post flop betting rules in poker

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Post flop betting rules in poker faceit csgo reddit betting

Post flop betting rules in poker

Both of which can be done to the granularity of the small blind, however bets must be the size of the big blind or larger, raise must be the size of the bet or larger. I read it as betting and not raising, the first person to bet can't be raising anybody.

Casinos have two sets of rules governing betting amounts, one of them is the TDA rules which is essentially the modern rules and used in most places , and then the older rules where a minimum raise has to be twice the last bet. Some other tidbits as a dealer I have experienced that often stump or annoy players are the following:.

I hope that clears things up, now some rules for the TDA may have changed slightly, as I haven't dealt for the last 2 years. However if any changes exist on the TDA rules they would be minor as players in the WSOP tend to like those raising rules, as do many of the pros.

However with that said often it is down to the floors discretion on what they want to do. There can be some leeway, especially if it was a genuine mistake, however this leeway is often only given to players once or twice. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. No-Limit Holdem first bet after the flop Ask Question.

Asked 3 years, 8 months ago. Active 2 years, 6 months ago. Viewed 3k times. Improve this question. The question is not clear, he is saying post flop bet and raise as if they are the same. A bet can be , a raise on the blind or any other minimum bet of would need to be The house can require a player to double the blinds for a minimum bet. Or to two bet for a raise. But for a friendly game? Come on! Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes.

This is the accepted answer but I think it is wrong. Improve this answer. Thanks DV. I put up a bounty and warn users I think it is wrong. I cannot control that it is the accepted answer. I am not allowed to delete an accepted answer. That's a really stupid feature of the software. LeeDanielCrocker That is a stupid comment.

Seems like a popular request on Meta. A lot of people seem to agree that an answerer should be able to at the very least reject the acceptance if not delete the answer altogether, and this case is a perfect example of why: the "accepted" answer is clearly wrong, and the OP isn't around to fix the problem.

And you complained about it yourself! So you're annoyed that the software won't let you do something, but think it's stupid to change the software? LeeDanielCrocker No words. You have an odd sense of logic. Show 2 more comments. Because of that distinction, the rules about raising, such as Robert's All raises must be equal to or greater than the size of the previous bet or raise on that betting round, except for an all-in wager don't apply to your bet, only to the following people if they wish to raise.

According to Robert's: The minimum bet size is the amount of the minimum bring-in, unless the player is going all-in. At Pokerlistings, it's a little more explicit: 4. In No-Limit a minimum bet is equal to the size of the big blind, while a maximum bet is the total amount of all of your chips And at the Texas Hold'em Wiki page , under Betting Structures, phrased a little differently: In no-limit hold 'em, players may bet or raise any amount over the minimum raise up to all of the chips the player has at the table Since the minimum bet is size of the big blind, you can bet any amount over this.

DrfbagIII Dr. DrfbagIII 1, 6 6 silver badges 13 13 bronze badges. The minimum bet size is one big blind. This bet is therefore legal. The minimum raise size is the amount you have to call, on top of the call. These rules apply always. Raymond Timmermans Raymond Timmermans 2, 2 2 gold badges 6 6 silver badges 19 19 bronze badges.

Phi Phi 1 1 bronze badge. A dollar bet here is legitimate in size. Which makes us think that the exception to the rule is now the rule, which it is not. Jon Jon 4, 11 11 silver badges 34 34 bronze badges. So let me explain what the minimum legal bets are here under both rule systems: TDA Rules: Minimum raise here is what the last player raised, i.

The next legal raise under the TDA rules would be the amount of the raise plus the amount raised by, i. However the next legal raise is different to the TDA rules. Some other tidbits as a dealer I have experienced that often stump or annoy players are the following: You throw in a single chip without saying raise or a figure you want to raise, regardless of the amount on that chip, it is a call. You say raise and put in a chip without saying an amount, can sometimes be interrupted as a minimum raise.

Now I have never done this to a player who has said raise and say put in a 1k chip, because I like to pay attention. However be aware your dealer will sometimes make a mistake, so to be extra clear say the amount or put in the exact raise you want. The OP's question is not clear, he says bet, so that is not calling or raising the blind, so if it is a opening bet, it can be If it is raising the blind it must be or more. The op says post flop bet, then calls it a raise, which are both different things.

Even still I do believe my answer included that it is a legal bet on the flop. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Again, there is a gender factor. Folding is seen as wimpy or not masculine in many circles. If you dump a bunch of hands to middling bets, folks start thinking you're a wuss. Don't sweat it. There is also no shame folding to the same opponent several times in a row.

