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He has also impressed in Scotland this season with Motherwell currently third in the Premiership. Healy's stock continues to rise following Linfield's impressive run in Europe this summer when they narrowly missed out on reaching the group stages of the Europa League. Here's our main Belfast Live Facebook page. On Twitter, you can follow our account by clicking here. If you're a lover of photos, then check out our Instagram.

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Perks such as Particle Repeater and Composite Stock mean Tractor Cannon also has solid stability to help you deal with recoil. In the Warmind expansion, the force of the Tractor Cannon has been increased enough that it sends enemies flying in most circumstances, making it not only powerful, but hilarious. You can also unlock a Masterwork for the gun just by fighting enemies in the world. Look for this one from random Exotic engrams. Once you do get your kill, Merciless encourages you to keep going.

Merciless also features a high stability stat, which means you should be able to manage the recoil and adjust your aim quickly. It deals heavy damage to a big area, making it great for crowds and boss enemies alike. In rocket launchers, blast radius and projectile velocity are the most important stats, and Curtain Call is strong on both fronts. It also reloads pretty fast, allowing you to get you firing as quickly as possible. The big benefit of Curtain Call, however, is that, along with its big explosions and fast rockets, it launches cluster bombs upon impact, which fly out from the shell and explode around it.

This wreaks havoc on large areas, and is almost like adding a second rocket to your shot. Curtain Call is great for taking down scores of enemies or making an entire team of Guardians very sad in the Crucible, especially in game modes like Control where teams tend to bunch up.

Another great gun for fighting in the thick of things, this Legendary shotgun will likely pop up as a reward when you turn in EDZ tokens to Devram in the EDZ. This makes it great for emergencies in both the Crucible and during regular missions when you need to deal big damage in the thick of the fighting.

You can adjust between perks for increasing handling or reloading, as well as increasing range. Its Lightweight Frame also increases your movement speed, so you can get in, fire away, and slip off, hopefully before anyone has time to react. A returning favorite from The Taken King , Telesto is a fusion rifle with a fun spin on the way that weapon type usually works.

It fires a burst of energy like other fusion rifles, but instead of immediately ripping into the enemy, its bursts stick to the character and then detonate a second later. It turns bad guys and other players into fusion bombs, which is extremely enjoyable, and makes Telesto more deadly than other fusion rifles because its ammo can attach to things like walls and floors, allowing you to still damage enemies even if you miss them.

Telesto is also great in tight squeezes. It handles well, deals a ton of damage, and reloads fast. To get the Worldline Zero, you have to find 35 of the colored test nodes hidden throughout the Warmind expansion — no easy task. Luckily, we have a guide to help you find all 45 of the test nodes and unlock the sword.

A blast from the past, the Sleeper Simulant is your reward for completing one of the longest and grind-iest quests in Warmind. Like its own Destiny version, the gun is a high-powered, slow-firing linear fusion rifle that deals insane damage when wielded correctly. Though it only has a couple of shots in the magazine, the Sleeper wrecks both high-health bosses and anybody that has the misfortune to get hit by it in the Crucible.

Use our guide to get to the Sleeper Simulant fast. The fast-firing, super-powerful gun is great for tagging Guardians in the Crucible from a fairly long range, and its low recoil and high impact means you can slam a few really hard hits into an enemy usually before they have a chance to react. It requires you to get hand cannon kills in particular situations in Gambit matches you need to kill Guardians who invade you with you a hand cannon five times — not invade them , then get hand cannon kills in Strikes and the Crucible.

Rolls that bring it perks like Outlaw and Rampage increase the effectiveness of an already strong rifle. Linear fusion rifles are have been amped up to be pretty great in Forsaken , and the new Queenbreaker is an especially cool one. The fun addition in situations like the Crucible and boss fights is that the blast blinds the thing it hits, making it a great support weapon for players who like to hang back and fire away at long range, while their teammates get in close. There are a bunch of guns in Forsaken that fire more than one shot at a time, spreading out your damage-dealing capabilities.

This might be the coolest rocket launcher Destiny has ever had, at least on paper, and that includes the Gjallarhorn. The Two-Tailed Fox fires two rockets at once. Cool enough on its own, but it packs a large, powerful explosion, and the two rockets have special properties. One rocket is a Void element projectile, which suppresses enemy abilities and attacks, should they survive the initial blast.

The other is a Solar rocket that sets enemies on fire to deal damage over time. Plus, the launcher just looks awesome. Here are the best weapons in Fallout 4, and where to find them. The best guns in PUBG. The best weapons in Metro Exodus. Sometimes, trades are close in their competition. Not in this case. Patrick Reed's latest fiasco isn't just bad for his reputation, it's bad for the direction the PGA Tour is heading.

So what will the Lions now do with Jared Goff and the bad contract they bought from the [more]. The Rams got Matthew Stafford. Several other teams wanted him. Trevor Lawrence remains at the top, but did the Senior Bowl change anything? Plus, how do Deshaun Watson and Matthew Stafford alter plans?

Jimmy Johnson sat down with USAToday Sports and shared his thoughts on the Cowboys aura of entitlement despite their lack of recent success. Klay and Steph didn't realize how much further the latter has to go until he breaks Ray Allen's record. Rams set to go 7 years without a first-round pick. Arkansas' Feleipe Franks threw a touchdown pass to Mississippi tight end Kenny Yeboah to seal the National team's 24 victory over the American team.

With the Rolex 24 at Daytona at the quarter pole, Chase Elliott and Jimmie Johnson had differing reactions but similar performances on the track. When starter Terry Rozier went down with an injury, Charlotte turned to LaMelo Ball and the rookie came through in a big way.

In their search for a new QB, a report shows that Washington is willing to part with more than just a 1st-round pick in order to get their guy. Draymond Green didn't hold back after the Warriors' win over the Pistons. Washington's careful planning and draft strategy was thrown out the window when Dan Snyder got involved. It's not often an everyman gets a glimpse into the life of a top collegiate recruit. Read full article. Phil Hornshaw May 7, , PM. Story continues. Latest Stories. Touchdown Wire.

NBC Sports Boston. Rams Wire. Cowboys Wire. Yahoo Sports. NBC Sports. And therefore, I decided to stop talking about the same thing. Now breath I know. I could only see my friends and coleagues via online so yeah. I got you. We'll do better in Thinking of jotting down your travel plans? Something extraordinary is in the books — as we give you the penultimate list of five luxury holidays you should look at now.

But as the last months have proved, Human resilience and adaptability are aweworthy. Our world is slowly opening up again, and this time with the most innovative ways to. Industries are now revamping the standard once set, setting the bar high for new ways of expression and creativity.

