good condition or they are from a close personal friend or relative, are also a good bet to include in an affordable baby gift basket.

This type of fund is a good bet for those who want their performance to closely mirror that of an index. With domestic shipping, a local United States Postal Service branch will be your best bet. Specialty stores, like Jo-Ann Fabrics, are usually a bet ter bet. The Alpine Type-S and Type-R series are usually a safe bet , whereas the entry-level Pioneer sets can provide good value for those not needing higher-end speakers. Small, independently owned shops will be your best bet for personalized service and knowledgeable employees.

If you are looking for one at a different time, then your best bet is to purchase one online. When you want to know, "Where can I buy the least expensive notebook? My Luxury Mattress also gives you some great deals and even offers to set up the CoolMax Mattress in your home for an additional price, so if you don't want the hassle of doing it yourself, this company might be your best bet.

A home safe is probably your best bet because you can limit the access to third parties who do not have your best interests at heart. If you are on an extreme budget, then a i the "I" is for interlace, which means you're losing about half the lines is your best bet , but keep in mind that saving a little extra money for an average picture might disappoint you. If you are looking for used clubs of any quality, your best bet will be to find them online.

For all activities, aside from regular daily wear, polycarbonate lenses are your best bet. If you are concerned with just the national chains, then this is your best bet ; however, some retailers often put the ad on their main website, so if you don't get the paper, this is the way to find the sales for the big name retailers.

You know, cats are one of the most curious creatures on the planet, and I'll bet your cat does indeed find the coffee making process fascinating. It's a reasonable bet that far more hands went up for the first question than the second. Your best bet is to take your feline to the vet and get a complete diagnosis to see if this is an infection or if the swelling is being caused by something else.

Your best bet is to visit the official FICO website and pay for it. Although you most likely don't want to pay out the money, consulting with a tax attorney may be your best bet before you agree to a debt settlement program. Your best bet will be to shop around until you find a package that meets your needs and suits your budget. You can also navigate to the issuer's site directly, which may be a safer bet. From a planning standpoint, your best bet is to choose plans that only involve one or two new skills at most.

Professionals see ruined couch cushions all the time and will probably be your best bet at getting a great-looking permanent fix. Ultimately, your best bet is to opt for the custom-made if you want a truly perfect replacement cushion to match your sofa. When you're shopping for very affordable pieces, shopping at consignment stores, thrift stores, estate sales, classified ads like those on Craigslist or Freecycle.

According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, your best bet when it comes to commonly accessible water heaters, is to go for gas fired. It's a good bet that hybrid car sales statistics will rise well into the future. Educate yourself on your medical condition and use the herbs specifically recommended for it to achieve the bet results. However, silymarin is soluble in alcohol, so your best bet is to buy a high quality milk thistle extract.

When it comes to free advice about interior design projects for your home, the internet is going to be your best bet. If your dream kitchen includes an island for that extra cooking prep space, the Distinctions tool is your best bet. Local modeling agencies are your best bet when you are first starting out. So, if you only have a few cosmetic items to tote around, the hanging makeup bag may be your best bet.

Hitting the department store cosmetic counters may be your best bet in obtaining those highly-coveted freebies. According to the reviews, it's not the best bet for children, but adults with the motivation to learn a few special effects tricks will enjoy it.

For a bold look: Your best bet is a rich vivid eye shadow hue such as hazel or a chartreuse green shadow. This site is updated every minute of the day, so regular searches are your best bet. Since fragrances bind to oil, you can bet your scent will last through the evening! Using your normal mascara that you know works well is probably your best bet here. So, your best bet is to test both colors out for yourself and to use the one that works best. Your best bet here is a sheer, cream blush like Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge.

Since the collection is only offered on a limited basis, your best bet is to shop online. If you favor easy to wear cosmetics, a basic makeup palette in your own complimentary colors is a sure bet. Trial and error is often your best bet when shopping for a new makeup product. Do you find yourself accidentally discarding more cards than you wanted, or needing to reset the numbers on your bet because you typed too fast for the program? However, if you find you run through video games quickly, you can bet renting them online is well worth it.

Don't forget that bet ting is merely a benefit, and you should never bet more than you can afford to lose. Whatever you've heard, your best bet with Wikipedia is to visit their site and judge for yourself. When playing a 1-line slot, you can click " Bet One" to add one coin to your wager or hit " Bet Max" to bet three coins. When you hit Max Bet the slot starts spinning without you clicking Spin or Play.

Since speeds limits range anywhere from 65 mph to 75 mph, the major highways are your best bet for the shortest time. Keep in mind that some games are only in Flash, Shockwave or Java so your best bet is to have all three technologies installed. Daily Doubles were added and were inspired by horse racing, where contestants can bet any money they've won based on their knowledge of the question. The Hebrew "aleph bet " comes from the first two letters of the Hebrew alpha bet - "aleph" and " bet.

If your Nikon camera is in need of repair or general servicing, your best bet is to visit Nikon's website. If you really enjoy cooking and want to try a lot of different tastes in your meal, tapas are a good bet. Nordstrom - If you want to shop online but are worried about trying things on, Nordstrom is a great bet.

If you're looking for fashions you won't see on every girl at school, shopping online is a good bet. Yes, you may even need a "journaling" book or two along the way. Your best bet? In terms of your mom making you wait until you have you get your period, I'll bet you that will be negotiable. Note, however, that the ethic trend is not for everyone and if you're more about fitting in than standing out, your best bet is to stick with rocker chic, or to explore the next category.

