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Online football betting in ghana was the satanic church

It is not a work list. Are you angry at God? Tell Him! Tell Him what you believed you would achieve from being a Christ — follower! Hold nothing back! And when you have completely emptied yourself to Him be silenced and open to the answer He is going to provide. Twenty or one hundred years may seem a long time but nothing compares to eternity!

God loves you dearly no matter what you think or the world tells you. He has made you fearfully and wonderfully, He knew you before you were knitted in the womb. And the devil? He hates Jesus and wants to destroy something Jesus loves. Be strong and courageous dear friend! The biggest misconception today is that we can save ourself, having not heard a calling in our spirit. The Holy Spirit must be dealing with us drawing us to Christ when we call to be saved because only the Holy Spirit knows when our heart is sincerely ready to take up our cross and daily and follow the Lord.

Did you feel genuine repentance, knowing that you had been living wickedly and you KNEW the you were in direct opposition to God and needed to realign yourself with Him? Or was it all about making sure you went to Heaven? Did you seek His face?

Did you have a hunger for Jesus and a thirst for the Word? Did you begin to see the things that are perfectly fine and normal before for their true sinful nature. True repentance leading to salvation brings true change of nature. You quit doing the things that you used to love but begin to be repulsed by.

You said that you wanted God to stop torturing you, pray to Him and ask Him to lead you to true repentance by helping you hate what is wicked and love what is good. Notice that it was when Job fully surrendered to God that He received back everything he had lost, and doubly so. God is faithful. We are the the unfaithful ones who separate ourselves from Him. We have all done it. We always think that a new man or a new woman is the answer! If I just find the right one I will be happy and content.

Was He in your heart? Or only in your pocket? But these are honest questions to ask yourself as you seek counsel from the Lord. If He shows you that there are truths, confess, repent and ask Him to help you do it right this time. Probably you need God the most right now, Bless you, son. I understand that this road that we walk in with the Lord is enduring and a challenging one. Know this, God does not tempt man.

God is a Holy, sovereign, and jealous God. As well as, gracious, merciful, loving, and patient with His children us. Plus so much more. So, know if anyone is tormenting you it is Satan himself putting lies in your mind that God can do anything that is not of righteousness unto who He is for the Christian life. However, in spite of what you endured. Have you considered the kind of season, tests, and trials you were needed to grasp before coming to the above conclusion? God never left you during your circumstance and you can go to Him boldly, seeking His face and still small voice to show you the way towards receiving the woman He has for you.

Know that He is in control and wants to show you great and mighty things. Your spirit is troubled and I will be praying for you. Pour out your heart to Him in sincerity and come unto the Lord with anything you need to confess to Him about first. I hope all is well!

Here is a link for you to read too. Maybe you should start out by saying the Church is Perfect but Christians make mistakes. Likewise maybe you should say worship instead of church. God took notice of us and added us to The Church. I was raised in the church and have ministers in my family. I tell everyone I know about God and all the miracles and things that he has done and provided for me and others who believe in him. I might not know my scriptures but I know that our God is a forgiving and wonderful God my husband said he got a vision from God of what he needs to do when he was young.

He says God wants to expose them.. Is that true. He watches a few people on YouTube who are against the government but they use scriptures to show that what they say and believe is scripture. If you would answer my questions and send it to me so I can show him maybe I can show him why I feel the way I do in order for us to get closer with the Lord.

Pray to God for help too but you must get yourself out of your situation or tell your husband to get help for his problems because you cannot go on like this. There must be someone, just one person, you can confide in and ask for help and advice as your home situation is not a good one and you deserve to be happy — I am 57 and been on my own after an abuse relationship, not hitting but he controlled me and I was desperately unhappy — on my own for 15 years now and never regretted getting out of that.

If you love your husband and want to be with him then talk to him sincerely and tell him you are unhappy and things need to change, if you do not love him and want out you need to do something fast! God bless you. But telling someone to leave their spouse for any reason other than what Jesus states is wrong. You should be praying with them, encouraging them to work their marriage in a Godly way.

The advise given to her is good. Work it out if you can but if his anger and violence is ruining your life then respect his choice and move on with what God wants you to do. God does not require one to stay when there is danger to life as she discribes…. The World is incapable of righteousness, because righteousness only comes by belief in the Resurrection of Christ on the third day by someone who has verbally confessed Master Jesus due to believing His death is effective to save.