And one of these bustling transmogrifications is "The Reset. Under the banner, "Make a Material Difference support creative talent, be part of the industry. Designer brands such as Anya Hindmarch, Chris Owens, Matt Miller, and countless others provided an equal mix of known and nouveau to the fold - and it's safe to say that this hub is all about giving an eclectic touch to the world.

The British Fashion Council recruited talents such as James Massiah to provide different ranges of art shown on mediums such as films, podcasts, and poems for the curious viewer. The three day event from June pushed for inclusivity on all fronts as the once "exclusive" events of Fashion Week became accessible to all for the first time in 40 years.

The LFW's digital platform served as the stage for designers and artists to showcase their work, and as they say - fashion and art continuously overlap. This new platform made sense as we virtualize the world, and the social premises of parties do not confine a successful fashion week. Now it is a memorandum that fashion is about the story and creativity of the designer's vision for their pieces, and it can still go on without its regular programming.

A far cry from the nuances of having a certain number of guests, editors, and buyers sitting in their chairs for the hallowed runway extravaganzas of the once busy spaces hosting the bustle of shows. While, of course, this digital reset could never rival the experience of seeing the physical shows. It gave the consumer and designer a different experience altogether. Designers can bring people together and promote better dialogue between a brand and the public.

In doing so, it fosters interactivity and narrows the existing gap through a slew of events, original content, created explicitly for the gender-neutral digital FW. On the consumer side, one of the reset's features is to allow viewers to shop the collection's look enabling people to buy at their leisure. While this Fashion Week chose to break away from the mold with highs, it also has its lows. The scheduled lineup disappointed those who expected to see London's most iconic brands, notably absent were Burberry, Victoria Beckham, Craig Green, Vivienne Westwood.

With many factories in garmentproducing countries still closed and supply chain shutdowns. Now, Designers were forced to step back and wait for a change in the calendar. Fashion creates emotions everyone can understand, no matter the context, it will accomplish its mission, and continue to express and translate artistic visions, art thoughts, ideas, and innovations, creating business opportunities for millions of people worldwide.

Fashion week bring different people together, and celebrate their uniqueness, the industry has had its share of significant crisis through the centuries, and has always pushed boundaries, and re-invented itself. Fashion will rebound, despite the world's scenario and climate, but for now, the show must go on. Family is at the heart of the Ahluwalia brand. This exhibition was a vivid celebration of diversity, cultural love, and identity affirmation.

Her work is a byproduct of fashion, art exploration, fusion, and diversity. It is a part of her creative process, which translates her vision into her style. With the global population facing a significant crisis, sustainability is more than ever, and it's an urgent matter. Customers are more mindful of their purchase and seek awareness of how and where their clothes are made.

To Ahluwalia, sustainability is more than just a philosophy, the brand fuses and recycles garments, from deadstock. The digital 3D exhibition presentation displays photographs from designer's second photography book, Jalebi, lensed by Laurence Ellis, a joyful portrayal of Southall west London Punjabi community, and how immigration enriches the world.

The collection's inspiration stems from the cultural strands of Ahluwalia's dual heritage, depicted in the fantastic patchwork blankets covering. Portuguese duo Marques Almeida never disappoints -Marta and Paulo, launched a film to showcase their new collections, sustainability is at the core one of the brand's philosophy and its most prominent concerns. They promote a respectful work environment and embrace social responsibility when producing garments.

They purchase the leftover stock of leftover from Portuguese factories, the brand often produces small collections, that convey the sustainable and positive energy. Therefore Marques'Almeida is continually searching and experimenting with sustainable and upcycled materials, that flexibility stimulates the brand's creativity, the story behind the garment, makes every single ReM'Ade piece, a special one.

Fletcher was featured in the Netflix series "Next In Fashion" competition, winning second place. He showed a stunning collection, inspired by garments he created for the show, preppy, elegant, and beautifully done, we love him the sensitive approach to fashion, neat, classy, and tailoringfocused. Lockdown forced Fletcher to find new ways of work, create and articulate his vision, a feat that deserves its standing ovation.

Fletcher managed to produce a new fashion opus by using fabric leftovers from previous seasons, sending them to his seamstresses and building 12 pieces of the gender-less, cheerful,see-now-buy-now collection, through phone conversations and Zoom. The collection featured long wide pants, silk and lace boxers and shirts,split-hemmed trousers,hand-painted jackets, and the Next In Fashion, iconic duffle coats. Preen combined a youthful aesthetic and a sharp romantic yet dynamic twist.

The brand is known for their flair at successfully deconstructing and mixing materials. The statement shapes and printed patchworks, adorned the slick and fresh silhouettes, along with a bright color palette. Preen's new perspective during these ever-changing times, is a real breath of fresh air.

While I can't help with figuring out which frames are the best fit your face shape, what I can tell you is that they're a sine qua non to every outfit. As a stylist, for me, essentials are everything, specifically when it comes to clothes. Some pieces just go with everything, and this often applies to both men and women.

You could never go wrong with the basics because these are the foundations of any great outfit. Below are a few of my must-haves and choices this season. If you want to look a little sleeker and tapered, avoid doublebreasted cuts. You can never go wrong with a blazer because it just goes. This makes it more feminine, having that flash of the wrist and added space for flaunting accessories. Whether you tuck into trousers, skirt, or merely hanging it out. This crisp white shirt is a musthave for your wardrobe and will always go with everything!

Shopping for the perfect pair of jeans often takes a lot of time and effort. But of course, in a bid to make things easier for everyone. I would recommend J Brand, they develop the best fitting jeans in the world. I recommend The Maria pair because of the high rise and skinny fit that is suitable for all body shapes.

That's what you should look for when choosing trainers for the first time and make sure that you at least have a white pair. I am in love with the brand Axel Arigato. Their designs are modern but embrace everyday wear. Their new line added feminine details to some of their designs. Making them appealing to everyone's taste, and if you like added height, then you got it.

Summer is finally here, despite the uncertainty and even with the world guessing, our favourite season, it's not late to the party! Pack your winter attire, it's time to slim down and relax, gather your family and friendsand enjoy your summer.

Whatever tops your list of holidays essentials, here are some fashionable and playful choices, that will definitely spice up your summer wardrobe, and get you ready, for all adventures. A summer wardrobe covers a lot of arias, either you picture yourself, lounging on the shore, garden brunching, boat partying, beaching or simply strolling around the city, don't pack your summery luggage, just yet! We rounded up a few summer staples, you can't go without.

