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He has also impressed in Scotland this season with Motherwell currently third in the Premiership. Healy's stock continues to rise following Linfield's impressive run in Europe this summer when they narrowly missed out on reaching the group stages of the Europa League. Here's our main Belfast Live Facebook page. On Twitter, you can follow our account by clicking here. If you're a lover of photos, then check out our Instagram.

Betvictor football betting rules for texas lions vs bears betting line

Betvictor football betting rules for texas

I started to think about my life. I am getting older; I am getting married next year. Catrin - she has been amazing. She has been unbelievable and supported everything I have done. I want to look forward to the future: marriage and starting a family. Doing a project from home and being around the people I love it's been exciting and I have enjoyed every bit of it.

I love poker and would love to win the Triple Crown. I thought I could dedicate a month in Vegas to represent party and I was proud to do that. Then I did well and they asked to extend it for another year including another stint in Vegas. How nice is that? What other online poker company in the world would do that?

They were professional but relaxed - they were normal. You can have a laugh and banter with the team. I was doing something I really love and these guys were telling me that I could still play poker when it suited me including WSOP which really sold it for me.

They are on board with my project and their in-house people are helping me on their part of the poker tab. I have been blessed the way it's run out. Every day I want people sending us copies of winning bet slips showing us what they have won and leaving good reviews in the app store.

I am confident of that. It's about getting people using it. I think it will explode. I am happy and don't regret anything. I am confident and excited. I told the team that came on board that I would put all the money up. If it works, they have a piece of a company. I am going to reinvest. I don't want to plod along. I want it to explode. I want to take it as far as I think we can take it as a team.

When I get to that point I will find someone else who can take it further, then I will sell it. We are also looking to expand globally. Currently the app is available in the UK but we have already begun working on a Spanish version. They are placing no bets with me.

The app will direct you to the right bookmaker. After all, why would you take less? Play Here. But he's never liked the bookmaker's stranglehold on the prices they offer to the working class. Always a rogue. PL: How did you get into gambling? A grinder with a vision. It was a great feeling. Always looking for a challenge. Comment on that Cancel reply Message. BetVictor leverages that through their deal. SH : Do deals with individual athletes have to flow through a team?

KM : No — but out of courtesy if there is a link between the player and the club even if retired the club should be made aware of it. Right now in the NFL, players cannot even have an alcohol company sponsor. SH : How do the fans perceive the betting company sponsorships? KM : Like buying a hot-dog or beer when going to a game, having a bet and seeing betting company names on shirts or perimeter advertising are as much a part of the match day experience as anything else. They are completely used to it.

If it brings revenues to their club, they are happy with it. KM : History has shown us that legalising and regulating any activity is a far better way of maintaining integrity than driving it underground. Through close associations between the leagues, the clubs and the betting companies, systems are in place to far more easily identify suspect betting patterns than would be the case were these relationships not in place. In the States, the leagues need to look at how this has worked in countries such as the UK and understand how they can play a role in driving integrity by bringing these matters to the surface.

Let the clubs play their part in funding a program for betting integrity by contributing to a system that the leagues drive. Data provision companies, such as Genius Sports, also have a huge role to play as they can monitor the bread-crumb trail of betting activities, pick up on irregular trends, and work with Operators and regulators to ensure integrity is maintained. SH : Can you describe how the betting companies work with regulators?

KM : Compliance is a full-time job. Requirements are becoming more onerous to ensure betting by minors, money laundering and other general areas of fraud are kept to a minimum. Betting companies employ teams of people to manage these issues by monitoring internal processes and reporting regularly to the betting regulators. SH : Can you cite an example where betting companies detected some suspicious betting pattern and alerted regulators or a team?

What happened? His opponent won the first set and the first game of the second set The player who was leading then retired. Under the rules of this betting company, a match was not considered. The huge influx of bets had been on the player that was getting beaten badly. He filled senior roles within the online divisions of major international brands such William Hill and the UK Tote and and also spent time running a global brand in the Philippines. In , McDonnell set up kmigaming.

He focuses on the sports betting industry and legislation. He's an avid sports bettor himself, mainly on NFL and college basketball contests. He lives in New Jersey with his family. Gambling problem? About Contact.

This site contains commercial content. December 7, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. McDonnell Keith McDonnell KM : Betting is an established part of culture in the United Kingdom UK and while there has been a spike in shirt and perimeter deals over the last years, betting companies have had commercial agreements with football clubs in the Premier League for decades. Under the rules of this betting company, a match was not considered void if the first game of the second set has been played.