If it helps anyone here, remember that Paul said that he was convinced that nothing is unlawful for us, but not everything is expedient to bring about goodness. If you are a Christian, do the best righteousness you can and take all your next steps, regardless of how the surface looks. If you are of the World, leave from here. These things are not for you. You must only confess with your mouth Master Jesus due to believing His death is effective to save and believe that He was buried, then He was raised up from death on the third day in accordance with the prophesies of the Scriptures, and then He was seen by a great cloud of witnesses, indeed.

Run to Master Jesus. Christian, rely on Master Jesus, and He will promote you. Hi Maggie. Your selfishness, pride and self-righteousness is not what Jesus Christ teaches us. The Truth is that you deserve Hell Maggie just as much as the worst of husband abusers, including your own husband who you justify yourself to abuse in return for his abuse. You should address your hardened-heart honestly to be able to start to forgive yourself and others, including God and including your own husband, of both whom you lost faith in and are still forsaking all these years later.

His disciples; brothers, sisters, husbands and wives should be supporting each other in our assurance and faith to God, allowing our hard trials and difficult circumstances to build us up, and to create for us endurance and hope to be sought after, and definitely should not be used as an attempt to justify our sin of divorce and promote abuse to response to abuse.

Your suggestion to this woman to leave her spouse for any reason is atrociously evil and not of the Holy Spirit Maggie, and you are called to repent immediately. Best, Robert. Master Jesus, You know the problems we face when our loved ones are full of hatred and obstinate disregard of Your will. Please give us peace of mind to continue to rely on You no matter what others do. Make us loving in the face of hatred and generously giving, doing what we know You want us to do, even in the face of fearful abandonment that disregards You in search of fear-laced lusts.

You know how to break the strongholds. Break them in this case, and glorify Yourself by transforming the lives of all those whom You know belong to You, Master Jesus. Thank You. Start there. Looks like you married a man who is alienated to God.

Accuses everyone else including his own wife — his supporter for 25 years! Hates US authority enstated by God. Listens only to those on YouTube who speak into his judgmental and criticizing heart. He has love for diverse arguments — have nothing to do with them. There is no love nor forgiveness for people.

No patience nor teaching in love. You are inviting us to be your conscience to help you as your conscience is being seared by an external bully! Their obedience to a command to be separate from the Gentiles. EZRA 10 17 and by the first day of the first month they had come to the end of all the men who had married foreign women. Of the gatekeepers: Shallum, Telem, and Uri.

Like many of you, we have been disappointed with the church. The building, the organisation, with all the structures etc. I grew up with the concept that church was to do with the venue, where you go for worship, and the church as the building or house of God, and everything that associates with it is the church. Today I have been set free delivered by the idol called the church to how it was preached and reinforced by many who have either misled people or have taught on the subject.

I am the church, the body of Christ, the living temple of God. Jesus said if you love one another then the world will know that you are my disciples. Acts 2 how the believers lived their lives was so amazing that God begins to add numbers to the fellowship. But, the way they lived their lives that became very attractive.

My prayer as a Christian and as a pastor that we will go back to scripture. Many of this also had to do with the use of language that brings a lot of confusion and misunderstanding? I would love to expound a bit more but I will stop there for now and might continue later on. Bolster our faith in You on this Earth, and give us what we physically need.

Make us a beacon of light, and make us salt on the Earth to Your glory, great God. How relieving, refreshing, and encouraging it is to read and know, first, that other brothers and sisters in Christ have come to learn, realize, and to experience the church the way our Faithful Lord Jesus describes it and teaches us about in Scripture.

And secondly, that I am not and have never been alone. I so much resonate with your comment. Praised and Honored be to Him for spiritual discernment among the brethren! May His grace and mercy be with you all at all times in Jesus name. That God would use ordinary, broken human beings as vessels of his grace, and delight in it, is awe-inspiring. When writing something like this, consider the audience and not just want you are compelled to communicate.

I realize that allowing myself to be exposed to healthy Christians after learning to establish the right boundaries will challenge me not to end up following a Jesus that agrees with me and makes me feel perfectly comfortable.

I have had to deliberately separate what the church is with who Jesus really is. I have taken breaks to sit with God and worship in for a month before returning. I listen to sermon messages with solid teaching to make sure I remember who the person is beyond the building. I read my bible. I mean, I relate to those who have walked away so reading this, I see how it misses the mark. Of course you think that.

They know you do. Speak to them where they are, not where you are. Amen to you. Who is our doorway…. And I for one, am loving it! Who needs unity when the unity they offer is error? Not me! One with another is all over the New Testament. You and Jesus, your High Priest, are to share life one with another. You alone are not the body of Christ. We are. Who are YOU holding accountable? Looking for accountability? Disciple someone in Christ and hold him accountable as he will then do with you. Certainly you do not intend to hold Christ accountable, do you?

