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Cryptocurrency radio 1 what is the punishment for aiding and abetting

Cryptocurrency radio 1

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Dr Ignatova - or Dr Ruja to her fans - walks on to "This Girl is on Fire", tells an excited crowd that OneCoin is on course to overtake Bitcoin, and derides "all those Mickey Mouse coins that have copied our concept. Plenty of people were convinced, including one of the stars of the podcast, Jen McAdam from Glasgow. The investigation by the team behind the podcast has uncovered just how successful OneCoin had been in spreading its message around the world. Internal documents reveal that people in countries invested, with much of the money coming in a six-month period in when Dr Ruja was on a global tour - including that Wembley appearance.

Even in poorer countries like Vietnam, Bangladesh and Uganda, people parted with substantial sums. Earlier this year in the United States, Dr Ignatova was charged in absentia with money laundering, with the Department of Justice calling OneCoin an old-fashioned pyramid scheme. And indeed this and other crypto-scandals seem disturbingly familiar to anyone who has been in financial journalism for a while - the same old tricks delivered with a hi-tech veneer.

Back in , Bitcoin was still a revolutionary disrupter of the tired old financial system, blockchain was going to be more important than the internet and something called an Initial Coin Offering ICO was going to show Wall Street that an Initial Public Offering was so "last century". Now, after the wild gyrations in the value of cryptocurrencies and the realisation that just about every ICO fails to deliver on its overblown promises - even if it's not an outright scam - you might think that "crypto" is the last word anyone would want to attach to a new project.

That came to mind this week when I attended a briefing about Facebook's plan to launch a new cryptocurrency called Libra. The briefing was with the Libra Association, the collective of 28 partners including Visa, PayPal, Uber and Spotify, who are joining with Facebook to launch the currency.

The plan has already run into a lot of opposition from regulators and I put it to the Association's Chief Operating Officer Bertrand Perez that much of this was due to that C word. Surely such a powerful coalition could have invented a new payments system - a more ambitious version of Kenya's Mpesa perhaps - that was neither a crypto-currency nor dependent on a blockchain?

No, he insisted, blockchain was the cornerstone of the Libra project, immune to fraud, fast and efficient: "This technology is the future for sending and receiving money. Funnily enough, that was similar to Dr Ruja Ignatova's message to the Wembley faithful in - OneCoin was going to be "borderless, safe and easy to use.

Now of course Libra is a very different kettle of fish, backed by many very respectable institutions which have pledged that it will not launch until regulators are happy. Users can also send along messages, paid through the Lightning Network , a technology that allows small bitcoin payments. The satellites broadcast the signals back down to whoever might be listening. Listening is the hard part. He mostly used spare parts: a Mac Mini and an idle satellite dish that came with the house.

There was some fiddling with software and a few hours of drilling in the equipment, but most of his time went into figuring out where to point the thing. Beyond cypherpunk cred , there are practical reasons for receiving blockchain by satellite, she says. Cryptocurrency exchanges have been hit with so-called partition attacks, where data is surreptitiously delayed or faked, knocking the targeted computers out of sync with the rest of the blockchain network.

Ou first started experimenting with alternative ways to send and receive bitcoin back in , around the time China was considering a cryptocurrency ban. Recalling the difficulty the Soviets had jamming American radio transmissions, she and her colleague Nick Szabo, a well-known digital currency researcher, devised a plan to bypass the Great Firewall by sending bitcoin transactions via ham radio.

The Chinese ban never materialized. But in March, Ou was able to test out the concept, sending a Lightning payment over the airwaves to an engineer in Toronto. It required plenty of coordination over Twitter and Telegram to ensure they communicated across the same narrow band. GoTenna, a startup known for making communication devices used in natural disasters, thinks it has an answer to the send-and-receive problem of satellites: radio mesh networks, which work by relaying information over short distances from person to person.

But the company is also exploring how bitcoin could be used to incentivize people to build mesh networks in places with low connectivity. For now, Goss is happily part of that niche. On the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, someone broadcast the Wikipedia article about the event, in case anyone in China was listening. Sometimes the messages are encrypted, seeking out a listener with the keys. Anyone driving by with a device set to listen will carry it with them to Vegas or Phoenix.

