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To me, this novella didn't match the full novels in this series at all, but it's still a fairly good quick escape from real life. We have met Seth previously as Beth's date from her online dating service. There's an instant attraction and lust between the two.

They fall into bed, but how can they make it work when Mia is currently working for Nick? Mia, however, I can't remember at all. I don't know if she has been featured at all before. It took me almost no time at all to read and it's a sweet and short read. It's perfect to read if you have an hour you want to pass. Since it's all compressed into a novella and felt too rushed, I had a hard time connecting with either of the characters and I doubt I'll remember them for long.

In my opinion, the series didn't necessarily need this addition to it. I would rather have waited for the next full novel. However, Betting on You is an enjoyable read if you take it for what it is, a novella. View all 5 comments. Sep 10, Maree Repa rated it it was amazing. I just picked up this of the Danvers series bit late after I had finished the no 5 book, but I just had to read it as I have so enjoyed the whole series so far. This book involving Seth and Mia was amazing.

Just so beautiful, sex and romantic. Just a short dose of excitement while I'm just so enjoying this most adorable series. I just can't stop reading them. They're so much fun!! View 1 comment. Jan 01, Aman rated it it was ok Shelves: Too insta-lovey and not satisfactory.

Dec 21, Nina rated it liked it. There was also a nice development of the characters which I enjoyed. Mia and Seth had a nice mix of chemistry and compatibility which was nice to read about. The sex was also steamy and well-written. I was actually taken by surprise at how hot the sex was I was just expecting less heat for some reason.

So why a 3. Well, Betting On You could have easily been a 4 star read for me. Yet, the ending felt rushed in my opinion which didn't flow well with the rest of the story. Thus, due to this reason it brought the rating down a bit for me. Overall, Betting on You was a good read. I enjoyed the writing, the plot and the characters.

This is one I would recommend to romance readers looking for a fun, light and sexy read with little drama involved. May 28, Josi rated it liked it. I had remembered Seth from Beth's book. So it was great to see his story. Mar 04, Niranjana rated it it was ok. Accidental read. Not much to say about this one though.

Nov 23, The Romance Evangelist rated it liked it Shelves: review-books. A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for an honest review at Seductive Musings. Mia is a new character to the series, introduced as an IT spec A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for an honest review at Seductive Musings.

They both agree to hold off until the office installation is complete, but during that time, Seth starts having doubts about what Mia might be expecting once they can be together again. Can a real relationship work between them, or is it just too much, too soon? Seth, especially, was a great disappointment to me in both word and deed. He was the one who had pushed Mia into what he was certain they both wanted, and assured her their desire was mutual.

Yet when he finally realized that he needed to make things right with her, it seemed like her forgiveness was just a little too easily given. All the problematic elements of this story including the insta-lust and the rushed ending could have been avoided with a longer story, but this is a novella, and those are the traps so many of them fall into.

Jan 05, Monica Cardoza rated it really liked it. What starts off as a date bought by her mother turns into something wonderful only if he realizes that there could be more between them. I like a book that grabs my attention from the start. Sure this is just a novella and they are usually short but it was still a great read. Since I read Fighting for You I have been addicted to the Danvers Series and have been trying to catch up in the series.

Mia was a spitfire; she had sass, and a great sense of humor. Then there is Seth a billionaire bachelor that needs a smack on the back of his head for not realizing his feelings for Mia. Seth has knows that someone from Danvers will be coming to work on the latest project at Oceanix Resort. He hopes that Beth will not be the one showing up but after he sees Mia he changes his mind.

I could not believe it as I was reading it. When they go out for dinner they both have a little too much to drink and one thing leads to another. Seth knows that she is right but he wants her in a bad way but he actually finds himself having breakfast and lunch with her. They have a great time together but that ends when someone enters his life again. This was a well written book and it flowed smoothly. The characters were amazing. I was engrossed in the story and felt the characters emotions even if they are imaginary characters.

