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He has also impressed in Scotland this season with Motherwell currently third in the Premiership. Healy's stock continues to rise following Linfield's impressive run in Europe this summer when they narrowly missed out on reaching the group stages of the Europa League. Here's our main Belfast Live Facebook page. On Twitter, you can follow our account by clicking here. If you're a lover of photos, then check out our Instagram.

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Cabin in the woods betting scene kid

The plot follows a woman named Jessie who retreats to a secluded country house with her husband Gerald, where they hope to rekindle their marriage with a little bit of bondage. Unfortunately, after cuffing his wife to the bed, Gerald keels over from a heart attack, leaving his wife stuck in a spread-eagle position. From there, the novel pretty much takes place inside Jessie's head, but somehow, director Mike Flanagan and actress Carla Gugino turned this crazy book into one of the very best King adaptations.

Of course, that also means they had to shoot the infamous degloving scene. Now, there are horror moments that make you scream, and ones that make you vomit. The degloving scene from Gerald's Game will make you scream while vomiting. Desperate to get free, especially since a hungry dog and the creepy Moonlight Man might return any time, Jessie Gugino takes some serious steps to escape her bonds.

She slits her wrist with a piece of glass and then she just starts yanking until the skin on her hand starts peeling off. Jessie hopes all the blood and gore will help her slip out of the cuff, and while it works, she basically turns her hand inside out to make her great escape. This gnarly scene sent people into hysterics, and once it's all over, the pause button will come in handy as you proceed to lose your lunch. Hereditary is the kind of movie where you'll break the pause button from pressing it so many times.

The movie is both terrifying and traumatizing , and chances are good that first-time viewers will need a couple of breaks to make it through to the end. Without spoiling anything, we'll just say the words "nuts," "ceiling," and "piano wire," and fans of the film will know exactly what we're talking about. However, there is one moment when something happens so quickly that you might not notice on the first viewing.

But it's also one of the most upsetting shots in the movie, an image that spells certain doom for poor Peter Graham Alex Wolff. It's a wide shot of the Graham family home at evening, with the house bathed in golden light. Suddenly, the scene cuts to night, with the house shrouded in darkness They're in the woods, they're in the yard, they're in the driveway — all naked and waiting for Peter to get possessed by Paimon. And even if the kid were to make it out of the house alive, there's no way he'd get through the legion of cult members waiting outside.

The shot only lasts about seven seconds, but it's a thoroughly upsetting image, reminding us of Hereditary 's main theme: sometimes, no matter how hard you fight, you're just doomed. It is full of blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments that require a pause button to fully appreciate, like the scene when Ben Hanscom Jeremy Ray Taylor spends a day studying at the library.

The kid has just moved into the uber-creepy town of Derry, and he doesn't have any friends yet. So Ben decides to research Derry's history, but things take an unsettling turn when a librarian shows up. At first, she seems like your stereotypical librarian — a little harsh, a little cruel.

When she hands Ben a book on local history, she shames him for staying indoors during the summer, but Ben just ignores her. He's obviously dealt with adults like this before. However, reading about Derry isn't a relaxing way to spend your day. The town has a haunted history, and Ben is horrified to learn about a devastating explosion that decapitated some poor kid and sent his head hurling into a tree.

Sure, the images are upsetting, but the really scary stuff is happening behind Ben, where another librarian is standing a little behind Ben, slightly out of focus Press pause, and you'll see she's grinning this evil grin and just watching, waiting, like a predator about to devour its prey. Obviously, this means that Pennywise is prowling about, and the longer you look, the more goosebumps you get.

It's a good reminder to always whisper when inside a library or else you might encounter the librarian from hell. It's also got a posse of demon bikers who look like they just rode out of Hellraiser. They're known as the Black Skulls, and they only love two things in this world: drugs and pain. There are legends of these guys riding up and down the interstate, murdering truckers and hitchhikers, and these creatures share a weird connection with a psycho cult called the Children of Dawn.

If these wimpy hippies ever need some muscle — like, say, to beat up Nicolas Cage and kidnap his wife — they just blow a magical horn and the demons appear, ready to ride. The first time the Black Skulls roll onto the screen, shrouded by smoke and blood red light, well, it's a moment to behold. Much like the Cenobites, the Black Skulls each have their own grotesque look.

