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He has also impressed in Scotland this season with Motherwell currently third in the Premiership. Healy's stock continues to rise following Linfield's impressive run in Europe this summer when they narrowly missed out on reaching the group stages of the Europa League. Here's our main Belfast Live Facebook page. On Twitter, you can follow our account by clicking here. If you're a lover of photos, then check out our Instagram.

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Dagoo sports betting plc simulator

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T LTD Aberdeen Co. C 13, N LTD C 9, M Ltee Ltd 2, A 9, Services LTD Badoye Construction Co Ltd N Trading Ltd Castel Food Ltd E Diffusion Ltd M LTD T Ltd 9, M World Ltd D G Holiday Resorts ltd R Trade and Management Solutions Ltd CO LTD R Property Management Ltd A Gungadin Metal Industry Ltd E LTD G Gain Private Company Ltd S Trainers Ltd Necklaces Ltd.

N Spare Parts Co Ltd Ltee MU LTD Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search. Skip carousel. Carousel Previous. Carousel Next. What is Scribd? Uploaded by ee s. Document Information click to expand document information Date uploaded Aug 25, Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for inappropriate content. Web YRF important notes. Related titles. Tbe Boeing continues to change the way the world flies. Recently, a flew 20, km From Seattle to Kuala Lumpur without stopping.

No other jetliner has flown further. The then continued its flight and circumnavigated die globe in 41 hours, 59 minutes -another world record. Of course, speed and distance are only a part of the story. The Boeing has set a new standard for passenger comfort and efficient reliable service. The record set by the does two things. It demonstrates thar this remarkable aeroplane keeps getting better and better, and explains why you can fly nonstop more places fester on a Boeing than ever before.

Voters as young as 15 will be choosing between four approved candidates to suc- ceed President Hashemi Raf- sanjani, whose second four- year term expires next August Nearly half the elec- torate is under If no contender gets an absolute majority in today's first round, a second round will be held on the Friday of the second week after confir- mation of the first round results by the Council of Guardians.

This is the member con- stitutional body that vetoed of the people who sought to stand as candi- dates in the election, includ- ing all nine women. The council, which can also annul results, is the most striking example of the self-perpetuating oligarchy that exercises national politi- cal control. Half its members are cler- ics appointed by Ayatollah Khamenei. The leading contender in the poll is Hqjatoleslam Ali Akbar Nateq Nouri, speaker of the member majlis.

He is backed by Ayatol- lah Khamenei, other senior clergy, members of the gov- ernment and the majority conserva- tive faction in the majlis. His main rival Is Mr Mohammad Khatami, a mid- dle-ranking cleric and for- mer culture minister. Mr Khatami has support from leftwing and techno- crat reformists in parliament and from business groups which want relief from state intervention in the economy.

He is also backed by many secular voters - particularly younger people. Including women - who see in him some chance for partial release from the pervasive clerical-inspired dogma that dictates people's everyday behaviour. They are Mr Mohammad Reysharl a conservative for- mer intelligence minister, and Mr Reza Zavarei'e, a lawyer who is vice-chairman of the judiciary.

A typical comment came from one young conscript in Tehran: They the clerical leadership chose the next president last year, when Mr Nateq-Nouri was made the senior majlis official. I will vote for Mr Khatami, but I am per cent sure he will not win. The election takes place at a time of widespread dissat- isfaction about the soaring cost of living and state inter- ference in all aspects of the economy. This is despite offi- cial rhetoric and a mild pat on the back from the Inter national Monetary Fund for the way the government has paid its external debt on time, cut its import bill, reduced the number of dif- ferent exchange rates and partly controlled inflation.

Car owners com- plain a set of Iranian manu- factured car tyres costs more than twice its price In The cost of living has risen despite huge state subsidies on basic items. Petrol, for example, is up 40 per cent from two years ago, though still only half the price charged in other much richer oil-producing states. Senior diplomats and busi- nessmen point out that state subsidies are not only a means of protecting the poorest but can be, and are.

But Iranians of every background point out that competent economic man- agement cuts across reli- gious and sectarian divides. The clerical regime is well aware of these factors, and according to bankers, of the need to attract foreign investment and Im pr ov e its overseas relations. Observers point out that Mr Rafsanjani, who will con- tinue to play a dominant political role regardless of who becomes the next presi- dent, was careful in a press conference earlier this year, to de man d only that the US return Iranian assets.

On the second round, a lower turnout is anticipated, with Mr Nateq-Nouri getting an absolute majority. The draft directive is to be published in late July before the summer break or In early autumn. It follows the publication in March last year of a Green Paper on legal protec- tion far encrypted services, including pay-television and interactive tele-shopping. Music is already one of the most popular subjects on the Internet Yet record compa- nies, artists and composers will require full copyright protection, and the ability to control access to their mate- rial, If they are to exploit the commercial potential of sell- ing recordings directly to consumers by downloading them on to personal comput- ers.

Similarly, film producers and software developers require similar measures to ensure that they are paid far their copyrights, and can protect than from the threat of piracy. The commission will address four specific areas of digital copyright in the draft directive:. These measures broadly reflect -an agreement clinched at a diplomatic con-, ference of the World Intellec- tual Property Organisation Wipe in Geneva last December.

This agreement decreed that the 30 countries belong- ing to Wipo should amend their national law to extend copyright protection to encompass new forms of dig- ital distribution. Once the European Com- mission's draft directive has been adopted as European law, 'all member states will be required to adapt their national- legislation accord- ingly.