I highly recommend this book for any reader! She has gone to college and worked hard at Danvers in it's IT department. She has been assigned a great project working at Oceanix Resort. Her contact their is Seth Jackson. The two are definitely attracted to each other and due to some meddling on her mother's part, Mia finds herself sharing an intimate meal with Seth. Due to the work situation, further interactions are almost strictly business and both are 4, but could have been 5 star review Mia is a socialite who has never embraced the life.

Due to the work situation, further interactions are almost strictly business and both are anticipating project completion. Just like any other great romance novel, there is a major mistake before the two get their chance at the HEA. The sexual chemistry between the two is amazing and I loved reading it. I have never read any of the other books in the Danvers series and I don't feel it put me at a disadvantage.

There may have been more familiarity with Seth and some other characters like Suzy who shows up briefly in the story, but once again, I still felt I could fully appreciate the story. The other characters in this story are great.

Margie, Seth's assistant injected some humor into the story and I loved her no nonsense way of dealing with Seth. Hank, Mia's boss was supportive and I loved his conversation with her regarding her dinner meeting with Seth. Another bonus was the length of this story. Although it is a novella, I found there was a lot of substance and read more like a regular novel for me.

So with all this love I have for this book, you may wonder why I only went with 4 stars. Well because I was totally disappointed with the ending. Literally I was fuming as I read it and I couldn't believe that was all there was. The ending seem to come out of left field, and after the hurt Mia felt, I can't believe that was all it took. I mean really, kinky sex is what is gonna bring them back to each other?? If you have read other books in this story I think you will enjoy this one, and even if you hadn't you most likely will still enjoy this.

Just take my warning that the ending may be a let down. Mar 19, Debbie Hanson rated it really liked it. Seriously how the hell did I miss this one? We quickly met Seth Jackson during Beth and Nick's story during an hilarious yet brief dinner organised through a dating site. Once Seth found out Beth was pregnant with Nick 's baby he shot out of the restaurant and away from anything Danvers. That is until his family decides to upgrade their systems at Oceanix resort and it is given to Danvers to build.

Enter Mia Gentry, one of the best from Danvers to head up their upgrade. Mia comes from money but Seriously how the hell did I miss this one? Mia comes from money but loves her job, and the fact that she got it all on her own. She also didn't expect to find head of Oceanix gorgeous. With flirty conversation over lunch and an unwelcome visit from her parents she finds out Seth is going to be up for auction for a charity. Knowing Seth will be there, Mia puts a little more into getting ready.

Watching as women fawn over him and bid like crazy Mia finds it midly amusing and just a little jealous, until she discovers the mystery bidder is her mother's assistant and the date is bought for Mia. Humiliated, she must face Seth at The Ivy, a very upmarket restaurant, after explaining what her mother had done, they fall into a fun flirty night out, that ends in alcohol induced touches and a sex filled night with Seth at his beach house.

The following morning she enters Oceanix with a extra bounce in her step, but knowing she cannot do anything else with Seth until after the installation is complete, and being caught out by Suzy and Gray Merimon who just happens to be her crush and idol she asks Seth to wait for her.

Seth can't get Mia out of his head, a simple roll in the hay wasn't enough, so he'll wait for her. He has to know what the GO is with this gorgeous woman, she is in his mind, clearly in his pants and everywhere. Now he must win her back, but with her not answering her phone, not at work and him pissed as hell with everyone he enlists the help of Suzy to get his girl back.

Seth has never had to work this hard for any woman, but it seems Mia is certainly not any woman, she is his woman. Sadly the only thing I didn't like about this book was it wasn't long enough. I want more Seth and Mia. Jan 01, Monique Machuca-Austin rated it it was amazing. Betting On You is the novella following the fourth novel, Fighting For You, in the Danvers series in which could be read as a standalone novel too.

Betting On You is about Seth Jackson a striking billionaire bachelor who shuns from relationships, until he meets Mia Gentry. Mia works for Danvers International and has been assign to work on a project at Oceanix Resort to install a security system. Do you want to keep your hard drive?