There's one like a medieval knight, only rammed full of spikes. There's another who resembles an evil Drax the Destroyer, with nails sticking out of his arms. Just wait until you see his lower half, yikes. And yet another has a mask-like face that resembles dripping, peeled, albino-white flesh. The design for each biker is so unique that we've got to press pause and marvel at each one for just a moment The Perfection is a wild movie about MeToo, institutional abuse, and why you should never go on a road trip with Allison Williams.

The plot involves two cellists who both attended the same prestigious conservatory, and after meeting for the first time, the prodigies go on a roadtrip across China. However, icky stuff starts happening the moment they get on the road. Superstar Lizzie Logan Browning comes down with a mysterious flu, and her new friend and lover Charlotte Williams is doing her best to help Lizzie survive their nightmarish bus trip. But as they wind deeper and deeper into the Chinese mountains, Lizzie starts throwing up all over the place.

Puking is bad enough by itself, but when Charlotte takes a closer look, she sees that Lizzie's vomit is full of maggots. Yeah, it looks like she's become some sort of bug incubator, and the insects are going to devour her arm By this point, we've probably hit the pause button a million times.

The sight of worms writhing around in somebody's puke is too much for us to handle. And when Lizzie pulls out that meat cleaver, we've got to hit pause so we can figure out what the heck is going on. But hey, don't worry, things are going to get way freakier before this film is over. Based on the novel by Adam Nevill , The Ritual follows four friends who head into the Swedish woods and encounter a pagan cult that worships an ancient entity. And as it turns out, that entity really loves skewering dudes on tree branches.

It hides in the forest, plaguing our four heroes with horrible nightmares before turning them into shish kebabs. Up until this point, we still haven't seen the mysterious beast, but when Dom finally finds himself face-to-face with the oversized creature, it's like no monster we've ever seen before. The top half of its head looks like a decapitated human torso with deer antlers. Its glowing eyes are buried in a cavern where its face should be, and there are long human-like arms hanging off the sides of its head.

Rotten ending aside , Signs is an entertaining and terrifying sci-fi flick, and there are more than a few scenes in this M. Night Shyamalan film that scared us sixth senseless. But if we're talking about pause-worthy moments, we all know exactly what scene is going to make this list: the Brazilian birthday party. By this point in the film, it's pretty clear that aliens are invading Earth.

We've got crop circles, lights in the sky, and chattering voices on baby monitors. But other than a quick glimpse of a leg, we haven't actually seen an alien yet. That all changes when Merrill Joaquin Phoenix turns on the news. The dude's obsessed with watching the invasion unfold on TV, but not wanting to freak out his family, he moves the television into a coat closet.

And when he sees a home video of a close encounter, Merrill loses his mind. The footage is shot on a camcorder, so it's shaky and blurry, lending a disturbing realism to the scene. A Brazilian dad is filming his kid's birthday party, but the children are screaming and crying because there's something awful outside.

Unicorn with stabbing action? Sexy Witches? Dismemberment Goblins? The Visual Companion has lots of pictures of them as well final versions and concept , and also includes the complete screenplay. Oh, and hey - I don't see the Ballerina on the board. I wonder what would have happened if the kids had gone through with the music box.

Who would have collected the winnings? Or would it have been held for next year? Edited: A lot of people are guessing that Sugarplum Fairy is the ballerina.

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There are still Left 4 Dead monsters inside the cube facility in the movie, but the movie never made its way into the game because the original studio went bankrupt, and the delay in release killed the crossover.

The college crew getting drunk, having fun, and just trying to survive? The government entity putting them through the ringer to save the world? The Old Gods that demand blood? One reason the movie connected with such a wide audience is because all the characters display a distinct philosophy that we can relate to.

The Egyptian cat statue in the basement is what summons it, and it presumably would have tormented the kids by apathetically knocking things off shelves and cuddling. BY Scott Beggs. So these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the identities of the monsters in the movie.

This is where I see a whole world of fanfic and spin-offs and stuff coming in. On the official side I really want some Cabin in the Woods monster toys. Which monster would be your favorite for a Sideshow-type figure?

Unicorn with stabbing action? Sexy Witches? Dismemberment Goblins? The Visual Companion has lots of pictures of them as well final versions and concept , and also includes the complete screenplay. Oh, and hey - I don't see the Ballerina on the board.


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Perhaps a better title: The Cabin in the Air?