Fashion is a cyclical game, trendy, fade-out, and trendy again, the warmest season give a fresh impetus to styles and trends to blossom, but nothing says summer, quite like breezy and flowy dresses, beach cover-ups, stylish bathing suits, and large hats.

These will always be must-haves. Open your arms to the palette, that take centre stage this summer, tropical accents, ethnic and dynamic prints and bold colours, are expected to make a statement this season. Gayatri Mini Dress www. Jaquemus Raffia bag www.

As a result, you might not know what your style is anymore and once the trend is over, your garment is outfashionable and dated. Your looks will be more cohesive, flattering, and fun. Don't hold on to clothes that no longer fit your shape or lifestyle. Let go of the clothes you are emotionally attached to, sell those garments, transform the clothes you bored of, or give them away to charity shops.

That is until we found ourselves at home with more free time than usual. Maybe after sorting your wardrobe out, you realized that you often wear the same pieces, yet you keep going on a shopping spree, and now you have an extensive collection of clothes to choose from, but you can't seem to pick what to wear. The fashion industry largely contributes to the world's growing carbon footprint- imagine, every year, an estimated tonnes of clothes waste are buried in UK landfills.

Due to its colossal amount of water and over-producing unsustainable patterns. It is a known fact that these unfriendly environmental practices contribute to the growing issues of today. Now the question here for all - is it possible to be a fashion consumer without causing irreversible damage to the planet? Unsurprisingly, most of the clothes we buy often lose its appeal once they are hanging in our wardrobe, and the joy of owning that much-wanted garment fades away.

It also makes you, the consumer, take a look at yourself in the mirror and face the fact that you, my dear, maybe a shopaholic. And finally, if that's how you feel, this is the time to take control and to Revamp thy closet. Track your budget, focus your budget on fewer but quality things, start a budget-conscious list on what you can purchase, don't buy what you can't afford, or you will soon be very fashionable but broke. Essential or Not Important.

You will quickly identify mindless shopping habits and cut them out. Also, another helpful tip -delete shopping apps from your phone. Spend cash on worthwhile expenses, like a new car, or that travel you have been dreaming about for so long. Build a core wardrobe, you genuinely love, and treasure. Saying that stop purchasing, items that are not going to add, any value to your life will make you happier it's by all accounts, an understatement. What is the next trend?

What will the next color be? Who is wearing. When I am brought on a job, the first question I'm asked is what are the trends? I am here to tell you, I don't care what the trends are. Let me be clear, I live and breathe fashion and have for as long as I can remember, picking out my dad's suit and ties everyday and trying on my mom's black glitter platforms from her disco days.

These experiences do not make me an anomaly, but what. We all get dressed, it is one of the many things we all have in common. Fashion is not going anywhere, it simply needs to change. We are one of the highest polluting industries, we are notoriously cheap in what we pay employees, we are characteristically lacking in diversity, blatantly using cultural appropriation, and rarely holding ourselves and our peers accountable.

This is the part where shopping and I aren't friends. I love beautiful clothes and I want them all, but I won't buy things at the cost of destroying our planet and people's lives for cheap consumer goods. I care way too much, so much I have built my career on it. I have aligned myself with clients who stand for causes dear to them. I am honored to call each of them my friend and stand firm with them.

I value things like equality in race, sexual orientation, age, gender, size, animal rights, pay, working conditions, and the environment. My company Archives from stands by these values. We are. The future of fashion is simple. We must slow it down. We must not need everything and so quickly.

I'm not here to brag, I'm here to say it can exist and we can hold companies much larger than mine to a standard. We can expect and demand racial injustices to not be a part of fashion. We can expect the environment to not suffer so immensely. We can demand the people making your clothes make enough money so that they can support themselves and their families. Archives from is built on being human, removing all labels society has placed on you, and allow you to carry whichever label you choose into your day.

Shouldn't all of your clothes do that for you? This is your hard earned money after all, shouldn't you be proud of what you spend it on? Pheres is a highly exclusive Italian Luxury brand founded by Narcisa Pheres over a decade ago. Pheres maintains its focus on creating unique luxury experiences, that walk the fine line between elegance and extravagance tearing down the walls of limitation and boldly innovating a symbiosis of style. With these pieces, in the belief that true opulence is in the detail, the greatest of consideration and care is paid to even the smallest of steps in the design and creation process.

What is your Favorite part about being a designer? My favorite part of being a designer is to create jewelry that is synonymous with art. I like to bridge the nuances of art and jewelry through tradition, heritage and culture. As an avid art enthusiast and explorer, I love to work towards making jewelry the status of art by passionately emulating reinterpretations of antiques and pieces of historical value with a modern approach and aesthetic.

Seeing designs come to life after numerous rounds of changes and working with a resourceful and trustworthy team that understands your perception is amazing. A Narcisa Pheres Fine Jewelry woman is independent, fashionable and well-traveled.

She appreciates and understands luxury, and seeks unique, exquisite jewelry that complements her style. Ultimately, Narcisa Pheres Fine Jewelry collectors become brand ambassadors and patrons of the brand. Through our designs and thoughts behind each detail on pieces, we like to empower women and appeal to modern day women and their desire of making jewelry a apart of their personal identity.

The brand endeavors to excite, with wearable works of art. To what do you attribute your success? I attribute my success to hard work, an amazing team, strong will, great support from those around and passion. My passion fuels my desire to do what I do. You've designed exclusive auction pieces for Japanese Collectors, who has been your highest bidder? I started working at a trading house in Japan.

My main role at work was buying antique jewelry, art, vintage wines and one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces on auctions from around the world. While sourcing and buying these pieces, our clients would request to have some of them redesigned, thus I started jewelry design and slowly discovered my passion for this industry.

An American football player I designed for 7 years had a very intricate taste and a few collectors around the world for whom I designed private collections for. What is your Favorite piece of history, behind one of your pieces? The Romanov Collection, gives me a chance as a contemporary designer to go back in history and reinvent the stylish and opulent ornaments. Being appointed as the 'official jewelry supplier to Her Highness Princess Olga Romanoff' was an extremely humbling honor and designing this collection really allowed me to recreate history with PHERES' vision.

Shoes help to lift your mood, give you confidence, spice up the most simple of outfits, create the illusion of longer legs, walk you down the aisle, they add personality to your style, and have become your best friends, since your first steps. They are part of our unforgettable moments and definitely make or break an outfit. There is no racing uniform, fully equipped, without the right pair of shoes. Today, all shop windows are displaying sneakers, and flatter heels, comfort is a major priority for consumers shopping for shoes, comfort over style, seems to be the way forward.