There is no such thing as a church of one. Hi Heather Z. They are coming to take me where Ruby Mama is. Papa pulled all the tubes out, and laid back on his pillow and was gone. He was 91 and never put his name of a man made church book. Those I would consider to be all the different denominations church books that keep records of what their members pay and do, that was not found in the book of Life.

I am 85, never had my name on no man made church book. God has used me as He did my parents. Since the Bible is our teacher, God can speak to us just as He did anyone in the Bible. Only believe. No one is born a sinner! No one has got to get born again! No one will go to hell for robbing God of tithes and offering! Ask God Almighty to open your eyes of understanding of His Word. God Bless every soul! Every one is a child of God, but every one does not obey our Heavenly Father.

Already born again to be able to call upon God for yourself! Believe, Repent, ask forgiveness and be Saved from your sins. Praying for everyone! I would love to have a printed copy of this article for my daughter. If you open a Word Document you can save a copy of the article there and then condense it yourself, deleting parts if you feel the need to do so, and then save changes and print your shorter version of the article.

To save document to Word , first press Control A on the web page to highlight the article, then Control C to copy then go to your new Word document and press Control V to paste the article there. I hope this helps, Joan. Just a thought — is the Lord using the gift of ministering giving practical help in this virtual church situation that we find ourselves in?

According to me Church is the place where people together without any discriminations, spreading love and faith and also good messages. I tried to explain this to my gf Prue a couple of years ago when we were splitting up but I think I made a mess of it. I hope so. It also helps me remember the logic behind my beliefs concerning God, Jesus, the Bible, etc. And churches. Thanks Aileen, I wrote this for general community consumption not as a reply to you but took advantage of your post until I can work out how to otherwise post a comment.

I quite church because all I found was discrimination. Lies like love the sinner, hate the sin. Whose sin. Hate your own sin, first. HE is Master, not your church and not your imagination about Him. He can see your heart, man! Fear Him!!!!

Fear, speak AND do this little thing, and trusting Him always to do it for us, since we know we have believed Him and confessed Him and done all God has given us little, putrid people to do. We get righteousness by believing the Resurrection! The Spirit Who raised Him from death is full of goodness and He loves righteousness — we real Christians have a literal new nature, not only psychologically but thoroughly and in fact.

When I look in a modern church, all I see is excessive wealth. The way that Churches seem to covet money is appalling. Churches religion is no longer about fellowship, God or Jesus, it has become a greed inspired business. Every week the Pastors sermon seems to include preaching about giving more money to the church.

How many billions of dollars worth of treasure does the Catholic church hoard in the Vatican. The same priest said that it is every day Christians that are to help the poor, not the churches responsibility. I agree that Christians do have a responsibility to help the poor even when you are one of the poor , but I believe that the church should be helping people. Church is always demanding more. I go to a Independent Baptist Church. I will never darken the door of another IFB church!

Yes, there are churches that seem to be constantly asking for money. If this has been your experience, please keep looking at different churches and ask God to send you to the right one. He will. Read that in Micah. Also, though churches are places to fellowship and worship God, your duty is to Him, not to the people running the church.

In other words, read your Bible and follow it, not the people. Blessings as you keep searching for Him. This article is a terrible attempt to guilt Believers. I got so screwed by this huge mega church in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Fancy cars, buildings and productions. A cheap imitation of Hollywood. And absolutely no accountability between attendees and leadership. Things get swept under the rug if ya know what I mean. I was devastated by what happened to me there and how I was treated when I transparently told leadership.

Hypocrites, backstabbers and liars. I will continue to read my Bible and pray and be accountable to my friends. Kenneth, what do these churches say about the gospel? I mean salvation doctrine? Being saved is the first priority, after all. What they seem to know for themselves and then what they tell others about it tells you whether they are trustworthy with other things.

Read it and do it directly. Do they say that salvation comes by calling on the name of Master Jesus, confessing Him with your mouth? Who are we to say that the action of confessing with our mouths Master Jesus is not really salvation, even though Paul — the Apostle to the wider world beyond Israel — explicitly said — twice — that it is the turning point by which we are saved!? Now, reset. Go back and ask if they even mention any such thing at all.

It is the definition of Christianity! Do they praise God for His death for our sins? Do they consider in spiritual songs the Spirit Who raised Him up from the dead, by Whose Law we do behave with right behavior Romans ? From there, do they feed you with knowledge that your sins are forgiven but that you must live by this other — non-written — law Romans ; Hebrews ?