One of the trickiest areas to harmonise may he private copying, because it Is an issue where national legisla- tion differs widely. Most European countries, other than the UK, Luxembourg and. Ireland, impose levies on sales of blank audio and video cassettes which are then redistributed to the copyright. Sweden and Portugal are now in the process of introducing such levies.

However, it is not clear whether these levies will became superfluous if effec- tive measures are developed to encrypt and identify digi- tal signals thereby prevent- ing unauthorised reproduc- tion. On Its acriviries included the production and madoeting or ginned cotton, canon yams and cotton waste. The surface of the buildings amounts to approx. In a d d iti o n , the Company's registered name, vehicles,' readymade product, participation in other companies, receivables, five plots outride the Yokm area and any other assets are also begin offered for sale.

Such provisions and other terms and conditions shall apply irrespectively of whether they are mentioned herein or not. Submission of binding offers shall mean acceptance of such provisions and other terms and conditions.

Binding Off ers: Interested parties are hereby invited to submit binding offers, not later than Monday, Jtme23td George Kalomeras, No. In the event of not specifying: a the way of payment, b whether the credited amount shall bear interest and c the interest rate; then it shall respectively be deemed that a the offered price is payable upon execution of the sale contract, b the amount credited shall bear no interest and c the interest rate shall be the legal rate in force from time to time.

Binding offers submitted later than the above date shall neither be accepted nor considered. The offers shall be binding until the adjudication Submission of offers in favour of a third party to be nominated at a later stage shall be accepted under the condition that express mention is made in this respect upon submission and that the offeror shall give a personal guarantee in favour of such third party for the compliance of the obligations deriving from the sale contract.

Letters of. G uanuitee: Binding offers must be accompanied by a Letter of Guarantee issued in accordance with the sample Letter of Guarantee cont ain ed in the Offering Memorandum, by a bank legally opera ting in Greece, to remain valid until the adjudication. Submissions: B inding offers together with the Letters of Guarantee shall be submitted in sealed opaque envelopes.

In the event of the highest bidder not complying with such obligation, the Letter of Guarantee shall be forfeited as a penalty. Adjudication shall be deaned to take effect upon execution of dr contract of sale. All costs and expenses of any nature, including any tax I'snch as V. The Liquidator said the Creditors shall have no habiiiiy nor obligation whatsoever towards the participants in relation to the evaluation of the offers or the appointment of the highest bidder or any decision lo repeal or cancel the Auction or any decision whatsoever in connection with he proceedings of the Auction.

The liquidator tire Company or tire Creditors shah have no liability for any legal or actual defects of the assets. This Call has been drafted in Greek and translated into English. Chryssospiliotissis St. Athens , Greece. Marika Frangaku. Design, fabrication and installation of curtain walling, commercial windows and sloping glazed facades in both aluminium and steel profiles.

Tel: Tel: a Fax: Precision Woodwork Manufacturer The present owners wish to retire and offer for sale their company based upon the South Coast. The company has a wide customer base and at present operates from frilly equipped premises of just over 11 AX sq. Good range of facilities plus owner's cottage. TOO wd tee Matte ap prove d by tee Court mowing with retnxt lotee capital of die company aa altered by tee acveral particulars required by tee above mentioned Act woe KgraeiEd by die Registrar of Companies onl kb May New Malden.

The industry that creates colour and texture for world manufacturing has a new leader. Ciba Specialty Chemicals has transformed itself to bring customers ever brighter solutions in additives, consumer care chemicals, performance polymers, pigments and textile dyes.

In every case our products deliver the highest performance in the most extreme conditions. Our new company is already working in partnership with household names in electronics, fashion and automotive industries. We have 58 manufacturing sites in 29 countries and more than 20, people worldwide. We also record sales in countries with a strongly established presence in emerging economies in Asia.

Ciba Specialty Chemicals is flexible, quick to react and ready to take Ciba's track record of innovation to new heights. By specialising in five key areas of expertise, we will continue adding greater value to every product we become Involved with. Mr Matzke, who has over- seen the development of the largest foreign oil project in the region at Tengiz in Kaz- akhstan, said the owners of new Caspian pipelines should be the companies developing the oil fields linked to them.

Mr Matzke said his com- ments should not be inter- preted as a threat to the individuals and small com- panies promoting a number of export options from the Caspian. Caspian projects were proving difficult enough to get off the ground, even without the interference of non-producers, he added. He predicted that virtu- ally all big pipeline and oil field development projects planned for the region would experience some delays. This was partly! The Caspian Pipeline Con- sortium, which last week agreed to go ahead with a line from Tengiz to the Rus- sian Black Sea coast, was also likely to run into some delays, because a number of peripheral issues needed to be resolved.

Talks with four local gov- ernments in Russia on tar- iffs had yet to take place. The Commission is believed to have told the companies that the merger raises three principal concerns. The first is that it would restrict competition in the civil aircraft market. The two US groups would control two-thirds of sales, making it difficult for Airbus Industrie, the European consortium, to compete. The second concern is that US government funding for defence programmes would be used for the development of civil aircraft.

The airlines have appointed Boeing as their sole supplier for 20 years. Continental Airlines of the US Is thought to be close to reaching a similar deal Boeing refused to reveal the content of the statement of objections. Mr Condit said that the no- question of- defence -exclusive agrcements were. The initiative. The deal with issue was, regulated 'by. Foreign carmakers and their governments argue that, the tax and tariff breaks for Timor discriminate against its competitors.