Internet sites-Of course, your best bet is to order a catalog from an Internet site. If you want shoes or other accessories that match perfectly, your best bet is to buy these items from the same catalog that you purchase your dress. Elegant Silhouettes: No matter the style, or cut, you can bet that the silhouettes will be at once captivating and feminine.

Whether it is tickets to the latest flick or a copy of an old favorite on DVD, movies are always a sure bet with the teenage crowd. Wrist corsages are always the best bet if you are not sure what type of corsage she would prefer.

It is a safe bet to say that you are not the only person to ever make whatever mistake you have made. These types of stores will definitely be your best bet when shopping for a unique print. The best bet as far as avoiding this situation is to go to a restaurant that serves ethnic food.

Pizza - pizzas without cheese are often the best bet for vegans when eating out. Your best bet is to let your wedding guests ask your family members or those in your wedding party. If you can't afford plane tickets or are plane-a-phobic, and you live in the U. Your best bet to find the price range for your bus limousine service is to get a quote from several companies that provide service in your area.

Regardless of whether the wedding is indoors or outdoors, your best bet in planning a successful weekend wardrobe is to rely on layered items and separates. Dresses sold as for proms, cotillion or other parties may be your best bet. Some bridal shops offer silk bouquets but often your best bet is to check on line retailers. However, carefully choosing a dress or gown in a style and color that flatter your skin tones and figure are your best bet. Online linens stores or bedding catalog shopping is a good bet to help you find this specific look.

Shopping in stores is often the best bet , since it allows you the opportunity to feel the material and see the pattern up close. For these rarer pieces, your best bet is to check eBay for listings. If you seek something that goes beyond basics, perhaps something a bit out of left field or something that not everyone owns, then your best bet is to shop a catalog. With the latest allegations, you can bet Paul McCartney won't take this lying down, with his lawyers saying, "ur client will be defending these allegations vigorously and appropriately.

You can bet that broke up the engagement rather quickly, with Miller severing ties with Law. The song was not as big of a hit as previous releases, but still garnered a lot of attention from BET and urban radio stations. One thing is certain, as long as celebrities continue to make mistakes, you can bet there will be a photographer to capture it.

Given her high-profile pop, Donald Trump, and her role as vice president of real estate development acquisitions in his organization, it's a safe bet that Ivanka Trump doesn't need the daytime gig. The safest bet , especially for children, is to keep the chat option turned off. Although it's really hard to tell whether a celebrity exposure is by accident, when the celeb is truly mortified or threatens legal action against the perpetrator, you can usually bet that the exposure was a complete accident.

Well, I bet those hard working men and women would love to have a pay raise and maybe some time off as a show of appreciation as opposed to a former action hero working with them. All joking aside, you can bet Tiger wishes it was five years from now and this whole scandal was nothing but a nightmarish memory. So, all you Conan fans can rest easy - you can bet that this red-haired self proclaimed dork will be back on the air before you all know it.

Kristen Stewart's career is showing no signs of slowing down, so it's a fairly safe bet that even more Kristen Stewart websites will be popping up over the next little while. Given the popularity and public backlash of the show, you can bet that any Jersey Shore book will be equally as popular and equally as despised. If you have a very specific look in mind, your best bet will be to hire a seamstress or tailor which can be a very simple or complicated process.

If you do opt to look for really inexpensive clothing, taking advantage of some sources that traditionally offer used clothing can be your best bet. You can regularly find different styles of Elmo-themed clothes in K-mart, although Sears may also be a good bet because of the kids club that they have. While prices may seem a bit for a pair of socks, you can bet that you will be getting your money's worth.

Clearance racks are often your best bet , and stores like Target, Kohl's, and JC Penney will continue to mark down their sale items, sometimes as much as 75 and 80 percent! If you have little to no sewing experience, your best bet is to go to a fabric shop, choose the fabric you'd like for the ruffles, and ask for assistance.

Buying off-season is a well- informed consumer's best bet for saving money. Your best bet for ascertaining children's Grateful Dead merchandise will be the Internet. For a fresh take on a classic fashion, these options are a great bet. Still, if you like the look of a certain brand, but cannot afford the retail prices, the brand's outlet store is your best bet for similar-looking items.

Your best bet for conducting an accurate search is to use the online store locator which is available at the official Biscotti Inc. If you still have some outstanding expenses, another good bet is private loans. If you can smell or hear something, you can bet your dog can smell and hear it way before you can.

You bet that then they will start to listen to what we want to put into and on our pets body, and for that matter our children and ourselves! Books with outdoor fireplace plans are available, but your best bet is to buy a prefabricated outdoor fireplace to install yourself, or to hire a contractor with experience in building fireplaces to do the work for you.

If the under layer is brown or brittle, it's a safe bet that the branch is dead and can be removed. While Rascal Flatts guitar tabs have not found their way into print form yet, it's a safe bet that they will be published at some point in the future. If your windows are truly unique sizes, or if you want more choice in terms of color and style, your best bet is to search for vinyl roller blinds on the Internet. Your best bet for deciding on vinyl planks for your home is to visit a major home improvement store.

Your best bet is to call in a plumber and have him evaluate your setup. Your best bet is to identify the make and model of your current faucet and replace the old faucet with the same or a very similar unit. While your local home improvement store may have a selection of ceiling tiles to choose from, your best bet for finding the best selection of ceiling tiles is to locate a ceiling store or contractor.

If you aren't familiar with lighting fixture design and electrical work, your best bet is to purchase a monorail lighting kit that includes all the parts you need to install the system. This won't work for everyone, but if you're setup is very flexible and you want quality for pennies on the dollar, it may be your best bet.