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Atlantic Lottery increases online casino betting limits. Konami Gaming launches slot personality test. ATG continues row over funding of Swedish racing. Luckbox and EveryMatrix expand partnership with live sports solution. Latest Sports betting news from North America. Colorado casinos expect recovery through sports betting. Latest Sports betting news from Asia. Sportradar expands K League reach. Qatar cuts horse racing sponsorship. Latest Sports betting news from Oceania.

Kambi partners with Racing and Wagering Western Australia. Australian advertising watchdog warns Nine over gambling breach. Sports betting in Brazil: regulation could come in July. BtoBet partners with Toplay in Latin America. This provider is not ideal for streaming but is very popular with Kodi users and torrenters. Customer support is reliable and knowledgeable, although no live chat is offered. A basic plan will enable you to connect any number of devices simultaneously.

Easy to use. Preferred by users with high standards of privacy and security. Not as many server locations as some of its rivals. Read our review of IPVanish. Sweden-based PrivateVPN is a smaller provider than the others on the list. However, it lives up to its name and offers plenty of privacy and added security features. It uses bit or bit encryption depending on which protocol you opt for.

This is in addition to perfect forward secrecy, a kill switch, and DNS leak protection. One of the best things about PrivateVPN is its fast connection speeds , which is crucial if you want to be truly on your betting game. A PrivateVPN plan will enable up to five simultaneous connections. Connection speeds were surprisingly good at this end of the market. Read our review of PrivateVPN. Many make bold claims and promises, but in reality, most are subpar products.

And some are simply out to make a profit in unscrupulous ways. This is no good if you absolutely need a particular location for accessing betting websites. Even if you overcome all of the practical issues associated with a free VPN, you still have to think about privacy and security.

These are often jeopardized by the methods used to create a functioning business model for the service providers. As briefly mentioned earlier, different countries have varying laws surrounding online casinos and gambling. Some, like Afghanistan and Romania, have banned it completely and governments instruct ISPs to block access to gambling websites. Others, such as Lithuania and Switzerland, require gambling websites to be licensed or approved before they can offer services in the respective countries.

Then you have the US where it is illegal to accept online sports bets , but not illegal to place them. As you can see, the situation is already complicated. Indeed, some betting services explicitly state that using a VPN to mask your location may violate their terms of use. So you have two levels, regional restrictions and potentially, restrictions put in place by the betting sites themselves.

The Bovada website may deliver an error message based on your location, but this also includes the following note:. This entails forfeiting account balances including deposits and winnings. So, aside from potentially having to deal with law enforcement, you risk having your account closed and losing any money in it.

That would be an even worse feeling than losing a bet! If so, you are not authorised to use your payment card to complete the transaction. These rules may not be easy to find within the vast amount of fine print on each site, but contacting customer support should get you the answers you need. Aside from unblocking sites, a VPN will help to protect your privacy.

Because the gambling and betting industries are so tightly controlled, it could be more likely that your internet activity is being monitored in some way. You could be unwittingly handing criminals your passwords, credit card details, and banking info. On the other hand, if you absolutely need to provide credentials and personal information over wifi, then you should take some basic precautions. First and foremost, connect using a VPN.

Some of those on our list come with automatic wifi protection for all networks or individual ones you can specify. You can turn off sharing settings and enable your firewall if applicable. Since the rules for different sites vary, you may be able to find one that has the flexibility to enable you to place bets from where you live or are traveling to.

Below are some popular sites and the countries they operate from. Looking to use the popular betting site Sky Bet abroad? Here how to access Sky Bet from anywhere:. If you are allowed to use your account, you can use a VPN to help you gain access. No, online poker in the UAE is not legal. Operators located inside or outside of the UAE may not allow users who are located within the UAE to access online gambling services. Even if UAE residents visit off-shore casinos, they are not permitted to use gambling services.

Bet operates under a UK gambling license and its servers are located outside of India. While the Indian government restricts gambling within the country, the laws only have jurisdiction over gambling activities that involve servers located within India.

Contents [ hide ]. Hi Aimee! Is there a vpn that will allow me to access my Draftkings sportsbook account while I am out of state? Your best course of action is to ask NordVPN if they can tell you which servers still work with the site. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Your Location:. Your Internet Provider:. This information can be used to target ads and monitor your internet usage. It offers outstanding privacy features and is currently available with three months extra free.