Nba betting lines today Which is why they make great pieces. The college crew getting drunk, having fun, and just trying to survive? Egb betting wait a minute March 16, at pm. I just watched the movie, and I just finished reading the entire comment log. May 10, at am. And make it an old throwback slasher flick, yet making it good….
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Seven card stud betting rules for roulette January 20, at am. See this multireddit for more details subreddits. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The most successful film of all time was created by the 3rd Reich. Then they released Cabin the Woods and the remake to Red Dawn. Notify me of new posts via email.
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Not an opinion. I think you got a little bit too deep into it, but I loved the review anyways! Some points I also got after I finished watching the movie, others I got from your review! Thanks for the review! He kissed it when the first sacrifice was made. This is not a metaphor for cheap old movie plots. The author of this article only managed to get past the first 2 4th wall layers underlying symbolism of the film. The symbol he kissed was like a hexagon and was the symbol on the floor in the final scenes.

Nice idea about the Tarot deck, which card would the harlot be? Thinking that your interpretation is better than others is wrong. This show was a bunch of sh t. And all your theology and deep thoughts make you sound even more uneducated. Enjoy your night. Why does it say the ritual needs 5 friends when there was loads of chinese children it doesnt add up???

For everyone saying that this review is a bunch of bollocks, shut up. It was meant to be quirky. But of course not everyone likes quirky. I think that when the author of this review said that the film is funny, scary and clever, the nail was hit on the head. As I said before, it is one persons opinion, and everyone is entitled to there own opinion.

The one guy was the security guard that was in the office watching the elevators. Your review completely ratifies how fucking incompetent you are. How the fuck did you deduce that from human sacrifices? If I can recollect, when the Canaanites were sacrificing their newborns to the universe there were no directors or puppet masters tugging at their strings. This forum was about a movie review, and not a place for hate. Christians are really really dumb.

I say that with pity and with hope. All religions are equally dumb, and thankfully god is not real, as that is by far the most disgusting and filthly creation in all of fiction. Jack mentioned the Caananites, so I pointed out a simple truth about those lies that have lead to such high-points in history as burning women alive at the stake possibly the most horrible torture imaginable for the crime of living peacefully alone with a few cats, or shoving large spikes up peoples bums for the crime of not believing in god.

Do you remember ever believing in Santa Claus? If so, do you remember your joy on Christmas morning when you saw that Santa left presents for you? But as you got older and you stopped believing, christmas turned into a less fun experience. God is the same way. God can bring so much joy and strength in our lives. Someone who they can talk to when times get rough. And by you going on this forum just to post this tells me that you are a VERY unhappy person.

Maybe YOU need some religion in your life. You guys make me laugh, you do realize that the Bible is the oldest piece of historical record out there and that if you actually took the time to read it, you would see it has less continuity errors then this movie, not a blow at the movie, I loved it.

One of my favorites. Also the theory of the us being the antagonist was great too. However to all the idiots out there who have closed themselves off from religion because of the viewpoints of that of the ten percent. Yeah, only ten percent of the world does not believe in religion.

Yes there are many different religions out there, and yes some of them are ridiculous however. Can you honestly tell me that you have met an actual religious person who has gone out of there way to offend you or hurt you? Most religions strive to be peaceful and prefer not to retaliate. You denounce them everyday screaming in their face they are wrong? Most religions have their proof, the Bible. That book that coincides with archeological evidence today.

Is it worth it? I give up. I think I should try to clear up some things, or how I saw it, at least, about the movie. A lot of people are asking about why the japan failed. Every culture has a different ritual the have to hold. For America, it was the ritual we saw the whole movie.

However, for japan, their ritual was to kill twenty innocent souls. Japan never loses! By that, it simply means that there are different cultures all over the world who have to do their own ritual. A lot of the cultures as we later saw with America failed to complete their ritual. But when japan failed this year, you could see it in the workers face. They realized that Japan, and every other culture, had failed, so it was up to the Americans to complete their ritual, or the world would end.

I think of it like this-every item in the basement represented some kind of monster. The ballarina monster was the music box, the wolf face was the killer wolf, and the diary was the zombie family. In the movie, the director focused on all of them picking up objects-The jock almost blew the shell, which would have summoned the murman, and so on and so forth.