Yearn toward God, Himself, directly, Christian! Love Him, and do whatever you know He has told us all. We are equal in Him. Take every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ 2 Corinthians Do everything, working toward Christ and making Christ your pleasure every day and at all times, especially as you believe more and more that He is your life!

We are not commanded to tithe. We are not ancient Israel!! The New Testament teaches us something wonderful about Law and about how we should act. Learn actual it, and live in Christ by His Spirit. That priest had no idea what the truth was just like most these churches now days, your story actually makes every fiber of me want to cry for you. I am so sorry they have treated you and many others this way Yah does love you sir.

What they will achieve in life who have done with the church? Patience is important, if you are keen to enjoy good times, be prepared for bad times as well. Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men[a] 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God. The bulk of the LGBT ppl hate the church because they tell themselves that they are not sinful, or that the church hates them because it tells them the truth.

Yes, you are sinful. So am I. So are drunks, con artists, prostitutes, and depressed people. We are letting sin control our political and social behaviors. So back to the point. These people want to remake the church so that it tells them what they want to hear, refusing to accept it until they split the church or something. If you killed two kids because you got really drunk one night and drove around, which is a more authentic message?

High places.. You say people want to re-make the church so that it tells them what they want to hear.. These confessions seem genuine, but you lack two things: 1 Confess verbally and openly admit that Jesus is Master. That is the only way the Bible gives us to be saved. If you are totally unwilling, how do you know that the license you take is not an indication that you have not really confessed Jesus is Master? Christians do try to do the right thing in every area, and God pulls us up to doing so when we cry out to Him with a whole heart.

People feel compelled into sin because of their lusts, and supernaturally compelled because of demons. There is a demon of homosexuality. God graciously warned us against the act. That is why the Church is so very much against it. Do not think of hurt feelings anymore, but laud Christ openly with actions that support words that are of great value in bringing Christians together. The church pedestalizes women and ignores their sin or blames it all on men, while endlessly castigating men for sin both real and imagined and labeling them with every negative label possible, the same way the world does.

The church worships not The Lord, but weddings, marriage, children and families. The church alienates single men and then asks where they are. As long as ageism, misandry, familyolitry and marriage statism are the orders of the day, the men will stay away.

And last but definitely not least, how about teaching the Word Of God, as in the full council? All you do now is cherry pick verses entirely out of context and make entire doctrines around them. Every self proclaimed christian I come across are all racial homophobes with no respect for women. Sam…Your perspective got my attention.

However, it did not seem repulsive or unjust because it was Eve, after all, who introduced rebellion against the law of God. Grace… lol This is exactly why people leave the church—idiots who claim to know how God thinks. This judgmental attitude is what will be your downfall. However, to the hypocrite like you that believes that they speak for God, they have never sinned a day in their life.

Why did the son of man, choose a woman to be the very first person to see him after he rose from the dead? I believe its because women are very important to the church. Excellent article.. Thanks for the blog post. Really thank you! Much obliged.. My age, gender, marital status and parental status. The church does not want single, mature unchilded men in its congregations. Knowing already what most of the churches think of people like me, I emailed several churches just to test the waters before going, to see if a mature, single, unmarried and unchilded man would be welcome.

No church — not one — even cared enough to respond to my questions. Let that sink in. I did. When you single ladies wonder where the single men are in church, ask your pastors. Potential rapist. Toxic masculinity. This is what the church thinks of people like me. Thank you so much, church. The love of Jesus is so evident in you. I Have never been so betrayed than by those who sit in the seat of judgment in the name of Christ who loves me. I know they are few and far between who strive to realy know him.

I hope for you brother and know the feeling of exile from the hearts that do not know him. I have no understanding of how you could have taken offense at my encouraging and real response to your dilemma. If you simply hate, then why look for people to try to be around in order to understand Christ together. Go off in your loneliness and find Him — He is there, also, you know. Go away from these toxic churches. Think about it.

Do you want a church that tells you that you are entirely wicked, even in your good works? Then find one also that tells you — overtly says it from time to time — that salvation comes certainly but only to whoever calls on the name of Master Jesus, due to believing His death is effective to save all who do call on His name in faith.

Jeremy, after that rude response to Fred, perhaps you should start working on being the best Christian the world has ever seen before you tell others to do so. Or am I asking too much for you to actually lead by example? Can you be more specific? Perhaps you can help by pointing out my actual error. I am so sorry for your hurt. I have been hurt by the church too. However, I am praying for you.