Menu Close. We are reader supported and may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. If you are traveling abroad you may find your favorite gambling or sports betting sites are blocked. These blocks can often be bypassed by using a suitable VPN.

Very fast, with lots of server choice. Includes a wide range of security features and a day money-back guarantee. Surfshark Look no further for the best budget VPN. Fast servers, top-notch security, and no connection limits whatsoever.

IPVanish Fast and reliable service with good secure servers and apps. PrivateVPN Up-and-coming service with impressive speeds, good privacy, and security features. Our preferred option is NordVPN. Next clear your cookies Now open up your VPN app Select a VPN server location from your home country where you usually access the betting site Login into the sports betting or online gaming site and you should be able to play as usual If you hit any issues contact the VPNs customer support.

Changing VPN protocol or other settings will often solve the problem The best VPN for accessing betting websites abroad Not all VPN providers offer the same service and some are definitely better than others.

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Or when information about runners not expected to perform well does not reach the market so as to affect the odds makes backing the rest of the field profitable. Suppose you contemplate dutching betting in football soccer , Asian Handicap produces a lot of good dutching betting opportunities.

Because it has a wide variety of spreads on the same market, then you may consider the below particular bookies as your top priorities,. Then, suggest use this solution — you can create a single account which can access to several sharp bookies. It is possible to fund your Neteller account via Skrill and vice versa using the Money-In or Upload Section of the respective accounts.

The main advantage of Skrill is that major fees like depositing and withdrawal fees, especially for non-VIPs, are much lower with the exception of the currency exchange fees. Neteller For those planning to use their eWallet heavily and are interested in earning decent cashback every month, Neteller looks better choice, you may earn a monthly extra cashback of up to 1.

You should clearly identify what you expect from dutching activities in a numerical manner. There is no norm of return from dutching betting since it depends on many variables. Once you are familiar with the system, you may increase the bankroll using the winning stakes.

Then, you need to decide how much you are going to win on the particular sporting event you select. This is one of the odd things about dutching. You actually decide your profit before you start, not your stake on each horse or dog etc. The calculator tells you how much to stake on each selection to ensure an equal profit no matter which one wins.

However, you have to be cautious about possible risks as below. You can process manually as explained above. You can use Dutching in matched betting where people usually back at the bookmaker and lay in exchange to extract free bet.

Same as sports arbitrage, you place a back bet with one bookmaker, and an opposing back bet with another bookmaker with No Risk. Do you remember the first Tennis example I used to explain the underlying concept in this guide? There are 3 typical occasions cautions you can use Dutching Betting in the matched betting process as below;. Means, you should not use matched betting but need to use Dutching method when you use 2 bookmakers with different tennis retirement rule.

This is critically important. What could be the consequence If you use the bookie whose retirement rule is different from the exchange? What actually happened to Tomas Berdych vs Novak Djokovic match as Quarter Final in Wimbledon is probably a nightmare for many matched bettors. Novak Djokovic suffered an elbow injury and retired during the 2nd set.

The odds between Tomas Berdych vs Novak Djokovic was around Remember, these rules apply only to betting on the winner of the match, and not to other markets. Under this category, bets are only valid when the full match is completed. If a player retires early, all bets are void. There are no exchanges in this category. Because these bookies use the same retirement rule but that is different from the exchanges.

What happened was, Caruso won the 1st 2 sets, but finally he lost as below;. At the same time, I won Betway my double-winning part was credited into my account as a Free Bet ;. In fact, once the player Caruso wins 2 sets when we secure early payment at Bet, we can start considering laying off the player lost 2 sets Jaziri to ensure profit at Betway even Jarizi finally loses.

In the big event like Grand Slam, you can find plenty of such opportunities. You can manually search the events though what I do is using Oddsmonkey Dutching Matcher. It always shows the abundance of the best events as;. Thus, extremely effective and time-saving.

You may occasionally locate the under-round condition among the bookmakers that offer promotion. Means, it will effectively create arbing opportunity by Dutching. Avoid making any loss at the qualifying bet stage is a key success factor for matched betting.

But, never ever grab palpable errors, being gubbed is very costly because you will lose long-term profit. From the perspective of avoiding qualifying loss, exchange commission is a big burden for matched bettors. So allow me to share a bit about how the name came before full details of Dutching Betting technique. Dutch Schultz was a powerful New York City-area mobster. What Dutch Schultz actually did was backing multiple horses to win in the same race. In order to do it, Schultz calculated the correct stake to place on each selection so that the return is the same regardless of whichever one wins.