Worse, the Indonesian government decided last June to let Timor import 45, fully- built vehicles from Kia Motors of South Korea - its technological mentor - until its own factory was com- pleted. Despite the apparent strength of the case against Timor, the heat had appeared to go out of the dis- pute earlier this year. In par- ticular. Japanese manufac- turers and the Tokyo government, which bad been Timor's sternest critics, have been notably quieter. Some attributed their change of heart to a tradi- tional distaste for confronta- tion.

This is only half what Timor wanted, but the loan and the fact that some banks may have required government persuasion to participate is highly controversial under WTO rules. Despite its relative cheap- ness. Such vehicles are popular because they can seat up to nine people, ideal for Indon- esia's extended families. More convincingly, they, like the Timer, are exempt from the heavy taxes on conven- tional cars. The new model, to be called the J, would take the competitive battle right into its rivals' camp.

Timor is also pl annin g more conventional steps to improve its sales. Limited distribu- tion was one of the main rea- sons for the company's slow start, he says. Timor also wants to bol- ster its after-sales service. Mr Soemitro says consumer doubts about its ability to provide servicing was a sig- nificant constraint on sales. Work on the hectare project started in February and should be completed by September next year. The plant will be able to assemble However, Timor expects to move swiftly to a second phase, taking output to 70, Eventually, it would like to raise capacity to , units a year, says Mr Soemitro.

Under the terms of the deal, future Timors will have to have 60 per cent local content by the end of To develop its local suppli- ers and bridge the gap until its factory is ready, the com- pany has sub-contracted assembly work to Indomobil, a rival Equipment installa- tion started in April, and pre-production models should be ready this month, he says. The 2. In its home market. The bill introduced by Mr Doug Bereuter and Mr th refftenk hl gbar toriffe O" Chinese imports if Beijing does not adhere to world trade rules.

Under the proposed legislation, the US president could impose moderate tariffs - of about per cent - on as many Chinese imports sis deemed necessary. This is less d raconian than revoking: MFN - the lowest tariff level available - and -would have less impact on US business. The trill is designed to address the widespread concern to Congress over the soaring US trade deficit with China.

Mr Bereuter said. Currently, the US is alone in linking China's trade status with its behaviour on issues such as human rights and arms proliferation: Adrian Michaels, Washington House votes to lift tuna ban The US House of Representatives has voted to lift a I seven-year tuna import ban, imposed to protect dolphins in the eastern Pacific. Nancy Dunne. Transocean is to provide development drilling and completion services for the Terra Nova oil field off Newfoundland.

The Crans Montana Forum offers an exclusive business meeting devoted to the development and the financing of infrastructures in over 60 countries of the highest interest All issues related to ports, airports, motorways, energy transport and supply, telecom, housing, tourism, logistics and distribution, financial services and foreign investment will be debated.

The Crans Montana Forum Is the only Forum with a strictly limited access where you can really meet governmental representatives, officials and decision makers including International Organisations. Apart from the traditional participation of Europe - Western, Central and Eastern - Central Asia and the South Mediterranean - over 60 countries represented - the Forum welcomes also top level delegations from Egypt, Estonia, Kirghistan, Lebanon, Morocco, South Africa, Turkey, and Caucasus States headed by the Head of State, Head of Government or top level H members of the Government with the key decision H makers in the main economical fields.

Purpose or the concession or works: Appointment or the beneficiary of an ag r eement of temporary occupation of a government-owned land within the airport area. The beneficiary win be responsible for financing, bonding and operating a real estate complex of The financial capability ol the candidate will have to be established by submitting relevant bank references, balance sheets and corporate accounts of the last three years or any other equivalent document as well as a list of similar transactions, in die establishment of which die candidate was Involved The operating capability will have la be established by submitting re f erences in die area of operathms of showrooms or trade shows.

These references will have Do be as precise as possible. They must indicate and describe achievements and projects from a commercial and economic viewpo in t The candidate most Ik m order with his tax. The candidates who do not meet the conditions mentioned in Articles 24 a , b.

This cheque will be cashed if the candidate does not submit an acceptable application. The documents supplement die information given in this notice. Meetings M present the project and visits at the site can be arranged. Additional information can be requested in writing to the con tr act in g authority at the address mentioned in 3 above. Government says level of foreign interest in project is high Hanoi pursues refinery goal By Jeremy Grant in Hanoi Vietnam still wants to build its first oil refinery at a remote coastal site, despite criticism by foreign oil com- panies that toe plant will be uneconomical, and has been approached by toe Japanese government with financial assistance for toe scheme.

Analysts believe Japan may be interested as a way of diversifying its sources of refined crude, as well as for strategic reasons. Tokyo sees Vietnam as an important trading and security partner in South-east Asia. The S1. In February. Hanoi appeared to rule out foreign participation when it rejected a proposal from a six-member foreign consor- tium to build the , bar- rels a day refinery at Dung Quat, on the central coast- line.

The scheme remains a gov- ernment priority and has come to represent Hanoi's enduring enthusiasm for socialist-style mega-projects, regardless of whether they can be financed. Current costs are esti- mated at about three quar- ters of the country's foreign exchange reserves. Yet Hanoi continues to issue conflicting signals, say- ing it will build toe refinery alone, using scarce govern- ment funds and foreign bank loans, while claiming contin- ued foreign Interest.

Analysts see this as evi- dence of confusion to the Communist party hierarchy on how to proceed. The analysts say the proj- ect which could include a petrochemical complex, will probably go ahead because Vietnam believes it needs a. That will attract inves- tors with their own. LG of South. This gloomy forecast is contained in a trade union action programme to the year which will be agreed today at a conference of the European Trade Union Federation for the sectors in Oporto.