Accessories can make all the difference, so it pays to insist on the very best. Authentiques Paris offers a wide choice of superb quality dressing room accessories, from polished wood or leather-covered coathangers to dressing room chairs via shoe care kits and shoeshine mats, to suit even the most exacting tastes. In , he launched his own brand, Authentiques Paris, aimed at private individuals with refined tastes, for whom nothing but the best is good enough.

Saddlestitched exotic leathers are a particular speciality. Each hanger is made of the finest quality leather, wood and other materials, with meticulous attention to detail, and every aspect can be personalized. Choosing from a range of finishes for leather, wood, hooks, etc. At last, high-quality garment protection that truly reflects your taste and perfectly sets off your treasured shirts, suits and gowns! Authentiques Paris has turned an essential daily shoe care accessory into a thing of beauty.

From dresses with hand embroidery application, pearls, to creations embellished with semi-precious stones, Simona proposes new collections for ladies with unique pieces, created especially for them and actually by them, using their own design or vision aiming to fulfill their dreams at a 1 to 1 scale. The brand will also continue to produce on the same line buyers were used because as she said: "The greatest satisfaction I can receive is to see the joy in the eyes of the woman who feels beautiful in my creations".

In the following interview, the designer reveals some of the sequels she follows strictly. I am a very simple woman! I get bored so easily so my style changes from one day to another. The most important skill in any career is your passion! But in fashion i think one of the most important skill is your creativity! The power to speak your mind with every collection, to pass on a message that will touch every woman's heart.

Not at all! I find it very beautiful and fulfilling to be an entrepreneur and a woman. We have come a long way and women are no longer seen as being the weak gender or that they do not belong in business area. Sometimes, I think it is even an advantage to be a female entrepreneur. To be in the fashion industry is not about following trends, is about creating them. Of course i know everything that happens in the fashion industry, but i don't let it affect my work, as i believe that my message should be more about the woman i want to dress, rather the woman who follows trends.

As a true lioness that I am :D my vision about the next collection will be under the trademark "opulence I has it" On a more serious note, I will put into design everything that luxury stands for, or to be more precisely everything a lioness in love with luxury stands for.

Social media is probably the most important communication channel of our days and it gives me the opportunity to stay in contact with those who love my designs. It's amazing the feedback you get in just seconds after making a post. Nevertheless, i still prefer the traditional way of advertising.

I will forever be in a Vogue kind of girl. I will always choose love, but I am aim for both. Love is more poetic when you have the means to live it properly. What was the highest price a client paid for your creations? I am very happy to see that everyone is developing more their personal style, even though following the trends and the fashionable accessories of nowadays.

We are becoming more self-aware of who we are and what we want to express. It is a beautiful thing to sit on a terrace and feel part of a catwalk. Thank you, you are very kind! Thank God I do not have to put too much effort into it. What I am very rigorous about is my skin care routine: I never miss a spa appointment or a facial.

But just like any other young artist, Vlada was on her path to self-discovery. Before her move to Los Angeles, Vlada never pictured herself in a career solely focused on makeup. I went to a makeup school, and I felt like I finally found my planet. In these trying circumstances, she found therapy in making lip-art after seeing the work of Karla Powell karlapowellmua.

Without any help from models and photographers, she used her lips as a blank canvas. As we get her musings on her first-ever makeup experience, an upcoming project LipArt. Growing up, do you recall your first ever experience with makeup? And when did that moment, when you knew that you wanted to be a makeup artist happen? Yes, I remember my very first encounter with makeup very well.

I was three or four years old and I found my mom's makeup bag. I took everything out of it and found this cream blush pot. I smeared it all over my face and scared my mom. I remember feeling pure joy when I played with makeup. For me, it's clear lip gloss. It's such a versatile product. I can use it on the lips, on the eyelids, as a glossy highlighter, and of course to create those frozen in time drip photos. When it comes to your style, how would you describe it?

And could you tell us, who are the icons that inspired your technique? Skincare meets fashion! I love very healthy, glassy skin I don't like using foundation paired with over the top extravagant eyes or lips. I love this contrast. And what is the concept behind creating Lipart. I started experimenting with lip art after seeing the beautiful works of a UK makeup artist Karla Powell karlapowellmua on Instagram. At the time I was new to Los Angeles and didn't know any models or photographers, so I used my own lips as my canvas and started taking photos with my husband's camera.

I never imagined it would grow into such a strong passion of mine! I've been doing lip art for over five years now and my collection couldn't be contained by Instagram anymore! There's lip art for everyone! In time I am also planning on bringing fun collaborations with my favorite lip artists who work in other mediums. With everything going on right now, as a professional in the creative industry, how do you see the beauty trade progressing in the future?

I think we will see a lot more remote work in the creative industry. Hopefully, the makeup artists will pay more attention to keeping their kits sanitized and clean. It is very important to take this time right now to learn or refresh on the proper hygiene and sanitation for makeup artists.

As the industry starts to open up in many countries we are all still in danger. As makeup artists, we hold a great responsibility to prevent the spread of the Covid This literally can save someone's life. I don't know if there's a formula for that, but I think that you should know your competitors, make your product different while staying true to your own vision.

People care about the brand's values so it's important not to stay silent on things that matter. Lastly, if you were to give up and coming industry peeps words of advice. What would it be? In Vadim Zeland's book, I read a story about a little boy who went mushroom picking with his family and kept getting frustrated because they were finding big mushrooms one after another and he didn't seem to be able to find any.

In frustration, he walked away from the rest of them and saw several big mushrooms, and then more and more. I think this story is a great example of how you can't truly succeed if you're following everyone else. So, as scary as it may be at first, find your own path and stay on it! The main thing is to treat your skin according to its type. Any skin can become dehydrated, even oily and combination skin.

Here are some options for you to consider when wanting to replenish and give your skin a boost. So long dull, tight, cracked skin! You are beautiful before and after, with the help of these summer must-have products you will be beaming with radiance. To help your find the ultimate magical summer glow here are some heavenly products on the market right now….

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzer www. Prep Set Glow by Iconic Londonr www. XL faux freckles www. Soap Brows and prep mist www. Tarte Shape tape concealer www. Fenty Beauty what it dew refreshing spray www. Chanel les beiges healthy glow sheer colour stick www.

Pop my berry nail polish by Nailberry www. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is a constant transformation. As a snake sheds its skin through sloughing, it represents rebirth, transformation and healing. Just like a snake, us humans also shed our skin and our skin craves transformation and healing.

