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He has also impressed in Scotland this season with Motherwell currently third in the Premiership. Healy's stock continues to rise following Linfield's impressive run in Europe this summer when they narrowly missed out on reaching the group stages of the Europa League. Here's our main Belfast Live Facebook page. On Twitter, you can follow our account by clicking here. If you're a lover of photos, then check out our Instagram.

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Betting world of sports

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Each rule, constraint, and variable and their interrelations with other rules, constraints, and variables are governed by an algorithm. The decisions, goals, rules, and constraints for events with competitors that compete to finish first around a track are the same for all competitions of this type. The decisions, goals, rules, and constraints for competition events other than racing around a track are similar to those described below in more detail.

However, the deviations, differences, and types of variables in other types of competition events are well known and the probability distribution or odds calculations can be applied to other competitive events. The techniques described can be applied to other simulations of many types of events in order to calculate probabilities of a particular outcome. To define a race simulation there are two primary entities, summarized in the next two paragraphs, and examined in detail in the subsequent paragraphs.

Competitor Seek Decisions are variables or choices that competitors make while the competition is being run or conducted and these effect the outcome of the competition. For example, with a horse competitor: a The horse will try and stay close to the racing line, as this defines the most efficient way around the track; b Horses will try and get to the inside rail, this is associated with the racing line; c The horses will try to avoid other horses, by either braking or choosing a passing trajectory; d Horses will try and maintain their chosen tactic, whilst balancing their stamina usage; e At their sprint points, horses will try and move laterally away from other horses in order to have a clear line of sprint for the finish; f Horses will always try to get to the finish line.

Competitor Rules and Constraints are limitations placed on a competitor during an event. For example, with a horse race: a Horses cannot pass through or collide violently with other horses; b Horses cannot pass outside the track bounds; c Horses must run from the starting line to the finish line in that direction; d Horses cannot fly; trajectories are limited to the plane of the race track; e Horses cannot burn more than their stamina usage; f Horses cannot accelerate faster than their maximum acceleration; g Horses cannot go faster than their maximum speed; h Horses cannot exceed their maximum turn rate for directional changes ; i Horses cannot exceed their maximum turn angle, from their trajectory.

Variations of a value in an event can fluctuate each time competitors' values are computed to determine the next frame of the event as the event proceeds. A 10 unit variation means that a calculated point can be within units on either side of the actual point value. It is important to note that these effects can be applied to each frame, every other frame, or many other well known groupings in the arts of frames that makeup a race. Typically a race will have about frames, and though the variations at first glance can be very small, these effects can accumulate or cancel each other out during the race as a whole.

Another important point is that variation is usually a small percentage of a simulation parameter, and as such does not necessarily define the outcome of the event as a whole. A virtual competitor estimates or analyzes its speed at every frame to decide what speed the competitor should be going to achieve its tactical goals. The speed estimation is modeled as a small variation around the perfect speed of the competitor calculated by the algorithms.

The graphs in FIG. There are minute differences in the estimated and actual speed needed in any particular frame, thus horses with lower speed consistency will find slightly more deviation, than horses with more consistent speeds. Estimation of range or distance between competitors is computed. For example, a horse competitor calculates his range to the leader for every frame to decide how far away other competitors are in comparison.

The range value will affect other algorithms. For example, if the horse is going outside its chosen range, the algorithm that controls the acceleration of the horse will increase the horse's pace so the horse can try and make up the difference. A tactic switch is a decision based on whether a competitor should change their competition strategy.

For example, if a horse should switch its tactic to following the leader, being the leader, or staying in the middle of the pack. Sprint point is the point at which a competitor uses extra energy or strength to improve their position immediately near the end of a competition. For example, the degree the horses sprint for the finish line, and there is a small uncertainty when a sprint point begins for a particular horse.

Start delay is the delay a competitor experiences when starting a competition. For example, a horse experiences delay getting out of the gate. In practice, this is up to 1 second of fumble. Penalties are assigned to competitors. For example, some horses are penalized some degree before the race begins. The going penalty is a penalty intrinsic to the competitor, which is applied if the competitor does not find the going conditions favorable.

A competitor will have a perfect going value inside this range, deviation from this perfect value, will cause penalty to be applied to this speed function. Stamina Usage is the rate at which a competitor burns their required fuel to compete during a competition. For example, a horse uses stamina during a race, stamina is like fuel, and the horse will try to keep the fuel burn rate low so that it can complete the race efficiently, whilst maintaining its tactics.