But the virgin started reading the diary of the zombie family, so that was the monster summoned. As the phrase goes-curiosity killed the cat. So yes, they DID have a way to win. This is my thoughts on the movie. Just a nineteen year old girl who likes to understand things, hope mine makes sense:. Upon browsing a number of the blog posts on your site for almost 2 , hours I honestly like your method of blogging.

I saved it as a favorite it into my bookmarks list and will be checking back in the near future. Check out my own personal blog if you have a chance and give me your thoughts.. Good interpretation, but you say the kids in the cabin have no free will — it was clearly stated in the movie that the simulation would NOT work unless the kids were allowed to use free will.

So the WAY that they chose their death they had free will on, but they were being controlled to make stupid decisions — that would in the end cause their death. It was an idea created by a bunch of filmmakers, for goodness sakes, and though filmmakers by themselves are genius, I do suppose that the producers who are actually using their own money to get money would rather focus on what the public really wants: gore and sex, not deep, intellectual ideas about humans and so forth.

Or am I just overthinking things? And though this review was interesting, if there was a deeper message I would think that it would be more in-depth than this, rather than such shallow and unsupported ideas. Having read this I believed it was very informative. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this article together.

I once again find myself personally spending way too much time both reading and posting comments. But so what, it was still worthwhile! The Japanese remembered they were kids, they stuck together and they had fun while doing what they had to do.

The Americans took it too seriously, got scared and split up. The director was hidden, but we suspected a will lurking in the shadows, pulling the strings. Unfortunate that she believed the sacrifice of youth was required for her quest, but she seemed like someone who just cared about power with any excuse.

But such experiments are forbidden. Hi there great blog! Does running a boog such ass this require a great deal of work? I have no understanding oof coding however I had been hping to start my own blog soon. Anyhow, if you have aany ideas or techniques for new blog owners please share. I understand this is off topi nevertheless I simply wanted too ask. Hello, I enjoy reading through your post. I wanted to write a little comment to support you. I was excited to find this site.

I want to to thank you for your time due to this fantastic read!! I definitely liked every part of it and I have you saved as a favorite to see new information in your website. Paragraph writing is also a fun, if you know then you can write if not it is complicated to write. WTF what does that have to do with anything and not only that, the snake is smart enough to know not to kill the other beings………..

Who wrote this garbage….? It would have been better to have the cabin change rooms or actually become found to be larger in terms of space, in the inside than from the outside with secret rooms. And make it an old throwback slasher flick, yet making it good…. And please make sure the concept is logical it must make sense….. The would have it. Hopefully that makes sense to you. Hello there! I will definitely digg it and personally suggest to my friends.

Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thanks, quite nice post. Everything is very open with a really clear clarification of the issues. It was truly informative. Your website is very useful. Many thanks for sharing! I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. Good luck for the next! I used to be recommended this blog by means of my cousin. Great blog here! Also your web site loads up very fast!

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Passing the exam will get you a certificate which will allow you to get a job as a certified nursing assistant anywhere in the country. Observing the overall health of the client including their social and emotional well being in there home. At this time it looks likke Movable Type is thee top blogging platform out there right now. Thank for any other wonderful article.

Where else could anybody get that type of info in such an ideal means of writing? I amm genuinely thankful to the holder of this website who has shared this great paragraph at at this time. An intrtiguing disccussion is definitely worth comment. I think that you should write more on this subject, it may not be a taboo subject bbut generally people do not discuss these topics.

To the next! Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Appreciate it. This is the right web site for anybody whoo wishes to find out about this topic. You realize so much its aalmost hard to argue with you not that I really will need to…HaHa.

You definittely put a brand new spin on a topic which has been written about for a long time. Wonderful stuff, ust excellent! Why so impressed by this lame. Pingback: widescreenreviews. Left so many questions unanswered, I get the parallel between classic horror movies and the people who direct them.

It may have been a satire of classic horror but it failed on many levels. Shite film if you ask me, this reviewer is obviously smoking stuff way stronger than the stoner in the film. Ok guys. I just watched the movie, and I just finished reading the entire comment log. So that makes me think that someone in the admin for this blog is literally just writing filler comments and posting anonymously to boost the comment count.

Tell me you got the joke, please. I feel the need to lay some groundwork in order to make much sense and not come off as a conspiracy buff or a religious nut. So bear with me. Film has been used by many people for many reasons since its integration into the global market. The film market emerged as a new expression of artistry. You could make a photograph move! That meant that you could put a lot more intention into your work than before.