It's your best bet for finding replacement components or for getting expert help in the future. Jewelry is an ever popular choice of gift for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions, and birthstone jewelry is always a good bet for a special present. For those who don't live in the southwest and have no plans to travel there in the near future, the internet is the best bet for obtaining native design beaded cuff bracelets.

When you're ready to purchase a cross signet ring your best bet is to head to your computer, where you'll have a variety of choices at your fingertips. The best bet for finding a vintage ring is to search on eBay or scour antique stores and estate sales. Your best bet for buying these yummy earrings is eBay, where sellers are offering them for auction.

Your best bet is to leave the cap at home unless you're going somewhere that's conducive to hat-wearing. This is what is most common in offices today, and probably your best bet for interview attire if no clarification was given. Unless you have a very distinctive sense of humor, your best bet is to wear a khaki colored sports coat with a similarly styled pair of pants.

Since "Gone Fishin'" is a sort of catch-all phrase for "relaxing the day away" in some places, you can bet these are meant to be worn as part of a completely casual ensemble. Sales assistants in upscale boutiques are your best bet , as they are trained to help you find good clothes and guide you to flattering looks. If you want to wear your Christmas sweater out and about, though, and don't want to look like you're just trying to be funny, your best bet is to stick with a style that just utilizes the colors of the holiday season.

California Wine Mall, for instance, lists more than 50 wineries making organic wine, and one can bet the list isn't exhaustive. Even mother's breast milk has been shown to contain more than the maximum recommended exposure to pesticides.

Your safest bet is to start enjoying the benefit of organic foods and household products before you conceive. Home Sentences bet. Bet sentence examples bet.


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This stone will give a person the sense of will power to push through even the toughest of obstacles. The other energies that the positive properties of red agate will help you include protection against the evils of the world, being a positive thinker, and noticing weaknesses in order to turn them into strengths or improving them. We live in a world that has positive and negative energies that we cannot see, but do control the world and they affect us whether we like it or not.

This stone will protect you against those negative energies. Most people will tell you to only focus on your strengths, but that is a weakness in itself. We tell you to wear red agate so that you can improve your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. The main thing that the stone does for you is to stabilize and center your physical energy, which is a very hard thing to do for most people.

Red agate can heal your emotional state and bring about new and better emotions to continue to heal yourself from within. Take a look at our crystal point water bottle , simply benefit from drinking water. Red agate is mostly made into bracelets for both men and women because of the ease of creating the beads, and the way in which the pattern is seen in this form.

If it were cut into cubes or any other form the pattern would get distorted and would not look as pleasing. Other jewelry items that can be processed from this stone include necklaces, rings, pendants, and earrings. The main thing is to WEAR the stone. A red agate bracelet should always be worn on the right hand instead of the left as it allows you to create and enhance its energy better.

As we discussed earlier, there are different types of shapes the stone can be cut in, but for bracelets, the most common shape is the bead sphere. See a selection of red agate bracelets on Etsy. With red agate necklaces, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can also get a red agate bead necklace which will be a bit smaller, but still enhancing its energies.

See a selection of red agate necklaces on Etsy. It simply stands out, but we also recommend you wear these on your right hand, just like the bracelet. The most traditional way to wear a healing gemstone on a ring is to get the oval shape, but you can also get a square shape or a diamond-shape.

See a selection of red agate rings on Etsy. The traditional pendant option available when it comes to spiritual gemstones is the obelisk-shaped crystal. Red agate looks great when made to this shape, but you can also get the pendants made in spherical form, baguette, and even a pyramid.

You can get vintage-styled plum-shaped earrings, hollowed oval-shaped earrings, spherical, squared, or any other option you prefer. The ultimate thing to do is to wear a red agate bracelet, necklace with pendant, ring, and earrings. You will enhance the energies close to the point of being unstoppable. See a selection of red agate earrings on Etsy.

Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there. How can one tell the difference between the real deal? If there are no bands across the stone, inside of it, then it is a fake. Another way to tell which stones are real red agate is to focus on the transparency of the stones.

If you can see very clearly through it, then it is probably made of some type of plastic. A real, red agate stone will be deep red and should not be transparent. Cleansing your red agate from negativity is not as hard as one may think. The method we are about to describe can also work for your other stones, and can even be done in one step to cleanse all your stones at once. The first step is to run the stones or crystals with clean distilled water, rainwater, or filtered water.

Then, bury them in a pool of course sea salt for a whole day, 24 hours. Then make a solution of 1 tablespoon of sea salt dissolved in water. Your stones are now cleansed and ready to be used again. Do this once a week, once a month, or as often as you see fit. The difference between carnelian and red agate is on the color pattern. Yes, the color is very very similar, close to being indistinguishable, but the red agate has these light color bands going across it.

The main spiritual difference between these two stones is that the carnelian agate will protect you from some of the very low states of energy others can place upon you such as resentment, rage, and envy. Fire agate is one of the most beautiful stones I have ever seen. The black stone is easy to spot and differentiate with the regular red agate which is, well, red. With our 3D Virtual Try-On tool, you can upload a video of yourself to get a realistic degree view of how a frame will look and fit on your face.

Uploading a video is easy—the hard part is deciding which frame to buy when you can try on up to 50 frames! However, using a 3D Virtual Try-On of yourself will be a much better guide to how the glasses will look and fit on your face than using a photo of a model. Tips on creating the video:. While doing this, you will want to make sure that your head is straight on and level, with your pupils clearly visible. Voila, your 3D Virtual Try-On is complete!