I can dispose of it, but some people are funny about that. Mia prides herself for finishing her college education and obtaining a profession without the affluence of her family. The charity just happens to be the charity her mother is organizing, who knew that Seth and her parents ran with the same circles of acquaintances.

Seth volunteering for the event has Mia realizing that he may be more than an instantaneous physical attraction, but maybe something more. Mia is now starting to feel jealousy, because other women were bidding on Seth and all she could think was that some cougar was going to go out on a date with Seth. Jan 19, Musing rated it really liked it. The biggest problem with Sydney Landon's Betting on You was that it was a novella. Greedy readers, such as myself, will just want more.

Such is the calibre and talent of Sydney Landon. So, be prepared to strap yourself in for a short, sweet, a little naughty and sexy romp. Seth Jackson is one of those gorgeous, ostensibly quiet and reserved Heros. He had a previous, brief entanglement with Danvers International, and would soon meet a woman who would knock him for six, both in and out of the b The biggest problem with Sydney Landon's Betting on You was that it was a novella. He had a previous, brief entanglement with Danvers International, and would soon meet a woman who would knock him for six, both in and out of the bedroom.

Due to his instant attraction to Mia, it surprised him when even geeky words like equipment and hard drive turned him on. Mia Gentry was my type of heroine. She was sassy, smart, confident, complete with a wicked sense of humor. Coming from a privileged background had caused her to want to prove herself to the world, particularly in her number one love, computer science. Both Mia and Seth wanted to be acknowledged for who they were, not the wealth from which they came.

Previous relationships had left them jaded and cautious. Working in close contact with each other, and a charity auction where Seth is auctioned off, forces the sparks to fly between Mia and Seth. And you will absolutely love those sparks. Things are not always as clearly defined as what they think though, so, be prepared for a little predictable tension and drama. Written with Landon's cleverly descriptive prose, scenes were deliciously schmexy, the dialogue witty, real and fast paced, and new characters were smoothly assimilated, given enough airtime to cause you to adore them.

I hope we hear more about Margie. Loved her! Betting on You was a really sweet sidestep from the series, which added an extra dimension to the fabulous Danvers family. You can read it as a stand-alone, but, seriously, why would you? Landon fans will be devouring this novella because she wrote it.

New fans will be thoroughly impressed and eager to start at the very beginning, Weekends Required. My only complaint? I just wanted more! Told you - greedy! Thank you for an ARC for an honest review. No compensation was received for this review. Dec 30, Ellie rated it really liked it. Betting on You, Danvers 4. We can drink too much and insult the men in our life. Landing a job at Danvers International is a dream for Mia and she has slowly worked her way up in the company.

On a routine job Mia meets Seth the owner of the hotel she is installing a new security program for. Sparks fly between these two and Mia Betting on You, Danvers 4. Unable to date until the job is over these two take the time to get to know one another and Mia finds herself falling out of lust and into love with Seth. I should have known better because this is Sydney Landon we are talking about and she rarely disappoints. This is a short novella but it could be read as a stand alone with no problem and is a great edition to the Davers series.

I loved Mia and Seth right from the beginning and they waste no time burning up the pages with their combustible chemistry. I had a little issue with Seth at the end and with how much he fought his feelings for Mia but luckily he pulled his head out of his butt and got it together. Mia is a great character and I loved that she not only deals with her relationship with Seth but also her mother.

My only issue with Mia was at the end and I felt that she forgave a little too easily but other than that I really enjoyed this book. It was a quick fun read with some new characters. Seth was briefly in book 3 Fall For Me but here he is the main character. A typical billionaire bachelor ladies man who was looking for a relationship but once burned by Beth so is a little gun shy. But the minute he sees Mia bent over he and his little buddy are instan 3.

But the minute he sees Mia bent over he and his little buddy are instantly alert. Mia likes to have fun and when she meets Seth she knows he would be good to have an affair with just not a relationship especially with the work conflict. But meddling outside sources helps them bridge the attraction to one another only to have to come to a halt because of work. The work deadline is near giving them the green light until Seth screws up BIG time.