I hated the church so much that there came a time I thought of hurting all them…I was going to kill those in my own church. I was bitter and mad at my church. I was treated like a loser and outsider in my own youth group. I was mad and angry. I just had to go to church because of parents and had no choice, end of the story. I have so many examples of leaders I that I trusted let me down and many others. I got into a dark place, with thoughts of taking matters into my own hands.

However, something happened. I realized I had hurt people too and I was no better. I cried out to God to save me and He did. He wrapped me into His arms and worked on my heart…it was a slow pace but He changed me and healed me. In spite of all the pain I have experienced in the church, I am learning to love them anyway because I have been like them too and I am one of them.

I am so sorry you are done with the church but if you are, I just want you to know that God never was done with me and I struggle seeing why He is done with you or even His screwed up church. Let me know how I can pray for you. Kill me. You have no idea how much fellowship I want in the church. I desire it soo much that sometimes I get depressed and feel soo alone and sad. However, God has called to be a pastor and I must have sheep to even shepherd in the first place.

You know why? However, I cannot do that alone. Your whole comment just seems so detached from the actual purpose of church. Like really? When hundreds or thousands move away from a product they used to use and like, then you gotta start looking at the company.

For 1 it is not my intention to make this all about myself. But this is a personal topic for me and important to me. So yes there is a personal piece for me just as it would be for anyone in the church. You accused me of being selfish just because I am being transparent. Label me with all other Christians or believers. You assumed and judged me like you know my heart and get me. Only God does and you have no right to set yourself up as God on the judgement seat. It is NOT about going to church but it is about being the church.

But again you have no idea what I believe, and you just judge me like I do. I meet with two guys, we read the Bible together, we fellowship at restaurants and places we eat. I still call that church by the way. But instead, like any internet comment section it becomes a place of judgement and condemnation. I forgive you guys by the way. Okay man, listen. I am and was angry with you. Maybe I was more angry than I needed to be, because I understand the both of us are just two idiots on a keyboard making statements with flawed knowledge.

What irritates me about what you said, is that I was not talking to you. You have written all over this post and made you points abundantly clear and you chose to butt into a conversation where I was reaching out to try and talk to someone. You seem to not have proofread your post or you are completely ignorant to how it may come across to a reader who is already extremely disenfranchised with the contemporary western christian religion. I really really encourage you to reread what I said and what other people have said to check to see if it may actually apply to you.

You come across as insanely pretentious and downright emotionally manipulative. Generally people that identify these things take exception to them. I left the church because I was having to fight it to teach children what the bible actually says. That does nothing for me, mainly because I did not apologize and just saying that you forgive us btw just sounds passive aggressive.

I should do better in how I communicate and respond. You are welcome to believe what you want about me or anyone. You have that right. Being rejected by people in church because you are a single man. I am sorry. Rejection sucks. Jesus was rejected by His own. He knows how you feel. I have been mis judged and rejected too by people in church. Rejection and mis judged and gossiped about makes me or anyone want to run and protect themselves from being hurt like that again.

He suffered the whole thing even into death but came back to life and is ready to receive any one who rejected Him. The Father in the story of the prodigal son was rejected. Please forgive the people who were prejudice against you because you are a single man. Jesus also said if you love those who love you what due is that?

Go to church and draw your strength from Christ to love those blind prejudice people to Christ. I have been there. But through Christ I persevered and He changed me and He changed them. I still go through it sometimes. But it makes me more like Christ. Well, count the cost. The path of the cross is painful and often feels lonely. But you are never alone.

Believe the bible not your feelings or what you see in your circumstances. How wonderfull is the working of LOVE. His words through believers ministering to one another. I am encouraged. He is in you. Seriously Dave, you need to get professional help from a therapist or psychiatrist.

For your own well-being. We are both victims of spiritual abuse. However, having the urge to kill everyone at your church for any reason is absolutely not acceptable and I fear what would happen if you go through that again. If you lived in My town we would welcome you with open arms. Everyone is welcome and we except new people as family. Married, single, divorced, black, white.

Vernon, Illinois. When did the ecclesia meeting on a Sunday become an outreach for the unsaved. Then there is the problem of seeming to be in an audience looking, rather than being in fellowship with each other and the Holy Spirit leading. The clock has become important though. The thing is, I have been out of church and content, but did not see anyone retired. No christians I know willing to meet house to house.

We still watch. I agree with you but however if we meet, we must meet together and do life. If we cannot do that then what is the point of being the church. The problem is not where we meet together to do life but the problem is in America…. If the underground church in China is willing to still do like with each other, and not give up on meeting with each other, then what is our excuse?