To compare yourself wearing different pairs, click "TRY ON" on a product listing page, or in your Favorites, for a static front view to see what looks best. We will not use or distribute any images or videos that you upload to our Virtual Try-On or Frame Fit tools. Our Face Shape Guide features tools to help you discover what your face shape is, as well as links to flattering frames by face shape for men and women. It depends on what features you are looking for. The following categories can help with your decision:.

Weight: If you want a super light frame, go with one that's 15 grams or lower. Titanium frames are generally very light. Material: You have the choice between metal or plastic. Metal tends to be lighter. Plastic frames tend to be more durable. Flexibility: This is a nice feature to have for kids or sports glasses. We have a line of kids plastic flexible frames that are forgiving and durable. Most of our frames come in one size, but not all. The details will be listed under the product description.

Please use the size filter to find the one that best suits you. Yes, we offer a great selection of universal bridge fit also known as low bridge fit or Asian fit frames. Check out our selection by clicking here. What do the numbers printed on my frame mean? Non-Zenni frames: Some frames have a series of numbers printed on the inside of a temple arm the part that goes behind your ear. But farther down the temple arm, there may be important numbers that refer to the dimensions of the frame.

These numbers are the measurement, in millimeters, of the lens width, nose bridge width, and temple arm length. Often the lens width and nose bridge width are 2-digit numbers separated by a square, and a temple arm length is a 3-digit number in front of or behind the others. Knowing these numbers can help you choose a frame similar in size when shopping.

Zenni Frames: You will find a frame number that consists of 6 or more numbers which will help you locate the frame on the Zenni website. Full-rim, half-rim, or rimless? Your Rx may be too strong for half-rim or rimless glasses, so full-rim would be your option.

Full-rim glasses, especially in the nerd-chic look, are very popular. They are generally more durable than half-rim or rimless frames. Half-rim frames are great for people with slim faces. They show more of your face than full-rim frames, and are more durable than rimless glasses.

Rimless glasses are great for people who will treat their glasses delicately, and who want their glasses to be practically invisible on their face. Most of our frames come in multiple colorways. When a frame is out of stock, you will see an "out of stock" message below the frame. Enter your email address in the space provided, and we'll let you know when the item becomes available. If you choose Frame Only when selecting Prescription Type, it will be half the price listed. Many frames still come with retainer lenses not of optical lens quality to maintain frame integrity during shipping.

They may be removed if desired. Our custom engraving feature can be added to many of our acetate and plastic frames as long as the temple arms are wide enough. It depends on the frame whether text or icons can be engraved, as well as placement options inside the temple arm or outside. To see what content is allowed, please see our custom engraving guidelines here.

New glasses often need minor tweaks to fit your face right. The American National Standards Institute is a private, non-profit organization that creates quality and safety standards for a wide variety of products, including safety eyewear. ASTM International, is an international standards organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services.

ASTM F refers to protective eyewear standards for various sports. F is the strictest standard for protective eyewear. For glasses to meet the ASTM F standard, they need to pass a high velocity impact resistance test, including clarity and strength of the lenses. Recreation and sports activity are responsible for thousands of eye injuries every year.

The compliance standards, as well as the sports for which the product has been tested for, will be outlined on the product description page and the accompanying insert card shipped with the goggles. We currently offer the following models: - available in 3 color options - available in 3 color options - available in 3 color options. Our Sport Protective Goggles , and meet and exceed ASTM F standards for several sports including: basketball, soccer, badminton and handball They are also great for outdoor activities such as cycling, skating and running, as well as for active youth or adults who may need eyewear that offers additional strength, padding and protection.

Check back soon for an expanded selection of lens options, as we add to this category. We do not accept insurance. However, some insurance companies will accept an invoice copy for reimbursement. Check with your insurance company, and if they do, you can request an emailed invoice copy from our Customer Service department. Yes, we offer itemized receipts. You can buy a gift card for anyone you like, including yourself. Buy Now. You would apply it to the order during Checkout.

Enter the gift card number and click Apply. It's that easy! It is an electronic gift card so it is emailed to the recipient email address entered on the order form. That's easy! Just enter your own name and email address in the Recipient Name and Recipient Email fields, respectively.

The gift card number will be sent to your email address. Enter the gift card number and click Check. The amount left on the card will be displayed. NOTE: The gift card number will be encrypted for your security. If you're new to Zenni and received the card as a gift, simply go to Login at the top of the page and create a new account with the email address that was entered as the recipient on the gift card order.

Then go to Gift Card Status to see the balance. For a chance to be featured on our site and social media channels, please tag your photo with zennioptical or justgotmyzennis. We collaborate often with social media influencers. To inquire about working with Zenni, please send a detailed message to socialmedia zennioptical.

If you need glasses, your eye doctor will provide you with a prescription for corrective lenses. Eyeglass prescriptions may be written in different ways, though most are either printed or handwritten in horizontal rows. The first row is the prescription for the right eye OD , and the second row is for the left eye OS. You may also have another field labeled as ADD which corrects for the reading power used in a bifocal or progressive lens.

To learn more about how to read your prescription, click here. Lastly, eyeglass prescriptions sometimes include the pupillary distance PD measurement, which is the distance between your pupils. PD is needed to determine where the optical center of the lens will be for clear, accurate vision. If your prescription does not include your PD, you can measure it yourself with our guide here. An eyeglass prescription will usually expire in years, depending on which state you received your eye exam.

Here is a list of some optical abbreviations that will help you order your glasses from Zenni Optical:. Can be used for bifocal or progressive glasses, or for single-vision reading or computer intermediate vision glasses. AR: Anti-Reflective. A coating that reduces reflection on the lenses. It ranges from 1 to BAL: the Rx calls for balance lenses, meaning the same Rx for each eye.