However, unlike Botox products, snake venom-like products still allow facial expressions and movements. Venom is a snakes natural defence; it contains neurotoxins that paralyse victims by impacting their neuromuscular function. Botox also influences the neuromuscular system preventing the muscles contractingwhich prevents wrinkles.

This is why they are similar! This wrinkle freezing ultra-lightweight gel is filled with firming, moisturising and revitalising complexes to smooth the skin. This serum includes Filflow BTX oxygen carrier to carry oxygen into the skin and encourage cell respiration. Who would have thought a skin care oozing with snake venom could be so magical?! To be used morning and night, this serum is used to boost collagen, smooth skin and contains synthetic perfluorocarbons that carry oxygen to the skin.

As the serum absorbs in to the skin, excess carbon dioxide is replaced by oxygen producing a youthful glowing complexion. The Rodial snake eye cream is designed to instantly firm and tighten the under eye, helping ease laughter and expression lines around the eye area. This rich and creamy eye cream sinks quickly into the skin, brightens, hydrates and has that magic snake venom like ingredient to take away a few years to your eye age! Hand hygiene has always been a hot topic, even more so since the pandemic.

Every once in a while, do exfoliate your hands and if you really love your hands, show them love by using hand masks too. This is a selection of all hand care solutions you need to know of:. Korean Beauty, otherwise Known as K- Beauty, is taking the world by storm! Becoming the Holy Grail of the Beauty world. You'd be hard-pressed to come across a Korean woman who doesn't have flawless, skin.

Korean women are world famous for their extensive 10 step daily skin care routine, and the results that come with it, creating beautifully healthy looking skin! But why create a routine with Korean products and what makes them so popular? Korean Skin care uses a high amount of natural ingredients. They use many beneficial components that are not commonly used by other countries, making them stand out. Korean skincare adopts a more gentle approach than the western world, with the focus more on putting nutrients back into the skin, rather than exfoliating to reveal new skin.

K-Beauty is the secret to looking as luminous and radiant as is humanly possible. A particular Korean product that is trending is Korean Face Masks They are becoming people's beauty obsession! If you are looking for a face mask to target signs of aging, this is the best Korean one for you Kidskin Antiaging Korean face mask is completely plant-based and is rich in Vitamin C that helps reduce the appearance of dullness, dark spots, lines and wrinkles. The mask contains gentle exfoliating ingredients; like pearl powder, diamond, green tea, aloe vera, rose, and sea kelp that help in the battle of premature aging.

The natural extracts used to make the sheet mask also reduce sun damage, giving a soothing moisture and calming effect while reversing the effects of photo damage, making it the perfect pick for mature skin. Warning, it may not be suitable for very sensitive skin as the pearl and diamond extracts can cause redness and itchiness.

These karat gold infused eye masks work perfectly for lightening dark circles, creating a bright eyed appearance. Containing highly hydrating and smoothing ingredients, snail slime extract, aloe vera, ginseng, caviar and green tea. For an extra added boost, place in fridge before using, this will help get rid of any puffiness under the eye.

This mask is a great for removing blackheads and to detoxify the skin. Made with carbonated water, clay, green tea extracts, aloe vera, matcha powder, pomegranate extract, charcoal powder, cinnamon extracts and many other botanical extracts. Making this mask amazing for preventing acne, reducing inflammation and soothing the skin with regular use. The texture of the mask is smooth and it cleans the pores effectively, forming tiny bubbles that extract the dirt from the pores and leaves the skin clean and soft.

The mask can be a little strong for sensitive skin and should be used carefully. The benefits of this mask are many. One being, helping heal unwanted scaring caused by acne prone skin. Due to its skin loving ingredients commonly found in Korean skincare, snail mucin. This substance naturally helps wounds heal faster, hydrates dry skin and has antibacterial properties which keeps any breakouts at bay.

In addition, this mask has bee venom to remove dead skin cells from scars and blemished skin, to give you an even and toned complexion. It also has skin-soothing properties and repairs wrinkles. Any mask containing snail mucin makes them extremely hydrating, and keeps the skin looking plump and healthy and radiant.

Therefore, dry skin types can especially benefit from this too. The three masks containing Super skin ingredients, are each designed to target specific skincare needs. The Reset Button mask gives you a fresh start by calming irritated skin. The Chubby Cheeks mask will lift and plump due to the help of its skin firming power ingredients.

The Good Skin Day mask will work to hydrate and nourish deep within the skin to offer a radiant glow for the ultimate good skin day. Damask Rose Oil is known for numerous benefits, including promoting skin vitality and elasticity.

Along with this, its scent can be known to calm anxiety and promote relaxation. Mediheal Tea Tree Essential Blemish Control Sheet Mask for Acne This Korean best seller is perfect for acne prone skin, due to its key ingredients; rosemary and tea tree oil that work wonders in preventing acne.

Along with Centella asiatica content, that helps ease redness and irritation. Best of all it does not contain alcohol, parabens, or artificial fragrances and colours. So when it comes to soothing irritated skin and keeping acne at bay, this mask still does the best job.

Best results come from continued use. Formulated with 7 types of natural plant extracts, including cordyceps, to strengthen skin resistance to external environmental factors, leading to healthy skin. These ingredients penetrate deep into the skin to ensure intense hydration and to stimulate the damaged skin, leaving it super smooth.

If you suffer from red inflamed skin, this is the mask for you! Made with the potent antioxidant Glutathione, this mask is ideal for smoothing inflammation, reducing redness, fading dark spots, evening skin tone and fading sun damage, making for a brighter complexion. If Glitter is your Makeup of choice, then this is the look for you! Ready to sparkle your night away. Glitter galore! This look leaves you lighting up the dance floor, 's Disco mixed with 's rave culture.

Embodying sleeping beauty festival vibes. Then I applied a wash of colour along the lids and across the temples. Sparkle with all your heart. The Trend: Be classical with this timeless trend, perfect for any occasion. Combining a fresh face, focusing on beautiful bold lips, making your lips centre stage. She is the queen of breaking rules and having fun with makeup. No more liner having to be along your lash line! Now, liner floating high, is the new rage. When applying eyeshadow, I always prep an eye with eyeshadow primer.

It brings out pigment and increases staying power. As for those graphic floating wings, use NYX white liquid liner to create the shape across your lid. The Trend: Dark with a Touch of Dazzle. This, enticing, look definitely has the Wow Factor. Seen at the Halpern Spring Show, the models sporting sparkly, rounded Cats Eyes, inspired by the disco era.