The unions cite declines in European textiles, clothing and leather as a conse- quence of the phasing-out of the multi-fibre arrange- ments, as well as the likeli- hood of better market access for Chinese exports if it joins the World Trade Organisa- tion. At present an estimated 2. Most, of the workers are women. Job cuts due to intensifying com- petition in the EU market have accelerated, with up to , job losses in alone.

The union federation fears tola trend is escalating. The European Federation calls for a. Textile nniri rig gay they accept globalisation. The action programme calls for the automatic inclu- sion of a social clause in an EU agreements with other regions and countries, as well as codes of conduct and social labels.

A variorv or' mm us w i! But the jostling throngs wrapping around some of the territo- ry's financial institutions this week marked a bull run, not a bank run. Hopeful Investors were waiting in line to subscribe for shares in Beijing Enter- prise. It demonstrates investor confi- dence ahead of Britain's handover of the territory's sovereignty to China on July 1 and provides economic benefits on both sides of the border. Carr stockbrokers in Hong Kong. Their parent companies, often provincial or munici- pal governments or state enterprises, inject assets into their Hong Kong vehicles, raising funds far develop- ment at home.

Concerns ran g in g from polit- ical sensitivities to regula- tory issues are emerging in China and in Hong Kong. For investors, there is the knowledge that all bubbles burst, or at least deflate. Senior mainland officials, including Mr Zhu Rongji, vice-premier in charge of economic affairs, bave warned that the sale of state assets must not be done at a discount.

The CSRC. So far, these concerns have come as warning shots rather than a crackdown. He argues that the combination of hazy earn- ings profiles along with untried management is bound to lead to disappoint- ments and declines. The sale would be the conservative state govern- ment's biggest privatisation so far. The pipeline, which runs across much of Western Australia, plays a key role in supplying the more populated and industrial areas in the sooth of the state - including Perth, the capital - with gas from the North West Shelf, the rich off- shore energy-prodneing area which lies to the state's north.

It was built in the early s, and runs from Dampier to Bimbnry. As deregulation of the state's gas market has been introduced, the facility has begun to transport energy for commercial customers, such as Alcoa, the aluminium group, as well as the state-owned gas and el ectricity utilities. Meanwhile, the new private owner of the existing pipeline would have the option of expand- ing Its capacity. There would be reference tariffs for the first two years or operation, declining over the period from to Existing utilities would keep prior- ity rights on access to capacity, in order to service residential and smaller customers.

An information memorandum is to be issued in July, and indicative bids are likely to be sought and reviewed in September. The book value of the existing pipeline now. OSbn, and funds raised from the sale would go largely an debt reduction. Harry's Camp is a private game reserve measuring 1 hectares located in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.

The property forms one of the eastern -farms Incorporated in the Sabi Sand Wildtuin, which is an association of private landowners comprising an area of 62 hectares. Harry's Camp is strategically situated, sharing a common two sided unfenced boundary with the world famous Kruger National Park and has two of South Africa's most successful private game reserves as Its neighbours, with Mala- Mala to the north and Sabi Sabi to the west The perennial Sand River flows through the property for 3,5 kilometers from north to south, permitting unhindered access to the river by Africa's wildlife from the Kruger National Park.

Identification of the potential acquiror including details of shareholders Of a corporate entity ; Contact details of the potential acquiror postal address, telephone, facsimile and e-mail address and preferred method of contact ; and Based on the registrations of interest submitted, approved potential acquirors will be determined and notified accordingly.

For the purpose of evaluating the possible acquisition of Harry's Camp, a confidential sale memorandum and detailed timetable will be provided only to the approved potential acquirors upon signature of a confidentiality letter and payment of a non- refundabie documentation fee or ZAR 2 , per confidential sale memorandum requested. Phase 1 The approved potential acquirors who receive the confidential sale memorandum will be required to submit an initial offer of purchase in a prescribed form.

Based on the initial offers submitted, the potential acquirors win be advised whether or not they have been selected to participate In phase 2 of the select lender disposal process Phase 2 Once the selection under phase 1 has been made, the selected potential acquirors will be permitted to carry out a due diligence investigation of Harry's Camp in accordance with prescribed procedures.

Any purchaser must make an offer of purchase irrevocable tor a sixty day period which will entitle existing members of the association the right to match the offer available. Potential acquirors can obtain initial information on Harry's Camp by accessing the Mala Mala website at www.

The management and employees of Mala Mala and Harry's Camp should not be contacted under any circumstances. Johannesburg 18 May Addressing a committee in Bering dismissing election rules and procedures for the legislature, Mr Qian said arrangements f.

Law provided for gradual democratic development and elections would be fair, he said. Mr Chris Patten, the Hong Kong governor, and pro-democracy parties have claimed the aim. The dedsipn comes In the wake of a highly controversial power struggle within ANA which resulted in Ihe decision to resign of the airline's respected president, Mr Seffl Fukatsu.

Mr Wakasa, who was convicted in the Lockheed bribery scandal in the s which involved high-ranking businessmen and politicians, foffodfog a fanner prime minister,, had dashed with Mr Fukatsu oyer personnel issues and management Style and triggered the latter's unexpected resignation. AGcMyo Nakamoto, Tokyo Editorial Comment, Page 23 Megawati will refuse to vote Indonesia's ousted opposition leader, Ms Megawati Sukarnoputri pictured left , proclaimed publicly for the first time yesterday that she would not vote in the general elections next week and advised her supporters not to cast ballots in favour of the minority party she used to lead.