Often used when a person has no sight in one eye, so both lenses will have the same thickness. CYL: the Cylinder. DS: the abbreviation for diopter simplex. An eye dr. This is needed for the manufacturer of the eyeglasses to know where to place the optical center on each lens, so you can see well with the glasses.

PL: Plano. Latin for "flat. SPH: the first section on an Rx. It corrects nearsighted or farsighted vision. UV: the abbreviation of ultraviolet. UV light is invisible to the human eye, but it is UV light that gives us a sunburn, and too much exposure to it can damage the eye. All of the lenses Zenni Optical offers come with percent UV protection, for free. VA: Visual acuity: how well the eye can see. Your pupillary distance PD is the measurement of the distance between your pupils. Click here to learn more.

Most people have an astigmatism. If you have an astigmatism on your Rx, we can make glasses that will correct it. We offer both. Ordering single vision distance glasses through Zenni is easy! Check your prescription to see if your doctor measured it and wrote it down. You can learn more here. The last step is to enter the distance prescription for the right eye OD and left eye OS.

Most glasses prescriptions are considered distance single vision unless your doctor noted it was for reading or computer. Ordering reading glasses through Zenni is easy! For a Single PD, if you were only given one PD measurement, it is most likely for distance so you will need to subtract 3 to calculate your near single PD. The last step is to enter the reading prescription for the right eye and left eye. You can do this by adding the ADD value to the SPH value and keeping the remaining values the same, as in the example below:.

For more information about reading glasses, check out our Zenni Blog. If you know what strength of readers similar to over-the-counter readers works best for you, it's easy to turn any pair of Zenni glasses into readers! You bet you can! Add one of the halves to your SPHs. This creates computer vision in the top of your lens, and reading vision in the bottom!

Yes, we can fill prescriptions with prism correction in single-vision lenses only. You will enter in the values for each eye in Step 1 of the order process according to the script given by your doctor. To learn more about prism corrections, click here. It's super easy to order Non-Rx glasses from Zenni Optical. After clicking on the Order glasses button, select Non-Prescription in the Prescription Type drop-down window.

We strongly recommend that you get an eye exam every two years, or more frequently if you notice that your vision has changed. Most of the frames on our website can be ordered as sunglasses, except for some sports or goggle frames. Unlike regular frames with tinted lenses, our premium sunglasses are made using advanced edging technology. This gives the lenses a subtle curve and thinner profile, similar to designer sunglasses, even with higher prescriptions. Premium sunglasses are only offered in three lens index options 1.

Both premium and regular sunglasses feature the same UV-blocking technology. With a few exceptions, the Rx glasses you order on our website can be turned into Rx sunglasses. Just select a standard or gradient lens tint, or choose from our glare-reducing polarized lens selections.

Photochromic lenses automatically darken when outdoors or exposed to UV rays. They return to clear when you are back indoors. Polarized lenses are permanent sunglasses that don't change color and are great at cutting glare. If you order Rx sunglasses, you can get the lens with the index that is recommended for your Rx to keep your lenses nice, light and thin.

If you get non-Rx sunglasses, your lenses will be thin. Mirrored lenses are created with a highly reflective coating that reduces glare by reflecting light away. These sunglass lenses are highly functional yet also fashionable. To order a mirrored sunglass tint, you must first select a standard or gradient base tint, or you can select a glare-reducing polarized lens for premium sun protection.

To order a mirrored sunglass tint, you must first select a base tint. You can select a standard or gradient base tint, or you can select a glare-reducing polarized lens for premium sun protection.

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We have all been in a negative place at a certain point in our lives, looking for ways to improve our situation, but nothing seems to be going right. There are ways in which to balance our energies such as using what nature gave us. In this post, we will be discussing everything you want ever to know about red agate. Like all of the other healing stones and crystals out there, red agate has its own meaning and symbolism for the wearer.

As we previously mentioned this stone is a protection stone, but it is also used in order to open up a closed heart. If you are in a refusal state, where you refuse to go out and try new things, refuse to accept current situations, refuse to spend time with family, etc. Accept that everything happens for a reason and that there is a heavenly order guiding you to do and go through the things you go through.

Red agate is also a stone whose meaning gives us the perspective to try and envision new horizons, as well as re-sparking the fire that we all have within our heart, passion. Another meaning one can give to this stone is to be honest once again. Refusal, as we mentioned, is a state of dishonesty because you refuse the reality of situations.

This stone will help you reorganize and prioritize the good feelings within your heart. Lastly, the third meaning given to the red agate stone is having the power and third eye vision to see, know, and avoid danger whenever possible. Because red-eye agate and regular red agate are so very similar, We will discuss more properties of the red-eye stone here so that you get the full spectrum of this wonderful rock.

This type of red agate has the meaning of finding hope once again, to guide you towards this light so that you can get out of any adversity you may be going through. If you feel like your past has been stopping you from moving forward, red-eye agate will help you heal your past, so that you can continue moving forward into a bright new future.

As we described with the regular red-agate, this red-eye agate is a stone that will help you not give up! We recommend you wear this item if you are about to do a long apprenticeship, internship, or a project that requires technological skills of any form.

Red agate is a combination of three different types of rock and mineral structures occurring naturally which consist mainly of cryptocrystalline silica, microgranular quarts which give it the shiny look , and chalcedony. Red agate contains three different colors which can be seen lightly throughout its form: these are red, brown, and black.