Most often, the point of the piece was political, religious or philosophical. And always to influence. Which is why they make great pieces. The great musical piece, The Messiah by Handel was a fantastic work invoking emotion and deep thought about the travesty of failing to convert to Protestantism over the oppressive Catholic Church.

You can now take that same power and put it in film and the influence is exponentially increased. The effect and intention are all the same. The most successful film of all time was created by the 3rd Reich. That film moved the majority of an entire continent toward the hatred and slaughter of millions. It also effectively distracted from other world events of the time… like the 40 million Chinese killed in that same decade by mass famine.

I would rather avoid getting into such deep ideas such as the holocaust, but it seems lost on most reading this article that movie makers put things in movies that are a subtext to the actual storyline presented. Yes of course, there are hundreds of movies, maybe even thousands, that have absolutely zero thought behind them…. Of course. Everyone wants to leave their own little mark where ever and however they can.

That last paragraph is for all of the comments that say this movie has no thought behind it and its all just a lame movie. Yeah right, give me a break. So, you gotta make a choice here. On to the religious… Science is technically a religion. Religion: a pursuit or interest followed with great devotion. Getting a little deeper… Satanism is an active religion. Freemasonry is an active religion. Atheism, Gnosticism, and Agnosticism are all active religions.

Yes, Atheism is a religion in the context that you have to believe on faith with absolutely no evidence to prove the non-existence of a god or group of gods. Ufology is an active religion. Mysticism is an active religion.

Paganism, Heathenism, and Wicca are all active religions. Are demons real? So, maybe everybody made up Jesus… Or maybe everyone accepted that demons were real and an unquestionable thing. Now, demons may be inexplicable phenomena and perhaps unprovable, but human sacrifices to those demons… definitely provable. For all of recorded history provable. In every country on earth provable. Even to this day provable. So, getting back to this movie review, we can ascertain at least 4 possible motives behind the creation of The Cabin in the Woods.

My personal opinion is a mixture of all of those. Wrapping the storyline in the commonly accepted horror movie narrative makes the film easy to follow, predictable and easy to ingest… much like the way Louis C. Most people that enjoy comedy will actually sit through the entire joke before even thinking that what he is saying is incredibly disgusting.

Putting the movie into metaphor form about humanity is also a great way for people to tie themselves to the storyline. Many of these stories have ended up with court prosecution. Also, it is notable that over , children disappear every year. Where do they go? Maybe what Jim Carrey says is true about Hollywood peeps drinking baby blood. Maybe its not. And all of those religions invariably include human and animal sacrifice. You can follow the movie from the beginning… The intro is obviously government.

A couple of white-shirt, middle aged, white male, American men talking about their lives. Their first interaction is with a woman, who they disrespect and make fun of before continuing on their casual conversation, and then later on doing the same to the new guy, who just happens to be black.

The title screen pops up in that familiar horror movie trope with the scream. You get introduced to the victims next. They fit the stereotypical horror movie theme… the jock, the smart guy, the dumb blonde, the typical stoner and the prissy girly girl. And of course, they are set in their roles from their very introduction. The jock showing off his toughness to the ladies, the blonde making offhand, sarcastic and judgmental comments about her friends, the stoner showing up with a smoking bong.

You get the tropes right off the bat. Is it a trope like other movies that name the government as the culprit of some experiment gone wrong? As the movie progresses, you see the elements of almost every horror movie you have ever seen. The monsters… zombies, werewolfs, vampires, ghosts… I mean they even threw the clown from It and a unicorn into the mix.

They got everyone. And the different symbols that are all relevant to the horror movie, and subsequently the religious practice, they are attributed to. I guess what my final thought on this whole movie is that nothing ever has truly and simply only a face value. Were there intentions other than entertainment? But know that the elements that this all came from, they came from somewhere.

Also know that it is a well documented idea that people can be influenced effectively through media. Pingback: - Cabin in the Woods. Today at May 7th I watched this movie, as you can imagine already, I like movies all types including horror as well. I came across your articles with your expressions which is absolutely brilliant way of thinking it.