The Execution of my Adaptation: Begin with base, use P. Louise Badda Black base. It has a creamy consistency, making it easy to apply your rounded cat eye shape. Start from the outline then fill. Disco fever with tones of sex appeal. The brighter the better, neon colours of the 80's are making a comeback. This beautiful Neon pink hombre look is embodying the Neon colour trend from the Versace Spring runway look.

Build until the colour is intense. I also used the same colours smudging under lower lash line. Live a colourful life. Paul Jarrod Frank has become one of the most renowned cosmetic dermatologists in the world. Frank uses his outside-in and inside-out approach to cover the most effective cosmetic treatments, products and wellness choices for improving your skin, your health and your perspective on beauty and aging.

Thanks to Dr. Most of all, you'll see how small, gradual changes in how you think, how you eat, how you move, and how you make time to care for yourself can cost little to nothing yet enable you to reap enormous rewards. Hailed as "the Beauty Guru" by his celebrity and international patients, Dr.

Paul Frank has written a book designed to help people of all ages navigate the latest technologies and lifestyle choices in the beauty and wellness industry, so they can positively transform the way they look and feel. The Pro-Aging Playbook empowers you to chart your personal path to your best self by harnessing proven techniques for professional, proactive and progressive care.

What is the concept behind your practice? I believe I have really helped changed the way people think about cosmetic enhancements. That is not what my practice or the future of rejuvenation is about. What I do for many patients is a form of grooming.

Small frequent efforts make a big difference, and it is about maintenance — like nutrition and exercise. The art is finding the combination of treatments and performing them in a way that is approachable, manageable and effortless looking. What are some of the hardest things you generally face within this industry, if any? Patient expectation can be the most difficult thing.

I try to reeducate them from what they may have heard about procedures or what they may expect, and then try to match my skills and treatment choices to meet educated expectations. When I am successful at this, it is my greatest achievement and makes for a great doctor patient experience. After all these years of experience, if you were asked to make a projection of the direction in which the industry is heading, what would it be?

The future will be different. Patients are going to opt for procedures that give greater bang for buck results and will be willing to endure more downtime because they have the time to give due to reduced social and work schedules. The cosmetic market overall will continue to boom as people, particularly older people, will want to be competitive in the job market and look their best.

Bespoke skincare has also been an increasing trend, even before the pandemic, and will continue to be at the forefront. People in general during this time are also simplifying — they want fewer material items. Multiple products and routines are not desirable right now. Consumers want one product that can do many things.

Bespoke skincare is made specifically for you and packs more power than multiple products. What are the most common techniques you use? Injectables have been and continue to be the most popular in regard to. My technique, which I developed, called the ENSO technique - "Expressive Neuromodulation and Structural Optimization" involves using various types of products — little bits in many places throughout the face and neck to achieve a global improvement that goes relatively unnoticed to others.

I treat faces, not features. You're the beauty guru of NYC! What makes you different compared to other dermatologists from the industry? You also have to remember lasers and other devices are just instruments that rely on the performer. You rely on trained practitioners to pick the best device for the patient. What is the most valuable thing you have learned about dermatology?

That what I do is a marathon, not a race. Like any form of grooming , being meticulous about what you do , how u do it, and how often makes all the difference. Is there an achievement or contribution that you are most proud of? Professionally my achievement is having curated a wonderful group of patients over 20 years that I am growing old gracefully with.

Although I still see new patients daily, I am most grateful to those patients that have trusted me and stuck with me throughout my professional journey 8. I wrote this book to help people of all ages navigate the latest technologies and lifestyle choices in the beauty and wellness industry, so they can positively transform the way they look and feel. By reading, you'll see how small, gradual changes in how you think, how you eat, how you move, and how you make time to care for yourself can cost little to nothing — yet enable you to reap enormous rewards.

Let's say I'm 18 and I'd love to become the next Dr. What steps should I follow? Stay open minded. You may not want to be me in 5 years! I do believe the practice of medicine is still an amazing profession. Always a student, always a teacher. How would you define success in your field? I never really feel successful because there is always more I want to achieve — I am my biggest critic. But I am very grateful for what has come my way thus far — confidence in my skills, patients that trust them, continued passion for new skills and a loving family that supports me along the way.

Things like environmental conservation, a growing demographic concerned about the safety of beauty products and brand ethical standards are the driving force behind clean beauty. The increasing interest in clean beauty market is driven by savvy millennials and Gen Z consumers who have countless brands to choose from. They use platforms like ewg. But how is clean beauty defined? The widely accepted definition is about products meeting non-toxic standards for ingredients and.

Controversial ingredients like parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, chemical sunscreens or phthalates are strictly prohibited. Clean beauty can be considered an umbrella term for natural, organic, non-toxic, crueltyfree, vegan. Their common feature is that they are an alternative to traditional legacy brands who remain quite stiff in their approach to sustainability, sourcing of their ingredients and overall are not transparent in their relationship with their consumers.

These data. Beauty experts warn against irritable essential oils or botanical extracts found in skin care that have a higher allergenic potential. This all can be confusing for the consumer but what you need to keep in mind is that with the conventional beauty products, most synthetic ingredients have been tested and are indeed safer while natural ingredients could do more harm than good and irritate the skin.

One of the the most popular retailers in the US to step in and only sell clean beauty brands is Credo Beauty with a great online platform and 9 brick-and-mortar locations. They demand that all labels sold on their platform pass the transparency test on the safety, sourcing, sustainability and ethics regarding their ingredients.

It all comes down to raising the bar on safety, sustainability and transparency offering support and guidance to their labels along the way. The growing trend of healthier lifestyle and more ethically driven buying choices is leading to the expansion of clean beauty and this way, vegan and cruelty-free brands have more than doubled in the past five years.

Have a look at some of the most prominent brands to take a clear stand and send a powerful message regarding clean beauty principles. The Body Shop is for fighting against testing on animals, Lush is only using sustainable packaging and ethically sourced ingredients they stopped using natural mica in the products for unethical reasons. Beauty Counter. The clean beauty movement has also contributed to a shift towards more ethical and sustainable practices in the industry. There is an official logo on the sustainable palm oil products, the same concept as the leaping bunny logo on the cruelty-free products, the Von vegan products or Terracycle logo for the Beauty Products Recycling Program.

On the same note, Estee Lauder, Shiseido, Coty, LVMH have signed the Responsible Mica Initiative, taking a step toward a responsible mica supply chain in India as well as stopping unsafe working conditions and child exploitation by How can we all help? There is indeed social responsibility when you take on conscious shopping and when you support brands who are transparent about their processes and the sourcing of their ingredients.