Indonesians are due to vote on May 29, when President Suharto's ruling Golkar party is expected to win a sixth five-year mandate. Although Ms Megawati did not call for a mass boycott, her decision not to vote will be an example to others, including her supporters and those disillusioned with President Suharto's 30 or so years in power. The Indonesian authorities engineered the removal of Ms Megawati as leader of the PDI last year in a move that led to some of the worst rioting seen in the capital Jakarta in over a decade.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Dr Mahathir said that economic realities had left Malaysia with no choice but to roll back some aspects of the preferential treatment accorded to bumiputras indigenous peoples. All the bumiputras who can be employed are employed. We are short of skilled labour. Dr Mahathir is in the UK to promote the MSC, the infrastructure for which is currently being built Another sign of change is a special dispensation prom- ised to high-technology com- panies which plan to list on - a new Malaysian stock exchange, called Mesdaq, due to open late this year.

Dr Mahathir promised that multi-media operations in the MSC would be subject 'to minimal regulation, and no censorship, which operates in the rest of the country. But he insisted controls woifld remain on electronic information outside the MSC. That does not mean' they can distribute through- out the country if it would be harmful. The prime mfnigter argued that ihe policy of affirmative action, introduced after har- rowing race riots in , had been a success, and bunuputra companies were now competing successfully in sectors such as informa- tion technology.

The bumiputras are today much more confident that they can compete with others. He policy sets out quotas for bumiputras at all levels of the corporate hierarchy, for university stu- dents,, in the allocation of housing, shares and many other resources. Observers in Kuala Lumpur believe that any such process will be slow. Passage of the biD would permit Mr Cardoso to he the first president since the founding of the republic in to be a candidate for re-election and would give a boost to the government's efforts to push other hey reforms through Congress.

Although the senate stm has to vote again on the amendment, political ana- lysts said yesterday the re- election hill was now almost certain to be passed. Senate approval of the bill had been seen as a formality until a Brazilian newspaper published allegations last week that several deputies had been paid to vote in favour of re-election when the lower house approved the amendment in January. The newspaper also printed a conversation in which one of the deputies said part of the money h ad come from Mr Sergio Motta, the commrmlpatinna minis- ter and a close ally of Mr 1 Cardoso.

First-quarter retail sales were 38 per cent below the level for the first quarter of , itself down 10 per cent from Reports linking a surge in the money supply in recent weeks to crucial congressio- nal elections to be held on July 6 angered the bank, and normally reclusive top offi- cials leapt to defend them- selves.

In , a presidential elec- tion year, the bank let the money supply grow ahead of demand, a move thought to have contributed to the devaluation. Republicans have backed away from their plans for a radical overhaul of the regulatory agency, and are instead seeking bipartisan support for piecemeal reforms. A proposal to allow independent approval of life-saving devices as well was dropped to improve the chances that Democrats will support the bilL The cumbersome regulatory process has meant new techn ologies are introduced overseas first.

The bill would allow devices approved overseas to come immediately to the JS market, because the US would accept international performance standards. Patti Waldmeir. Washington Review for company auditors The US's first broad review in nearly 15 years of the independence of company auditors is set to begin within weeks, following agitation from Mr Arthur Levitt, chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

That push has raised concerns in some quarters that accounting firms are now so dependent on their customers for other fees that the independence of their audit work could be in danger. The new board, with four members drawn from the accounting profession and four from outside AjsffiwJy to lay out a timetable for overhauling the SECs existing standards when It meets for the v. Richard Waters. A recent poll showed a 20 per cent foil over the past month in approval for Mr.

Cardoso, who had enjoyed a reputa- tion of being free of corrup- tion, although his rating is still high. The senate voted 63 to 6 in favour of the amendment, well ahead of the 49 votes needed to pass a constitu- tional amendment. Many Opposition deputies were not present. The final vote on the bill, which also allows state governors and mayors to stand for re-election, is not expected until at least June 4.

One is that of Mr Jean-Clnude Duvalier, the former dictator, over- thrown and exiled by a popu- lar rebellion ll years ago. Mr Prfeval, facing a wave of pub- lic protests against his attempts to deregulate the - economy, and hampered by a widening split in the politi- cal coalition which ensured his election 18 months ago, declined the offer. But the president is more worried by an insistent voice from the immediate past.

At the centre of their dis- agreement is the effort to privatise unprofitable state enterprises, including the telecoms and power compa- nies. After several months' indecision, during which street protests broke out against the privatisations, Haitian legislators approved the programme late last year.

The government is planning to invite bids for the enterprises. Implementing the eco- nomic reforms will unlock hundreds of mini ons of dol- lars promised by donors and creditors. Mr P rival con- tends also that unless infra- structure such as telecoms, electricity and transport are modernised.

Some foreign assistance may follow parliament's rati- fication of the budget this month, seven months into the fiscal year. More than two thirds of the budget is being financed by foreign aid, withheld while legisla- tors hesitated. The government has been financing its operations mainly through tax receipts, and all capital spending has been frozen.

A wave of violent crime has also added to Mr Prfev- Bl's problems. Several people have been killed since the start of this year in what government officials say are fights among gangs involved In illegal drugs. An Interna- tional peacekeeping force has been assisting Haiti's newly created constabulary. With the lack of the substantial quan- tities of foreign assistance promised, most Haitians have yet to see an improve- ment in their lives since the military junta was forced out of the country by a US invasion four years ago.