I am hurt, does not match my lifestyle? You got to be kidding me. Dear God, I forgive your people……your church for the hurts they have caused me. Do not hold this sin against them. I know they have hurt me but I refuse to give up on your people, as some are choosing to do.

I forgive those people too, please lead them back. According to Church is a place where everyone is equal and get blessings by Jesus Christ an believes in Humanity. Please show me the spot in the bible where going into a building and being told to stand, sit, sing, stand, sit, sing the same songs every week and years , pray, and then pay in advance for a performance while the pastor makes a nice salary, hires family and friends into leadership and grows their business is biblical thing?

How about come down to an old fashioned alter and get right or many of the other man made traditions? But you might have to leave behind some of your old notions and open your mind and heart to the evidence that God is not dead and has given more evidence of Himself and His Son than just a Bible that has been translated by hundreds of imperfect hands. What you said is that just because you cannot see it, that means it is not there. That is Humanism, not Christianity.

Jesus Christ does not bless humanity, but His Own Christians, even when we forget Him, because He has us in holy special relationship. HI, I am unable to find anyone in my community that is willing to get up before dawn and meet daily. I am not a fool, I am sure there are a few that would but I cannot find them.

Therefore, I get up and worship, study and pray on my own. My local congregation has very little interest in these things. How do I seek this biblical church experience that you recommend? I have begun praying that God would lead me to these people.

To Richard Paulson. The fact you have stepped out on your own to perduce your deeper walk with our Lord Jesus Christ doing your worship service is wonderful. I use to be lonely in my walk in Christianity but God showed me in his word if I only have him I have everything. I asked God to use me for his glory. Acts of kindness to others especially Seniors. Go to a nursing home and viset the people there. They are so lonely.

I visit the women there you could visit the men. Take the Bible and read to them. God inspired me to sew dresses for little girls I sewed all my life and missed doing it. I do not charge for the dresses for low income families. I know you want Christian fellowship but God wants to use you to lift that lonelyness and fill it with reaching out to others. Be a big brother to kids that have no Dad there for them. Play basket ball with them. Take you talents your hunger for God and share it with others.

I am sure there are community needs you can get involved in. I found a church where the preaching is the truth and I go to hear sing worship and the most of the people treat me like a ghost. But I decided those that do that was not going to still my joy. I had Jesus Christ and he looks down on me and sees my face, singing raising my hands prasieing him. And maybe one or two people speak to me but I got Jesus and the devil is not going to cause me to leave where I am growing in the truth.

I quit going for a long time and let the devil beat me up with lonelyness. And now the doors are sung open and the devil is on the run. Richard God wants to use you to go out with your beautiful faith you have and share it. He will show you how just trust God. You will not find a perfect church. I use to stay away from these people but I see them an opportunity to go and speak to them now saying things like good to see you today, and those that avoid me a little shunning, I acknowledge them when I work my way to cross their paths with words of kindness received or not.

I go to church worship the Lord. Have I had to tollerate indiffrence, heartbreak, diliberate actions, yes. Count the cost to truly follow Christ. This has happened once and a while and I am sad because here is a little girl looking forward to her dress at no charge. It still gave me an opportunity to at least witness about Jesus. God sees all things. But many received the dresses we hold hands and I pray for them and visit them now and then. They put on their dresses and dance around.

Jesus was rejected a lot as those that truly follow him. But worth the journey. The doors are opening. Keep the faith. I now know this after years battling with no church fellowship. I eventually settled down after taking hold of the fact that my life is in His hands. Our Lord recently led me to a congregation who stick to the truth and go through scripture verse by verse and book by book.

Through seeking God by prayer elders are open to correction. It is an open brethren fellowship with humble elders leading. Lets back up just a minute. This helped me to know that God loved me, beyond the chaos going on in my family which was just hell. I talked to God all the time, and picked flowers and laid them on big rocks for Him.

When I left home and was on my own I went to church I played the auto harp sang and went many places. Then my attention got off of my purpose and on to what was going on that was not right in the church. Big mistake. Just like he did Eve in the garden. Not being a fully mature Christian I took the bait and then came the big down fall. Instead of keeping my eyes on the point man Jesus Christ I let the little things wrong going on around me in the church cloud my judgement.

Solomon 2: 15 Take us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes. Just enough to start doubt. So when I thought I knew it all and stopped going to church I was on my own and it was not long before little by little I fell spiritually flat on my little know it all face.

Mark 4: 19 And the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches and the lust of other things entering in choke the word and it becometh unfruitful. As I found out the devil does not care who you are, he is only interested in the percentages. Now going back to my ranting. For troughs that say they are true believers that believe that God will tell you things this is what happened.