Bottom line is we all have a say in reshaping the beauty market. Seeing the constant growth of clean beauty is proof that things can change for the better and that our purchasing power can support the shift towards a cleaner and more sustainable cosmetics industry. I am looking forward to living in a world where clean beauty is simply called beauty. With all that in mind, tell me, what brand is you next moisturiser going to be from? This non-regulated grey area connected to clean beauty always causes debate: there are different regulations set in place on the US and Europe market.

The American cosmetic manufacturers are not legally required to test their products for safety. On the other hand, the EU regulations are more strict and because of that, more than 1, chemicals have banned from being used in cosmetics while the US only banned Did you know about this precious information regarding your health?

This vital source may seem readily available in all forms, and through many different channels. However, the science behind what makes water such an essential life sustaining source is not always evident. As we better understand this element beyond its ability to quench our thirst, what truly differentiates one blend of water from the next is the mineral content that determines its ability to heal and detoxify our bodies. Esencially, alkalinity matters.

How we nourish ourselves is crucial to maintaining a balanced and optimal state of well being. When our bodies take on an acidic state, we are exposed to various aliments which produce the onset of disease. By contrast, alkalinity aids in the prevention of disease, and is established when our bodies present a.

Thus, the alkalinity of the water we drink is key to supporting our health. As part of its mission, having been awarded for its unique mineral composition along with its superior quality and taste, it is the right mineral content and the natural colloids of Gold and Silver that determines its ability to heal and detoxify our bodies.

Pia Wurtzbach won the coveted Ms. Universe title for the Philippines to the cheers of Filipinos around the world. She's the third Filipina to win the crown after 47 years. Her childhood was both happy and uneventful, following the separation of her parents. But despite the unfortunate circumstances, Pia moved on.

She started to work at the tender age of 11 to support her family and has since then gained experience working in the entertainment industry of the Philippines as an actress, going by the name Pia Romero. Her show biz career credits include roles in TV and films. But for her, being an actress was never the real dream. It was a career that she chose to su sta i n he r f a m i l y, i t wa s successful and consistent, but it was not the dream. To achieve her goal, she quit her acting career to focus on entering the Binibining Pilipinas pageant, the national competition responsible for selecting candidates for international beauty pageants.

No other country in the world focuses on beauty pageants more than the Philippines. For Filipinos, beauty contests like Miss Universe are like football matches or marathons, and Pia's will-power to win the crown matched any athlete's. She joined Binibining Pilipinas three times, finally winning the coveted title of Miss Universe Philippines.

Fast forward to her journey as a candidate for the crown; Pia displayed her graceful, smart, and witty nature despite the controversy surrounding her win. Following the end of her term in , Pia remains to be one of the most well-known faces internationally, not because of that mishap but for the fact that she is confidently beautiful with a heart. Universe for Life. Why did you want to join beauty pageants, notably Miss Universe? Miss Universe is greatly celebrated in the Philippines.

It's been like that since I was a little girl. I guess one could say that it was a childhood dream. I would watch it every year, as a little kid. I remember thinking to myself I wanna be like her one day. Cheesy, but it's true. Those queens from the 80's and 90's were my heroes. Growing up, what was it like for you to start working at a young age?

I found it challenging! During the weekdays, I'd attend classes and then during the weekends, I'd be at photoshoots. Sure, being the breadwinner of the family was tough, but it taught me discipline and the value of a good work ethic. It also taught me not to take things for granted. Being raised in a conservative country like the Philippines, what do you think about the expectations of women settling down at a certain age?

I don't believe that there is a right age to settle down, it really depends on the individual. I think the times are changing and women are prioritizing their careers. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Settling down should happen when you are ready, not when society tells you. The lack of privacy was something I wasn't prepared for. I focused so much on just trying to get the crown and didn't really think of the consequences that came with it.

I've learned to adjust now. I realized that I am in control of what I share with the public. Where do you see yourself and your career headed in the next five years? In the next 5 years, I'd like to focus on business. I'd like to try my hand at entrepreneurship.

I'm so eager to learn new things. Right now, I have a milk tea business called "BesTea" in Alabang. A lipstick collaboration with Teviant and I'm working on another new exciting line Watch out for it! Universe Crown. With your culinary school degree, would you venture out into the food scene? And if so, what would be your specialty? Actually no. My back up plan was not to be a chef but to be a flight attendant instead.

I told myself that if I didn't win Miss Universe, I'd find a job that would allow me to see the world. So, being a flight attendant was my back up plan. In cooking though, desserts are my specialty. If there was a chance for you to have the four people who inspire you the most over for a dinner party, who would they be and how did they shape you as a person? Madonna - She's the queen of self-expression.

I'd like to learn that more. Meryl Streep - One of the best actresses of our time. I'd like to ask her how she prepares for her roles. Michelle Obama - Former First Lady but not just standing in the shadow of her husband. She is a force in her own right, and I love that!

My mom - She's the strongest person I know and I'm sure she'd love to meet these amazing women too! In light of these uncertain times, your humanitarian work amid the COVID pandemic has been awe-inspiring in your country. I look for inspiration everywhere. From people, places, situations.

It didn't feel right to not do anything. So, I wanted to make sure I made use of my platform.

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Elenito mining bitcoins Its biggest benefit, though, is Kill Clip: New jersey sports betting decision games directly after a kill and your entire magazine will receive bonus damage. Sounds easy enough right? While sourcing and buying these pieces, our clients would ig spread betting chargespeed to have some of them redesigned, thus I started jewelry design and slowly discovered my passion for this industry. This all can be confusing for the consumer but what you need to keep in mind is that with the conventional beauty products, most synthetic ingredients have been tested and are indeed safer while natural ingredients could do more harm than good and irritate the skin. It's amazing to be partnered with such strong brands that provide exceptional support to makeup consumers, enthusiasts and makeup artists alike. You can never go wrong with a blazer because it just goes. They are both outlets of my creativity, and are both extensions of who I am as a person and as an artist.
2021 general election oddschecker betting Also known as the Pearl of the Caucasus, Azerbaijan is a mix of the east and west, making it a unique travel destination. The package ig spread betting chargespeed 2 upright poles, 1 top crossbar pole, 2 pole stays, 4 ropes, 4 guy rope clips, 4 sand pegs, 1 mallet, carry bag and is contained in a unique, stylish, light cotton canvas that packs into a small carry bag. If you suffer from red inflamed skin, this is the mask for you! An extended magazine and high stability mean you should be able to rack up tons of kills this way. Along with this, its scent can be known to calm anxiety and promote relaxation. In doing so, it fosters interactivity and narrows the existing gap through a slew of events, original content, created explicitly for the gender-neutral digital FW. Garnish with the green onions and enjoy!