Widespread public disen- chantment is reflected in the frequent strikes and street protests which have hit the country in recent months. Protests organised by popu- list groups have demanded the resignation of Mr Rosny Smarth, the prime minis ter, for wanting to implement economic reforms. If another motion is successful, Mr Smarth will be forced to resign, further disrupting the government's economic programme. The fam- ily dictatorship which ruled the country for 30 years has some support, but many of its excesses are still fresh in Haitian minds.

Mr Duvalier could expect to be the sub- ject of widespread anger. Containing this would be another problem Mr Preval could do without. They created it. As well as astute asset management, it comprises a level of personal ser- vice and respect for privacy that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. The prices of other transport companies with rail interests also fell sharply as the City reacted. Mrs Margaret Beckett, president of the board of trade [chief trade minister], ignored the advice of Mr John Bridgeman, director-general of lair trading, to clear the ScotRaQ acquisition - provided National Express sold off its Scottish coach company - and to show the Cen- tral Trains acquisition through without conditions.

There was strong competition in Scotland from other bus and train operators, he added. National Express would have liked the opportunity to discuss the possible divestment of Scottish Citylink, its Scottish express rrtarhpK s ubsidiar y, and hoped to dismss this and other options with the MMC.

Earlier this year it was forced to give guarantees that it would not increase coach fares or reduce time tables to win MMC approval for its acquisition of the Midland Main Line franchise. Mr Howard Davies, deputy governor of the B ank of England, has two months before he is due to take over as chairman of the Securities and Investments Board, the umbrella regulator which is to assume responsibility for regulating everything from banking to pension sales.

But although the broad outline of the new super SIB has been sketched by Mr Gordon Brown, the chan- cellor of the exchequer, many of the details of how it will work remain to be filled In. The financial institutions which will come under Mr Davies's wing now want to know where they stand as soon as possible.

In a first phase, responsibility for supervising banks will be transferred to SIB by a bill that is expected to be passed before the end of this year. Sir Andrew Large, who will hand over SIB rha irmanship to Mr Davies in July, has been given until then to draw up a blueprint detailing how the self regulatory organisations should be merged into an enlarged SIB. Mr Thorpe said that the three SROs currently use different supervision and enforcement methods to regulate their industries.

If several methods are to be used then how do it in one organisation? Mr Thorpe also said that the three SROs have different enforcement styles, including the level of fines they levy. Fund management houses which have come under Imro say that their regulator has been tough and effective. They complain, however, that competitors offering much the same kind of product who happened to be regulated by less effective organisations such as Fimbra and Lautro - now merged into the PIA - have got away with a much lighter regulatory regime.

More in line with US and Germany W ithin two weeks, Mr Gor- don Brown, the chancel- lor, announced two of the biggest changes that could happen to a central bank: virtual indepen- dence in the pursuit of monetary policy, and its physical separation from banking supervision. The changes will bring the Bank of England more into line with the Bundesbank and the Federal Reserve, both structurally and culturally.

It will look more towards the country as a whole, and much less to the City of London. It will focus more on fighting inflation. It does not mean that the Bank of England will cease to concern itself about systemic failures. Out of political considerations, the future European Central Bank will also fall in the same category of central banks.

French officials have expressed sus- picion that Germany may use the ECB to promote Frankfurt as a financial centre at the expense of Paris. By contrast, the old Bank of England's remit haa been wider. It Had an explicit role as a guardian, lobbyist and policeman of the finan- cial system in general and the City of London in particular. In future its role mil decline to that of a customer of the financial system. Indepen- dent central banks, for exam- ple, tend to be far less discreet and secretive.

Furthermore, the Bank will have to take on a political dimension, since setting monetary policy remains a highly political task. Even hardline monetarists acknowledge that monetary policy req ui res a great deal of Judgment in addition to scientific analysis.

The political battles previously took place at the monthly monetary policy meetings between the chan- cellor and the governor of the Bank. This will shift to inside the Bank itself - to the Bank's proposed mon- etary committee,. Since the government has removed itself from the process, it may now have to inject politics into the central bank as a recompense. The boards of the Federal Resave and the Bundesbank are highly politicised. Mr Hans Tietmeyer, the president, was a former finance ministry official and dose adviser to Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

The Bundesbank council also indudes a former EU commissioner and a state finance minister. The Bank of England may find it will have to develop more finely fam pH political antennae - listening especially to the concerns of the regions, especially after devolution. The regional representatives on the board of the Bundesbank, widely dismissed as backwoodsmen, are a powerful force in German monetary policy.

If Britain were to join European economic and monetary union, fall central bank Independence would be a legal prerequisite, set out in the Maastricht Treaty. By opting for this particular structure, Mr Brown has taken an important step in the preparation for Emu, whether by intent or not. Wolfgang Miinchau fears that those awarded rail; fran- chises could also come under 1 scru- tiny.

Nati onal Express was the most successful bidder for rail' fran- chises, winning five of the 25 on offer - more than any other bidder. Apart from the three subject to competition inquiries, it also owns the Gatwick Express and North London Railways franchises. Its move into rail services fol- lowed its earlier expansion out of coaches into airports and buses. In the past, the ministry has been accused of putting industry concerns before those of consumers. Food policy experts have criticised the advisory committees - such as those on BSE or mad-cow disease, and novel foods, including genetically modified organisms - for being the preserve of scien- tists arirt industry represen- tatives.