The brown enhances the red, and the black makes the red darker. Red agate can be made into many different jewels as we will be discussing in other sections of this post, so it is a very malleable stone that looks fantastic when polished and made into the different shapes available. If you have a skin disorder the red agate can heal you, your blood vessels are strengthened, your pancreas and lymphatic systems will be cleansed, and it can even help heal any ailments in your eyes, and stomach.

For now, we will be discussing the properties of this stone as it pertains to your relationships and love, to business and money matters, and the properties given to other energies in your life. For love and relationships, the properties of red agate will give you more love energy.

For others, they have love blockages when it comes to family and friends who may have hurt them. The properties of red agate will allow you to break through those barriers, reconnect with old friends, and provide more love towards family since they love you regardless of what you do, or who you may have become.

In the area of business and money, red agate will provide you with the properties of setting targets and hitting those targets no matter what. This stone then becomes exciting for those people seeking more out of life who have huge goals but no way of getting to them. Red agate will open up the door of creativity and achievement so that you can set goals, hit them, and set new bigger ones.

This stone will give a person the sense of will power to push through even the toughest of obstacles. The other energies that the positive properties of red agate will help you include protection against the evils of the world, being a positive thinker, and noticing weaknesses in order to turn them into strengths or improving them.

We live in a world that has positive and negative energies that we cannot see, but do control the world and they affect us whether we like it or not. This stone will protect you against those negative energies. Most people will tell you to only focus on your strengths, but that is a weakness in itself. We tell you to wear red agate so that you can improve your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

The main thing that the stone does for you is to stabilize and center your physical energy, which is a very hard thing to do for most people. Red agate can heal your emotional state and bring about new and better emotions to continue to heal yourself from within. Take a look at our crystal point water bottle , simply benefit from drinking water. Red agate is mostly made into bracelets for both men and women because of the ease of creating the beads, and the way in which the pattern is seen in this form.

If it were cut into cubes or any other form the pattern would get distorted and would not look as pleasing. Other jewelry items that can be processed from this stone include necklaces, rings, pendants, and earrings.

The main thing is to WEAR the stone. A red agate bracelet should always be worn on the right hand instead of the left as it allows you to create and enhance its energy better. As we discussed earlier, there are different types of shapes the stone can be cut in, but for bracelets, the most common shape is the bead sphere.

See a selection of red agate bracelets on Etsy. With red agate necklaces, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can also get a red agate bead necklace which will be a bit smaller, but still enhancing its energies. See a selection of red agate necklaces on Etsy. Magento is possibly the most popular self-hosted shopping cart out there.

You do have to pay for your own hosting provider in this case. In order to process payments within your website, you need a payment gateway. Since your customers will pay for their items online, their payment details need to be verified via the bank, where it will also be approved or otherwise, before the transaction is completed.

As usual, eCommerce website builders readily offer these within their packages, and you only need to configure which payment gateways you want to be available in your store. This will determine if it can accept debit and credit cards, other alternative methods of payment, and which currencies it can support. Take note, payment gateways usually have fees in order for them to process transactions, so you may want to check on the costs first before adding them up into your store.

Since customers will enter their payment details in your website, usually in the form of debit or credit card information, a security protocol should be in place to prevent the data from falling into criminal hands. Therefore, an SSL certificate is a must for an online store that processes multiple transactions day in and day out. You also have the option to purchase an SSL certificate on your own. Some providers even go beyond bit encryption, although this will set you back a hundred dollars more.

Before we delve into the different channels and tactics for you to gain new customers, there are 2 concepts you need to learn first. It is calculated by dividing all marketing costs towards acquiring new customers with the actual customers acquired during the period that the money was spent. Monitoring your CAC is a must in any business. This concept is the very foundation of marketing, after all. The trick is to find the balance between the two. Customers love to get more value out of their money, which is why discounts, vouchers, and loyalty programs are almost always a great hit for stores.

Even online stores that are long established and have millions of customers offer some sort of promotion, to entice even more customers to their store and hit target sales. Some of the promos which have been proven to drive more customers and sales are:. The specific type of promo that you offer should depend on the kind of branding that you are pushing for the store. High-end brands usually offer loyalty reward programs to reel in customers to keep returning to the store, despite the items having an expensive price tag.

On the contrary, if you already enjoy larger margins and your items have lower price points, then coupons, vouchers, and general discounts are your best bet. When you are sure that your drop shipping business is going to open online, one of the next steps that you should take is setting up a social media account. There are currently 3.

Social media posts are one of the quickest and most effective ways to reach out to a multitude of people within a short period of time. For an online store, regardless if you drop ship or not, there are a handful of must-have social media accounts where you can post your products and entice customers to check out your store:. If you're in need of tools to stay on top of your social media program, we reviewed a bunch and ranked them accordingly based on a handful of factors; with social network compatibility as a priority.

Head on to our list of the best social media management tools for more information. You can utilize the email addresses that you have on hand from your customers to market your shop. You can send emails to welcome them to your shop upon registration, thank them for a purchase, and entice them with discounts, new products, and special offers. Plus, recurring customers have the power to share their experience with family and friends and actually bring in more buyers with them basically doing the marketing by word of mouth.

One surefire way to engage customers is via email marketing. Although social media marketing has proven to be an effective channel when it comes customer acquisition, it seems that email marketing is still a relevant method. That said, perfecting an email campaign can be extremely challenging. Several factors are at play which can make or break your efforts.

Content, timing, and frequency all come to mind. This is why you need a structured approach when creating a campaign. Once you have you email marketing software up and running, the next hurdle is creating the campaign itself. While most email marketing tools have guides and templates, most of the content will still come from your own creative input.