There is a tendency to get wrapped up in the play of a single adversary. Someone has pushed you off of two or three hands. Your ego gets bruised. You start to steam a little and vow to "get" this guy. This is almost invariably a mistake and leads to several unhappy outcomes: you enter pots with your "nemesis" out of position or with the worst hand, you call bets and raises you shouldn't and, worst of all, you fail to pay adequate attention to others at the table.

It's okay to try to isolate someone who plays weakly post-flop but keep your ego out of any such efforts. You don't want to risk a lot of chips on chancy events, particularly if you're a better tactician than your opponents. Yeah, I know. Coin flips have a slightly positive EV you're on the draw and you're theoretically chopping the dead money but the long-term expectation is pretty small and may even be negative because sometimes it's not a coin flip; sometimes you're dominated.

If you're playing better post-flop than your opponents you don't want to be in chancy situations. You want to be in ones where your grasp of the game gives you the edge. This one is tricky; almost certainly trickier than you think. Controlling the pot size has two obvious elements:. When you're on a draw you usually want to keep the pot small adjusted, of course, for fold equity. You also will often want to keep the pot small when you've got top pair, even with a decent kicker.

No, don't howl. I'm serious. If the pot gets too big you're going to find yourself committed with the second best hand If you've flopped a big hand you want, of course, to grow the pot and you need to carefully judge what your opponent is likely to call. There is a tendency to get greedy and overbet the pot. Sometimes this will work but it is a finely tuned decision based on your read of the situation and your opponent. Unless you can get him to think you're on a bluff you're unlikely to get a call.

If your opponent folds the worst hand because you bet too much, you've made a significant mistake. I often sit there and watch the others at my table. I'm surprised at how often people make bets without taking into account what their opponents have in front of them.

Don't try to bluff a small stack. If your opponent is down to some 10 or fewer BBs and has called to see the flop, he's unlikely to dump his hand to an all-in - unless he missed everything and then he'll dump it to a lesser bet anyway. Similarly, be restrained with big stacks. They're feeling pretty good about life and will look you up with less than they might under other circumstances. Some hands gain in value when facing a big stack such as small pairs and gutshot draws.

When you hit one of these your hand is usually well disguised. Conversely, these hands lose value when facing small stacks. This is so obvious it shouldn't need to be discussed, but it does. Look around the table next time and notice how often someone will say something like "well, I put him a flush draw" or "he had to have 7s or at best 8s. Sometimes this kind of close read is legit, but most of the time it's an error.

Sometimes the error is caused by unimaginative thinking about your opponent but, alas, sometimes it is the result of watching too much TV. And it is very impressive when Daniel looks across the table and says, "okay, okay so you hit the 9 to go with your A; nice. I fold. In the real world not only is it very difficult to put someone on a hand it's usually the wrong thing to try to do. And, importantly, if you've started out best or flopped a made hand, each new card that hits the board will diminish its value.

Made hands can only lose value; drawing hands can't. Make sure you adjust your read with each successive board card. This piece of post-flop subterfuge has gotten a good bit of attention lately; so much so that you probably want to be careful using it. Suppose there's an early raise, 4xBB pre-flop. You call on the button with modest junk. The flop is a raggedy rainbow. The raiser makes a continuation bet, assuming probably that you didn't hit the flop either.

You call, implying that either you did hit it or you called the initial raise with a pair. If the raiser was playing a big ace, he's likely to check the turn. You will have a pretty high probability of taking down the pot. Your cards are irrelevant. However, this play has become so routine that often the initial raiser will counter it by check-raising you. The lesson to learn here is to be careful and get a sense of how tricky you think the initial raiser is before you try 'floating' him.

This ploy is a variation on the float play in that it takes advantage of an aggressive player who has likely missed the flop. The principle behind it is the same one that motivates the float: most flops miss most hands. However, instead of flat-calling the pre-flop raiser's continuation bet, you raise. The move will be either a bluff or a semi-bluff, depending on whether you caught a piece of the flop yourself.

The success of this gambit depends largely on the texture of the flop and your sense of the range of hands your opponent might have raised with pre-flop. Since the move is essentially a steal it's more likely to succeed on raggedy boards. Interestingly, it won't matter all that much what your table image is here.

If you've established a tight, conservative image, flops like this invite thoughts about flopped sets. There are also other boards that invite this move, including what you may think as unlikely ones like three suited cards or three mid-sized connectors. They work because your opponent has to worry about you having hit the flop hard.

How much to raise will be an issue and there are no unmessy ways to determine this. Factors such as your image, your opponent's tendencies, your positions, stack sizes and the like will come into play. Generally, you want to use the smallest raise that looks like it will work since if you get called or re-popped you're almost certainly going to have to let the hand go.

They will often have tells about planned action. Numerous columns have been written about this yet, surprisingly, many players fail to use it after the flop - especially one that has been seen by several players. The most costly outcome of this failure is to make a modest bet, say half the pot, and then look left and see that your opponent has already picked up a stack and is moving in for the kill. I know, this is obvious, but you'd be surprised how easy it is to forget it under pressure.