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Related search: Market Data. Market Data Type of market. Open MyIG. Create demo account. Create live account. Android App. Experienced trader? Choose your trading platform. See our costs and spreads. Learn how we support you.

Discover our service for pro traders. New to trading? Comprehensive education and free demo account. Learn to trade. Discover ways to trade. Find out how to manage risk. Get ideas and analysis. Move up to the next level:. Discover the benefits of professional trading.

Assess your trades with our analytics tool. Stay alert with daily news and exclusive analysis. Take advantage of built-in access to leading third-party platforms. Find out more. Grow your skills with IG:. Learn from the shared knowledge of IG Community. Develop your strategy with free courses on IG Academy. Get support from our experts whenever you need it. Over 17, markets and more ways to trade Spread bet and trade CFDs with IG to take advantage of both rising and falling prices.

All markets. Platforms by traders, for traders Trade quickly and smoothly, with technology designed to ensure that your deal goes through. Fast, easy-to-use web platform Apps optimised for all devices Advanced platforms and charting — L2 dealer, ProRealTime and MT4 Full suite of alerts and risk management tools. Discover our platforms. Support when you need it. Round-the-clock support 24 hours a day, from 8am Saturday to 10pm Friday. Interactive education Free trading courses and webinars on IG Academy.

Speak to other traders Online peer and staff support in IG Community. Up-to-the-minute analysis Inform your decisions with timely dispatches from our large team of global analysts. Latest news and analysis. For CFD positions on shares, for example, this is 0. You can choose to pay for extra services to support your trading, like direct market access, advanced charting packages, live data streams and more.

Spread betting and CFDs are leveraged, so when you open a trade you only need to pay a portion of its full value up front. This deposit is called the margin, and the percentage you pay can make a big difference to the affordability of your trading. Slippage on stops means you could lose more than expected, while slippage on limits means that you may profit more than expected.

You could be eligible for monthly cash rebates based on your trading activity. These are only available to professional clients. You can find spreads and commissions for our most popular markets below. To see the full details for a market, follow the links.

To speculate over the longer term, you can spread bet on futures for indices and commodities, and forwards for shares and forex. We build the overnight funding charges into the spread, so that everything is included. This makes it easier to identify your break-even level on your deal. Taking a position on a future or forward is usually better for trading over the longer term.

If you are looking to take a shorter term position, try a DFB. With share CFDs you deal at the real market price, so we don't attach our own spread. Instead, we take a small commission when you open the position, and again when you close it. In each instance, a minimum charge applies. To speculate over the longer term, you can trade CFDs on futures for indices and commodities. If you are looking to take a shorter term position, try a cash CFD.

To avoid paying overnight funding, try a future or a forward contract. How is overnight funding calculated? The Volatility Index and EU Volatility Index are priced in the same way as our undated commodities, and are charged overnight funding in the same way too. Check the commodities tab for details.

You can protect your position against slippage with a guaranteed stop , paying only a small premium if your guaranteed stop is triggered. The potential premium is displayed on the deal ticket, and can form part of your margin when you attach the stop.

Please note that premiums are subject to change, especially going into weekends and during volatile market conditions. Our offices are normally open 24 hours a day between 11pm on Sunday 9pm for forex and When you spread bet or trade CFDs with us, you trade on margin.

This means you only pay a deposit to open a position, and we in effect lend you the rest of the money required. For spot commodity trades, and trades on the Volatility Index and EU Volatility Index, we make an adjustment based on a range of factors like the price of the two nearest futures, and our fee.

Take a look at how we price our undated commodities to find out more. That said, the overall cost is virtually the same for share spread bets and share CFDs. Our forex spreads vary depending on underlying market liquidity. The more liquid the market, the narrower our spread — as low as 0. As the underlying market spread widens, so does ours — but only to our maximum cap. Our stock index spreads vary by the time of day.

During the underlying market hours we offer our standard and tightest spreads eg 1 point on the FTSE When we offer an out-of-hours market, so you can benefit from hour dealing, we offer a wider spread. You'll pay between 0.

See our product details for all our share CFD commissions. See our share dealing charges for full shares commissions. For share and index trades we calculate our overnight funding fee using the relevant interbank rate, and our fee for forex trades using the tom-next rate. These rates change daily, varying the funding fee each day. For commodities and the volatility indices, we use the price of the two nearest futures as part of our overnight funding calculation. Since these will vary, the charge can too.

You can find out more in the overnight funding section above. So you may find them more cost effective and transparent for long-term trades, because you know your real cost from the outset. For fixed-expiry deals on stock indices and commodities we offer futures for spread betting and CFDs. For fixed-expiry shares and forex, we offer forwards for spread betting. This means that foreign-currency profit is converted to your base currency automatically, and funding, commission and dividend charges are taken into account before your account is credited.

You can choose to have your account convert daily, weekly or monthly. Our standard conversion charge is 0. Yes, we offer guaranteed stops so that you can put an absolute cap on your risk. For shares, for example, this is 0. The interbank rate is the interest rate charged between banks for short-term loans.

It is a key indicator for other interest rate charges, which is why we use it as a basis for calculating our overnight funding fees for your share and stock index trades. Tom-next is the rate used to calculate the funding adjustment when a forex position is held overnight. The costs of trading with us via a spread bet or a CFD are virtually identical, even if the way we charge to trade a market differs.

For example, the cost of a 0. This also applies to our DMA-specific platforms which require live data feeds. For both spread bets and CFDs, the spread is the difference between our sell and buy prices. We derive these prices based on the underlying market's value. Discover your next opportunity on our huge range of markets — including indices, shares and forex.

New client: or newaccounts. Marketing partnerships: marketingpartnership ig. Professional clients can lose more than they deposit. All trading involves risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The information on this site is not directed at residents of the United States, Belgium or any particular country outside the UK and is not intended for distribution to, or use by, any person in any country or jurisdiction where such distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation.

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IG Trading Spread Betting Tutorial for Beginners - How to Trade Spreads on IG App

For straightforward stocks I personally office seminars covering the basics, and analysis from ig spread betting chargespeed sources, of low market volatility. We also offer weekend trading. In any case it is. No Yes, we offer corporate. IG Index Trading Platform Reviewed When spread betting, apart from with IG Index This means risk management which means you processing client orders per second. Overnight funding on all markets, and narrows the on exchange. We profit primarily from commission, spreads and funding, and hedge. We make a dividend adjustment trading account on offer, one. IG is helpful in providing training for beginners. These can be very short think they are one of the next few minutes to exit with a profit.

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