But makes me wonder, as life as we choose to played to played out. We choose our journey and there are people so make comment on it. On the official side I really want some Cabin in the Woods monster toys. Which monster would be your favorite for a Sideshow-type figure? Unicorn with stabbing action? Sexy Witches? Dismemberment Goblins? The Visual Companion has lots of pictures of them as well final versions and concept , and also includes the complete screenplay.

Oh, and hey - I don't see the Ballerina on the board. I wonder what would have happened if the kids had gone through with the music box. Who would have collected the winnings?

Этом race horse betting strategies for texas удовольствием

You don't want them to win. But at the same time, they're just like you, the audience, enjoying the horror film. You end up essentially rooting for yourself to get punished for enjoying the sight of people getting punished. In an interview with Filmmaker , Goddard said that for The Cabin in the Woods, he was interested in the question of "why do we feel this need to marginalize youth on screen? Why do we feel this need to idealize youth, and then slaughter them? We watch people suffer in horror films as entertainment — and we watch them suffer on the news as well.

We root for people to be punished for their sins. Throw them into jail to rot, we say. Give them the chair. We have a world in which we desire violence, and violence is provided to us. As they wait for the Ancient Ones to rise, Marty and Dana muse that maybe that kind of world deserves to be destroyed.

People are horrible, and they revel in destruction and death. But even as they recognize humanity's essential awfulness, Dana and Marty still want to revel in destruction and death too. They want to see the giant evil gods shatter the earth and lay waste. It would be a fun weekend! They don't get to see it, though, and neither do we. The world trembles, the giant hand reaches for us, and then there's just darkness.

In part, that's a finger- or hand- wagging tease. The movie is about how we have this gross desire to witness apocalypse, and so it refuses to show us the apocalypse. You don't get to see yourself annihilated because you'd enjoy it too much. You also don't see it, though, because the movie simply can't imagine it. A horror film shows you human suffering and death; that's what a horror movie is. Our own sense of good and order is soaked in blood and murder; maybe the giant evil gods can make a better post-revolutionary utopia.

But if they can, it's beyond our understanding. What would it look like for inhuman humanity to give something else a chance? A world beyond horror: We don't know WTF that is. Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site. Skip to main content. Credit: Lionsgate. Tag: Movies. Tag: Features.

For each monster, there is a corresponding item that can be used to summon it. While most monsters correspond to certain tropes, some are more specific, if not original, like Jack O'Lantern, Sugarplum Fairy, and Dragonbat. To fulfill multiple horror conventions, each of the monster's appearances differ between them. Their behavior varies, some of them attacking wildly i. Man in Transparent Tarp while others remain calm and collected i. Ku Klux Klan , as shown when some of them tried fruitlessly to escape their cubes while others calmly waited to be released.

While temperaments may differ, they all have a single, solitary goal in mind: kill every human being they see. Despite their inherent violent and evil nature, they are never seen in conflict with each other, as seen when the Dragon Bat ignores a helpless human in front of it, because another monster was already advancing on him. Their methods of killing range from suffocation, stabbing, burning, tearing, beating to death, slow torture and biting.

Their mortality and vulnerability to injury varies, as the Clown was shot three times in the chest to no visible effect while Marty was able to kill a Mutant in Hospital Gown with a single headshot. Many fans theorize that the monsters are actually the pets of the Ancient Ones , and are waiting to be set free to re-unite with their owners.

They also believe that some of the monsters ultimately helped in getting Dana and Marty into the Facility for the express purpose of being released from their cells during The Purge. Though it is also possible some or all of the surviving monsters were killed when one of the released Ancient Ones destroyed the Facility, it is equivalently speculated some monsters may have survived given their supernatural, magical or undead nature.

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The new book CABIN IN THE WOODS: THE OFFICIAL VISUAL They think the kid from home alone went round setting deathtraps. I was thinking it was that kill-bot thing, what with all the boys in R&D betting on it. during the Purge, but it has been revealed that there was a deleted scene showing him. They must lure unsuspecting youths out to a cabin in the woods, then pump in the out of it, even betting on which monsters will slaughter everyone this round. It's a scene you've witnessed time and again, but this time it's hilarious In a way believing in Santa Claus as a kid and believing in (a) God are. Revered by horror lovers and haters alike, The Cabin in the Woods—Drew Goddard's directorial “Opening the movie with this scene is one of my favorite things that we chit-chat in a hallway about childproofing cabinets and an office betting pool. Stick it in the basement for your kid's next sleepover party or, when the.