It guaranteed a multimillion-dollar-a-month tax-free income for Schultz. This is known as Dutch Win System or simply Dutching. Dutching Betting is nothing illegal but completely legitimate system which better ensures your profit. We Global Extra Money GEM would like our readers to exploit such reliable money-making opportunities as many as possible. And sharing the method of Dutching Betting in this guide is part of our efforts to achieve that vision.

Besides, as our name implies, we would like all visitors from anywhere in the world to enjoy our methods. Bitcoin Betting — Ultimate Way To Lock-In Profits From Anywhere In The World In these documents, you will find the specific methods that enable people from almost all countries to make the best use of the lucrative offshore advantage gambling opportunities you may have overlooked.

In Short, except 8 Countries Cyprus, Poland, North Korea, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia where on-line gamble is legally prohibited, all of you can make a profit from matched betting, see the above report for full details. Joshua Walker bio. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful.

Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again.

About Us. The stake on Germany 1 will be refunded and the stake on Germany 1. If the match ends in a draw or Germany win the match then all bets on Germany will be winners and bets on England will be losers. All bets on the Asian Handicap in-running market are settled according to the score line for the remainder of the game after the bet has been struck.

For example, any goals prior to the bet being placed are ignored for settlement purposes. Asian Handicaps will only apply for 90 minutes match betting. Every effort will be made to quote prices for all participants, however other players will count as winners should they be carded. Please note any player who takes no active part will be settled as void. When more than one player is involved in an incident that results in more than one card being shown BetVictor will result based on TV evidence as to who the referee has shown the first card to.

Only cards shown to players currently on the pitch will count. Cards shown to managers or substitutes do not count towards the total. Bets on players taking no part in the match will be void, as will first card bets where the selection comes on after the first card has been awarded. If the selection plays for any length of time but is substituted before the first card is awarded, the bet stands.

All players who take part in a match for any length of time, will be considered runners for anytime card purposes. Any card shown after the full-time whistle has been blown shall be disregarded. If after the final whistle a card shown during a game is rescinded, or reduced to a yellow card from a red card, that will not affect the settlement of any markets. For markets involving the time of yellow and red cards, these markets will be settled by reference to the time at which the relevant card is shown.

If a player receives two 02 yellow cards and is consequently shown a red card, the player will be deemed as having received a total of two 02 cards. No individual player will be able to receive a total number of cards exceeding two 02 in any one game. Extra-time does not count nor do cards shown after the final whistle count towards the total. A straight red card is counted as one card in every circumstance. These markets offer the customer the chance to bet on specified events occurring in a match within the stated minute the stated minute being the minute displayed on the Minute to Win It coupon from time to time.

Minute three 03 is and and so on up to and including to at which point the market is concluded. A corner is a particular type of free kick and as such will only cause the Corner selection to be settled as a winner, not the free kick.

A Goal Kick restarts the match immediately after the ball has gone out of play. A kick out from the hands of the goalkeeper is not a goal-kick. Minute markets are Singles Only. Minute to Win It bets cannot be included as part of an accumulator or other multiple. If a match is abandoned before the first goal is scored, first corner is taken, first booking etc. Note that live updates including current score, total bookings and total corners on betting in-running markets are for information only.

Bets are settled on the number of events occurring in the specified fifteen 15 minute time period. Time periods thirty 30 minutes to half time will close at half time including any time added on for stoppages. The time period seventy-five 75 minutes to full-time includes any added time until full time is complete.

Events only count within the period they are taken, not awarded. In case of abandonment any bets on incomplete time periods will be made void unless settlement of bets has already determined prior to abandonment. Note that for the free-kicks market a penalty does not count as a free-kick.

Corners, throw-ins, goal-kicks and free-kicks that have to be re-taken only count as one Foul throw-ins do not count. When time periods differ from the fifteen 15 minute allocation the same rules will apply within the designated time period stated. Extra-time and penalty shoot-outs are excluded.

If a match is abandoned all bets are void, unless a definitive result for that market has already been determined prior to abandonment. All bets relate to the ninety 90 minute market, unless otherwise stated explicitly in the bet description. For all bets containing such phrases, any remaining selections in the bet will be settled on the ninety 90 minute result unless stated otherwise. Minute one 01 is defined as 0.

Penalties and corners do not count. Any bets involving players to be carded. Only cards awarded once the player is active in the match will count. Any cards shown after the final whistle do not count. If a player receives two 02 yellow cards and is consequently shown a red card, the player will be deemed as having received a total of 2 cards. No individual player will be able to receive a total number of cards exceeding 2 in any one game.