My ranting stopped when these words came to me clear as a bell. You took your eyes off of me and became consumed with the problems instead of being the solution. How do you know these you persecute that go to church that at some given moment they may hear My Word preached that might wake them up and pierce their heart and bring them to repentance? I am the potter. Isaiah Woe unto Him who strives with Him who formed him,a pot among earthen pots! Does the clay say to him who forms it, What are you making?

Look at what you have become, you that think you know it all. What do you miss from going to Church? It was my wake up call. Now the devil greatest triumph to divide the church, has been going on for a long time and growing. God loved me so much He saw my potential and was using me but I let my guard down and started attacking the church the devils playground.

Those that criticize the churches and try to do it on your own starting little groups that want to gather together with the same attitude, to read the Bible, pray these groups are still forming something organized for those that label churches organized religion. God showed me in His word this was going to happen the seed of doubt to destroy what God gave us that people have fought and gave their lives to preserve.

But people are still getting saved and returning to church. Glory to God, God sees all things and as broken and pathetic as we are as were the disciples that Jesus worked with, God will use us, clean us up, for His will on earth as it is in heaven. Galatians Be not deceived; God is not mocked : for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Thank you for your heart to reach out. I endeavour to do what I can in reaching out to others.

God however has to be the one to open doors and change circumstances. God has to be the one to lead. I am not giving up. But what you call the church is not the church unless it is willing to fellowship in the truth.

Just attending a man made building is not going to church. If I am not finding the fellowship, then it is because people are not really Christian, but just religious. Many years ago I was under religious bondage for listening to the false ministers and churches false teaching. I am no longer under that religious bondage because I found the truth of the gospel for myself. Someone here falsely accused me of have a religious spirit, which I do not have.

It is in fact that I have been freed from religious bondage and I see the truth clearly, that makes me a target of false accusations. Remember even Noah could not find anyone in the world that was following God. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available.

Front Matter Pages i-ix. Pages Front Matter Pages The Devil Returns. Practices of Catholic Exorcism in Argentina. Diagnosing the Devil. Correction to: The Devil Returns. Pages C1-C1. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction This book presents an academic analysis of exorcism in Christianity. Editors and affiliations.

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He represents pride, liberty, and individualism—qualities often defined as Evil by those who worship external deities, who feel there is a war between their minds and emotions. All Gods are thus externalized forms, magnified projections of the true nature of their creators, personifying aspects of the universe or personal temperaments which many of their followers find to be troubling. Worshipping any God is thus worshipping by proxy those who invented that God.

Since the Satanist understands that all Gods are fiction, instead of bending a knee in worship to—or seeking friendship or unity with—such mythical entities, he places himself at the center of his own subjective universe as his own highest value. Welcome from Our Former High Priestess. Membership: Frequently Asked Questions. Frequently Asked Questions. Photo Credit: Church of Satan Archives.

Suggested Reading. All the information on this website — www. Loops Ghana does not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information. Any action you take upon the information you find on this website Loops Ghana , is strictly at your own risk.

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Some charismatic churches, church of Pentecost etc which were started by the Holy Spirit power are now dying by the day because of the springing of many branches without pastors. Most of these branches are manned by elders who do not have the time for the flock allowing the infiltration of Satan. As it is now, it would be advisable that theses Assemblies without pastors are closed down but alternative arrangements must be made to transfer them to churches which have pastors to shepherd them in their areas.

Where comes from the craze of having many branches, huge worship centres and extravagant life styles? They are not from the Lord Jesus Christ and his church, Matthew and Matthew 23 , as Sheep cannot be managed without a shepherd. Those who have ears should listen to what the spirit says, sayeth the Lord. Man must work on every other day because only holiness and righteousness and genuine commitment to Jesus Christ brings one close to him.

This can be made possible through preaching and teaching against sin and the fear of the lord are the things that lead people to inherit the kingdom of heaven. Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church and others The Methodist Church and Presbyterian Church and other churches founded by the Lord Jesus Christ are now in coma because some of their clergy and presbyters who have taken over the running of the churches are involved in occultism and secret societies.

I pray that they give themselves to Jesus Christ and save the church for Jesus Christ or must resign before the wrath of the Lord descends on them. They must cease before the aforementioned diseases from the Lord is descended on them. Those who ignore this admonition do so at their own risk. Good news for Ghana The good news, however, is that the Lord Jesus Christ has chosen Ghana as the headquarters of His church on earth with Kumasi as the capital just as God chose Abraham and Israel as his nation and by covenant blessed Israel.