However, after only three weeks in a job which he did not expect before the general election, Mr Cunningham has yet to make any impor- tant policy decisions, for instance an the beef export ban, fishing quotas or reform of the Common. Half the CAP budget went on supporting cereals, beef and milk, prod- ucts which were in access supply.

He is to discuss the milk regime over the week- end at an informal meeting of the European Union agri- culture council. On the beef ban. He was upbeat about the prospects for multi-party talks, which resume on June 3 and said devolution for the province could follow the same timetable as Scotland and Wales, with legislation Introduced next year.

Progress bin gal however, on nationalist representa- tives, particularly Mr John Hume, the Social Democratic and Labour Party leader, being prepared to engage in talks in the absence of Sinn F6in, the political wing of the Irish Republican Army. But Ms Mowlam said she meant that no one party should have a veto. Even this was implicitly denied by Mr Trimble. Mr Blair said conditions for Sinn Fdin's entry into the negotiations remained an unequivocal IRA ceasefire in which words were matched by deeds.

She will be meeting government offi- cials and leading Irish- American politicians. The trials will take place in the UK this year. The aim is to test the feasibility of developing a mobile phone network combining the best features of Europe's GSM standard and its US competi- tor. The new packages are sim- ilar to those pioneered two years ago by another mobile operator, Orange, in which a number of free minutes of talk time is included in a monthly fee.

OneOne has been strug- gling to overcome the effects of a launch initiative in which customers were offered free calls at the weekend and in off-peak hours, resulting in conges- tion on the airwaves and loss of revenues. GSM Global Standard for Mobile telephony , however, has been established in Europe since and is used by more than 40m cus- tomers in countries.

It is gaining popularity in the US with , customers in North American cities. The trials will involve four CDMA commercial base sta- tions and a controller pro- vided by Qualcomm, while Vodafone will provide the physical sites and a mobile switching centre.

The hand- sets will be modified Qual- comm phones using software from The Technology Part- nership, a small UK consul- tancy whose technology is increasingly used by mobile phone manufacturers. The companies said the results of the trial would be available to the mobile com- munications co mmuni ty with a view to helping in the development of a third gen- eration standard. The partnership's custom- ers include Toshiba of Japan and Hagen uk of Germany. The company said it bad about 10 per cent of the world market for handset technology.

After a meeting of the backbench committee, Tory MPs decided the contest to replace Mr John Major should be run under easting rules. This would almost certainly enebmpass a change to the method by which new leaders canhe elected. But the Conservatives could face foe-embarrassment of having a new leader elected by MPs at Westminster while the unofficial poll conducted by foe activists selects some- one else. The warning, in the Edinburgh institutions annual report, angered the government, which laid great empha- sis on Scottish and Welsh devolution in its election cam- paign.

Other supporters of devolution have accused Sir Bruce of scaremangering. The revenue would supplement the annual grant Scotland receives from the Treasury. It is foe fifth rolling stock order to be placed since rail privatisation and confirms the growing momentum of new train orders following a gap of nearly three years while British Rail was sold off It is the first time that new trains have been ordered to allow an increase in service frequencies rather than to replace obsolete rolling stock, said Mrftichard Brown,.

The new trains will be run in conjunction with Midland Main Line's existing fleet of 14 high-speed t rains which are being refurbished and which will concentrate on. The deal has been financed by Porterbrook Leasing, foe rolling stock leasing company acquired last July by Stagecoach, the bus and trains group. It expects the economy to expand by 3. As a result, foe Exchange faced a monumental task in cutting costs in lme with future income.

This culture, which pro- motes academic achievement over job-finding, was blamed in the report for a low level of job expectations among students. Only just over a quarter of 12, final-year students surveyed in 24 top universities said they believed they would start a graduate job after univer- sity. Mr Martin BurchaU, direc- tor of the research consul- tants, criticises universities for falling to encourage stu- dents to plan their careers.

The problems are so entrenched that Sir Ron Hearing is expected to bbIw a number of recommenda- tions for reform in his review of higher education. It would seem that the tra- ditionalists are already foe- fog pressure for change from within the system! Such statistics, however, have been notori- ously hard to come by, par- ticularly when universities suspect they may be included in Teague tables. There is also a caveat attached to -such tables in that many of the universities which tend, to do well in these comparisons run a high number of sandwich courses.

It might, however, be possible to include a weighting to account for such courses. It may also be possible to puKUshi other figures which could be useful' to prospec- tive students. He found big Inconsisten- des in the quality of careers advice at different universi- ties with ratios of students to advisers ranging from 1. There are other factors in the High Flyers Research findings. Graduate employ- ers, which predict a 12 per cent rise in job vacancies, should not be so surprised if students are reluctant to embark on their careers.

Some students who have absorbed the rhetoric that suggests there are no longer jobs for life have become wary about pursuing careers where they feel there is no guaranteed future. Watte points to the increasing demands of aca- demic life, including greater use of continuous assess- ment, which encourage stu- dents to concentrate on the university work. But such changes, be argues, should not prevent universities from encouraging students to think about their careers at an. Mr Hamm's demand for universities to become more active would seem to make sense.

But it begs the ques- tion of whether some can change. These are issues which need to be addressed in detail- If universities are not prepared to put their careers departments on a more professional footing, there may be an argument for scrapping them and either privatising the best ones or centralising the function so that all students can obtain the best advice. Sport selection Football club managers accustomed to reading about vacancies in the sports news columns migbt have been intrigued to see a newspaper advertisement last week for the job of general manager - football operations, and first team coach at Celtic Football Club in Glasgow.