For the most part, the conversation is idle and directionless, sporadic on its most active days and entirely one-sided.


Gregs mum and dad have had their first doses of the vaccine! Five mental health tips. Video transcript. She say. Moment 15 months ago, Georgia and I set out to find the founder of an exciting new cryptocurrency called one coin One family.

Thank you, she promised financial revolution and huge returns for investors in 2 years. Nobody will speak about bitcoin anymore. You sold some you did that. For one point, there was no other way. One coin was nothing, but an old-fashioned pyramid scam with no real technology behind it. One coin is not a cryptocurrency.

There is no glitch and I can prove it. Doctor hasn't been seen since October and for months we were following her tracks. Do you know her as soon as you mentioned the name it just causes this great for all you can out of something. I've I've I've heard of some sometime and trying to uncover the. The panel is well assembled, knowledgeable, and down to earth, breaking things down into easily digestible bits pun intended.

The foundation for a great podcast is there and can't wait to see what's next! I've been in Crypto for a while and love the community not to mention the Future Thinkers podcast , this podcast has been what I've been waiting for in the podcast realm. The first set of episodes are the best reference for me to send to people who have questions about blockchain, smart contracts, mining, airdrops, and a huge number of other topics. They are answered clearly and concisely. Thank you so much for creating Crypto Radio, I cannot wait to see where this goes in the future!

Most people who have podcasts and create pages, courses, papers, etc. I like the fact that this podcasts comes from a very organic and neutral positive way of thinking and through a conversation of people everything is explained in a very well manner. I've had to explain blockchain and cryptos to friends and found it difficult. This podcast helps make it easier to explain to myself and to others! Well done Crypto Radio! So this week I got my crypto feet wet and I got a recommendation from a friend in the crypto space to listen to this podcast as it was full of good information and insightful hints.

Listened to all podcast back to back and now going over them again, great listen and I feel more informed now making my way into investing in this new world of crypto. One guy talks a little fast but I listen to in 0. Really enjoying the information coming from the podcasts to help understand the different coins and how they relate to the block chain.

Please keep them coming. Great content by relevant and knowledgeable hosts. Perfect content and delivery for those who might know nothing or a little about crypto, and want to start diving deeper. Well organized podcast. I really enjoy how they have very structure conversation amongs mutltiple contributors while keep it clear and ease to follow. It really shows that a lot time and effort is investing in keep the conversion open while staying on point.

What can I say except that this podcast is fast moving, informative and offering excellent content for anyone diving into the world of Blockchain and the world of tokens and coins. Great knowledge, well presented and very informative. Would recommend to newbies and crypto pioneers alike.

Before putting any money into any tech, understand what the tech is about. Crypto Radio is great for those trying to do that for the blockchain world. Im really like to listen podcasts, and i was looking for one that have good quality for learn about cryptos and for how to make money with it. Then i found you guys, thanks for so much good information in this unnexplored world! I higly recommend your podcasts for who want to learn about cryptos and ICO's.

Based on knowledge rather than intuition, I like the logic behind these podcasts. They really allow me to feel more secure about my crypto decisions. I am very grateful for the priceless insight! Big fan of Future Thinkers and I always craved more talks on crypto and blockchain this filles that great. Looking foward to its progression. I've been getting more and more into the world of Cryptocurrency and I am happy to have found this podcast.

So far, they have done a great job laying out the basics for newcomers, and I look forward to seeing where the show goes. As a crypto beginner this podcast has been very informative! It's not filled with the basic, "this is what you should do and you will make money! They have been helpful to understand the technology, its potential, and its current issues.

They get right down to business. This is a very intelligent group of people that always seem to be ahead of the curve. Because of them I will keep buying bitcoin after I almost scared myself out of it. It has been very lucritive, and I only see this technology growing!

We are living in an exciting time. Great introduction to Bitcoin. Feel like I'm ready to take next baby steps in the crypto world and looking forward to the following episodes.

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