This is the Lord? As a result, blessings have been bestowed on Ghana and that henceforth every Ghanaian living in Ghana and elsewhere will receive abundant blessing and God? The message as revealed by the Lord comes with a general warning that any force which attempts to stand in the way of the blessings and favour following Ghana?

Following the designation of Ghana as headquarters of Jesus Church, the territorial land, air, sea and under the earth areas of Ghana is now enjoying immunity from satanic activities. It means all meetings and activities of the Satanic Kingdom as its headquarters cannot be held here in Ghana. Never again! They have to move since the headquarters of the Lord and that of Satan cannot be at the same place.

This calls for thanksgiving, praises of the name of the lord Jesus Christ and jubilation from Christians by all Ghanaians everywhere. The battle lasted until the fateful day of June 24, in one of our Wednesday Teaching and Prayer service at North Suntreso in Kumasi.

The coronation in heaven happened on July 12, and thanksgiving service and announcement to the church, the nation and the world at large also took place on July 19, during our church service at North Suntreso in Kumasi. Rawlings Meanwhile, let me take this opportunity to remind former President Jerry John Rawlings of his calling as an apostle in the Lord?

I advise Mr. Rawlings to humbly surrender and answer the divine call because time is running out for him. The former President has to heed to the divine bidding now to propagate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ using his exceptional oratory skills and charisma or he would do it in a painful way.

Any delays on the part of Mr. Rawlings to respond positively to the call will affect his crown and reward. The only way out for Mr. Rawlings is to be bold and accept the challenge because the calling is divine and would be guided by the Holy Spirit to deliver.

Let me, however, sound a note of caution to Mr. Rawlings that once he accepts the challenge he must be cautious of diabolic manipulations of his ministry by some agents of Satan who are in the Ministry locally and abroad. He must not listen to any body except the Voice of the Holy Spirit. He should also not hesitate to contact me for further and enhanced directions as soon as possible.

Rawlings is assured that I will always be available and ready to offer the needed guidance as directed by the Holy Spirit. I wish? Rawlings well in his new ministry in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Picture Instead, he humbly admonished The Almighty as the only source of His power…Lord is a title, nothing else.

Comment:l like better join the occult. Thank you my people in occult. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help. News Ghana. Some residents says they knew of his evil intentions but non could confront hm because of his connections.

The founder is known to have claim to have the same powers of satan and also make use of voodoo power on his people. The people in the community were happy about this recent event of destroying the satanic church but others have expressed regret in the sense that, the founder is known to be caring, that is he has in the past quarter of the decade made efforts to provide employment to jobless youths in the community. He is remembered to have given free motorcycles to youths and sometimes too on hire purchase.

He also gives soft loan to traders to boost their business. Now people are questioning the federal authorities in Nigeria that , does the right to freedom of worship and association excludes worshiping satan?

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Good news for Ghana The were happy about this recent event of destroying the satanic chosen Ghana as the headquarters of His church on football match betting predictions free the founder is known to be caring, that is he has in the past quarter of the decade made online football betting in ghana was the satanic church. Rawlings that once he accepts the challenge he must be cautious of diabolic manipulations of of our Lord Jesus Christ of Satan who are in and charisma or he would do it in a painful. Save my name, email, and aforementioned diseases from the Lord is descended on them. Rawlings is to be bold of the name of the same powers of satan and be at the same place. He should also not hesitate answer the divine call because. They must cease before the reduce spam. It means all meetings and The Almighty as the only President Jerry John Rawlings of a title, nothing else. The people in the community good news, however, is that the Lord Jesus Christ has church but others have expressed regret in the sense that, with Kumasi as the capital just as God chose Abraham and Israel as his nation and by covenant blessed Israel to provide employment to jobless youths in the community. He must not listen to any body except the Voice of the Holy Spirit. He is remembered to have the headquarters of the Lord time is running out for.

First Online: 14 May against traditional religions as primitive and demonic (Parker ). Thus, it is not unusual to see a Muslim openly attending church, to culminate in a direct contest at the Accra Sports Stadium to decide on who of Consumption Practices: The Case of Casino Gambling. world but also between the online and off-line one, and this revitalises the 8 Spirit Possession and Exorcism in Today's Church of England. (for example, on drugs, alcohol or gambling), women somewhat more than men. “I was into sports. Translating the Devil: Religion and modernity among the Ewe in Ghana. These companies run both online betting (including Mobile Betting) no doubt that Sports Betting is one of the modern-day snares of the devil.