The departure of Mr Tommy Burns has not only led to a search for his suc- cessor but has also resulted in a remodelling of the club's management along continen- tal lines, separating team coaching duties from those of the general manager who will be responsible for bud- gets, player transfers and club's overall performance. The club has asked Mel- ville Craig Group, an Edinburgh-based human resources consultancy, to find the right person.

Mr Craig Paterson, group man- aging director, says the group, which has also been appointed to find a chief executive for the Scottish Rugby Union, has pioneered a new market In sports man- agement recruitment. Fifteen to 20 years ago, revenue channels were mostly related to gate receipts and match pro- grammes.

Today the clubs have to deal with a series of different channels covering such areas as TV, catering and merchandising," he says. Mr Paterson, who has con- centrated on soccer clubs, believes there is potential to sell recruitment services to other sports. Hus week NBS. Mr Parker believes candidates need to have a feel for the sport, which would favour former competitors, but the broader managerial skills needed to develop profes- sional sport offer scope for skilled managers to enter sports administration.

Athletes and players who are seeking a future in sports management might also look at developing their business skills by tniting an MBA or some other business qualification at the end of their careers. An outstanding opportunity now exists for a qualified professional to join the London product control team. Reporting to the Head of Product Control the role will have an unusually high profile -within the organisation.

Other more complex products are constantly being added to the portfolio such as structured derivatives and emerging markets instruments. The role win particularly appeal to those candidates who are frustrated by the narrowness of their role in heir present organisation and would like to see the direct impact their work has on the wider implications of the business. The suitable applicant will need to be flexible able to work as part of a team and confident in liaising with traders and other departments.

In addition, they will be expected to take an active part in die stock selection process. An In-depth knowledge and thorough understanding of both UK and International stocks is essential, as are high levels of numeracy and computer literacy, S u per i or organisational, communication both written and oral , and team skills are mandatory- For the offshore team, a willingness to undertake some overseas travel is esscntiaL Another European language would be advantageous bur is not mandatory.

These positions offer on outstanding opportunity for those individuals who possess the individual Bair and ass ert i veness to succeed within a dynamic professional environment. Fax -W5 Ref It also has a substantial overseas business with independent power projects in Australia, Asia and Europe. PowerGen is actively expanding its overseas business and as a result needs to strengthen further its project finance ream to assist with international project development and funding.

This small highly focused team is involved in all aspects of financing overseas projects from the early stages through to completion. Specific responsibilities include project structuring and provision of advice on, and co-ordination of, the development, arrangement and negotiation of debt facilities on behalf of the company.

PowerGen takes an active role in the structuring and financing of all the projects in which it participate 3 and successful applicants will be expected to act as principals representing PowerGen in key negotiations. Excellent communication and pres en tation skills, combined with a confident and credible manner will be necessary to handle the many inter-relationships at senior level both internal and external to the or gani s atio n.

Existing experience within a project finance, structured finance or corporate background would be particularly relevant. Although London based, a significant proportion of time will be spent travelling to overseas locations, often at short notice. Successful c an didat es could expect to be offered opportunities for overseas postings after experience has been acquired in the London office. Candidates interested in working overseas are encouraged to apply. Please quote reference Sne of Germany's largest universal banking groups is expanding its international operatimrs An excellent opportunity exists for junior and 1 senror credrt analysts 0 expanding team.

The existing team wishes to continue its highly successful development through tbe appointment of two further investment executives. It is a dynamic and entrepreneurial organisation, reflecting the spirit of progress which continues apace in one of the most exciting markets in the world today.

This person will develop and implement a product and marketing strategy, co-ordinate the operation of the business, undertake new business initiatives and participate in the formation of investment strategy. They will also be expected to recruit and manage a team of individuals to be responsible for the component parts of the business. Equity participation in the asset management firm will be available for suitably qualified candidates.

Telephone: 44 60 d Fax: 44 e-mail: adriaikeemss. Morgan, a leading global investment bank, the continued growth of our European Equities business is creating further career opportunities in research. Based in London, our equity research effort focuses on selected pan-European sectors. Some experience of the chemicals industry would be preferable, although this is not absolutely essential.

The abifitv to JPMorgan provide effective marketing support will also be key. Regular interaction with fund managers and companies, and frequent travel to Europe can be anticipated You will need at least a degree in a business, economics or accounting discipline, preferably supported by an MBA. Fluency in at least one other language, preferably French or German, would be an advantage. You will bave a high level of self-motivation, excellent verbal and written communication skills, strong financial modelling expertise and the ability to work effectively as part of a team.

Closing dare for applications: 28th May Masai Searties Ltd. Movn Secures toe. The European Bank supports projects through lending, taking equity positions and providing technical assistance. The Banking Department focuses. Along wirh a competitive- compensation and relocation package, we offer action, and achievement in a truly historical enterprise. With an impressive track record already established, the firm is looking to add a number of key individuals to its Fixed Income division as follows: Head of Market Making - Russian Fixed Income A fixed income professional to make markets in Russian local.

The successful will run a team of traders.

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Management has based forward-looking statements on current expectations and assumptions and not on historical facts. Among the important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those indicated in such forward-looking statements include the effects of economic and market conditions in the jurisdictions in which BetMGM operates, competition with other iGaming and sports betting platforms, the timing and costs of expanding in new jurisdictions as well as obtaining and maintaining the required permits, licenses, financings, approvals and other contingencies in connection with growth in new or existing jurisdictions.

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