BetVictor reserve the right to cancel any bets placed on that selection where the wording of the bet description is wrong and will endeavour to inform customers of them as soon as reasonably practicable. For any bets involving players hitting the woodwork, the following rule will be applied: If the ball hits any part of the woodwork this part of the bet will be deemed a winner. In the case of any bet with multiple named players, but any one or more named players take no part in the match the bet will be made void.

A VAR review is when the referee clearly gestures an outline of a TV screen, during a VAR review the video referee transmits several video replays from different camera angles to allow a decision to be made, once the review is complete the referee will make the TV signal again before indicating the final decision and the information is also shown on the stadium scoreboard. A free kick will be deemed to be given when the VAR makes his decision, not the time of the offence.

If a player is shown a red card and then the VAR changes the decision, the Red Card will not count as awarded to the player originally shown the card. Player Markets : All named player markets will be void if the named player does not start the match. Therefore, if a play-off or any other process is used to determine the league winner this will count. In divisional betting, with the exception of the league winners involved in a playoff, the finishing positions of teams at the end of the scheduled programme of matches will determine placings.

Goals scored in ninety 90 minutes and extra-time are included, but penalty shoot-outs do not count. For league competitions play-off matches are excluded. Dead Heat rules apply. All bets stand regardless of whether the quoted player participates in the tournament or not. All bets stand regardless of whether the quoted player participates in the tournament for the stated team or not. Certain settlement rules for Bet Builder Tournament Markets may differ from standard ante-post markets. All bets relate to the ninety 90 minute market, unless otherwise stated explicitly in the outcome description.

For example. For card markets only players currently on the pitch count, cards shown to managers or substitutes do not count and any cards issued after the final whistle will also not count. For corners totals only corners that are taken will count, if a corner is re-taken it will only count as one corner. Minute one 01 is defined as and this format extends to all minutes in a match.

For example, if a description says the first ten 10 minutes the cut off time would be on the match clock. BetVictor reserve the right to void any bets placed at a price that is an error as defined in the Customer Terms and Conditions Clause 1. BetVictor reserve the right to cancel any bets on a selection where the wording of the description is wrong and will endeavour to inform customers of them as soon as reasonably practicable.

Every effort will be made to quote all potential new managers for the market, but should a manager not quoted be appointed, all bets will stand. Caretaker and interim managers will not count unless they complete at least 10 competitive games or the club indicate the manager will be appointed to cover at least 10 or more games.

They will then be deemed the permanent manager and paid as a winner without clients having to wait for 10 or more games to be completed. Should a club appoint a director of football this will not count in the settlement of permanent manager markets. In the event that the named club change the structure of their management team and do not call the appointed individual first team manager, we will settle the market on the individual who is responsible for picking the first team.

In the event of any ambiguity over the appointment we may determine, using reasonable discretion, how to settle the market based on all the information available to us at the relevant time. Managers to lose their positions by the end of the season. A Football Manager will be deemed to have lost his position if he is relieved from his managerial duties by the club, PRIOR to the last match of the season not including play-off matches.

A Manager who is placed on Gardening Leave will be deemed to have lost his position. A Manager who is given another position at the club other than Permanent Manager will be deemed to have lost his original position. If a club makes an announcement prior to the end of the season, that the Manager will leave his post at the end of the season but remains in charge until the end of the last match of the season, then he will be deemed NOT to have left his position.

Next Manager to leave. If no Manager has left his position by the end of the last scheduled League Fixture excluding any play-off matches then the 'No Manager to Leave' option will be deemed the market winner. If a price for 'No Manager to Leave' has not been quoted, winner will be the manager who leaves next, irrespective of which season that may be in. If a club makes an announcement prior to the end of the season, that the manager will leave his post at the end of the season but remains in charge until the end of the last match of the season, then he will be deemed NOT to have left his position.

Any bets taken after the announcement will be deemed void. Sources include, but are not limited to Sky sports and the Press Association. All manager markets are Singles Only. In the event of a multiple being placed in error all selections will be settled as singles. All transfer markets are Singles Only.

This applies if the player is loaned out after firstly signing for another club. For example player signs for Team A. Player joins Team B on loan. Team A are deemed the winner as they have his signature and it becomes irrelevant for settlement purposes what they ultimately decide to do with their player. Enhanced Player Multiples In the event of an Enhanced Multiple on players to score at any time then those players not starting the game but coming on as a substitute will be included as a runner for the purposes of the bet.