In this regard, there are several tips that you can keep in mind:. This strategic relationship benefits both parties. This kind of networking works even in drop shipping - via co-marketing. Co-marketing happens when 2 different companies work together for a single project, content, or offer. By doing so, both companies are able to reap the benefits of their efforts and enjoy the results with less the effort.

How do you find the perfect co-marketer? The trick is presenting them the value that you will bring to the table, and the benefits that they will gain from the partnership. Co-marketing is about mutualism for both parties, after all. Another factor that you should consider is the number of customers and followers of their shop.

These should give you a pretty good estimation. Last but not the least, when you are looking for potential partners in marketing, try to target the ones that are the same scale as your shop. Wikipedia defines web analytics as the measurement, collection, and analysis of website data to understand and further optimize usage.

The most popular data that comes from web analytics are website traffic, and visitor activity and location. While these data are already useful, analytics offers so much more. These are just a few instances of how you can utilize the data from analytics. There are many other metrics that you can monitor and harvest, all depending on your analytics software- the most popular of which is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the most popular analytics software to date, and rightfully so.

It gets the job done without any costs. While setting up an account varies for different hosts, it can definitely be done by someone with less technical knowledge. It also acts as sort of a quality checker for websites, with relevant content to deliver on specific search tags. Content has long been a major factor for Google and other search engines. The first answer is keywords. Keyword research is one of the foundations of eCommerce SEO. Those need to be comprehensive and informative.

Put your keywords in the search bar and check the list of suggestions. These can give you ideas for more keywords. If you already have a keywords list, the next thing to do is identify which keywords will actually be useful. The first thing to check is the volume of searches for each keyword. Larger volume equals more people using it to search.

Keyword tools are usually very helpful in this aspect by showing the search volume, competition level, search engine traffic, and many other pertinent data. Next is the competition. Last, but not the least, is aiming for transactional searches. Using the product name, brand, category, and other sales keywords will stir you towards searches with a purchase intent.

Blogging is one of the marketing strategies used by numerous eCommerce websites to give their SEO ranking a boost. Blog articles are highly shareable on social media, they are very SEO friendly, and they create an avenue to connect with influencers and other bloggers. How do you create a blog which can help your website achieve a better SEO rank? Answer this question first: Are you comfortable writing pieces on your own?

If yes, then continue reading below. If no, skip the section below and go straight to the non-writer's section. For starters, it seems that long-form content is currently being favored than shorter posts. Articles with more than 1, words get more shares and links. While the average total number of words vary for top posts usually ranges from 1, to 2, They can still be part of your content strategy. While quantity does not trump quality, regularly updating your blog with new content, regardless of its length, is a worthwhile effort in itself.

Readers value fresh and updated content which drive up engagement. Factors being measured by search engines when it comes to content seems to focus on relevance, comprehensiveness, and timeliness, so keep these in mind when writing your blog entries.

Link your product pages to the blog articles; not only to give them more exposure among your readers, but to also give them a little bump in terms of SEO. There are several job search sites where you can post your needs and receive applications from people with a variety of skill set and experience. You can click here to see a list of the recommended job search sites.

As for bloggers, you can offer them exposure on your website. They can post more about themselves in the author bio section. It also appears at the browser tab and certain social networks that allow web page sharing.

The maximum length that a search engine could show varies, but it should ideally be under 60 characters to ensure that nothing gets cut off for the search engine result list. Meanwhile, the meta description always comes after the meta title. If more people were to read the description and click on the page, then you can expect to have a better position compared to page results that people just scroll through.

The meta description is the perfect element to place a call to action statement. It should invite readers to go over your website and see what you have to offer. As for the URL, which is the address of the specific page what you see at the address bar of your browser , organization is king. For reference, this is a good example of an optimized URL:. It also does wonders for SEO, as the keywords best mattress reviews and top sleep products are common search terms.

This is a classic example of an overstuffed URL. You can imagine how search engines will treat this page. Last, but definitely not the least, comes the image alt text. It is the attribute in an image tag that helps search engines understand what the image contains. It is completely different from the image title, which is the text that shows up when you hover over an image. The image alt text has 3 main purposes: as a substitute to the image if the image file does not load; for accessibility with screen readers for visually impaired visitors, as the tool can read out the image; and as the image description search engine indexing.

As with the previous SEO elements, having a descriptive alt text is always more favorable. Moreover, if the product has a specific brand, you can include it in the alt text and let it do wonders for SEO. Link-building is the process of gathering links from other websites and is an essential strategy when going up the ranks of search engines. Before you start a link-building campaign for your drop shipping business, there are a few concepts you might wanna get acquainted on.

There are two types of backlinks: follow and no follow. The former is considered more valuable, as this is considered an endorsement to your website from the source website. Both visitors and search engines are directed to your page, giving you both traffic and SEO rank boost.

On the other hand, a no-follow link only directs traffic, without giving a significant endorsement when it comes to rankings. For example, backlinks from quality websites with relevant content have more weight than one from a relatively smaller website with content that is not really related to your own. Getting links from the same website over and over will also have less merit compared to getting one from a unique source.

Earlier it was mentioned that you can get backlinks from bloggers and guest writers who wish to post on your website. This cross-posting deal works for a lot of websites, not just specifically for online stores. Keep in mind though, there are other ways to get backlinks, but they rely on having quality content that is both relevant and shareable, so you may want to brush up on your writing skills. Another strategy that most online stores do is to have their products featured in review websites.

Not only can readers know more about a specific item that you carry, you can also have a backlink to a specific product page in the review, for visitors who are interested in buying the item. Just make sure first that you are offering a quality product. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting negative reviews and driving people further away. Good luck! If you are looking for potential sources of income which involve selling items, then you may want to take a look at drop shipping and network marketing.