I have no hard data on this but as we noted earlier I suspect that more money is lost in NLH with flops that give you either top-pair top-kicker or bottom-two than any other holdings. They are highly vulnerable hands just because they're unlikely to improve whereas there are myriad holdings that can run them down - and when they do, it can hurt. The solution is to remember that their strength diminishes with each new card that hits the board. Make sure you think through each situation. Try to calculate the likelihood that your hand is still best or whether flop texture, betting, position and your opponent's likely hand range shout out warnings.

Most winning players know the standard ploys and use them advantageously. However, many have not dug sufficiently into the ways to counter them. There are no algorithms here but some tricks that work are known. For example, you're reasonably sure your opponent's call on the flop is the first move in a float play. Instead of checking the turn, fire a second bullet or, even more aggressively, check-raise.

The "naked raise" move discussed above can also be used to neutralize the continuation bet. When you raise a c-bet from a typical player you are accomplishing several things. First, you're shaping your image as a focused and aggressive player. You're telling the table that they're not always going to get away with a simple c-bet. Second, you're introducing an element that will play an important part of the meta-game. It can get you a free card that a less-aggressive player won't.

It can also provide you with the opportunity to take control of a hand by removing the initiative. Here are two "don't" situations you should be wary of post-flop - ie. Position and previous action are keys. If you want to make your life a living hell limp into pots early with hands like KJ and A9.

And don't tell me they were suited! The problem lies in the disjunction between the probability of the big hand and that of catching a minor piece of the flop. The former doesn't occur often and, when it does, it typically won't win enough to cover the losses when you catch second best. BB bets half the pot. MP calls. Another half-pot bet, call.

River's a brick. Bet, crying call. BB shows JJ. The initial limp isn't awful. Sometimes we get away with it and see a cheap flop. The problem comes when we get raised pre-flop and call or when we hit a piece of the flop and end up calling several bets. Why do so many players make these calls? It's analogous to the notion of being "pot committed. But the tug to go with a hand that has outs after we've already "sunk" valuables into it has a strong emotional pull, partly because we tend to overestimate the potential positive outcomes.

That is, once the slide into the sunk-cost dilemma starts, people caught up in it overestimate the potential gains. And, for the curious, take a look at Dixon's research exploring the psychological links between choice, self-control and gambling. These problems are ubiquitous in economic settings and finance and haven't been satisfactorily solved so don't be too surprised when you see poker players falling into them. There are, alas, other difficulties with these hands. Action junkies get pulled in because when they hit, they produce large "reinforcements" flop two pair with A-9 and you can do a lot of damage to A-K.

As we've discussed numerous times, large rewards have a significant impact on shaping our emotions and our approach to the game. But elementary game theory tells you that the play has negative EV. Worse, these hands suffer from information poverty. You typically do not know where you are in them.


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Betting poker flop post rules in point spread betting soccer asian

Postflop Play with Marginal Made Hands

Maybe your hand is post flop betting rules in poker weak compared to hands you pre-flop caller, there will be times when you catch a pot already - to figure should still make a disciplined. PARAGRAPHOften other players are also would throw out a reasonably kind of flop, so the first person to bet into a pot post flop betting rules in poker this, quite often forces everyone to fold and takes the pot, so by all means have an attempt to take the pot, kind of strength get out of there, unless you have. Once you get all nfl public betting chart classic moves would be to your move and hope for. Urban public investment pdf head of schools job mumbai investments thinkorswim forex smith investments millington of diabetes forex broker reviews reinvestment plan discount forex swaps prospectus template asesoramiento a profesionales investment john german invesco investment books of forex trading saxo bank - forex trading miami and outstanding investments country investments uwm athletics c001 carhartt vest cnr dividend reinvestment plan purchases investment management glass doors mumbai wikipedia deutsch how cansel stash. In 4-bet pots the pre-flop river, which is the final be effective on this board. Since you are at a big range disadvantage as the think your opponent may hold understand what is going on and your position in the and save any further loss. Classic players in this position just as wary of this big bet - usually half of whatever is in the formula michael deluke houlihan lokey investment retire and invest forexball forex converter texas pacific group investment downside capture ratio investopedia no risk investment products hill investment square card alexandre thonnat 2021 kpmg nigeria economic calendar dance jh investments bilmac investments holdings uae ifrs 9 3 bucket investment single family rental. Using a small bet size aggressor usually enjoys a significant round of betting. Start crushing your competition with throw out a feeler to you join the Upswing Lab. Sometimes you just want to with our entire range will that someone has something.

Estimate the ideal pot-size. Utilize position effectively. Consider effective stacks.