Stamina is burned faster if the horse is attempting to go faster or accelerating than when the horse is maintaining his ideal cruising speed. Thus a competitor's behavior is emergent from its circumstances in the race, and from the small random effects that are applied to it as it moves through the race. A virtual world API may provide a means for other external systems to obtain information about the game world, the competitors, and events within the world. The virtual world API may deliver historical and current data about competitors and their events.

It is by this means that information required for pari-mutuel and fixed odds wagering is provided to players. A virtual broadcast engine may contain a video generation module that may include a self-contained video rendering, playback and caption generator that can be written in software. The virtual broadcast engine can produce high quality video for delivery to any medium such as Internet web streams, TV, mobile 3G, high definition displays, and broadcast systems, such as satellite , and in a pure audio form, such as radio and internet audio stations, an example of which can be found in FIG.

In the virtual broadcast engine , a video redundancy module may provide dual redundant video switching technology that is uniquely integrated with the video generation module This integration allows the video generation module to communicate with the video redundancy module , to provide information that can be used to determine whether or not a switch to an alternate video stream is necessary.

Such conditions may be a failure in the software, a failure in the hardware, or unexpected behavior in the operating system. Well-known art in the video switching area of practice may be used to ensure continuous uninterrupted delivery of video. Video hardware design may be used to allow the system to be monitored throughout the broadcast, as shown in FIG. A program schedule module may be used to ensure that virtual game world events are played out at the appropriate time on the video channels.

The program schedule module controls the program timeline and also controls all captions and interstitial material. Interstitial material is video, text or graphic images that are displayed before an expected content page. The program schedule module may use distributed technology to allow components to be run on separate hardware platform providing a means of graceful degradation of the system. Sufficient time before an event is to be released to the viewing public, the program schedule module requests the simulation module to make an event data run with initial parameters of the competition to be provided by the game database The event data is forwarded by the program schedule module to the video generation module that is then delivered to the viewing public.

The program schedule module also forwards the event data to the game database to be stored for future reference. Past virtual event data is stored for all the competitors and for all the events. The past virtual event data can be discovered by bettors or published. An interstitial simulation module may create relevant interim material to watch in between game world events. The interstitial simulation module may be triggered by the program schedule module to produce views of the venues and candid shots for instance.

The remote video delivery module can deliver the high definition video that requires a bandwidth of less than 20 kbs over the Internet. Remote video delivery modules can be used to drive high definition displays, as seen in FIG. A remote data delivery module can receive data from the virtual world API to display information about the game world and game world events continually in an aesthetically pleasing fashion.

The remote delivery module can deliver video data to local TV displays, personal computers, servers, and display terminals throughout the world. An example of a remote data delivery module is illustrated in FIG. A data screen system may be responsible for retrieving relevant event data from a web streamer that will be shown throughout a local or remote location on various LCD data screens.

Players may use these screens to read information on upcoming races, past results, and past performance data. An audio module may provide a method of delivering realistic race commentary in any one of several languages, including Russian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, English and Mandarin. The system is designed to allow new languages to be added and copes with unusual grammar construction by using a grammar template language and audio sample library.

The integrated betting system is shown in FIG. The system may offer pari-mutuel as well as fixed odds betting facilities. As shown in FIG. The betting system may include a betting database which may log all wagering transactions and outcomes on events. A betting engine may individually resolve wagers and calculate payments and profits. It may be capable of handling all kinds of bets from mundane one-off wagers to more exotic combination wagers on multiple events, and sweepstake wagers with large jackpots.

In addition, the betting engine may include a set of management tools in order to maintain individual customer accounts and generate reports. The API B may deliver event information to the betting terminals, and receive bets from those terminals. The API B can also be integrated with external and existing tote systems allowing bets to be placed into the virtual world from already established wagering sites.

The betting terminals may be integrated with commercial off-the-shelf hardware such as barcode readers and thermal receipt printers to produce an integrated point of sale system able to take wagers on virtual events. The Internet based betting terminal can be a component that users plug into an existing website or a module that user downloads to their computer in order to take bets on virtual game world events.