Match Most Goals This bet relates to the number of goals scored in 90 minutes only in a certain match against the goals scored in another quoted match. When only two matches are included the tie price will apply, as stated in the bet. In instances where more than two matches are included in the bet, dead heat rules will apply. Match Most Corners This bet will be the number of corners taken in a certain match against the corners taken in another quoted match.

The 90 Minute Play Rule applies. When only two matches are included then the tie price will apply, as stated in the bet. Match Most Bookings This bet will be the number of booking points received by a team in a certain match against the booking points received in another quoted match. The Booking points count is as follows: A yellow card is deemed 10 points. A red card is deemed 25 points. If a player is sent off for receiving two yellow cards then the maximum number of points given will be 35 points.

When just two matches are included then the tie price will apply, as stated in the bet. In instances where more than two matches are included in the bet then dead heat rules apply. This market is for on-field cards only. Any card given to a Player or Manager, not on the field of play does not count.

In the event of any divisional game being postponed, and not played in the next calendar day at the same venue, then for the purposes of this bet the match will be allocated a total of 2. The bet applies to 90 minutes only. The team scoring the higher number of goals is deemed the winner. In the event of the two teams scoring the same number of goals then this is deemed a tie.

In the event of any game being called off and not played in the next calendar day at the same venue, then the bet will be made void. Any changes to the first result given by whoscored will not be taken into consideration. Extra Time will count if played. Bet Victor reserve the right to amend the result in the case of any error made by WhoScored.

Singles Only. As soon as a game kicks off it will be deemed to be in the first minute, therefore, for example a goal scored after 25 minutes and 42 seconds will be settled as scored in the 26th minute. Settlement is determined by the minute in which the first goal is scored.

Matches with delayed kick-offs count providing the match is played the same day. So, goals scored at Any goals scored in first half added time count as 45 minutes 2. Any goals scored in second half added time count as If a dispute arise as to the time of any goal then the time provided by the Official Competition Website will be deemed the time for settlement purposes. If a match is abandoned then all bets will be made void unless that bet has already been determined.

For example, if goals were scored in minutes 30, 45 and 78 and abandonment occurred in 80th minute, bets on over total goal minutes will be paid out as winners while under and bracket bets will be losers. Players not on the field and coaching staff will not count towards the make up. If a match is not completed all bets are void, unless the result is known beyond dispute.

For example, the OVER limit has already been reached. The first Team or Player who receives a card Yellow or Red is deemed to be the next card recipient. When two or more players are booked in the same incident, the player who is shown the card first by the referee will be deemed the winner of the 1st card market.

Goal Scorer Shirt Numbers A bet on the sum of shirt numbers on the Goalscorers shirt in a match or matches. If any goal is an own goal, the shirt number of the scorer of the own goal will count. It will count towards the side which is credited with the goal. Note this is different to the rule for first player to score. In the event of uncertainty about who scored the goal, settlement will be determined by the Official Competition Website.

For the purposes of any bet on shirt numbers, a player will be deemed to wear throughout the game the shirt worn at the start of play or in case of a substitute, when he comes on to the pitch. Any player whose shirt bears no number on his first joining the field of play will be allocated number If a match is abandoned before 90 minutes play, all bets will be void, unless settlement of bets is already determined.

Double Chance A Double Chance bet allows you to cover two of the three possible outcomes in a football match with one bet, for example:- 6. Team one to win and draw — Bet is a winner if Team one wins or draws the match Team two to win and draw — Bet is a winner if Team two wins or draws the match Team one to win and Team two to win — Your bet is a winner if the home team or the away team wins the match.

Normal 90 minute betting rules apply. To Keep a Clean Sheet. This bet relates to a team not conceding any goal during a specified match in 90 minutes. The bet is settled on the official result of the match. For instance an own goal is deemed to be a goal scored by the team credited with the goal. If a match is abandoned before full time and no goals have been scored then all selections involved within the match will be deemed void. However, if one or more goals have been scored prior to abandonment, then the relevant team or players will be deemed losers.

Team Specials. Penalty Betting. Sudden death in Penalty Shoot-out A bet on whether a penalty shoot-out will go to sudden death or not i. Team to Take Last Penalty A bet on which team will take the last penalty in the shoot-out, if match does not go to penalty shoot-out all bets will be void.

This includes injury or stoppage time but excludes extra-time, golden goal or penalty shoot-outs.