While the two concepts have wildly different processes, they both involve selling items and using communication skills to gather more customers and ultimately achieve better profit. Drop shipping has had a huge impact on the way people do online business.

While it was once prohibited on major selling platforms, it is now widely accepted as a valid and legitimate way of doing business. In fact, Google Trends data show that interest in drop shipping keeps increasing over time — from 57 […]. SaleHoo and Worldwide Brands topped our list of the best drop shipping directories — for good reason. Both have built quite a reputation for themselves and have become crowd-favorites among the drop shipping community.

SaleHoo and Worldwide Brands are two of the most popular drop shipping directories in the market. These two offer thousands of verified drop shippers, millions of products, and both are highly trusted among the drop shipping community. One certainly beats […]. All these companies are great and trust me I have done my research but let me tell you what.

Novatech Wholesale is coming up in the game! Novatech offers an Tool for full automation with your ebay and amazon accounts and have 56k in stock products, drop ship success guide, discount packages, your very own Turnkey Website which by the way I just looked and they have 32 brand new modern designs and most of all you get a live coach with their multiverse pro package.

Check them out I highly recommend them. It can automate drop shipping from Amazon or Walmart to eBay, but it can benefit from additional compatibility. Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings. What is Drop Shipping? Is Drop Shipping Worth It? So, in no particular order, here are the things we looked at to find the best drop shipping companies for your business: Size and diversity of their product catalog: One of the first things we look at is the catalog of products they have available.

You want to find a drop shipping company that boasts a large selection of items from multiple categories. With that in mind, a navigable directory - fitted with sorting options, filters, and search tools - are a necessity. Credibility of the suppliers they work with: The quality of the suppliers they do business with has a direct impact on your brand. You want a drop shipping company that provides some sort of assurance that they only work with reputable suppliers.

Look for a drop shipping company that screens suppliers before they feature their products. Find a drop shipping company that provides powerful and automated tools to do most of the heavy lifting for you - allowing you to focus your energy into building your brand. Quality of their customer support: The best drop shipping companies provide reliable support for members and non-members alike. Coverage of instructional material they provide: Some drop shipping companies are very robust and may have features unique to their brand, so it can be difficult to get accustomed to a service.

Find a drop shipping company that provides plenty of step-by-step tutorials to guide you through their service. Drop Shipping Business Plan Before you get all excited over starting your own online business, you need to learn how to make a business plan first.

For a drop shipping business plan, the content should be as follows: Product Selection First and foremost, you need to pick the products that your online store will carry. Market Research Ask yourself: How well do you know your market? Budget Allocation Compared to other types of online businesses, drop shipping is much less demanding when it comes to finances. Your most significant expenses will likely consist of the following: Store setup and maintenance fees.

Just because your store is a virtual one doesn't mean it doesn't cost anything to operate. Depending on which platform or marketplace you choose, you'll have to pay for things like a member subscription, per-sale fees, web hosting, website design, and so on.

Advertising and promotions. Driving traffic to your store is heavily dependent on effectively getting the word out. This figure can be even bigger, especially if you choose to put up an independent store separate from larger marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Payment processing. Since you'll have to rely on third party services to verify payments for you, avoiding the associated fees is simply not possible.

Returns and refunds. Situations like these are something that a lot of eager drop shipping beginners forget to consider, which is unfortunate as they pose real dangers to your business. Always have some cash available to address these emergencies. You might have to take the loss sometimes, but it's the price to pay for maintaining a good reputation. Potential Suppliers In a drop shipping business, you and your supplier work hand-in-hand to deliver a great experience for the customer to ensure that they visit your store again.

Price Setting This section goes hand-in-hand with the previous topic. Website Creation Website builders gives users more flexible choices in how they want to go about creating a website. Assessing the Competition Effective competition starts with knowing who you are competing with. Drop Shipping on Amazon As one of the biggest eCommerce platforms to date, Amazon is a great place to start your drop shipping business.

According to their Seller Central section, drop shipping is generally allowed under the following conditions: You are the official seller of the products on record, including packing slips and inserts. You have the responsibility of accepting and processing orders. You should comply with all other terms of your seller agreement and relevant Amazon policies. These terms seem absolutely reasonable, so compliance should pose no problem at all. Listing Your Products on Amazon Assuming that you already have a drop shipping partner, the next thing to do after creating an Amazon seller account and getting approved is to list products.

Here are some tips to optimize your product listings and ensure that they get their fair share of exposure: Indicate the brand, quantity, size, color, material, and any distinguishing features in the product title. If there still is space, add keywords that can be of added value for customers if applicable organic, eco-friendly, locally sourced, etc.

Make the most out of hidden keywords. These are indexed by Amazon for searches as well. Upload high-quality images with a minimum resolution of x pixels. Put the most important points at the top of the bullet list. Customers tend to skip over the others. Emphasize in the description what makes the product valuable, and why customers should buy it from you.

Try your luck with manufacturers. Drop ship directories are a big help. Check for customer reviews on forums and discussion boards. Create a pricing and package comparison table. Free trials give you a preview of the service. Drop Shipping Niche Ideas In this section, you'll find some ideas as to what kind of business you can put up. Shapewear You may not notice it, but shapewear and other compression wear have started a boom in the market.

Activewear Activewear has taken an interesting turn over the years. Anti-theft Bags Startup businesses with a huge demand usually find success through crowd-funding, where interested individuals can pledge donations to make the product a reality. How to Build an eCommerce Website Register your own domain name Registering a domain is the first step you need to do before opening up your store.