The betting system may include a central server that pushes event data to the betting engine , which then distributes the event data to the connected IPOS terminals. An IPOS terminal is a point of sale terminal as one might find in a store. Event data may contain update data on horses, odds, tracks, off times, video display data, and results.

The program schedule module develops a schedule of competition events before or after the odds for an event have been generated. The schedule of events is distributed throughout the world via the virtual world API to visualization terminals and advertised as described. The betting system may manage and resolve betting transactions. Additionally, the betting engine may be responsible for providing odds for the upcoming competitions based on the probability distribution supplied from the probability module that can located anywhere in the world.

The betting engine can either be deployed locally, regionally, or centrally dependent upon the regulatory environment of the local market. This engine may collect pool bets in real time from all distributed localized betting engines around the world, adjust the odds according to the betting tendencies of the bettors or punters, and re-publish the updated odds. In this scenario, the house may take a percentage of the pool and the remaining amount will be paid out as winnings, which, from a marketing standpoint, can lead to big pools, large win potentials, and exciting promotional opportunities.

Effective date : Year of fee payment : 4. The present invention provides a system that creates virtual events within a virtual world. A virtual event may be akin to a real event, but is completely computer generated within a computer-generated world and is based on statistical measures, either real world or created.

Numerous characteristics about the competitors and the competition location parameters are available before a competition event. Based on the known parameters about the location of an event and the characteristics of the participants and their historical past performances in similar events enable bettors to make informed wagers on an event that greatly enhances the satisfaction and involvement in a competition event.

As such, Histories of virtual events are maintained on actual virtual performance data of competitors in the virtual world. The histories can include all relevant virtual data about a competitor and the past events the competitor competed. Individuals throughout the real-world may place wagers e. An example of the probability distribution calculation for a fixed odds event follows: a The master probability engine loads each event from the game database according to the upcoming race schedule in the scheduling module for all the events scheduled for a two period; b Each event data set competitors, parameters, track, etc.

The master probability engine can make requests simultaneously to all connected slaves, or can make requests in the many well known methods in this area of practice, such as round robin, etc. This means the calculation can be a linear relationship to the number of probability engine slaves connected and the capacity of the network; e When the master probability engine reaches M simulations, where M is summation of N and is the final configuration preference then the result data is stored in the database.

The result data consists of the position of every competitor as they cross the finish line; f The result data is then parsed by another process to calculate the fixed odds for win, place, show and exacta outcomes with a specified take, or any of the well known wagering types in the gaming practice; and g The master probability engine then moves onto the next event in the schedule.

The start point is where the gates are set, the end point is where the finish post is set, the bounding curves correspond to the rail boundaries, and the racing line corresponds to the optimal line around the track. Each track is a different shape and completely defined in 3D space. These boundaries are used as inputs in the simulation to ensure competitors stay within the bounds of the track, and run from the start point to the finish point.

This is shown in FIG. Additionally a track will have a surface with a condition that has been defined by accumulation of weather effects. Within the Virtual World, if the weather is wet then the track becomes progressively wetter, if the weather turns fine, then the track dries out. This is modelled as a sliding scale of wetness to dryness, and this value of wetness to dryness may impeded or help competitors, who have a favoured value.

The variation is modelled as a penalty that is proportional to the difference between the actual wetness of the track and the competitor's affinity for a particular wetness. Stamina is a definition of a competitor's fuel. The more stamina a competitor has, the more fuel it is able to expend, fuel is expended whenever a competitor manoeuvres. More stamina is used for more complex manoeuvres. Maximum acceleration is defined as the maximum rate the competitor can change speed; if a competitor changes speed faster then it uses more stamina.

Maximum speed is the maximum achievable speed, if a competitor travels at this speed; it burns stamina at an increased rate. A competitor will have an optimum speed for the track, at which its stamina is burnt at an optimal rate in order to reach the finish line and have zero stamina left. In practice the speed will not be optimal, because the competitor will be forced to make manoeuvres in order to change or be consistent with its tactic, avoid other competitors and keep away from track boundaries.

This means that the stamina is changed, and the competitor must continually re-evaluate how best to burn stamina in order to complete the race. Consistency controls how much random factors can affect a horse's performance during a race. Less consistent horses have a potentially larger variation of algorithm outcome, and potentially larger penalties, than more consistent ones.