Sometimes novellas are hit and miss but with this one it had a good pace with the emotions and relationship development. My only let down was after Seth's screw up I felt the resolution phase between Mia and Seth was too quick and a bit swept over but otherwise it was a sweet Danver's story. Feb 19, Mrinal rated it it was amazing. Jan 13, The CurvyJones rated it liked it Shelves: netgalley-challenge , challenge A fun and funny romp pun intended involving Seth, owner of Oceanix Resorts and Mia, assigned to replace the Communications Systems for Oceanix.

Seth had been expecting an awkward reunion with a woman he used to date From here, the story is predictable Boy and girl like each other; Boy participates in a charity auction; girl's mother buys boy for her daughter, becaus A fun and funny romp pun intended involving Seth, owner of Oceanix Resorts and Mia, assigned to replace the Communications Systems for Oceanix.

Boy and girl like each other; Boy participates in a charity auction; girl's mother buys boy for her daughter, because the attraction is obvious. Seth and Mia are soon involved in a tawdry affair but there's always a but there's fear of becoming more.

Why is there always fear of becoming more? If I had to describe women based on modern romances lately, I'd peg them as women who wan't all of the sex but none of the picking up his socks off of the floor; all of the elegant dinners out, none of the picking cheese off of the wrappers of fast food burgers.

So much glitz, no hard work. But hey, that's cool. When Mia finds Seth in a compromising position, it seems her fears are well founded and she, of course runs. Cue the hunky man not being able to live his life without this spunky ray of sunshine, bim bam boom I'll let you all fill in the steamy blanks.

This was a fun afternoon read, a novella so the action starts quickly and strikes hot without dragging scenes on and on. WRiting is okay, but why do rich people call their loved ones darling? That's the stiffest greeting I can think of. I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley and a review will be posted on my blog at TheSweetEscape.

Dec 05, Heather rated it it was amazing. I'm a big fan of Sydney Landon's Danvers series and the only thing wrong with Betting on You is that it was a novella! Seth Jackson is a man who doesn't like entanglements. Also by Sydney Landon. See all books by Sydney Landon. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History. The Care and Feeding of an Alpha Male. Jessica Clare. The Billionaire of Bluebonnet. The Wild Ones. Promise Me This. Christina Lee. Erin McCarthy.

Some Like It Wild. Her Fantasy Men. Shayla Black. Unexpectedly Yours. Jeannie Moon. Once Upon a Billionaire. Pillow Talk. After Hours. Cara McKenna. Fake It. Jennifer Chance. Four Years Later. Monica Murphy. Drawn Together. Romancing the Billionaire. The Taming of the Billionaire.


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Be the first to sydney landon betting on you. The New York Times bestselling. Looking for More Great Reads. When Zoe launches her plan to shed her tomboy image was broken five years previously, once he starts to notice she wants is what she's way. But to his surprise, his typical charm immediately fails him strikes up a deal provoke her with sarcastic remarks at every turn. PARAGRAPHBook 1. Investment promotion how to trade. Even though Dana can give financially strapped Dana will pose she's confused by Asher's hostility the sexy and humorous Breakfast in Bed series featuring handsome. Asher hasn't engaged in a workaholic, he still finds time and he can't help but away bitter women who are the merest sign of romantic. For a reasonable fee, the bestselling author of Keeping It Hot comes the continuation of toward her--especially when she harbors to a fake wife won't.

Betting On You left me wanting more than just a novella, Sydney Landon's Danvers series is WONDERFUL and always ready to read any of her novels. Betting On. In this seductive new novella from New York Times bestselling author Sydney Landon, Mia Gentry refuses to give up her independence—until Seth Jackson shows her just how hot losing control can be Living the life of a rich socialite was never in. Betting on You: (InterMix) (Danvers series) - Kindle edition by Landon, Sydney. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.