A competitor will have preference for a surface and a preference for a surface condition going. This is modelled as a penalty that applies if the surface and conditions are outside the competitor's preference. There will obviously be a group of competitors for a given race. A computer-implemented method for creating a live virtual event for the purpose of world-wide gambling via one or more of internet, television simulcast, and on monitors or kiosks in gambling establishments, comprising the steps of: a using the computer to create a virtual sport event or game world for the virtual sport event or game contestants for the virtual sport event, wherein the event is at least one of a pari-mutuel exchange, and a fixed-odds event, and wherein the event performs functions of a real-world counterpart;.

The method of claim 1 , further comprising the step of: determining outcome probabilities before the event transpires based on iterative simulation of a system by minutely varying parameters and analyzing them to calculate fixed odds for the virtual event. The method of claim 1 , further comprising the step of: utilizing horse genetics in the creation of the individual contestant behavior. The method of claim 3 , wherein the step of utilizing horse genetics, further comprises the steps of: a.

A method according to claim 1 , wherein the virtual event may be any type of sport or skill based game, including sporting events such as a horse race, an auto race, a stock car race, a Formula I race, a NASCAR race, a boxing match, a kick boxing match, an ultimate fight match, a wrestling match, a basketball game, a soccer game, a rugby game, a football game, a baseball game, a hockey game, a lacrosse match, a dog race, a greyhound race, a harness race, a steeplechase and other skill based games and wagering events.

USP true USB2 en. Gaming machine, gaming system, and gaming method presenting games with artificially intelligent players. USA1 en. BRPIB1 en. CNB en. SGA en. AUA1 en. JPB2 en. CAA1 en. AUB2 en. WOA1 en. CAC en. SGSA en. SGA1 en. SGRA en. WOA2 en. A gambling hybrid game including a fantasy sports game as an entertainment game. Systems and methods to use an intermediate value holder in a gambling hybrid game.

USB1 en. Systems and methods for a hybrid entertainment and gambling game using a slignshot trigger. Method and system for providing an event space associated with a primary virtual space. System and method for providing dynamic and static contest prize allocation based on in-game achievement of a user.

Method and system for temporarily incentivizing user participation in a game space. Tournament entry mechanisms within a gambling integrated game or skill wagering interleaved game. System and method for providing a currency multiplier item in an online game with a value based on a user's assets. Placeholder items that can be exchanged for an item of value based on user performance. System and method for providing a quest from a probability item bundle in an online game.

Systems and methods for incentivizing participation in gameplay events in an online game. Systems and methods for providing secure data for wagering for live sporting events. Methods, devices and systems for skill-based wagering games with programmatically-variable-randomness. USA en. EPA1 en. System and method for providing an on-line gaming experience through a catv broadband network.

Method and system for interaction with real-time events from a remote location, through use of a computer, game console or other module. Off-course betting turnover in Great Britain gambling industry , by sector. Gross gambling yield of on course betting by sector Great Britain Annual turnover of football pool betting gambling Great Britain Annual gross gambling yield of football pool betting in Great Britain Annual off course gross gambling yield of football Great Britain UK horse racing Annual turnover of horse race betting Great Britain Annual off course gross gambling yield of horse races Great Britain Annual gross gambling yield of on course horse race betting Great Britain UK dog racing Annual turnover of dog race betting Great Britain Annual off course gross gambling yield of dog racing Great Britain Annual gross gambling yield of on course dog racing Great Britain Annual turnover of dog race pool betting gambling Great Britain Gross gambling yield of dog race pool betting in Great Britain Fantasy sports Fantasy sports players in the United States Fantasy sports contest adjusted revenue in Pennsylvania , by provider.

Daily fantasy sports gross revenue in the United States , by month. Go to report. Important key figures The most important key figures provide you with a compact summary of the topic of "Sports Betting" and take you straight to the corresponding statistics.

Global online gambling gross win. Paddy Power Betfair's overall revenue. Total amount wagered by bet Gross over the counter revenue at sports betting shops in the UK. Number of betting shops operated by William Hill in the UK. Number of betting shops operated by Ladbrokes in the UK.

Interesting Statista reports. More interesting topics Related topics. Casino industry. Gambling Industry in the U. Sports Sponsorship. Sports Brands. Infographics on the topic Betting alternatives amid the shutdown of pro sports.

Other studies on the topic Sports betting. Betting industry of the United Kingdom UK. Contact Get in touch with us.

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